45 мин 0:51
Barack Obama prepares for his Today programme interview with Prince Harry - BBC News
Prince Harry has interviewed Barack Obama for his guest edit of BBC Radio 4's Today programme - with some innovative questioning techniques. 18 декабря 2017, 10:01
54 мин 1:49
Russia’s abandoned towns in 360 - BBC News
Hundreds of Russian towns have been shut down and abandoned in the past 20 years. Many places could no longer survive when the local mine or manufacturing plant collapsed. 18 декабря 2017, 9:51
1 час 13:42
Rape and Abuse: the music industry’s dark side - BBC News
The Victoria Derbyshire Programme has been told by women in the music industry that abuse and harassment is “endemic" in the business, with "dangerous men" at the top abusing their power. 18 декабря 2017, 9:42
19 часов 1:47
'Lonely gifs' celebrate solitude in Japan - BBC News
From walking on a rainy street to smoking outside a convenience store, a series of pensive gifs depicting solitude have recently struck a chord in Japan. 17 декабря 2017, 15:30
11 706
1 день 1:54
The vet caring for homeless hounds - BBC News
Jade Statt helped set up Street Vet after a meeting with one rough sleeper and his dog. 17 декабря 2017, 8:14
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1 день 3:26
Saving mums - BBC News
It’s a connection that can save pregnant women’s lives and empower female doctors and midwives - many of whom may have completed their studies but were not allowed to practice. 17 декабря 2017, 8:14
4 179
1 день 1:03
Wild elephant attacks a bus - BBC News
An elephant attacked a bus in southwest China while its driver was inside. 16 декабря 2017, 12:00
33 185
1 день 2:05
'Flat-chested' K-pop star responds to 'cruel' body comments - BBC News
Amber Liu from Korean all-girl group f(x) has hit back at vicious online comments about the way she looks. 16 декабря 2017, 11:30
31 678
2 дня 0:55
Hugh Jackman's novelty top hat trick - BBC News
The Australian actor performed the trick for the '6,000th' time and explained why his Christmas would feature bad jokes. Hugh Jackman stars in upcoming movie 'The Greatest Showman'. 16 декабря 2017, 8:00
10 615
2 дня 8:48
Brexit talks to move to next stage - BBC News
Mrs May said the two sides would begin discussions on future relations straight away and hoped for "rapid progress" on a transitional phase to "give certainty" to business. 15 декабря 2017, 15:33
10 675
2 дня 2:49
Christmas: Shoddy santas, grotty grottos and terrifying toys - BBC News
It's the most wonderful time of the year, but Christmas doesn't always bring what you've hoped for. Here's a sideways look through the BBC archives at things you might want to avoid this festive season. 15 декабря 2017, 14:46
6 035
2 дня 4:15
Russia a 'risk' to undersea cables, defence chief warns - BBC News
The UK's most senior military officer has warned of a new threat posed by Russia to communications and internet cables that run under the sea. 15 декабря 2017, 12:54
33 021
2 дня 2:01
Paternoster: The rare lift that went over the top - BBC News
As one of the last examples of a unique elevator closes in Leicester, is it hasta la vista Paternoster? 15 декабря 2017, 12:14
11 582
2 дня 7:01
Brexit: EU leaders agree to move talks onto next stage - BBC News
EU leaders have agreed to move Brexit talks on to the second phase, says European Council President Donald Tusk. 15 декабря 2017, 12:10
78 227
3 дня 3:17
Disney-Fox: Five things it could mean - BBC News
Walt Disney has agreed to buy 21st Century Fox's entertainment assets for a total $52.4bn (£39bn). 15 декабря 2017, 10:41
22 975
3 дня 3:07
Why is Disney buying Fox? - BBC News
Disney has been focused on acquiring content, buying Pixar and Lucasfilm for example, and this deal helps beef up the distribution. The stake in Sky gives it nearly 50 million European subscribers. 14 декабря 2017, 16:38
33 400
3 дня 4:25
