2 часа 3:03
Viewpoint: What can Plato teach us about Donald Trump? - BBC Newsnight
What does Donald Trump represent? What might his presidency bring? 18 января 2017, 19:56
2 часа 2:58
Viewpoint: The 'delicious spectacle' of President Trump - BBC Newsnight
What does Donald Trump represent? What might his presidency bring? 18 января 2017, 19:56
11 часов 4:53
'Brits are going to be worse off': Italian MP on Brexit - BBC Newsnight
Evan Davis interviews Sandro Gozi, Italy's undersecretary for European affairs about Theresa May's vision for Brexit. 18 января 2017, 11:04
11 часов 8:12
Damian Green on Theresa May's Brexit plan - BBC Newsnight
Evan Davis interviews Damian Green MP, the Work and Pensions Secretary, on that day that Theresa May set out her Brexit strategy. 18 января 2017, 10:27
11 часов 1:47
What is the customs union? A primer - BBC Newsnight
Our policy editor Chris Cook looks at how the EU customs union works, and what it would mean for the UK if it left. 18 января 2017, 10:18
1 день 15:28
Michael Gove on Brexit, the customs union and Donald Trump - BBC Newsnight
Evan Davis interviews Michael Gove MP, former Justice Secretary, about what post-Brexit deal the UK should be aiming for, as well as his recent interview with President-elect Donald Trump. 17 января 2017, 9:33
6 504
2 дня 6:41
Tristram Hunt resigns - will other MPs follow? - BBC Newsnight
Tristram Hunt is resigning as an MP to take up the position of director of the V&A museum. Will any more of Corbyn's critics choose to follow him out of politics? 16 января 2017, 10:28
2 529
5 дней 6:09
Is Cyprus on the verge of reunification? - BBC Newsnight
Greece and Turkey are now working towards the reunification of Cyprus, with talks in Geneva bringing the two sides close to a deal. But there will be many sticking points during the negotiations. 13 января 2017, 13:02
2 446
5 дней 4:56
The Trump files: Scandal or smear? - BBC Newsnight
Mark Urban looks in more detail at the intelligence around memos claiming Russia has compromising material on US President-elect Donald Trump, and asks what British intelligence knew. 13 января 2017, 9:12
2 851
6 дней 35:08
Wayne McGregor on John Travolta, technology and why everyone can dance - BBC Newsnight
In this extended interview, Katie Razzall speaks to award winning British choreographer Wayne McGregor about his work. 12 января 2017, 20:17
2 134
6 дней 4:38
The Donald Trump memo EXPLAINED - BBC Newsnight
Donald Trump has described as "fake news" allegations published in some media that his election team colluded with Russia - and that Russia held compromising material about his private life. 12 января 2017, 10:46
7 146
6 дней 6:25
Glenn Greenwald on the Trump memo, the CIA and Russia - BBC Newsnight
Glenn Greenwald is scathing about the CIA as he speaks to Emily Maitlis about the publication of memos which claim that Russia has compromising material on Donald Trump. 12 января 2017, 9:49
68 630
7 дней 5:46
Jared Kushner: Profile of Trump's top adviser - BBC Newsnight
Mark Urban profiles Jared Kushner, the son-in-law and close confidant of Donald Trump, who is now a senior White House adviser. 11 января 2017, 12:33
13 070
7 дней 11:05
Shami Chakrabarti defends Corbyn's relaunch - BBC Newsnight
Kirsty Wark interviews Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, the Shadow Attorney General, about Jeremy Corbyn's 2017 relaunch, and asks where he stands on immigration and pay caps. 11 января 2017, 9:23
10 428
8 дней 0:59
Ed Sheeran v David Brent (PLAYOUT) - BBC Newsnight
In a daring artistic move Ed Sheeran has decided to rework the classic acoustic anthem "Freelove Freeway" by David Brent in his new release "Castle on a Hill". 10 января 2017, 16:48
4 507
8 дней 10:14
Michel Barnier: Profile of the EU's chief Brexit negotiator - BBC Newsnight
Who is Michel Barnier? Nicholas Watt has an in-depth profile of the EU's chief Brexit negotiator. 10 января 2017, 15:31
2 966
8 дней 10:35
Should heroin users be given naloxone - the drug that reverses ODs? - BBC Newsnight
