24 мин 3:46
Trump calls Stormy Daniels ‘Horseface’ after judge dismisses defamation suit
Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski discusses how President Trump mocked Stormy Daniels in a tweet, after a judge dismissed her defamation lawsuit against him. 17 октября 2018, 3:06
20 мин 25:36
Trump on US economy, Russia meddling and Saudi Arabia arms deal
President Trump sits down with the FOX Business Network’s Trish Regan to discuss the outlook of the midterm elections, the Fed, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. economy and his 2020 presidential run. 17 октября 2018, 3:11
21 мин 12:26
Trump: US economy is going to bring people together
President Trump discusses the midterm elections, the Fed's interest rate hikes and why U.S. economic growth will help bring people together. 17 октября 2018, 3:10
20 мин 7:46
Rep. Jordan reacts to Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson pleading the Fifth
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) discusses how Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson pleaded the Fifth on Capitol Hill. 17 октября 2018, 3:10
23 мин 3:22
Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic explains how ranked-choice voting works
Nirvana Bassist Krist Novoselic discusses why he is in favor of ranked-choice voting. 17 октября 2018, 3:07
20 мин 5:20
Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson stonewalls Congress
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discusses how Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson pleaded the Fifth before the House Judiciary Committee. 17 октября 2018, 3:10
23 мин 9:04
Party swap: Jessica Tarlov, Guy Benson switch sides on political issues
Townhall.com political editor Guy Benson argues on behalf of liberals, while Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov argues on the behalf of conservatives. 17 октября 2018, 3:07
5 часов 3:08
Trump goes on a nonstop media campaign before the midterms
FOX News media analyst Howard Kurtz on why he believes that President Trump’s press conferences and interviews with the media are tied to the midterms. 16 октября 2018, 22:06
9 часов 6:30
The fallout if Trump ends US relationship with Saudi Arabia
Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer on how the Trump administration should handle mounting tensions with Saudi Arabia. 16 октября 2018, 18:09
4 часа 4:44
Trump administration plans to force drug companies to disclose prices in ads
Layfield Report CEO John Layfield, Kadina Group President Gary B. 16 октября 2018, 23:08
7 часов 3:50
Trump mocks Elizabeth Warren over Twitter
Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock on how President Trump criticized Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for taking a DNA test. 16 октября 2018, 20:07
5 часов 3:41
Fusion GPS co-founder pleads Fifth on anti-Trump dossier
FOX News contributor Jason Chaffetz discusses how Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to testify during an appearance before the House Judiciary Committee. 16 октября 2018, 22:07
4 часа 5:13
Trump takes aim at the Fed for rate hikes
Layfield Report CEO John Layfield, Kadina Group President Gary B. Smith, FBN’s Charlie Gasparino, Susan Li and David Asman on President Trump’s criticism of the Federal Reserve. 16 октября 2018, 23:07
4 часа 8:43
Will the market suffer if Democrats take back the House?
Kadina Group President Gary B. 16 октября 2018, 23:07
8 часов 4:58
US stocks soar on job openings report
S&P Investment Advisory Services portfolio manager Erin Gibbs and Money Map Press chief investment strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald discuss how the number of job openings rose to a record 7.14 | 16 октября 2018, 19:07
7 часов 5:48
US executives face pressure to drop out of Saudi conference
BMO Capital Markets chief investment strategist Brian Belski and Belpointe chief strategist David Nelson on why CEOs are dropping out of Saudi Arabia’s Future Investment Initiative conference. 16 октября 2018, 20:06
9 часов 3:31
Trump administration considers news conference on missing Saudi columnist
FBN's Charlie Gasparino on with the latest on the investigation into missing Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the mounting political pressure on the Saudi royal family. 16 октября 2018, 18:09
6 часов 5:33
Bankers are approaching Tesla with financing ideas: Charlie Gasparino
FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on how bankers are approaching Tesla executives with financing ideas, as debt payments come due. 16 октября 2018, 21:11
9 часов 3:33
Judge signs off on settlement between Tesla's Elon Musk, SEC
FBN's Charlie Gasparino on Tesla and the state of the markets. 16 октября 2018, 18:10
9 часов 4:39
Concerns over future of Saudi Crown Prince's leadership
Former Navy SEAL Team 6 Commander Dave Sears on the fallout from missing Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. 16 октября 2018, 18:08
11 часов 3:58
Why the US shouldn’t destroy its relationship with Saudi Arabia
Fox News Security Analyst Walid Phares argues that it’s not in the United States’ best interest to break its relationship with Saudi Arabia. 16 октября 2018, 16:06
10 часов 3:23
US alliance with Saudi Arabia necessary to deal with Iran?
David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, on the U.S. tensions with Saudi Arabia. 16 октября 2018, 17:06
11 часов 2:33
Drugmakers required to disclose drug cost in TV ads: what that means
The Trump administration will now require pharmaceutical companies to reveal the costs of their drugs during television advertisements. 16 октября 2018, 16:14
7 часов 5:57
Medly Pharmacy looks to put brick-and-mortar pharmacies like CVS out of business
Medly Partner Chirag Kulkarni discusses how his company is planning to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry and put companies like CVS out of business. 16 октября 2018, 20:07
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