Putin: Trump opponents harm US with 'invented' Russia scandal - BBC News
READ MORE: bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-42349906 Russia's president has accused opponents of his US counterpart Donald Trump of harming the US by "inventing stories" about contacts with Russia. 14 декабря 2017, 16:12
19 710
3 дня 12:18
Grenfell Tower Survivors: 6 Months On - BBC News
Paul and Mrs. Mamudu Survived the Grenfell Tower Fire in June. Paul believed photos of his mother - who died of a brain tumour in 2010 - had been lost, along with a jewellery box. 14 декабря 2017, 13:50
4 810
3 дня 1:45
The one-year-old who snowboards in US - BBC News
With her parents watching, this baby tries out snowboarding in Idaho for the first time. 14 декабря 2017, 13:24
10 017
3 дня 1:16
'They sold me three times' - BBC News
Hundreds of Nigerians who became stranded in Libya after attempting to reach Europe have returned home on government sponsored flights in recent weeks. Here are some of their stories of slavery and torture. 14 декабря 2017, 12:18
7 505
3 дня 4:44
What is net neutrality and how could it affect you? - BBC News
This week the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will decide on whether to repeal an Obama-era law that protects "net neutrality". It refers to the principle that all traffic on the internet is treated equally. 14 декабря 2017, 11:48
496 573
3 дня 1:21
Grenfell fire memorial: 'A lot of people will get some healing'- BBC News
Clarrie Mendy, who asked for a national Grenfell memorial service, said families want to know that they're not alone. Her cousin Mary and Mary's daughter, Kadije Saye, died in the fire. Please subscribe HERE bit. 14 декабря 2017, 11:44
7 755
4 дня 1:45
If Brexit was a video game - BBC News
Rebel MPs have defeated the government in a vote on the EU Withdrawal Bill - the bill that'll take the UK out of the EU. But Esther Webber (@estwebber) tells us why it's not quite game over for Brexit. 14 декабря 2017, 10:27
6 042
4 дня 1:18
Drone smugglers caught on camera - BBC News
The Ministry of Defence has released footage of a gang caught using a drone to deliver contraband to prisons. The ringleader of the gang, Craig Hickinbottom, organised the flights from behind bars. 13 декабря 2017, 15:03
17 797
4 дня 8:26
DR Congo crisis: On Kasai's hunger road - BBC News
Fergal Keane reveals the crisis along a road in the Democratic Republic of Congo that threatens hundreds of thousands. 13 декабря 2017, 13:21
8 758
4 дня 10:22
DanTDM: World's Richest YouTuber - BBC News
DanTDM has been named the highest-earning YouTuber of 2017 - making £12.3m this year, according to Forbes magazine. The 26-year-old, from Aldershot, started off making videos of himself playing Minecraft and Pokemon. 13 декабря 2017, 12:11
326 864
4 дня 1:22
An A-Z of Business Beasts : A Guide to the Financial Jungle - BBC News
Have you ever been confused by the lingo of the financial world? Do dragon bonds and elephant curves mean anything to you? It’s a jungle out there and unless you’re able to spot the right animals, you could get lost. 13 декабря 2017, 11:46
2 316
5 дней 2:12
Baby born with heart outside body 'doing well' - BBC News
How a baby born with her heart outside her body has survived after surgery at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester. 13 декабря 2017, 10:43
33 575
5 дней 2:04
Alabama upset: What Jones victory over Moore means for Trump? - BBC News
Democrat Doug Jones' victory over Republican Roy Moore in deeply conservative Alabama could have real consequences for President Donald Trump, the BBC's Nick Bryant explains. 13 декабря 2017, 10:31
30 044
5 дней 2:28
Star power: Princes turn out for Star Wars premiere - BBC News
William and Harry joined cast and crew of Star Wars: The Last Jedi at London's Royal Albert Hall. 13 декабря 2017, 10:25
12 426
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