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'Abolish ICE': Could US migrant detention force be broken up? - BBC News
Immigration and Customs Enforcement was established in 2003 as part of the Homeland Security Act. But now protesters are questioning the agency's role in enforcing President Trump's zero-tolerance policy. 22 июля 2018, 11:59
1 час 1:41
Mumbai slum gets colourful makeover - BBC News
Khar Danda, a tiny fishing village in India’s bustling city of Mumbai, has had a major makeover. The artists who painted the village say bright colours will inspire people to think positive. 22 июля 2018, 11:27
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Mirjana Kika Milosevic: Make-up to turn herself invisible - BBC News
Mirjana Kika Milosevic has gained over 56 million views on YouTube. The Serbian make-up artist paints herself in different optical illusions, from skulls to twisted body parts. 21 июля 2018, 9:26
21 304
1 день 1:18
Lebanese farmer: Cannabis should be legal - BBC News
The Lebanese government is considering legalising cannabis for medical purposes. A farmer explains why he thinks this could "benefit everyone". Please subscribe HERE bit.ly/1rbfUog 21 июля 2018, 9:16
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1 день 2:55
'My son was illegally adopted' - BBC News
When Tressa Reeves got pregnant at the age of 20 in 1960, her parents sent her to Dublin to give birth in a home run by Catholic nuns. 21 июля 2018, 8:43
9 411
1 день 4:21
The teenagers running for governor in Kansas - BBC News
You can currently run for office at any age in Kansas, under laws which are part of the state constitution. The BBC spoke to two teenagers who are running for the position of state governor in November's elections. 20 июля 2018, 14:24
24 880
2 дня 1:45
'This is what a real body looks like' - BBC News
People of all shapes and sizes stormed a runway in Trafalgar Square this weekend to take pride in their bodies. 20 июля 2018, 10:19
63 767
2 дня 1:53
Russian ambassadors react to Trump remarks at Helsinki summit - BBC News
BBC Russia correspondent Steve Rosenberg speaks with Russian ambassadors about the aftermath of the Helsinki summit. 20 июля 2018, 9:55
17 167
2 дня 2:08
New railway 'threatens Kenyan wildlife' - BBC News
The construction of a Kenya’s first high-speed railway network should be good news. But part of the line is being built through a national park in the capital Nairobi. 20 июля 2018, 8:59
6 900
2 дня 3:09
Yemenis flee to Korean holiday island - BBC News
The war in Yemen has led to widespread displacement of people over the past three years. But this time, hundreds of Yemeni refugees have travelled 8,000 kilometres to get to safety - on a South Korean resort island. 20 июля 2018, 7:41
20 213
2 дня 2:22
'I want justice after forced sterilisation' - BBC News
Josefina Quispe is one of thousands of indigenous Peruvian women who say they were forcibly sterilised as part of a national family planning scheme. 19 июля 2018, 13:17
15 605
3 дня 1:01
Trump Russia: Reporters press president over US election meddling - BBC News
The White House has insisted it believes Russia is still a threat to US democracy, following confusion over comments by President Donald Trump. 19 июля 2018, 10:21
18 489
3 дня 4:03
HardTalk: Hameed Haroon, CEO of Dawn Media Group - BBC News
A BBC interview with the boss of Pakistan's leading English-language newspaper has stirred controversy a week before national elections. 19 июля 2018, 9:41
12 291
3 дня 2:35
Thailand cave rescue: Boy 'shocked' to be found - BBC News
One of the boys rescued from the Tham Luang caves in Thailand has said he was "shocked" they were found. 18 июля 2018, 13:27
75 657
3 дня 1:03:57
Full News Conference: Thai cave rescue boys relive 'moment of miracle' - BBC News
The 12 boys rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand have spoken publically of their ordeal for the first time, describing the "moment of miracle" when divers found them. 18 июля 2018, 13:04
