57 мин 1:27
Videographic on tuberculosis. 25 сентября 2018, 10:43
2 часа 1:15
How Ebola attacks the body
Videographic on the deadly disease Ebola. 25 сентября 2018, 9:19
2 часа 1:47
Golf equipment
Videographic on the equipment used to play the sport of golf. Europe take on the United States in the Ryder Cup in France, beginning on Friday.VIDEOGRAPHIC | 25 сентября 2018, 9:19
2 часа 1:01
Fire dragon dances its way through Hong Kong village
An ornate straw dragon stuffed with hundreds of incense sticks makes its way through Pok Fu Lam village in Hong Kong, as part of a traditional celebration of mid-autumn festival. 25 сентября 2018, 8:48
3 часа 1:14
The Big Oyster: NYC looks to molluscs to purify its estuary
Before it was the Big Apple, New York City was the Big Oyster. 25 сентября 2018, 7:55
4 часа 0:40
Aftermath of deadly rain and flooding in Mexican village
Residents from a Mexican village try to clean damaged streets and houses after at least five people died and nine are missing following heavy rain and a river flooding. 25 сентября 2018, 7:32
5 часов 0:53
Modric ends Ronaldo-Messi era to be crowned world's best
Luka Modric has ended Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi's decade-long domination of football's individual awards by being crowned FIFA's best player of the year. 25 сентября 2018, 6:13
6 часов 0:45
In a Paris aquarium, muscular transfer of albino alligators
Female albino alligators move into their new home at the Porte Dorée tropical aquarium in Paris with some 'Crocodile Dundee' help. 25 сентября 2018, 5:03
8 часов 0:54
In abandoned villa, Syrian children study on the ground
In rebel-held northern Syria, displaced children sit or lie on the ground of an unfinished villa, bending over their notebooks to apply themselves as they write the day's lesson. 25 сентября 2018, 3:39
13 часов 0:47
One year later at UN, Trump's 'rocket man' Kim is 'terrific'
US President Donald Trump hails North Korea's "terrific" leader Kim Jong Un and says he should soon be able to announce a second summit with his one-time arch foe during a meeting with his South | 24 сентября 2018, 21:43
14 часов 1:18
Kavanaugh protesters swarm Capitol Hill, Allred "not optimistic"
Hundreds of protesters descend on Capitol Hill to urge swing-vote Republicans to reject Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh amid fresh allegations of sexual misconduct. 24 сентября 2018, 21:22
15 часов 0:54
Paris Fashion Week: behind the scenes of the Dior collection
Dior is launching this year's Paris Fashion Week, with a fashion show organised at the Longchamp racecourse. 24 сентября 2018, 20:19
18 часов 1:11
Nelson Mandela statue unveiled at UN headquarters
A life-sized statue of South African icon Nelson Mandela is unveiled at the United Nations headquarters in New York and the General Assembly marks the centenary of Mandela's birth with a summit on | 24 сентября 2018, 17:12
19 часов 1:02
World Stone Skimming Championships kicks off in Scotland
Hundreds of stone skimming enthusiasts from around the globe gathered on a tiny Scottish island on Sunday to compete for the title of world champion skimmer. 24 сентября 2018, 16:22
19 часов 0:58
Protestant Latvia welcomes pope
Mainly Protestant Latvia welcomes Pope Francis on a visit many hope will put the small Baltic country on the map and bring its people closer together. 24 сентября 2018, 16:17
19 часов 1:06
French kids flock to football schools after World Cup win
"All summer all I heard about was football," says one mother whose son is part of a boom in sign-ups for football schools after France's World Cup victory in July. 24 сентября 2018, 16:05
19 часов 0:58
Bottle of whisky expected to fetch record £1 mil in Edinburgh
A bottle of whisky expected to fetch a record £1 million in Edinburgh when it's put up for auction on October 3. 24 сентября 2018, 16:01
19 часов 1:06
Thousands attend funeral for Iran attack dead
Tens of thousands of mourners attend a funeral in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz for soldiers and civilians killed in an attack on a military parade. 24 сентября 2018, 16:00
20 часов 1:01
Argentines barter at trade markets to counter crisis
Buying daily necessities has become a headache for many Argentines since the price of goods dramatically increased due to rampant inflation. 24 сентября 2018, 15:21
21 час 0:38
Cosby arrives at court for start of sentencing
Disgraced US television icon Bill Cosby arrives at a Pennsylvania court to face sentencing for sexual assault, five months after his conviction at the first celebrity trial of the #MeToo era. IMAGES | 24 сентября 2018, 13:44
22 часа 0:51
Kagame critic Diane Rwigara goes on trial in Kigali
Diane Rwigara, prominent critic of President Paul Kagame, goes on trial more than a year after being blocked from running in a presidential election and charged with tax evasion, forgery and | 24 сентября 2018, 13:01
22 часа 1:44
The rules of golf
Videographic on the sport of golf. The Ryder Cup between Europe and the United States begins in France on Friday.VIDEOGRAPHIC | 24 сентября 2018, 12:56
22 часа 0:52
One dead in anti-Ortega march in Nicaragua
An attack on a protest by opponents of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega left one person dead and at least five others wounded, police say. 24 сентября 2018, 12:45
22 часа 0:57
Canada's Cirque du Soleil dazzles Riyadh
Canada-based Cirque du Soleil stages their first show in Saudi Arabia with a dazzling display of high-wire thrills. The acrobatic troupe performed in Riyadh to mark the Saudi national day. 24 сентября 2018, 12:41
1 день 0:36
Ariane 5's 100th mission
Videographic locating the Kourou Space Centre and showing an Ariane 5 launch. Ariane 5 is preparing for its 100th mission on Tuesday.VIDEOGRAPHIC | 24 сентября 2018, 11:12
1 день 0:12
EU takes Poland to top European court over judicial reform
The European Commission is taking the Polish government to the EU's top court to stop alleged breaches of the independence of the country's supreme court. SOUNDBITE | 24 сентября 2018, 10:47
1 день 1:29
Spray-can satire creates headache for Thai junta
Thailand's junta chief caricatured as a "lucky cat" with a paw raised to rake in money, or his face crossed out by a thick red line -- daring graffiti is cropping up across Bangkok as the city's | 24 сентября 2018, 9:57
1 день 0:35
FILE: HK bans pro-independence party over 'national security'
Hong Kong bans a political party which promotes independence, saying it was a threat to national security as Beijing ups pressure on any challenges to its sovereignty. 24 сентября 2018, 9:35
1 день 1:41
The United Nations
Videographic on the United Nations. About 130 world leaders are gathering for the UN General Assembly to address global issues, from scrapping North Korea's nuclear weapons to financing development. 24 сентября 2018, 9:17
1 день 1:45
EU palm oil ban sows bitter seeds for Southeast Asian farmers
The European Parliament is moving to ban the use of palm oil in biofuels, while British grocer Iceland has announced it will stop using the commodity over concerns that it causes widespread | 24 сентября 2018, 8:52
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