22 дня 2:14
How Patreon Uses AWS to Protect Its Creators from Fraud
Jarvis Johnson and Nikhil Harithas, Engineering Managers at Patreon, explain how they use AWS to protect their company's creators from fraud. 31 декабря 2018, 18:13
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25 дней 3:56
Cloud Service Management and Ticketing Solutions with Aisera
Learn more about AWS Startups at - amzn.to/2BHzwMy. In the age of cloud services and AI, it’s important to make sure clients are understood and have effective solutions. 28 декабря 2018, 17:49
25 дней 3:15
How do I recover a lost or forgotten AWS password?
Find more details in the AWS Knowledge Center: amzn.to/2qNTQGY Jordan, an AWS Support team member, shows you how to recover a lost or forgotten AWS password. 28 декабря 2018, 15:23
25 дней 7:35
How do I securely access my Amazon S3 static website?
Find more details in the AWS Knowledge Center: amzn.to/2SU4fwQ Meghna, an AWS Cloud Support Engineer, shows you how to use Amazon CloudFront to serve a static website hosted on Amazon S3. 28 декабря 2018, 15:22
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26 дней 7:16
Manage User Access to Multiple AWS Accounts Using AWS Single Sign-on
Learn how to manage user access and permissions to multiple AWS accounts using AWS Single Sign-On (AWS SSO). Learn more at - amzn.to/2Q6fgt4. 27 декабря 2018, 19:51
1 252
26 дней 6:32
AWS Directory Service: Configure and Administer Your AWS Managed Microsoft AD
Learn how to quickly configure and administer your AWS Directory Service (AWS Managed Microsoft AD). Learn more at - amzn.to/2ESRzDp. 27 декабря 2018, 19:50
26 дней 8:39
AWS Directory Service Extend On-Premises Microsoft AD to AWS Cloud Using AWS Managed Microsoft AD
Learn how to easily extend your on-premises Microsoft AD to AWS Cloud using AWS Managed Microsoft AD and AD trust. Learn more at- amzn.to/2CBot9x. 27 декабря 2018, 19:43
26 дней 5:04
AWS Directory Service: Domain Join Amazon EC2 Instances to Single AWS Managed Microsoft AD
Learn how to share a single AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (also known as an AWS Managed Microsoft AD) with multiple AWS accounts within an AWS Region. 27 декабря 2018, 19:42
26 дней 5:32
Introduction to AWS Directory Service (AWS Managed Microsoft AD)
Get introduced to AWS Directory Service also known as AWS Managed Microsoft AD. Understand the use cases and benefits of using AWS managed Microsoft AD in the AWS Cloud. 27 декабря 2018, 19:42
26 дней 3:15
How Epsagon Helps Teams Monitor Their Serverless Applications
Learn more about AWS Startups at - amzn.to/2rJqcmW. With serverless on the rise, an increasing number of startups are popping up to help support the growing ecosystem. 27 декабря 2018, 18:47
26 дней 6:56
Domain Group: Lambda Fan-Out with Node.js to Reliably Classify Images with Rekognition
On this episode of This Is My Code - amzn.to/2LA357i, Australian digital property portal domain.com.au, shows us how they leverage image recognition for billions of property images using | 27 декабря 2018, 18:41
1 345
26 дней 1:52
How do I remove a stored payment method from my AWS account?
