2 часа 14:13
Inside Edition Spices Things Up With the 'Hot Ones' Challenge
Inside Edition Correspondent Megan Alexander sits down with "Hot Ones" host Sean Evans to discuss the internet's hottest show. And, of course, to eat some wings. Challenge accepted! 25 апреля 2018, 18:12
4 часа 2:54
Meet 1-Year-Old Who’s Allergic to Tears
Like most toddlers, Ivy loves the water, but in her case bath time can only last a few seconds. Her skin turns red with painful blisters when it comes into contact with water. 25 апреля 2018, 15:19
3 часа 0:32
Workmen Rescued After Dangling Off Side of High-Rise
Two workers have been rescued after the scaffolding they were working on collapsed. The men were left dangling, and can be seen in a heart-thumping video while awaiting rescue. 25 апреля 2018, 17:08
2 часа 0:48
Rhino Undergoes CT Scan in First for Species
It took dozens of zookeepers and vets, and some heavy equipment, to move an eastern black rhino, but they got it done. She's 7-year-old Layla. Experts say she's the first of her kind to get a CT scan. 25 апреля 2018, 18:05
2 часа 1:03
YouTube Video Helps Reunite a Homeless Man with His Family After 40 Years
Gambhir Singh hadn't seen or contacted his family in 40 years.  He was living on the streets of Mumbai, singing and begging for money, when a photographer befriended him, posting a video of him singing on YouTube. 25 апреля 2018, 17:19
5 часов 1:23
Teen Fakes His Own Death in Epic Promposal
A Missouri teen faked his death in an over-the-top effort to ask his girlfriend to prom. 25 апреля 2018, 14:20
5 часов 0:49
Otter Mom Struggles to Wrangle Pups
Raising kids can be tough, especially if you only have one mouth to grab them with. That was the dilemma for Cai, an Asian small-clawed otter at the Kansas City Zoo. 25 апреля 2018, 14:43
6 часов 1:06
Angry Judge Reigns Over High-Profile Courtroom
One woman is being called the meanest judge in America. 25 апреля 2018, 13:39
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