2 дня 11:23
Why Do People Freak Out About MSG in Chinese Food? | AJ+
People used to think the MSG in Chinese food made them sick. Here's why it had more to do with rumors – and racism – than science. 14 августа 2018, 20:00
33 893
4 дня 10:22
The Complicated Truth About The Biological Clock | AJ+
How did the phrase “biological clock” go from a basic theory about sleep cycles to something that fills women the world over with anxiety and guilt about their fertility and life choices? 12 августа 2018, 13:00
10 827
5 дней 9:38
Racism in America’s Sanitation System | AJ+
Hookworm is re-surging in Alabama, and raw sewage and poverty is to blame. 11 августа 2018, 13:00
16 380
9 дней 3:32
Why 10% of Floridians Can’t Vote | AJ+
Florida's governor permanently banned 1.5 million people and 21% of black residents from voting. Meet the people changing that. 7 августа 2018, 20:00
6 578
11 дней 11:06
How to Become a Billionaire
What does it really take to become a billionaire? Acquiring wealth is a pillar of the American Dream, and the ease of achieving it depends on where you are. Learn more: Forbes. 5 августа 2018, 13:00
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12 дней 6:32
How This Town Got Rid of Crime | AJ+
This Mexican town kicked out the government and returned to its indigenous roots. Now they're practically crime-free – and determined to keep it that way by banning all political parties and elections. 4 августа 2018, 13:00
94 820
16 дней 7:33
Why More Muslim-Americans Are Running For Office | AJ+
No shaving beards or changing their names — these Muslim-Americans are embracing their faith and identity as more run for office than ever before. 31 июля 2018, 20:00
22 859
18 дней 11:07
Will Amazon Help or Hurt its Next Hometown? | AJ+
As cities across the U.S. race to win Amazon's HQ2 competition, they're offering up massive tax and business incentives worth billions of dollars to lure the company. 29 июля 2018, 13:00
48 480
23 дня 4:50
What Does It Mean To Be Indigenous And From A U.S. Colony? | AJ+
What does it mean to be a citizen of a United States territory and also be indigenous? The Chamorro people on Guam tell us about their multifaceted — and often complicated — identity. 24 июля 2018, 20:00
10 729
25 дней 9:26
How Bankruptcy Really Works | AJ+
Something as mundane as parking tickets can throw you into bankruptcy. 22 июля 2018, 13:00
28 914
30 дней 7:51
From SPAM To Spearfishing: Decolonizing A U.S. Territory’s Diet | AJ+
There’s a growing movement of young people on Guam who envision a sustainable future for the island. 17 июля 2018, 20:00
22 059
32 дня 9:05
Why Did Toys R Us Go Bankrupt? | AJ+
Toys R Us was actually making a profit at the time it filed for bankruptcy and closed all its U.S. stores. How is that possible? The answer isn't only about competitors like Amazon - Wall Street had a major role too. 15 июля 2018, 13:00
66 278
37 дней 10:23
Should U.S. Territories Like Guam Be Independent? | AJ+
More Americans from Guam serve in the U.S. military, per capita, than from any U.S. state. But they can’t even vote for president. 10 июля 2018, 20:00
20 393
39 дней 12:36
How U.S. Involvement In Central America Led To a Border Crisis| AJ+
Thousands of Central American refugees and migrants have been coming to the Mexico-U.S. 8 июля 2018, 13:00
81 390
44 дня 10:54
How The U.S. Territory Of Guam Became An American Colony | AJ+
The U.S. territory of Guam has a unique history as one of the longest-running colonies in history. How did it get this way? 3 июля 2018, 20:00
47 117
46 дней 9:25
Is the U.S. Paying for Mexico's Border Security? | AJ+
For some refugees and migrants Mexico is the border wall. Mexico deports more people from Central America annually than the U.S. does, thanks to increased pressure and funding from the U.S. for immigration enforcement. 1 июля 2018, 13:00
21 128
48 дней 8:25
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talks Democratic Socialism| AJ+
Newcomer and democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat a top-ranking Democrat in the primary to represent New York's 14th district. 29 июня 2018, 11:17
42 246
51 день 11:32
Inside A Gaming Addiction Rehab | AJ+
Gaming and screen addiction are destroying lives in the same way as the most potent drugs. 26 июня 2018, 20:00
16 069
53 дня 10:04
Who Is Trying To Kill The Iran Deal? | AJ+
The Iran Deal was a diplomatic breakthrough for the international community, but three years after the deal happened the U.S. violated it. How did this happen? And who were the forces that tanked the deal? 24 июня 2018, 13:00
84 502
58 дней 12:01
Fake News: Who's Really Making Money? | AJ+
AJ+ explores how fake news impacted the 2016 U.S. election and made some young people very rich. We traveled to Macedonia to shed light on how fake news producers there are preparing to cash in on the next U.S. 19 июня 2018, 20:00
19 437
60 дней 4:09
Can Universal Healthcare Actually Happen in the U.S.? | AJ+
The U.S. healthcare system is broken, and young people increasingly support a single-payer, government-run solution. Some candidates running for office this year are catching on. 17 июня 2018, 13:00
10 731
65 дней 9:25
Here's What Online Harassment Looks Like | AJ+
AJ+ explores the targeted harassment women face online and how it can become all too real. It's not just women who speak out, online harassment has also become part of the power and control of domestic violence. 12 июня 2018, 20:00
9 222
67 дней 9:20
Fasting For The First Time For Ramadan | AJ+
The Muslim holy month of Ramadan is sometimes seen as a month of suffering. But it's actually a month of celebration and community. And that's exactly what Yara Elmjouie learned when he fasted for his first Ramadan. 10 июня 2018, 13:00
50 348
72 дня 10:02
How Police Are Tracking You Using Facial Recognition | AJ+
AJ+ explores the risks and benefits of facial recognition software. We traveled to the Mexico-US border as Trump vows to complete a US biometric entry-exit system. 5 июня 2018, 20:00
23 808
74 дня 8:42
Why Russians Are So Good At Ballet | AJ+
Ballet dancers have charmed and delighted audiences for decades. The familiar performances of The Nutcracker and Swan Lake have something in common -- and it all has to do with Russia. 3 июня 2018, 13:00
308 934
79 дней 1:15
Trailer: The Dark Side of Technology | AJ+
Ahmed Shihab-Eldin investigates facial recognition at the border, meets men struggling with addiction at a gaming rehab, looks into the harassment women face online, interviews current and former Facebook employees and 29 мая 2018, 20:00
8 659
81 день 10:49
The Beat That Changed Pop Music | AJ+
Reggaeton is one of the most popular music genres in the world. Its history is rooted in diaspora migration, censorship, poverty and the reclaiming of Afro-Caribbean identity. 27 мая 2018, 13:00
78 260
84 дня 12:07
How Nestle Makes Billions Bottling Free Water | Direct From With Dena Takruri - AJ+
Nestle, the world’s largest food and beverage company, bottles Michigan’s water for next to nothing and sells it at great profit. 24 мая 2018, 20:00
722 403
86 дней 6:03
How This Child Worker Became An Olympic Hopeful | AJ+
Agustín Da Silva grew up as a child worker harvesting yerba mate in the fields of Argentina. He was destined for a life of labor, but a twist of fate opened the doors to education and running. 22 мая 2018, 20:00
11 354
88 дней 7:58
Who Invented Chai? Well, It's Complicated | AJ+
Tea is warm, nurturing and perfect for digestion after a massive carb-loaded meal. And for many Americans, specifically those in diaspora communities, tea is how they connect with family and their roots. 20 мая 2018, 13:00
37 796
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