04.06.13 4:10
This is What Happens When You Wear a Nazi Uniform in Court
Nazi dad Heath Campbell wears his Nazi uniform in court during a custody hearing. 4 июня 2013, 22:00
6 360 815
24.02.11 10:27
Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church Website LIVE
A source from Anonymous confronts Shirley Phelps-Roper from the Westboro Baptist Church, calling the supposed letter sent to Westboro by Anonymous a hoax, and then proceeds to hack the Westboro Baptist Church website 24 февраля 2011, 16:42
5 492 005
28.11.11 4:42
Man Stands on 7 Hour Flight Because of Obese Passenger
A passenger is forced to stand during a seven hour flight on a US Airways flight from Anchorage, Alaska. --On the Bonus Show: Iran & Israel, people worried about Chevy Volt, 5 sports fans that ruined sports, more. 28 ноября 2011, 22:17
5 110 429
16.10.12 3:52
VIDEO: Soldier Attacking Protester at Funeral
Westboro Baptist Church member gets tackled while protesting the military funeral of lesbian Staff Sergeant Donna Johnson. 16 октября 2012, 20:30
4 514 987
31.05.13 3:48
Girl Makes Racist Comment to Footballer; He Calls Her Out
A 13-year-old girl calls indigenous Australian Rules Football player Adam Goodes an ape, and is called out by Goodes and subsequently apologizes after being thrown out of the game. 31 мая 2013, 23:00
4 200 951
29.04.13 3:13
Teacher Masturbates in Hallway After Beating Student
Korean teacher beats a student, then masturbates in the hallway. --On the Bonus Show: Huge McDonald's Brazil fine, 5000 year old fertilizer, the Buddy Cup, more... 29 апреля 2013, 20:30
3 711 228
24.01.17 4:34
You Can See the Moment When Trump Crushes Melania's Soul
Melania Trump's uncomfortable demeanor during the Presidential Inauguration has been raising eyebrows, causing many to wonder how Donald Trump treats his wife in private 24 января 2017, 23:00
3 393 487
29.05.13 5:25
TSA Agent Caught on Video Touching Vagina?
Canadian woman Ashley Jessica claims to have caught a TSA agent on video touching her vagina during a patdown. --On the Bonus Show: Pay-per-minute cafes, Chinese hacking continues, Coors Light marketing, more... 29 мая 2013, 22:00
3 234 567
23.03.16 10:02
Embarrassing Trump Audio Exposes Him as Totally Clueless
Donald Trump's discussion with the Washington Post exposes just how clueless he is 23 марта 2016, 23:30
3 046 397
14.09.15 5:19
SHOCK: Donald Trump Obsessed with Daughter's Body, Would Have Sex With Her
–Donald Trump really likes his daughter’s body ringoffireradio.com/2015/09/trump-infatuated-with-daughters-good-looks-and-body-commented-again-he-lusts-for-her-beyond-sick –On the Bonus Show: Britain rejects 14 сентября 2015, 20:30
2 864 017
15.05.12 3:02
Newswoman Dress Hiked Up & Black Object Between Legs
A bizarre blunder on Bloomberg Television where Sara Eisen appears to be caught on camera with her dress hiked up and something that resembles a sexual device strapped to her. 15 мая 2012, 21:00
2 762 701
30.12.14 3:03
SHOCK CLAIM: US Soldiers Raped Boys in Front of Their Mothers
SHOCK CLAIM: US Soldiers Raped Boys in Front of Their Mothers mintpressnews.com/classified-evidence-us-soldiers-raped-boys-in-front-of-their-mothers/200160 30 декабря 2014, 5:00
2 717 353
05.12.14 24:45
Bank Robber Explains How He Robbed $400,000 Cash from Armored Truck
–Anthony Curcio, former armored car robber who now speaks to students about choices, joins David to discuss his incredible robbery of an armored car that led to a six year prison sentence, and how he became an activist 5 декабря 2014, 2:00
1 994 479
26.08.15 2:17
Saudi Arabia Now Executing 1 Person Every 2 Days Including Kids & Mentally Disabled
–Saudi Arabia is executing one person every two days; children and the mentally disabled are not excluded 26 августа 2015, 2:30
1 968 251
06.02.17 11:59
WOW: Trump Fails Basic Literacy Test
Since our story on Donald Trump's reading ability went viral last week, new video evidence has been uncovered of Trump's body language when presented with text that is indicative of low levels of literacy --On the 6 февраля 2017, 21:30
1 856 585