Heroin deaths have doubled in three years in England and Wales. So should naloxone - the drug that reverse overdoses and saves lives - be more readily available? Katie Razzall reports from Liverpool. 10 января 2017, 11:31
1 436
9 дней 6:59
Ex CIA boss James Woolsey: Next time Russia could impact outcome of election - BBC Newsnight
James Woolsey, the former Director of Central Intelligence, speaks to Emily Maitlis about alleged Russian hacking ahead of the presidential election won by Donald Trump in November. 9 января 2017, 13:34
2 399
9 дней 3:42
Alexa: The automated house guest - BBC Newsnight
Amazon's intelligent personal assistant, Alexa, can turn your music up, turn your heating down, and answer questions on just about anything she understands. But are you quite ready to welcome her into your home? 9 января 2017, 10:25
1 764
12 дней 7:56
Jill Saward: Remembering the sexual assault campaigner - BBC Newsnight
Jill Saward, the sexual assault campaigner, has died after suffering a stroke. Aged 21, Jill Saward suffered terrible sexual violence at the hands of two men who broke into her home. 6 января 2017, 11:35
1 383
13 дней 7:22
'Sanctions are cruel and vindictive': Ken Loach - BBC Newsnight
Is the benefits sanction system working? Or driving some people to the streets? 5 января 2017, 10:07
5 747
13 дней 10:37
Homeless and hungry: How benefit sanctions hit the poorest - BBC Newsnight
Newsnight’s Nick Blakemore meets people in Accrington who have been sanctioned under the benefit system - some are now living on the streets. 5 января 2017, 9:59
3 784
14 дней 3:15
'Trump is just an idiot!' What will President Trump be like? DEBATE - BBC Newsnight
Evan Davis asks Matthew Parris, Jan Halper-Hayes, Tamsin Omond and Ted Malloch what they predict Donald Trump's presidency will be like - and what the year might bring for the US and the world. 4 января 2017, 10:41
6 304
14 дней 3:51
Can Labour recover? What will 2017 bring for Jeremy Corbyn? DEBATE - BBC Newsnight
Evan Davis hosts the Newsnight 2017 Exam, in which our panel discuss Jeremy Corbyn, whether Labour can overturn being behind in the polls, as well as the chances of an early General Election. 4 января 2017, 10:38
7 293
15 дней 5:44
John Berger on Ways of Seeing, being an artist, and Marxism (2011) - Newsnight archives
John Berger - artist, writer, critic and broadcaster - has died at the age of 90. His best-known work was Ways of Seeing, a criticism of western cultural aesthetics. For Newsnight, Gavin Esler, met him back in 2011. 3 января 2017, 13:02
9 489
28 дней 9:23
The year of 2016: What can we learn from history? BBC Newsnight
As 2016 draws to a close, Evan Davis looks back and asks how the year will be remembered, and which, if any, historical comparisons are fair. 21 декабря 2016, 13:30
8 998
28 дней 11:11
2016: What a year it has been... Debate - BBC Newsnight
UKIP's Suzanne Evans, writer and historian David Olusoga, commentator and columnist Peter Hitchens, and journalist Paris Lees, join Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark to discuss the big events of 2016. 21 декабря 2016, 11:15
32 586
28 дней 3:14
Brexit, Syria, Trump: A quick spin through 2016 - BBC Newsnight
A quick spin through some of the major events of the year - including the Brexit vote, the Syria crisis, and the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election. 21 декабря 2016, 11:01
4 056
28 дней 6:20
New Yorker's David Remnick on his fears over Trump's presidency - BBC Newsnight
On the night of 8 November, New Yorker editor David Remnick penned an emotional polemic calling Donald Trump's victory "an American tragedy". 21 декабря 2016, 10:50
40 814
15.12.16 11:06
Year of the hack: Data breaches and the US elections - BBC Newsnight
The idea that the Russians might try to steal emails in order to discredit a candidate in an American election would have seemed preposterous a decade ago. Now it's what intelligence services think actually happened. 15 декабря 2016, 23:09
5 315
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