07.09.15 10:27
'The UK is finished' | Owen Jones meets Peter Hitchens
Peter Hitchens and I don't see eye-to-eye on much. Or so you might think. 7 сентября 2015, 13:11
741 008
23.06.17 13:59
Owen Jones meets Frankie Boyle | 'Grenfell Tower residents were treated as less than human'
Frankie Boyle tells me he believes there’s ‘a connection between a Conservative government that wants to get rid of human rights legislation’ and the residents of Grenfell Tower ‘being treated as | 23 июня 2017, 11:31
654 742
02.12.15 12:23
Owen Jones meets Jacob Rees-Mogg | 'Syria and Isis have no easy answers'
I went to College Green, just outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster to meet Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Conservative politician who holds the record for the longest word in Hansard. 2 декабря 2015, 8:49
460 713
04.05.18 14:49
Owen Jones meets Jonathan Pie | 'Identity politics are used to shut down debate'
Jonathan Pie has become an online cult phenomenon with his political rants. 4 мая 2018, 9:49
458 956
21.06.16 9:50
Brexit: prepare yourselves | Owen Jones talks...
The European Union is far from perfect but voting to leave in the EU referendum could be a huge mistake. A vote for Brexit could have a number of consequences domestically and at a European level. 21 июня 2016, 16:23
334 532
14.10.15 49:44
Owen Jones meets Peter Hitchens - full length
My full length interview with Peter Hitchens is finally here. 14 октября 2015, 13:00
309 558
29.07.16 45:50
Owen Jones meets Jeremy Corbyn again | 'I am very optimistic' – full length interview
It's been a tumultuous year for Jeremy Corbyn. He surprised the political establishment by sweeping to a huge victory in the Labour leadership contest and hugely expanded the party's membership. 29 июля 2016, 10:04
293 081
10.08.15 8:31
Let's do hope not despair | Owen Jones meets Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn was rank outsider in the Labour leadership contest but in the last few weeks Corybnmania has swept across the country and pushed him into poll position. 10 августа 2015, 14:12
287 158
10.06.16 13:13
Owen Jones meets Michael Moore | 'Trump is like the sound of dying dinosaurs'
With the release of his new documentary, ‘Where to Invade Next’, director Michael Moore tells me that a vote for Brexit would be like asking for relegation from the Premier League. 10 июня 2016, 10:09
207 027
06.10.15 6:01
‘Just to clarify, I’m not a Tory’: The Conservative Party Conference | Owen Jones talks
After running the gauntlet of anti-austerity protesters shouting ‘Tory scum’ outside the conference hall in Manchester, Owen Jones meets the Conservative party faithful. 6 октября 2015, 11:08
193 501
18.08.15 5:22
'You're left wing and you look about 12' | Owen Jones meets his troll
I joined Twitter in 2009 because it seemed like a really powerful way of getting your beliefs across. Before too long, my first trolls arrived and started hurling all sorts at me. 18 августа 2015, 17:18
191 258
26.01.16 11:00
'My mental health is a positive part of me' | Owen Jones meets Olly Alexander
Olly Alexander is the frontman of Years & Years and an actor with roles in films including The Riot Club. 26 января 2016, 10:01
171 522
15.04.16 15:14
Owen Jones meets Yanis Varoufakis | 'Europe is staring into the abyss'
Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis tells me he would love to give Brussels a shock – but a Brexit vote to leave the EU in the UK’s refrendum in June would lead to the disintegration of | 15 апреля 2016, 8:00
171 506
06.02.17 15:12
Owen Jones meets Anna Soubry | 'I'll never forgive Boris Johnson'
I went to meet Conservative MP and remain supporter Anna Soubry to talk about Brexit and its effect on Britain. 6 февраля 2017, 13:00
164 505
17.03.16 14:13
'Westminster is worse than I feared' | Owen Jones meets Mhairi Black
Mhairi Black became the youngest MP serving at Westminster when she beat took the seat held by Labour's Douglas Alexander at the 2015 general election as the SNP decimated Labour in Scotland. 17 марта 2016, 7:26