Find more details in the AWS Knowledge Center: amzn.to/2DIWOW3 Monica, an AWS Support team member, shows you how to remove a stored payment method from your AWS account. 27 декабря 2018, 17:28
27 дней 7:43
Peak AI: From Data Ingestion to Deploying Models - Building an End to End AI Platform
In this episode of This Is My Architecture - amzn.to/2EMj9S1, Head of Product at Peak, Praneet Chandra shares about their AI Platform product. 26 декабря 2018, 19:53
2 222
29 дней 48:57
SQL Server 2008 End Of Support: Best Practices To Assess Your Risk And Make A Plan
Learn more about AWS at - amzn.to/2LzEGyX. Microsoft’s support for SQL Server 2008 ends on July 9, 2019. 24 декабря 2018, 19:41
32 дня 5:17
Carsales.com: Processing DynamoDB Streams Reliably and at Scale with .NET Core 2.1 in AWS Lambda
On this episode of This Is My Code - amzn.to/2SZRml2, carsales.com, Australia's leading automotive classified business, shows how they use event-driven architectures to ingest and process | 21 декабря 2018, 20:42
1 275
32 дня 37:59
We Power Tech Inclusive Conversations with Women in Technology
Presenters: Tricia Davis-Muffett, Director, Global Public Sector, Amazon Web Services Lynn Langit, Cloud Architect & Author, LinkedIn, Lynda.com Aileen Gemma Smith, CEO, Vizalytics Technology | 21 декабря 2018, 20:38
32 дня 28:49
Reducing Costs and Strengthening Your Security Posture with a Transit VPC
Presenter: Dominic Caputo, Cloud Consulting Engineer APAC, Palo Alto Networks | 21 декабря 2018, 20:38
32 дня 26:58
Use Cases How Veritas Enhances Your AWS Experience
Presenter: Philip Perera, Senior Solutions Architect, Veritas Technologies | 21 декабря 2018, 20:32
32 дня 1:07
Alexa Augments Patient Lab Retrieval
A computer science student at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) teams with BCIT’s School of Nursing to improve access to patient diagnostic information using Amazon technology. 21 декабря 2018, 20:28
32 дня 9:42
How do I install the AWS SCT and MySQL JDBC drivers for Windows?
Find more details in the AWS Knowledge Center: amzn.to/2QHon8M Daniel, an AWS Cloud Support Engineer, shows you how to install the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT) and database drivers | 21 декабря 2018, 20:27
32 дня 21:53
Get more out of the Cloud with AWS Training and Certification
Presenter: Stefan Jansen, AWS Training and Certification, Australia & New Zealand, Amazon Web Services | 21 декабря 2018, 20:09
32 дня 22:24
Evolving Your Backup Strategy with Veeam and AWS
Presenter: Rob Johnston, Senior Systems Engineer – Federal, Veeam | 21 декабря 2018, 20:09
32 дня 18:30
Precision Medicine Data Platform
Presenters: Clinton Thomson, TechConnect Dr. Kelvin Ross, IntelliHQ | 21 декабря 2018, 20:08
32 дня 21:16
Cloud Security Secure by design, designed for security
Presenter: Jem Richards, CTO, REDBEAR IT | 21 декабря 2018, 20:07
32 дня 12:20
Helping Government Build, Migrate and Manage Content Rich Websites
Presenters: Nathan Wall, Head of GovCMS, GovCMS Toby Bellwood, Technical Lead, GovCMS | 21 декабря 2018, 20:06
32 дня 33:39
Assess, Containerize, and Optimize Legacy Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server on AWS
Learn more about Microsoft Workloads on AWS at - amzn.to/2QH0rTa. 21 декабря 2018, 19:01
32 дня 53:03
Incident Response: Eyes Everywhere
Responding to an incident requires that you’re aware that an incident exists. To be aware that an incident exists, you have to know where to look and what to look for. 21 декабря 2018, 16:50
32 дня 49:48
DevSecOps, An Organizational Primer
We examined building DevSecOps culture for you or your customers, which includes foundational practices and scaling functions to instantiate and resiliently operate a DevSecOps model. 21 декабря 2018, 15:56
32 дня 1:03:25
CI/CD Pipeline Security: Advanced Continuous Delivery Best Practices
Continuous delivery (CD) enables teams to be more agile and quickens the pace of innovation. Too often, however, teams adopt CD without putting the right safety mechanisms in place. 21 декабря 2018, 15:56
32 дня 54:42
Introduction to Threat Detection and Remediation on AWS
In this talk, we introduced several methods of threat detection and remediation on AWS, including GuardDuty, Macie, WAF, Shield, Lambda, AWS Config, Systems Manager and Inspector. 21 декабря 2018, 1:23
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