34 мин 26:25
[755] Power by the Tweet
Donald Trump is going all out, spending more than any other president on his Inauguration. And Donald Trump’s new position will have a big impact on Canada as he looks to keep his promise on NAFTA. 22 января 2017, 3:07
36 мин 24:55
[756] Shrinking Middle Class hopes to get a helping hand
The American middle class is feeling the pinch more than ever and it may drag down the economy. 22 января 2017, 3:05
3 дня 27:58
[753] WhatsApp’s leaky flaw, PhD Student describes how he discovered flaw in WhatsApp encryption
Theresa May promises to take a hardline on Brexit. Flying cars and automated cars have people excited about the future, except for those at risk of losing their jobs. 19 января 2017, 0:13
2 185
3 дня 27:21
[754] Trump Tweets, Congress Obeys
As the supply of marijuana goes up, it’s driving down price which is also driving down tax revenues, Manuel Rapalo explains. 19 января 2017, 0:13
2 176
4 дня 26:55
[752] Why is the America middle class disappearing?
George Soros lost nearly $1 billion in the US election and Verizon is destroying its unlimited data plan; Boom Bust’s Lindsay France weighs in. 17 января 2017, 18:13
4 499
8 дней 27:57
[751] Markets are up, but the Trump Economy is still uncertain
The emissions scandal grows, this time French automaker Renault is in the hot seat. OPEC is cutting production yet oil prices haven’t made the uptick oil producers are hoping for, Bianca Facchinei explains. 13 января 2017, 23:15
6 073
10 дней 27:20
[750] VW settles with U.S. for $4.3 billion
Volkswagen settles with the U.S. to the tune of $4.3 billion over its emissions cheating scheme. Plus, Bitcoin plummets 13% as Chinese officials begin looking into the electronic currency exchanges. 11 января 2017, 23:49
3 067
11 дней 27:20
[749] Odds stacked even higher against working Women and Latinas
Volkswagen has a draft for a multi-billion dollar settlement for civil and criminal penalties and Yahoo may end as we know it with the completion of its deal with Verizon. 10 января 2017, 23:28
2 912
12 дней 27:30
[748] Once iconic U.S. shopping malls are on the decline
Once a major part of U.S. pop culture, shopping malls and the stores inside them are dropping off. Bianca Facchinei has more. 10 января 2017, 0:05
4 557
28 дней 27:35
[747] Deutsche Bank settles with DOJ for $7 billion
Deutsche Bank and the U.S. Department of Justice agree on a $7 billion fine for the German bank. Ameera David has the details. 24 декабря 2016, 5:04
6 342
30 дней 3:39
Gas giants Linde, Praxair agree to mammoth merger
German gas giant Linde and America's Praxair have agreed to a merger, potentially creating the world's largest industrial gas supplier. Lindsay France breaks down the deal. 23 декабря 2016, 2:58
1 787
30 дней 28:04
[746] U.S. adds Alibaba’s Taobao to counterfeit watchlist
America’s largest pension fund CalPERS is lowering its targeted rate of return. How does this affect cash-strapped cities in California? Ameera David has the details. 22 декабря 2016, 23:10
4 412
30 дней 1:40
Unpaid student debt is cutting into social security benefits
To make up for unpaid student loan debt, the US government has garnished $1.1 billion in social security benefits – putting retirement for baby boomers at risk. Boom Bust’s Bianca Facchinei takes a look. 22 декабря 2016, 16:32
1 812
21.12.16 27:58
[745] Volkswagen hit with another $1 billion fine
Volkswagen is facing another $1 billion fine for its emissions test fraud. Plus, Bitcoin surpasses the $800 mark for the first time in years. Ameera David has the details. 21 декабря 2016, 23:01
6 606
21.12.16 28:01
[744] Scotland outlines plan to stay in EU despite Brexit
Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is laying out her plan to keep her country in the EU’s single market. How does she hope to do this? Ameera David has the details. 21 декабря 2016, 0:14
4 626
19.12.16 28:02
[743] French court convicts IMF’s Christine Lagarde
