2 мин 0:48
One in three UN employees have been sexually harassed: survey
A third of United Nations employees have reported experiencing sexual harassment at the world body over the last two years, according to the findings of the first-ever survey on such misconduct. 16 января 2019, 16:57
10 мин 1:01
'Leave' stronghold Redcar reacts to Brexit deal defeat
In Redcar, one of the strongest pro-Brexit or 'Leave' municipalities in the UK, people react to the Brexit deal defeat in Parliament. 16 января 2019, 16:49
52 мин 1:41
Indian bullfighters participate in Jallikattu festival
Indian participants try to control a bull during the popular Jallikattu bull-wrestling in Madurai, southern India. 16 января 2019, 16:07
2 часа 0:20
Kenyan president says Nairobi attackers 'eliminated'
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said that all Islamists who had stormed an upmarket hotel complex had been "eliminated" after an almost 20-hour siege that left at least 14 dead. SOUNDBITE | 16 января 2019, 14:32
2 часа 0:42
Kenyan president says Nairobi attackers 'eliminated'
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta says that all Islamists who had stormed an upmarket hotel complex had been "eliminated" after an almost 20-hour siege that left at least 14 dead. 16 января 2019, 14:32
3 часа 0:53
Italian Prime minister arrives in Chad for State visit
Italian Prime minister, Guiseppe Conte, arrives in N'djamena to meet Chadian President Idriss Déby. IMAGES of the two heads of state meeting | 16 января 2019, 13:01
4 часа 0:46
British PM faces confidence vote after Brexit humiliation
Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to win a confidence vote despite a crushing defeat over her Brexit deal that triggered warnings of a chaotic "no-deal" divorce. 16 января 2019, 12:09
4 часа 0:44
Macron says Brexit referendum was 'manipulated'
After Britain's parliament resoundingly rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday warned of the dangers of referendum votes, and says the Brexit | 16 января 2019, 12:04
5 часов 0:40
Theresa May heads to Parliament morning after bruising defeat
Theresa May leaves No. 10 Downing Street to head to Prime Minister's Questions in parliament the day after a bill on her Brexit deal suffered the biggest government defeat in history. IMAGES | 16 января 2019, 11:41
6 часов 0:28
The border between N. Ireland and Ireland
Videographic locating the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Britain's parliament has resoundingly rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal. 16 января 2019, 10:30
6 часов 1:41
Air pollution
Videographic on air pollution. Environment group Greenpeace has said Bangkok is currently the 10th most polluted in the world, rivalling some cities in China. VIDEOGRAPHIC | 16 января 2019, 10:14
7 часов 0:32
Police detain leading Zimbabwe activist after protests
Leading Zimbabwean activist Evan Mawarire is detained by police, taken from his house in a widening crackdown after anti-government protests. IMAGES | 16 января 2019, 9:55
8 часов 0:36
Nepalis watch bullfighting festival
The Nepali village of Taruka hosts bullfighting during the Maghesangranti Festival, which commemorates the start of the holy month of Magh, ushering in warmer weather and longer days. 16 января 2019, 8:19
9 часов 1:11
Aussie zoo animals try to beat the heat
Sea lions eating frozen 'fishcicles', echidnas munching on frozen food treats, elephants enjoying a swim and giraffes drinking cool water. 16 января 2019, 7:58
10 часов 1:12
Romeo and Juliet: the last hopes to save Bolivian aquatic frog
Almost a year after conservationists sent out a plea to help save a species of Bolivian aquatic frog by finding a mate for the last remaining member, Romeo, his very own Juliet has been tracked down | 16 января 2019, 6:56
10 часов 1:54
Would you couchsurf in Afghanistan?
Despite security concerns, Afghanistan attracts backpackers seeking an "authentic" experience by staying with Afghan strangers found on the Couchsurfing website --a social networking platform that | 16 января 2019, 6:03
11 часов 1:11
Brazil's Bolsonaro loosens gun laws
Brazil's far-right President Jair Bolsonaro rolls back restrictive gun ownership laws to make it easier for "good" citizens to use firearms against criminals, despite fears it could aggravate | 16 января 2019, 5:48
14 часов 1:39
Ghana urges people of African heritage to 'come home'
In an effort to boost Ghana's economy, the government is aiming to reverse outward migration in 2019 by encouraging the country's diaspora to return home, despite the economic problems the west | 16 января 2019, 2:06
15 часов 1:00
Honduran migrants cross into Guatemala despite police barrier
Hundreds of Honduran migrants who have set out on a trek to the United States, forming another caravan, cross into Guatemala despite a heavy police presence that sought to bar their entry. IMAGES | 16 января 2019, 1:26
16 часов 1:10
Reactions to UK parliament vote defeating PM's Brexit deal
Protesters gather outside the UK Parliament as the House of Commons votes down Theresa May's Brexit plan. 16 января 2019, 0:17
17 часов 1:04
Indonesia recovers second black box from Lion Air crash
The cockpit voice recorder from an Indonesian Lion Air jet that crashed in October was recovered on Monday - a discovery that could be critical to explaining why a brand new plane fell out of the | 15 января 2019, 23:00
19 часов 0:46
Hundreds fish in Indian lake to celebrate harvest
Hundreds of villagers take part in a community fishing event in India's northeastern Assam state to celebrate a traditional harvest festival. 15 января 2019, 21:10
20 часов 0:57
In Panama, student painters put finishing touches on pope mural
Students in a painting workshop in Panama get ready to complete the mural that will grace the walls for Pope Francis's final mass during his visit to the Latin American country. 15 января 2019, 20:56
20 часов 0:59
Crowds outside UK parliament react to Brexit vote outcome
Crowds outside the UK parliament react to outcome of Brexit deal vote. IMAGES of crowds cheering outside the UK parliament. 15 января 2019, 20:36
20 часов 1:02
International Criminal Court acquits Laurent Gbagbo
The International Criminal Court acquits former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo over a wave of post-electoral violence, in a stunning blow to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague. 15 января 2019, 20:34
21 час 0:47
Crowds gather outside parliament for vote on Brexit deal
Crowds gather outside parliament as ministers vote on the Brexit deal. 15 января 2019, 19:45
22 часа 0:49
Hondurans gather to join new migrant caravan
Hondurans from across the country gather at a San Pedro bus station to join a new migrant caravan aiming to travel to the United States. 15 января 2019, 18:11
23 часа 0:42
Protesters hold 'Titanic' stunt on day of Brexit vote
Protesters play out a scene from Titanic using a fake boat, called the HMS Brexit, in front of the British parliament on the day parliament votes on the deal negotiated by Theresa May with the | 15 января 2019, 17:09
1 день 1:17
'Not your habibti': Palestinian designer seeks to empower women
It's only three words on a T-shirt or embroidered on a denim jacket in Palestinian designer Yasmeen Mjalli's collection, but they carry a powerful message: "Not your habibti", or darling. 15 января 2019, 16:56
1 день 1:03
Death sentence heightens China, Canada tensions
A Chinese court sentences a Canadian man to death on drug trafficking charges after his previous 15-year prison sentence was deemed too lenient, a ruling that has deepened a diplomatic rift between | 15 января 2019, 16:53
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