16.06.14 1:03
Sex fail: Vibrator stuck in woman's urethra prompts emergency hospital visit
Doctors and nurses are used to treating patients who put things where they shouldn't go, but nothing in doctor and nurse couple Roger and Wendy Goldenberg's career prepared them for what happened to this woman. 16 июня 2014, 15:12
32 476 722
26.09.15 1:16
Donkey sex arrest: Wisconsin man caught in the act with ass facing 9 month jail term - TomoNews
NEILLSVILLE, WISCONSIN — A Wisconsin man from the sleepy, rural town of Neillsville was left looking like an ass earlier this month when he was caught in the act with a donkey. Gideon D. 26 сентября 2015, 8:58
31 588 362
17.10.13 1:16
Thief shot dead during attempted motorbike hijack in Sao Paulo
Dramatic video has hit the web in which a thief attempting to hijack a motorbike on a Sao Paulo street is shot dead by a police officer who springs into action while watching the theft unfold from inside an unmarked car. 17 октября 2013, 17:05
25 040 220
04.11.13 1:05
Sex on train: Taiwanese couple caught on camera 'doing it' - TomoNews
A young couple were seen having sex on a Taiwan Railway train last Friday. The couple covered themselves with a jacket, but everyone could see what they were doing. 4 ноября 2013, 14:11
21 436 207
25.12.13 1:00
Japanese middle school boy stalks high school girl, yanks her panties down in public
A 16-year-old boy was arrested this past Wednesday on suspicion of harassing a 18-year-old senior high school girl on her way home in Koshigaya, Saitama, Japan. 25 декабря 2013, 5:36
18 224 483
16.02.16 1:07
Head shot: SAS sniper kills ISIS decapitation boss with single bullet to the head - TomoNews
RAQQA — An ISIS boss who taught jihadis how to decapitate people got his just desserts when he lost his own head to a British SAS sniper's rifle. 16 февраля 2016, 7:54
13 948 201
05.08.15 2:51
Civilian hero risks life to save cop fighting suspect resisting arrest in Cincinnati - TomoNews
CINCINNATI, OHIO — A brave civilian helped a Cincinnati cop who called for help subdue a suspect who was going for his gun, possibly helping prevent another tragic police shooting. 5 августа 2015, 10:05
13 919 704
01.05.14 0:55
UK sniper kills six Afghan insurgents with a single bullet in 2013
Originally published April 1, 2014 The British military has confirmed that in December 2013, a sniper killed six Afghan insurgents with a single shot. 1 мая 2014, 12:30
13 744 865
11.12.13 1:29
Sexually assaulted woman bumps into suspect at police station
A man who sexually assaulted a young woman by touching her plumber's crack while on a bus was caught at the police station as the woman happened to be there reporting the case. 11 декабря 2013, 7:50
12 701 948
05.05.15 15:08
Public sex compilation video: People getting caught in the act (Part 1) - TomoNews
The TomoNews public sex compilation video is a collection of our top stories featuring people getting down and dirty while out in the open. 5 мая 2015, 12:11
12 553 637
01.05.13 0:57
Man falls into meat grinder in gruesome workplace accident
Industrial accident: Man falls into machine while at work. The fatal accident occurred at a meat processing plant when 41-year-old cleaner Hugo Avalos Chanon fell into a running meat blender while cleaning it. 1 мая 2013, 14:38
12 390 019
08.07.14 1:05
Public sex: Russian couple doing it on gushing wet fountain
Watch the un-kittened video here: bit.ly/1Q3vVNg Russia is famous for crazy dash cam videos, cavalier attitudes toward sex, and shirtless Putin photo-ops. 8 июля 2014, 7:42
11 670 162
17.01.14 1:00
Molested by her chiropractor! Young woman touched by old man
Police in Fukui, Japan, arrested a 71-year-old chiropractor on Tuesday for putting his hand in a woman's clothes, and calling it a treatment. The accused man, Shigeru Miyata, runs a chiropractic clinic. 17 января 2014, 9:25
11 622 558
04.01.16 17:35
Trap door water slide: Ihu's Breakaway Falls at SeaWorld Aquatica Orlando, other crazy rides
Remember those fun rides which make you scream like a little kid at amusement parks? If you really enjoy the not-to-pee-in-pants challenge, check out these exciting rides! 4 января 2016, 12:15
11 554 279
15.10.13 1:33
Tripping balls: Woman high on drugs takes a walk through NYC
Viral video of woman high on drugs in NYC: Video shot in New York on Sunday of a woman in distress (and clothes several sizes too small) is going viral online. 15 октября 2013, 18:45
11 469 788
28.10.14 1:54