24.01.13 19:07
American English is Changing Fast
William Labov, Professor of Linguistics at University of Pennsylvania and author of Dialect Diversity in America, joins David to discuss the various and changing dialects and accents spoken in American English, and 24 января 2013, 20:01
1 823 499
09.09.12 2:30
Doctor Turns Brown Eyes Blue Permanently with Laser
Doctor can turn brown eyes blue permanently...would you want it done? 9 сентября 2012, 20:00
1 819 516
27.04.12 3:35
Smartphones That Can See Through Clothes & Walls
A new chip lets smartphones see through walls and clothes. --On the Bonus Show: Workers comp for sex injury, Apple lawsuit over addictive apps, Google Maps reunite mother & son, more. 27 апреля 2012, 19:00
1 716 039
14.10.10 4:43
Bill O'Reilly Gets Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Behar to Walk Off The View
Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walk off the set of the View after Bill O'Reilly indicated that the Fox News Channel-majority-sharedholder-funded-lower-Manhattan community center should not be built because "Muslims 14 октября 2010, 18:25
1 575 024
18.10.12 4:01
Amanda Todd's Bully Attacked By Anonymous
Internet gather Anonymous outs a 32-year old man, claiming he is the one that drive Amanda Todd, 15, to kill herself. 18 октября 2012, 23:30
1 454 324
20.06.13 2:38
4-Month-Old Dies After Mother Invites Boyfriend to Rape Child
Police say that the 4-month-old daughter of 25-year-old Jessica Lynn Howell died after her mother invited her pedophile boyfriend Jordan Lafayette Prince to rape her child, who he raped and subsequently strangled. 20 июня 2013, 1:30
1 394 446
29.10.10 14:16
Anti-Gay Ranter vs. Anderson Cooper Part 1
Anderson Cooper interviews Clint McCance, who went on an anti-gay tirade on his Facebook page, indicating he likes it when gay people die of AIDS, that he would run his kids off if they were gay, and much more. 29 октября 2010, 14:06
1 339 044
28.06.13 2:23
New Christian Spanking Trends: Husbands 'Discipline' Wives
A Christian trend sweeping America is that of husbands spanking and punishing their wives as part of Christian Domestic Discipline. 28 июня 2013, 20:00
1 289 508
03.02.16 5:49
Sarah Palin Loses It When Asked About Blaming Obama for Son Beating Girlfriend
The “Today” show’s co-anchors made Sarah Palin squirm by asking her to explain why she appeared to blame President Barack Obama for her son’s domestic violence arrest 3 февраля 2016, 3:30
1 228 303
01.08.16 6:53
VIDEO: Trump Caught Knowing Nothing, Mumbles Word Salad
Donald Trump reveals his ignorance on foreign policy yet again, this time with a Sarah Palin-like word salad exposing he knows nothing about the situation involving Russia, Ukraine, and Crimea. 1 августа 2016, 22:00
1 213 199
21.06.13 5:14
Paula Deen Caught Being Incredibly Racist
Cooking show host Paula Deen gets caught being incredibly racist. --On the Bonus Show: CA bar has heels-only rule, Kim Jong-Un likes Hitler, Pope John Paul II to be sainted, more... 21 июня 2013, 1:00
1 204 515
17.11.12 2:42
Robot Sex Orgasms May Extend Human Life Span
Sex robot "longevity orgasms" may help extend human life spans. huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/09/sex-robot-longevity-orgasms-futurists_n_2101893.html How do you get the Bonus Show? 17 ноября 2012, 18:30
1 201 631
22.10.13 4:22
Megyn Kelly Desperate to Control Sarah Palin on Fox News
Megyn Kelly can't control Sarah Palin on Fox --On the Bonus Show: Tea-publicans and social media, Is Ray Kurzweil a genius or insane?, David involves himself in an internet scam, more... 22 октября 2013, 2:00
1 199 069
30.03.17 8:26
Is Trump Suffering from Dementia?
Donald Trump's forgetfulness, and uses of filler words and non-specific nouns, correlate with the early signs of Alzheimer's disease observed in Ronald Regan 30 марта 2017, 23:30
1 191 259
03.10.12 7:34
Best Presidential Debate Moments
Looking at some classic debate moments, including Al Gore sighing, walking up next to George W. 3 октября 2012, 20:30
1 168 882
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