19 дней 1:19
Polar vortex: How people are having fun in the freeze - BBC News
Ninety million people have seen temperatures of -17C (0F) or below, as the US shivers in the worst cold snap in decades. The brutal chill has brought out the creative side in some. 2 февраля 2019, 7:55
198 705
20 дней 2:38
Why events in Iran 40 years ago matter - BBC News
In 1979, a revolution brought massive change to Iran. The country became an Islamic republic and a hostage crisis saw tensions increase between Iran and the US. 1 февраля 2019, 11:48
53 641
20 дней 2:59
'My skating coach sexually abused me' - BBC News
South Korea has launched its biggest ever sex abuse investigation after several athletes came forward saying they had been physically and sexually abused by their coaches. 1 февраля 2019, 9:32
38 412
20 дней 1:00
Fire melts ice on Chicago train tracks - BBC News
Flames from gas-fed heaters are melting away snow and ice at railway intersections in Chicago. It helps to keep the trains running with fewer delays. 1 февраля 2019, 9:14
67 521
21 день 10:35
‘Meeting the stranger who saved my life’ - BBC News
In March 2017, Liv Pontin was struggling with her mental health and decided to take her own life. She was stopped by a train driver called Ashley John – who she never saw again. 31 января 2019, 14:39
37 936
21 день 0:49
Malaysia crowns its new King - BBC News
Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah has been sworn in as the new king of Malaysia. He will serve a five-year term before the crown passes to one of Malaysia's other traditional rulers. 31 января 2019, 11:26
33 500
21 день 1:33
Polar vortex: What is it and how does it happen? - BBC News
The deep freeze gripping much of the US has been blamed on a polar vortex. 31 января 2019, 10:51
63 504
22 дня 5:32
Rough sleeping: 'To beg for drugs, it's just horrible' - BBC News
Martin arrived in England to try to get off heroin but ended up living on the streets of Newcastle. Life is at "rock bottom" for him and others who sleep rough in the city. 30 января 2019, 12:49
18 926
22 дня 21:42
El Helicoide: The Shopping Mall That Became A Torture Prison - BBC News
El Helicoide was supposed to be an iconic shopping mall, but it's now one of Venezuela's most notorious political prisons and home to the country's feared secret police. 30 января 2019, 11:42
112 219
22 дня 1:10
Chicago's frozen river from above - BBC News
Much of Chicago River has frozen over, as the US city experiences close to record low temperatures. 30 января 2019, 10:16
75 392
22 дня 1:21
Juan Guaidó on Venezuela's political crisis - BBC News
Self-declared leader of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, has said there is an “abuse of power” in the country. 29 января 2019, 19:15
29 849
23 дня 1:46
Brexit : What is the backstop? - BBC News
What is the backstop and why does it matter for Brexit? Reality Check's Chris Morris tackles the terminology. Please subscribe HERE bit.ly/1rbfUog | 29 января 2019, 14:37
61 215
23 дня 1:31
Venezuela crisis: Desperate women selling their hair - BBC News
The political crisis in Venezuela has thousands more people fleeing the country. Many are without money and some are going to extreme measures. 29 января 2019, 12:33
62 318
23 дня 5:49
The PewDiePie Hackers: Could hacking printers ruin your life? - BBC News
Would you break international laws for your favourite YouTube vlogger? Two teenagers did just that. 29 января 2019, 11:06
272 086
23 дня 2:45
Where Yemen's war has stopped... for now - BBC News
Six weeks ago, warring parties in Yemen began a ceasefire in the port city of Hudaydah, which is a gateway for supplies - in particular food aid - into the country. 29 января 2019, 10:13
10 303
24 дня 4:10
The secret language politicians are using - BBC News
Politicians are using coded language to "manipulate people" into making decisions they wouldn't normally be "morally comfortable with," a political language expert has told the BBC. 28 января 2019, 16:49
62 171
24 дня 2:56
Anti-Brexit receipts cause stir for restaurant - BBC News
A London restaurant owner says he won't remove the message on receipts, which celebrates immigration. 28 января 2019, 15:52
52 390
24 дня 3:18
What's going on with China's economy? - BBC News
China's economic growth is slowing down. But what's really going on in the world's second largest economy? Dharshini David takes a look at the figures behind the headlines for Reality Check. 28 января 2019, 11:38
225 917
25 дней 0:49
Elderly swimmers take icy plunge - BBC News
Elderly winter swimmers are braving below-freezing temperatures in Beijing, claiming the icy waters are the secret to good health. 27 января 2019, 8:18
31 346
25 дней 0:19
Wisconsin police officer narrowly avoids sliding car - BBC News
Dashcam footage shows a car spinning out of control on an icy road in the US state of Wisconsin and nearly hitting a police officer. 27 января 2019, 8:17
29 054
26 дней 3:27
What is no-deal Brexit? - BBC News
With no certainty over an agreement for the UK's departure from the EU, what happens in the event of no deal? Please subscribe HERE bit.ly/1rbfUog | 26 января 2019, 9:32
156 760
26 дней 3:42
Trump accepts deal for temporary end to shutdown - BBC News
President Donald Trump has yielded to political pressure to end the longest US government shutdown in history. 26 января 2019, 7:27
92 097
27 дней 2:08
Venezuela crisis: How the situation escalated - BBC News
Venezuela's political crisis appears to be reaching boiling point amid growing efforts by the opposition to unseat the socialist president, Nicolás Maduro. 25 января 2019, 12:28
101 763
27 дней 1:05
Indonesia flash flood sweeps away entire longhouse - BBC News
Thousands of people in Sulawesi, Indonesia have been evacuated from their homes, as flash floods inundate the area sweeping away homes and buildings. Please subscribe HERE bit.ly/1rbfUog | 25 января 2019, 11:31
18 974
27 дней 0:56
India sends 'lightest satellite' to space - BBC News
India has launched what it says is the world's lightest satellite ever to be put into orbit. Weighing only 1.26kg (2.6lb), the Kalamsat-V2 was made by students belonging to a space education firm. 25 января 2019, 10:12
32 552
27 дней 0:21
US shutdown: Trump 'loves and respects' unpaid workers - BBC News
The US Senate has rejected two bills to end the government shutdown, leaving no end in sight to the record-breaking closure of federal agencies. 25 января 2019, 9:26
23 908
27 дней 1:56
Venezuela crisis: Is Maduro or Guaidó in charge? - BBC News
Opposition leader Juan Guaidó has declared himself interim president, and the US is backing him. 25 января 2019, 8:37
61 024
28 дней 9:04
Emiliano Sala: Search for footballer and pilot called off - BBC News
The search for missing footballer Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson has been called off after rescuers failed to find their plane. 24 января 2019, 15:47
55 942
28 дней 2:46
How this American's Chinese song went viral in China - BBC News
Christine Welch has been writing and singing in Mandarin Chinese for years, but got her big break when her song A Million Possibilities went viral. Produced and edited by Tessa Wong. 24 января 2019, 12:01
259 532
28 дней 0:56
Thousands gather for rally against Venezuela's Maduro - BBC News
Thousands are protesting in Venezuela's capital in a bid to topple President Nicolás Maduro's government. Four people reportedly died in overnight clashes ahead of the opposition protests. 24 января 2019, 9:30
22 229
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