Animal sex: Illegal ‘tiger sex’ video turns out to be fake after ruining Andrew Holland’s life
A UK man’s charges were finally dropped in a legal issue over a tiger sex video. 28 октября 2014, 18:27
11 231 201
07.08.13 1:22
'Gang bang organizer' busted as woman tries to screw 45 men - TomoNews
Gang bang, thank you ma'am: A middle-aged s-x party organizer from Minnesota who made the mistake of printing his occupation on business cards and accidentally dropping one in a motel parking lot, was arrested when 7 августа 2013, 8:44
11 049 405
24.09.13 0:57
Sex while driving: Chicago couple put on show for I-295 motorists
Sex while driving? A Chicago couple put on show for I-295 motorists, a scene which was caught on camera. 24 сентября 2013, 9:31
10 621 159
02.12.15 16:48
Megalodon found? Sharks attack and kill, top stories compilation
Remember that iconic film score? The one that evokes tension and dread? Da-dum. Da-dum. Da-dum, da-dum, da-dum! Dum! The water goes red, panic hits and ... it’s a shark! 2 декабря 2015, 18:05
10 583 430
08.07.14 0:59
Man gropes and molests drunk passed-out woman caught on video
Click here for the full version: bit.ly/1Uj2jdc Photos of an unconscious young Chinese woman being molested by a stranger in public have gone viral in China. 8 июля 2014, 10:48
10 529 416
07.02.14 1:06
Dentist gropes patient's breasts, calls it 'treatment' - TomoNews
Police in Japan arrested a 53-year-old dentist on Tuesday for allegedly fondling a female patient's breasts as a means of teeth treatment. 7 февраля 2014, 6:38
10 483 606
07.12.15 15:01
Disgusting! Parasites, zits, insects in people’s ears & more: prepare to lose your lunch - TomoNews
Because you can’t get enough of the most disgusting videos the internet has to offer, TomoNews presents to you a dozen of the most stomach churning videos you’ll see all year. 7 декабря 2015, 8:58
10 231 836
03.10.14 1:47
Fatal high school fight: Iowa teen cleared of charges teen in single punch death caught on camera
The Iowa teen who delivered a blow that took the life of a classmate was cleared of criminal charges on Wednesday after newly released surveillance footage demonstrated he was acting in self-defence, according to a 3 октября 2014, 2:43
10 117 651
15.03.16 16:37
Exploding whale? Dead blue whale about to spill guts all over Canada town - whale compilation
Full video of whale corpse explosion: bit.ly/28IgJ5k 1. Whales can explode due to a build-up of methane and hydrogen sulphide and other gases within the rotting carcass. 15 марта 2016, 12:33
10 033 593
07.02.14 1:04
Tokyo sex attack: Japanese man and Filipino accused of assault on schoolgirl
A Japanese man and an unemployed Filipino were arrested on Wednesday on charges of bodily injury, sexual molestation and robbery. 7 февраля 2014, 8:09
9 232 579
16.10.14 1:26
Worst head lice infestation ever: Adult shows child how to get rid of head lice with a nit comb
This video has grossed out more than 4 million people since it was uploaded to YouTube. It shows one of the worst cases of head lice in disturbingly high definition. Head lice are tiny little bugs love your head. 16 октября 2014, 10:33
8 913 384
15.07.15 2:21
UNIQLO sex video: Clip of Chinese couple having sex in Beijing fitting room goes viral - TomoNews
Click here for the uncensored version: bit.ly/261LZ61 BEIJING, CHINA — Two horny young Beijinger's may find themselves in hot water after a video of them having sex in the changing rooms of the Sanlitun branch 15 июля 2015, 21:01
8 823 457
22.04.14 1:34
Bully cop trips and pushes students after girls soccer match in Georgetown Texas
Austin Vandegrift beat Wylie East 1-0 in the Texas girls division 4A soccer championship Saturday. Students stormed the field in celebration and Officer George Bermudez was not happy about it. 22 апреля 2014, 10:57
8 771 063
13.05.14 1:02
Insane water slide Ihu's Breakaway Falls in SeaWorld Aquatica Orlando is highest in town
Check out the other scariest roller coasters in the world: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5_Zg40DC3OG_KmsmWSB4tgi0fZiTOvib There are water slides, and then there are waterfalls. 13 мая 2014, 15:07
8 722 174
30.05.13 0:56
Sexiest drunk driving accident you'll ever see!
A man called Luis Briones was caught having sex and drunken driving in New Mexico on Monday night. A naked woman was ejected after his car collided with another car. 30 мая 2013, 11:09
8 652 858
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