17.08.18 6:50
Expert analysis of Colorado dad accused of killing his wife and kids
A Colorado father has appeared in court for the first time after being accused of killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters. 17 августа 2018, 21:23
1 074 372
16.01.12 13:16
Qatar: A tiny country asserts powerful influence
The Arab Spring is spreading, but not to Qatar, a tiny, oil-rich country wedged between Saudi Arabia and Iran. What keeps the peace in Qatar? Bob Simon reports. 16 января 2012, 1:11
1 058 750
02.12.12 9:31
The duality of Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson is remembered as a progressive man who wrote the Declaration of Independence and called slavery an abomination, yet he was also a slaveholder himself who fathered several children | 2 декабря 2012, 19:35
1 046 250
27.02.11 40:02
"60 Minutes" Presents: 21st Century Cons
"60 Minutes" presents a special hour with two stories featuring hidden cameras that capture conmen at work. 27 февраля 2011, 22:49
1 026 939
21.10.16 15:51
Trump roasts Clinton at Al Smith charity dinner
Just one night after the final presidential debate, Donald Trump roasted Hillary Clinton at the Al Smith Dinner. 21 октября 2016, 2:23
1 021 909
13.02.11 13:57
Lady Gaga & The Art of Fame
With her outrageous costumes and mega-hit dance songs, Lady Gaga has become the world's most talked about entertainer. CNN's Anderson Cooper reports. 13 февраля 2011, 23:03
1 021 576
28.09.18 9:06:12
Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in full
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. 28 сентября 2018, 0:08
1 019 920
19.03.17 5:04
Dave Chappelle explains what convinced him to host "Saturday Night Live"
After what he calls a career "detour," comedian Dave Chappelle is making a comeback with three new Netflix specials. 19 марта 2017, 22:04
1 017 967
31.01.17 2:19
Acting attorney general tells DOJ not to defend Pres. Trump's travel ban
Acting Attorney General Sally Yates told the Justice Department not to defend President Trump's executive order on immigration in court. 31 января 2017, 1:11
1 015 714
27.10.16 3:13
Kim Kardashian facing backlash after 60 Minutes interview
Celebrity Kim Kardashian is facing backlash after her 60 Minutes interview, including critics who say the show shouldn't have featured the reality-show star. 27 октября 2016, 1:48
1 005 809
21.06.17 2:13
Woman punched 39 times in Planet Fitness parking lot
Security cameras were rolling June 12 when an 18-year-old woman was attacked by a man in a New Hampshire Planet Fitness parking lot. Police say the man punched her 39 times. 21 июня 2017, 19:15
1 004 960
30.07.10 2:04
Sgt. Reunites with Hero Dog
Sgt. Chris Duke was serving in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber tried to attack his base, but his life was saved thanks to a dog named Rufus. Jeff Glor reports on Duke's reunion with the canine hero. 30 июля 2010, 0:43
1 004 580
09.11.16 6:05
Why didn't Clinton concede in front of supporters
Hillary Clinton's campaign chair told supporters at her campaign headquarters the race was too close to call, but not long after, Donald Trump said Clinton called her to concede. 9 ноября 2016, 9:52
993 599
15.04.17 2:53
Pro- and anti-Trump protesters clash in Berkeley
As demonstrators took to the streets demanding President Trump's tax returns on Saturday, marchers in Berkeley, California, got into a series of scuffles. Police arrested at least four protesters. 15 апреля 2017, 21:05
992 155
25.09.11 13:20
The murder of an American Nazi
Lesley Stahl reports on the murder of a neo-Nazi leader - killed by his 10-year-old son - and captures a growing subculture of hate playing out in America's backyards and alongside the border. 25 сентября 2011, 23:41
991 454
19.11.16 2:13
Family booed on plane while bringing home dead soldier
A father of a California soldier killed in Afghanistan is speaking out after he says his family was booed while bringing his son's body home. Steve Large from CBS station KOVR has the story. 19 ноября 2016, 0:11
988 835
22.07.16 5:05
Trump on gay rights
The final night of the Republican National Convention featured more talk about LGBTQ rights than any previous GOP convention. Major Garrett, Nancy Cordes and Steve Chaggaris joined CBSN to discuss. 22 июля 2016, 5:22
981 582
27.05.11 3:14
Air France Flight 447's harrowing end
The black boxes from Air France Flight 447 have been recovered, nearly two years after it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. 27 мая 2011, 23:47
979 714
19.03.18 1:22
100-year-old and 102-year-old runners break world records
102-year-old Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins and 100-year-old Orville Rogers just broke world records in track and field events. How do they do it? "I have a determination to hang in there. Keep going. 19 марта 2018, 16:42
974 396
08.05.18 2:01
Video shows officer shoot groundhog as it crosses the road
What began as a comical mishap quickly turned disturbing when a Maryland police officer — initially trying to get a groundhog out of the road — took out his gun and shot it in front of a line of cars. 8 мая 2018, 16:15
953 104
05.09.17 4:28
Hurricane Irma reaches Category 5, with winds of 180 mph
Hurricane Irma is barreling towards the Caribbean with winds reaching 180 mph. The Category 5 storm has prompted hurricane warnings in Puerto Rico and the U.S. 5 сентября 2017, 16:25
952 639
31.08.18 3:26
99-year-old walks six miles a day to visit his wife in the hospital
99-year-old Luther Younger walks six miles through Rochester, New York, every single day -- no matter the weather -- to visit his wife in the hospital. 31 августа 2018, 19:41
944 933
03.04.18 4:31
YouTube shooter, a woman, is dead, police say
San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini said a female suspect is dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound and several people are hospitalized after a shooting Tuesday at YouTube headquarters | 3 апреля 2018, 22:14
935 851
12.11.11 4:04
2011's most incredible inventions
Russ Mitchell talks with Popular Science's Mark Jannot about the magazine's picks for the year's most ingenious inventions. Watch more HERE: cbsnews.com/video Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! 12 ноября 2011, 16:03
920 987
20.10.17 6:03
Researchers say there's evidence that consciousness continues after clinical death
Researchers at NYU's Langone Medical Center have conducted a study of patients who have experienced near-death experiences, and the results are intriguing and chilling. Dr. 20 октября 2017, 2:35
918 909
31.01.17 2:44
President Trump fires acting Attorney General Sally Yates after defying executive order
The White House relieved acting Attorney General Sally Yates of her duties after she told the Justice Department not to defend President Trump's executive order on immigration. 31 января 2017, 3:26
910 273
21.10.16 18:49
Clinton roasts Trump at Al Smith charity dinner
One night after the final presidential debate, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech roasting her opponent Donald Trump at the Al Smith Dinner. 21 октября 2016, 2:42
905 004
04.03.10 1:33
Caught On Tape: Wave Crashes Into Cruise Ship
An Italian passenger of the Louis Majesty, Ervino Curtis shot the wave hitting and breaking the glass of portholes, killing two people and wounding many others. 4 марта 2010, 17:01
901 774
12.06.17 1:06
Frank Underwood crashes Tony Awards
A few of your favorite "House of Cards" characters took the stage at the 2017 Tony Awards in New York City. 12 июня 2017, 4:40
901 250
25.03.10 1:32
Family Wants Death Video Sealed
As the battle continues over the video showing the death of a trainer killed by a whale at SeaWorld, Kelly Cobiella reports on the public court case and the family's attempts to keep the video sealed. 25 марта 2010, 12:30
892 099
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