164 285
09.03.17 16:45
'Capitalism will always create bullshit jobs' | Owen Jones meets Rutger Bregman
Rutger Bregman is the author of Utopia for Realists and he advocates for more radical solutions to address inequality in society. 9 марта 2017, 11:40
155 766
19.09.17 57:56
Owen Jones meets Alastair Campbell – full length interview
Alastair Campbell was the mastermind behind the New Labour machine, the spin doctor who did his best to ensure Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's project was given the best coverage possible. 19 сентября 2017, 9:50
153 391
87 дней 13:11
Owen Jones meets Slavoj Žižek | 'Hillary Clinton is the problem, not Donald Trump'
Slavoj Žižek's new book, Like a Thief in Broad Daylight, examines the rapid changes to the world triggered by big-tech and the dangers and radical possibilities those transformations offer up. 24 октября 2018, 12:28
152 899
27.04.16 8:18
Zac Goldsmith: your London mayoral campaign is a disgrace | Owen Jones talks
Zac Goldsmith has run a divisive, dog-whistle campaign to become the Mayor of London in 2016. 27 апреля 2016, 11:31
146 124
14.12.15 10:42
'I would knife Jeremy Corbyn in the front not the back' | Owen Jones meets Jess Phillips
Jess Phillips was elected to parliament in May 2015 election and has already built a reputation as someone who says what she thinks. 14 декабря 2015, 8:00
141 667
17.01.17 15:14
Owen Jones meets Nick Clegg | 'I warned David Cameron over failing Brexit strategy'
Nick Clegg, the former deputy prime minister and ardent remainer, tells me he emailed David Cameron to tell him he was running a ‘bloodless’ campaign as the European Union referendum came to a climax. 17 января 2017, 8:47
137 399
03.10.18 8:16
Owen Jones goes to Tory conference: ‘socialism is more exciting’
I've been in Birmingham for the last few days, searching for signs of life at the Conservative Party conference. Is this a party of government or a party in chaos? 3 октября 2018, 10:29
136 180
23.07.15 10:25
David Cameron 'represents every failed orthodoxy of the age' | Owen Jones meets Douglas Carswell
I'm no fan of Ukip's policies or Nigel Farage but despite our differences I hope I can find some common ground with the party's only MP, Douglas Carswell. 23 июля 2015, 6:23
120 715
18.04.17 8:29
You can't trust Theresa May in the general election | Owen Jones talks...
Theresa May has proven herself to be a serial political liar who regularly changed position for naked partisan reasons. 18 апреля 2017, 16:22
115 231
31.03.16 14:17
'Brexit vote is a once in a generation referendum' | Owen Jones meets Daniel Hannan
Daniel Hannan is a Eurosceptic Tory MEP who has made it his life's work to campaign to get Britain out of the European Union. 31 марта 2016, 12:03
112 527
09.12.16 16:05
Owen Jones meets Ed Miliband | 'The Tories don't know what kind of Brexit they want'
I went to meet the former Labour leader Ed Miliband to talk to him about Brexit, Donald Trump and the political earthquakes around the world in 2016. 9 декабря 2016, 11:40
110 973
01.04.16 1:33
Welcome to Owen Jones talks!
Hello! I'm Owen Jones, welcome to my YouTube channel. If you've subscribed already, thank you very much. 1 апреля 2016, 13:40
110 295
03.08.16 56:25
Owen Jones meets Owen Smith | 'Labour would not win a snap general election under Corbyn'
Owen Smith is challenging Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the Labour party. 3 августа 2016, 16:24
107 683
19.01.16 15:38
'A soft apartheid towards Muslims is emerging in Britain' | Owen Jones meets Peter Oborne
Peter Oborne is an anti-establishment Conservative and is anything but predictable. 19 января 2016, 13:59
105 235
20.07.18 8:23
Owen Jones meets Ash Sarkar | Is communism 'literally' back?
Ash Sarkar went viral after a heated exchange with Piers Morgan led her to blurt out "I'm a communist you idiot". 20 июля 2018, 16:00
103 963
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