102 718
4 дня 4:52
IS fighters' orphaned children stranded in Libya - BBC News
When the Islamic State group was pushed out of its Libyan stronghold in the city of Sirte nearly two years ago, the children of some foreign IS fighters were left behind. 18 июля 2018, 10:56
5 670
4 дня 2:13
Thai cave rescue: Saying sorry to cave spirit Nang Norn - BBC News
As the rescued Thai boys recover from their ordeal in the Tham Luang cave, members of their community are seeking forgiveness from the cave's spirit, Nang Norn. Video by Tessa Wong. 18 июля 2018, 6:40
48 698
4 дня 2:11
Trump sheds light on his crucial Putin error - BBC News
As the lights briefly went out at the White House, Donald Trump said he was in the dark about why he faced a backlash over Monday's summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Can changing one word fix that? 18 июля 2018, 6:22
20 848
4 дня 5:20
'My neighbour is a rapist' - BBC News
Vigilantes are burning rapists to death in the South African township of Diepsloot, near Johannesburg. But even that will not stop them. 17 июля 2018, 13:52
49 555
5 дней 1:11
Kilauea volcano: The moment flying lava struck a tour boat in Hawaii - BBC News
Twenty-three people were injured and are being treated in hospital after flying lava struck a tour boat. Will Bryan described the terrifying moment when the vessel was hit. Please subscribe HERE bit.ly/1rbfUog 17 июля 2018, 10:56
24 490
5 дней 3:34
The perilous search for 'Himalayan viagra' - BBC News
More valuable than gold, Yarsagumba fungus is only found in the Himalayan mountains above 3,000 metres (10,000 feet). 17 июля 2018, 10:01
28 626
5 дней 4:13
Inside Syrian rebels' tunnel network - BBC News
A complex of tunnels beneath Douma helped Syrian rebels to keep up their fight against the Assad regime for several years. 17 июля 2018, 6:00
21 733
5 дней 0:42
Putin to Trump: Now the ball is in your court - BBC News
Vladimir Putin has just handed a football to Donald Trump. "Now the ball is in your court," he joked. Please subscribe HERE bit.ly/1rbfUog 16 июля 2018, 15:53
209 476
5 дней 18:19
Trump-Putin press conference - BBC News
Vladimir Putin spoke first, and said he had made firm proposals on arms control. “As nuclear powers, we bear special responsibility” for international security, he said. 16 июля 2018, 15:37
453 008
5 дней 1:02
Trump-Putin Summit: Journalist dragged out of conference room - BBC News
A man was just bundled out of the room by security, waving a stack of paper. 16 июля 2018, 15:10
35 790
5 дней 3:19
World record-holding skydiver jumps into a Jet Stream - BBC News
Marc Hauser, a Swiss world record-holding skydiver, has added another first to his name by sky diving into the jet stream, the high altitude winds that sweep around the world at high speed. 16 июля 2018, 12:51
22 062
6 дней 4:54
BREAKING NEWS: Trump and Putin meeting begins- BBC News
The original schedule had the two presidents sitting down for an hour-long one-to-one, followed by a working lunch, potentially with other diplomats. 16 июля 2018, 11:18
124 003
6 дней 1:24
Trump-Putin summit: Trump arrives at palace - BBC News
Donald Trump has arrived at the presidential palace in Helsinki, where he is meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin. They are now an hour behind schedule. Please subscribe HERE bit.ly/1rbfUog 16 июля 2018, 11:11
10 165
6 дней 2:31
Putin arrives at summit venue - BBC News
Footage shows the Russian leader arriving at Finland's presidential palace. Please subscribe HERE bit.ly/1rbfUog 16 июля 2018, 10:54
11 208
6 дней 1:04
Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives in Helsinki - BBC News
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are holding their first official talks in Helsinki The meeting comes days after the US charged 12 Russian intelligence officers with hacking Mr Trump has been urged to press Mr Putin on 16 июля 2018, 10:34
10 254
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