2 часа 4:11
Will Labour back a second referendum? - BBC Newsnight
"We're not asking for a second referendum," said Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit, but there is evidence to suggest that Labour supporters back exactly that. 14 августа 2018, 13:41
18 часов 12:48
Revealed: Drug Dealing and 'County Lines' - BBC Newsnight
**Warning: Explicit language The drug trade is evolving in lucrative ways for gangs in the UK. 13 августа 2018, 22:20
5 382
1 день 7:37
Infowars, tech giants and the responsibility of publishers - BBC Newsnight
The controversial right-wing media platform, Infowars, has been removed from several social media platforms for violating their rules. 13 августа 2018, 15:51
8 643
4 дня 8:56
Labour’s anti-Semitism row: views from Manchester – BBC Newsnight
The Labour leadership's stance on anti-Semitism is continuing to ensure that the row over the issue will not go away. But how is the Labour leadership's position going down among Labour voters? 10 августа 2018, 10:48
8 620
4 дня 8:05
Saudi Arabia v Canada: a diplomatic spat - BBC Newsnight
Saudi Arabia and Canada are locked in a diplomatic row which escalated from comments first made on Twitter as Canada’s foreign ministry expressed concern over arrested civil rights activists in Saudi Arabia. 9 августа 2018, 17:26
45 787
5 дней 7:27
The man who witnessed hundreds of executions - BBC Newsnight
Capital punishment was re-introduced in Texas in 1976 and, as every death sentence is carried out, it is witnessed. 9 августа 2018, 15:47
4 883
6 дней 11:14
Is Donald Trump likely to be impeached? - BBC Newsnight
As the trial of Donald Trump's former campaign chief heats up, is the collusion probe even the biggest legal threat for the president? 8 августа 2018, 11:40
790 164
6 дней 12:25
'Drop Boris Johnson over burka row,' says Tory peer - BBC Newsnight
Boris Johnson should be kicked out of the Conservative Party for his remarks about the burka, a senior Muslim Conservative peer has said. 8 августа 2018, 11:32
37 954
7 дней 3:22
Could Labour split over anti-Semitism row? – BBC Newsnight
What could Labour’s anti-Semitism row mean for the future of the party? Alex Forsyth reports. 7 августа 2018, 14:31
5 995
7 дней 7:56
Boris Johnson's burka jibe: Discussion - BBC Newsnight
Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has been accused of Islamophobia after writing in his Telegraph column that Muslim women wearing burkas "look like letter boxes". 7 августа 2018, 11:08
86 524
7 дней 9:01
Housing Britain: Moved miles away from home - BBC Newsnight
Expensive houses for sale, unaffordable homes to rent, a lack of social housing, a growing population and all at a time of squeezed council budgets. 6 августа 2018, 22:02
6 849
8 дней 8:46
Norway's Silent Scandal - BBC Newsnight
In April this year, a highly respected Norwegian child psychiatrist was convicted of downloading thousands of images of child pornography. 6 августа 2018, 12:15
21 951
10 дней 5:28
Assange lawyer: 'Reasons for his protection remain' - BBC Newsnight
Is WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange set to leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London? Evan Davis is joined by lawyer Jennifer Robinson who maintains that a need for his protection remains. 3 августа 2018, 16:45
19 484
11 дней 1:28
Welcome to BBC Newsnight
BBC Newsnight is the UK’s leading TV news and current affairs programme, renowned for our award-winning investigative reports and interviews with global leaders and global thinkers. 3 августа 2018, 13:50
4 283
11 дней 5:18
Is time up for Julian Assange? - BBC Newsnight
John Sweeney reports on the change of mood in Ecuador and its London embassy and what an eviction could mean for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. 2 августа 2018, 22:57
33 906
11 дней 16:54
Westminster bullying: Keith Vaz accused of bullying clerks - BBC Newsnight
Jenny McCullough has alleged that Keith Vaz MP said she was a poor clerk because she was not a mother. She claims Mr Vaz "harangued" her about her fertility status during her career as a clerk. 2 августа 2018, 16:53
2 617
13 дней 5:08
Austrian Foreign Minister on Brexit: 'It has to happen' - BBC Newsnight
In this interview Austria's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Karin Kneissl, tells Kirsty Wark that Brexit "has to happen" and that it "has to work". 1 августа 2018, 9:03
51 728
13 дней 5:32
Should we nationalise water? - BBC Newsnight
As water companies struggle to keep to their water leak targets, Faiza Shaheen and Robert Colvile discuss whether water companies should remain privatised or become nationalised instead. 31 июля 2018, 22:38
5 354
14 дней 8:01
The fate of the British sandwich post-Brexit - BBC Newsnight
What effect will a no-deal Brexit have on the British sandwich industry? Newsnight is the BBC's flagship news and current affairs TV programme - with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews. 31 июля 2018, 13:43
18 782
14 дней 6:00
Is this election a democratic watershed for Zimbabwe? - BBC Newsnight
For Zimbabweans, this is the first election without Mugabe on the ballot in decades. 30 июля 2018, 22:40
8 665
15 дней 6:12
Stevie Van Zandt on Brexit, The Sopranos and playing with 'The Boss' - BBC Newsnight
The legendary Steve Van Zandt opens up to Stephen Smith about playing with Bruce Springsteen and about how his performance as the consigliere Silvio in HBO's The Sopranos was based on his own relationship with The 30 июля 2018, 12:19
12 467
18 дней 15:06
Is university worth the money? - BBC Newsnight
Going to university can mean a big pile of debt, uncertain quality of tuition, and certainly no guarantee of a job in your chosen field at the end of it all. 26 июля 2018, 23:04
19 017
18 дней 5:26
Heatwave: How the sun is exposing lost gardens - BBC Newsnight
Where we explore how the hot weather has solved a mystery that’s been hidden in the landscape for centuries at Chatsworth House in the UK. 26 июля 2018, 22:51
32 434
18 дней 2:02
Wolf Alice sing Space & Time - BBC Newsnight
Wolf Alice have been nominated for the Mercury Prize. Here they are performing their single Space & Time. 26 июля 2018, 22:49
2 653
19 дней 4:20
Historical abuse allegations at Aston Hall – BBC Newsnight
Dozens of children treated at Aston Hall psychiatric hospital from the 1950s-1970s have long claimed they were drugged and sexually abused there. 26 июля 2018, 10:49
3 092
19 дней 9:17
Girls, guns and London's gangland - BBC Newsnight
How do you join a gang aged 12? In this special report we look at London's gangland scene. We have disguised the identity and voice of the women involved in this report to protect them. 25 июля 2018, 22:51
8 762
20 дней 11:28
Heatwave 2018 explained - BBC Newsnight
What is going on with the weather? Here we break down the change in temperature globally over the years. 25 июля 2018, 9:26
73 814
20 дней 8:39
Is the British high street in crisis? - BBC Newsnight
It’s been another difficult year for the retail industry with closures and bankruptcies setting off another round of angst about the future of the high street. 24 июля 2018, 22:42
16 819
21 день 7:04
Meet Pakistan's newest political party - inspired by a convicted murderer - BBC Newsnight
Pakistan is holding elections in just a few days time, amongst those taking part are a number of radical or extremist parties. 24 июля 2018, 15:09
8 698
21 день 12:03
The Labour Party and anti-Semitism - BBC Newsnight
Is the Labour Party about to change its mind on how it defines anti-Semitism in the party? 24 июля 2018, 15:08
24 894
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