A French court convicts IMF chief Christine Lagarde over supposed misuse of public funds during her time as France’s Finance Minister. Ameera David has the details. Then, Bianca Facchinei takes a look at U.S. 19 декабря 2016, 23:03
5 707
16.12.16 28:01
[742] Fraud fallout hits Wells Fargo in the checking account
Chinese investors are one step closer to buying the Chicago Stock Exchange after they cleared a key regulatory hurdle. Ameera David has the details. 16 декабря 2016, 23:48
5 163
15.12.16 28:00
[741] Yahoo! hack affects one BILLION user accounts
The Bank of England is keeping its bank rate at 0.25%, declining to hike the while the U.S. Federal Reserve does the opposite. Ameera David has the details. 15 декабря 2016, 23:20
3 790
15.12.16 26:33
[740] EU halts Greek debt relief payments over pension bonus plan
The Eurogroup is halting short-term Greek debt relief payments following Alexis Tsipras’ attempt to make a bonus payment to pensioners. Ameera David has the details. 15 декабря 2016, 3:41
4 347
14.12.16 24:41
[739] Trump picks Perry to lead Department of Energy
The IMF’s Chiristne Lagarde is standing trial in France over supposed misconduct during time as the country’s Minister of Finance. Ameera David has the details. 14 декабря 2016, 3:28
3 096
12.12.16 27:56
[738] Lockheed Martin shares dive after Trump Twitter attack
OPEC has managed to secure an output reduction deal with non-OPEC members, sending oil prices to an 18-month high. Ameera David has the details. 12 декабря 2016, 23:22
5 335
09.12.16 28:01
[737] Ron Paul on Trump-Carrier deal, Jim Rickards on the Trump economy
OPEC is pushing non-OPEC members to join its oil output reduction. Ameera David has the details. Then, Bianca Facchinei takes a look at new statistics from the CDC, showing a slight decrease in U.S. life expectancy. 9 декабря 2016, 23:06
17 574
08.12.16 27:54
[736] Anti-austerity protesters again hit the streets of Greece
Protesters hit the streets of Greece, demanding changes to austerity measures mandated by the European Union and IMF. 8 декабря 2016, 23:22
3 641
07.12.16 27:58
[735] Ron Paul: Slash taxes to discourage job offshoring
U.K. watchdog CMA fines Pfizer $106 million for extraordinary seizure drug price increases. Ameera David has he details. 7 декабря 2016, 23:31
3 668
06.12.16 27:59
[734] Ousted: Brazilian court removes Senate president
Brazil’s high court ousted Senate President Renan Calheiros as corruption allegations continue to fly across the country. Ameera David has the details. 6 декабря 2016, 22:46
3 201
05.12.16 27:59
[733] Renzi suffers resounding referendum defeat
Italian Prime Minister announced he will resign following a resounding referendum defeat. Plus, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers declines to grant a pivotal permit to the Dakota Access pipeline. 5 декабря 2016, 22:49
4 096
03.12.16 27:36
[732] Is the U.S. really at “full employment”?
The Obama administration may be set to block the Chinese acquisition of German manufacturer Aixtron. Plus, oil continues its rally following the OPEC production cut deal. Ameera David has the details. 3 декабря 2016, 3:24
5 230
01.12.16 28:00
[731] Trump saves some Carrier jobs, but are they enough?
The Turkish Lira continues to tumble, dropping 9% against the U.S. Dollar on Thursday. Ameera David has the details. 1 декабря 2016, 23:39
4 013
30.11.16 28:02
[730] OPEC agrees to 1.2 million barrel production cut
OPEC agrees to its first oil output reduction in years, stating that it will it reduce production by 1.2 million barrels per day. Ameera David has the details. 30 ноября 2016, 23:52
4 308
30.11.16 27:59
[729] What’s next for Cuba after Castro’s death?
The ECB is reportedly readying for a round of bond buying to help the Italian economy after the upcoming referendum. Plus, U.S. 3Q GDP was revised up to 3.2%. Ameera David has the details. 30 ноября 2016, 0:19
3 295
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