1 час 3:15
Korean businesses in Beijing on front line of China's THAAD backlash
중국 북경 교민사회 사드 보복에 압박 상태 China's backlash against the South Korean government's decision to deploy the U.S. 27 марта 2017, 10:59
1 час 1:31
Sewol-ho ferry to be transported to Mokpo Thursday
해수부 "세월호 목포신항 30일 전후 출발" The Sewol-ho ferry, which sank three years ago in the West Sea, killing 304 people, has been raised to the surface. 27 марта 2017, 10:59
1 час 2:02
Malaysian police visit N. Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur to investigate Kim Jong-nam's murder
김정남 흔적없이 사라진다••• 北-말레이 화장해 마무리 움직임 Malaysian police have reportedly entered the North Korean Embassy to question the suspects... 27 марта 2017, 10:59
1 час 1:00
N. Korea could conduct nuke test next month: China's diplomatic source
베이징 외교소식통 "북한 내달 6차 핵실험 가능성 있어" There is speculation within China that North Korea could carry out its sixth nuclear test next month as a show of force against Seoul and Washington. 27 марта 2017, 10:59
1 час 2:07
Prosecutors request arrest warrant for Park Geun-hye
검찰 박근혜 전 대통령 영장 청구, 30일 오전 영장실질심사 After days of will they or won't they, Seoul prosecutors have requested an arrest warrant for impeached former President Park Geun-hye. 27 марта 2017, 10:59
27 мин 25:46
[Thae Yong-ho Special] Ep.1 - The Choice: Risking Life for Freedom _ Full Episode
Last year, the defection of Thae Yong-ho, a deputy ambassador at the North Korean embassy in London and a seasoned propagandist for the Kim Jong-un regime, sent shockwaves around the world. 27 марта 2017, 12:04
1 час 1:57
Spring showers nationwide with high level of fine dust
전국 봄비, 미세먼지 나쁨 The week got off to a chilly start and it was pretty dusty nationwide. Right now, fine dust levels in the capital region are ranging between 90 to 117 micrograms per cubic meter. 27 марта 2017, 10:59
1 час 1:20
Trump to sign order to scrap Obama's Clean Power Plan: EPA chief
트럼프, '오바마 친환경 규제' 철회…"오는 28일 행정명령 서명" Now over to the United States -- President Trump's agenda in Congress may have stalled, but according to the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, he's set to sign an 27 марта 2017, 10:59
1 час 0:45
Merkel's conservatives win Saarland vote in boost for national campaign
獨 총선의 해…첫 '전투'서 메르켈, 슐츠에 승리 German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative party has won a regional election in the western state of Saarland, boosting her prospects of winning a fourth term in the national election 27 марта 2017, 10:59
1 час 0:51
Russian police detain opposition leader, hundreds of protesters
러시아 전역서 총리 부정 축재 조사 촉구 反정부 시위 Police detained hundreds of protestors across Russia on Sunday, including the main opposition leader Alexei Navalny. 27 марта 2017, 10:59
1 час 1:59
Political parties diverge on prospect of Park's arrest
박 전 대통령 구속영장 청구 - 청와대 및 국회 반응presidential office and political parties had very different reactions to the prospect of Park Geun-hye's arrest. 27 марта 2017, 10:59
1 час 2:53
Smart with Heart: The Human Face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
스마트 윗 하트: 4차 산업혁명, 그 중심에 사람이 있다 The Fourth Industrial Revolution is rapidly reshaping the way we live, the way we interact with one another and even challenging our ideas about what it means to be human. 27 марта 2017, 10:59
1 час 2:12
Korea's presidential primaries in full swing this week
장미대선 후보경선, 이번주 윤곽With the May ninth presidential election inching ever closer,... Korea's political parties are holding primaries this week to select their nominees. 27 марта 2017, 10:59
1 час 0:46
Lee Mi-rim wins LPGA Tour's Kia Classic
이미림, LPGA 투어 KIA 클래식 우승…2위는 유소연 Korean golfer Lee Mi-rim captured the third LPGA Tour victory of her career on Sunday... at the par-72 Aviara Golf Club in Carlsbad, California. 27 марта 2017, 10:59
1 час 0:41
Korea's acting president vows to expand funds for start-ups
황권한대행, 창업활성화 관계장관회의 Korea's acting president has pledged to expand funds for start-ups as part of an effort to foster the start-up boom in Korea. 27 марта 2017, 10:59
8 часов 1:47
Malaysian police visit N. Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur to investigate Kim Jong-nam's murder
말레이경찰, 北대사관 첫 진입…현광성 등 3명 2시간30분 조사 Almost six weeks after Kim Jong-nam's murder at Kuala Lumpur International Airport,... Malaysian police have reportedly been given access to three North Korean suspects... 27 марта 2017, 4:21
6 часов 1:24
Sewol-ho ferry to be transported to Mokpo Thursday
해수부 "세월호 목포신항 30일 전후 출발" The Sewol-ho ferry, which has now been completely raised to the surface, will be moved to a nearby port for a closer look inside the vessel. 27 марта 2017, 6:16
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