10.10.16 2:58
Trump and Clinton are asked to say something nice about each other
After a fiery presidential debate, one of the town hall participants asked the two candidates to name something they respect about each other. See Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's responses. 10 октября 2016, 4:01
1 936 457
21.04.17 8:44
North Korea has a new warning for the U.S.
North Korea warned of a "super-mighty preemptive strike" on Thursday, while President Trump said we are "in very good shape" in the region. Former U.S. 21 апреля 2017, 3:18
1 849 727
07.01.17 1:09
GoPro records struggles of blind man and his guide dog
Amit Patel, a blind man in working in London, relies on his guide dog Kika to get him through his busy commute each day. 7 января 2017, 17:12
1 848 241
19.02.18 7:20
Florida school shooting suspect appears in court
Accused gunman Nikolas Cruz appeared for a hearing at a courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Cruz faces 17 counts of premeditated murder in the deadly school shooting in Parkland. 19 февраля 2018, 19:32
1 846 754
21.04.13 14:48
Sniffing Out Bombs: America's most elite dogs
Lara Logan gets a rare look into the secretive world of working dogs -- some of whose capabilities are military secrets -- and their handlers. 21 апреля 2013, 23:30
1 820 028
07.02.18 10:26
Elon Musk celebrates successful Falcon Heavy rocket launch
The SpaceX founder and CEO held a press conference hours after the Falcon Heavy successfully launched from Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday. Watch his remarks here. 7 февраля 2018, 1:09
1 814 438
30.04.12 2:10
The last minutes of Osama bin Laden
Almost one year ago, SEAL Team Six embarked on a risky mission to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. David Martin tells the story of what happened that night. 30 апреля 2012, 23:38
1 808 186
13.01.10 1:34
Haiti Earthquake Aftermath
"CBS News RAW": daytime pictures of the aftermath of the Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti. There were crying victims among the downed buildings. 13 января 2010, 3:15
1 803 551
29.09.15 1:52
California high school football rivalry turns violent
A high school football game Friday night in Long Beach, California, turned violent after a player from Milikan High was seen kicking a Lakewood High player -- whose helmet had come off -- in the head. 29 сентября 2015, 16:01
1 770 911
04.08.18 1:38
Video shows cop, suspect in brawl before shooting
New video was released Friday showing a struggle between a police officer and a suspect moments before an officer-involved shooting took placer in Oxnard, California last weekend. 4 августа 2018, 18:30
1 755 285
17.08.17 1:24
Naked crane climber tumbles to his death
A driver who led police on a wild pursuit on California's 110 Freeway to the Port of Los Angeles is dead. The man climbed a crane and stripped naked before jumping, or falling, 160 feet to his death. 17 августа 2017, 13:40
1 736 792
11.10.16 1:24
"Time of my life" featuring Trump and Clinton
The Internet provided some humor to the second presidential debate. 11 октября 2016, 1:51
1 694 581
01.05.11 13:38
Lara Logan breaks her silence
In her first television interview since being sexually assaulted two months ago, the CBS News chief foreign correspondent and "60 Minutes" reporter reveals what happened to her in Tahrir Square in | 1 мая 2011, 22:51
1 692 037
13.01.17 1:54:29
The Presidential Inauguration on CBSN
Stream the Presidential Inauguration LIVE via CBSN on YouTube Live, and watch as President-elect Donald Trump takes the oath of office | 13 января 2017, 19:05
1 691 662
26.04.15 8:50
Obama's best 2016 jokes at the White House Correspondents' Dinner
The president took aim at a few contenders for the White House during the annual meeting of Hollywood and Washington elites. 26 апреля 2015, 4:20
1 621 297
03.01.09 2:45
The Animal Odd Couple
In this latest installment of CBS News Assignment America, Steve Hartman visits an animal sanctuary where a dog and an elephant have formed a very lasting, and unusual, friendship. 3 января 2009, 1:37
1 609 108
26.03.18 1:11
Man launches himself in self-made rocket to prove flat Earth theory
A man launched himself in a self-made rocket 1,875 feet above the desert to try and prove his theory that the Earth is flat. 26 марта 2018, 2:12
1 600 696
03.08.11 1:11
Mila Kunis chews out Russian reporter - in Russian!
During a press conference in Moscow to promote their latest R-rated comedy, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis encountered one Russian reporter who had a very pointed question for the Sexy Back | 3 августа 2011, 17:33
1 598 404
17.03.10 1:05
Justin Bieber's Hair Flip
YouTube sensation Justin Bieber speaks with Katie Couric about his signature hair flip, keeping in touch with old friends, and his popularity online. 17 марта 2010, 0:04
1 541 650
12.07.18 9:13
Flying car innovator believes he can finally make it a reality
No technological dream has captured the minds of the media quite like the flying car. Marcus Leng of Blackfly believes his invention will allow it to become a reality. 12 июля 2018, 20:58
1 518 791
20.04.18 4:51
Avicii, dead at 28, had big impact on music world
Avicii, who died Friday at age 28, had an outside impact on the music world at a young age. Rolling Stone contributing editor Joe Levy joins CBSN to talk about his life and career. 20 апреля 2018, 19:40
1 507 391
23.08.16 2:29
Latina waitress recieves racist note instead of tip
A Virginia waitress is receiving support from the around the world after a customer left her a check that read "we only tip citizens." Bruce Leshan of WUSA9 in DC has more. 23 августа 2016, 19:46
1 503 222
20.01.13 7:40
Just a regular billionaire
Warren Buffett is the third richest man in the world, yet lives a relatively humble life. Rebecca Jarvis reports on Omaha's least-conspicuous billionaire. 20 января 2013, 18:59
1 489 651
02.10.13 9:33
On The Road: The Longest Wait
Tour guides at the American cemetery in Normandy, France, had been telling the story for years: a widow of a World War II airman who, on occasion, still visited her husband's grave. 2 октября 2013, 1:50
1 464 418
15.04.13 14:01
Hunting the world's most wanted warlord: Joseph Kony
Lara Logan joins Ugandan soldiers and their U.S. military advisers as they search the African jungle for the military madman Joseph Kony. 15 апреля 2013, 1:09
1 440 784
12.10.07 5:29
Anorexia's Living Face (CBS News)
Isabelle Caro is the face behind a poignant Italian ad campaign that depicts anorexia in its truest form, one that has shocked the fashion industry. Sheila MacVicar reports. (CBSNews.com) | 12 октября 2007, 14:25
1 438 189
50 дней 0:59
New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square ushers in 2019 in U.S.
Throngs of soggy revelers greeted 2019 after a rainy night in New York City's Times Square. Fireworks and the drop of a sparkling crystal ball marked the start of the new year in the eastern U.S. 1 января 2019, 5:35
1 430 835
27.11.11 13:04
Angelina Jolie: Behind the camera
Bob Simon profiles international film star Angelina Jolie, who is making her directorial debut with a film set during the Bosnian War. 27 ноября 2011, 23:21
1 426 339
12.08.10 13:08
Combat In Afghanistan
Enemy combatants for U.S. troops are on the rise in Afghanistan. Lara Logan reports from a forward operating base near Pakistan. 12 августа 2010, 21:34
1 407 960
28.09.18 6:06:58
Kavanaugh Senate vote: Live coverage as Senate Judiciary votes to advance Kavanaugh to full Senate
Mere hours after Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, offered their emotional, riveting testimony on Capitol Hill Thursday, Senate Republicans are looking to | 28 сентября 2018, 20:25
1 401 848
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