3 часа 28:15
[978]: Worlds Collide: Disney and Fox Merger
Blockchain technology and bitcoins are the wave of the future and are seeing a surge in prices. Reggie Middleton joins us to discuss this new technology. 14 декабря 2017, 0:41
1 день 27:58
[977] Steve Malzberg & Dean Baker: GOP Tax Cut
Steve Malzberg, conservative TV and Radio host, and Dean Baker, Co-Director of the Center for Economic Policy Research, join Bart Chilton for a panel discussion on the latest GOP tax cuts. 12 декабря 2017, 23:16
1 106
2 дня 27:45
[976] Gold: Bright Future or Faded Luster?
Peter Schiff from Euro Pacific Capital joins Bart Chilton as they discuss the current prices of gold and if it has a bright future going into 2018. 12 декабря 2017, 3:17
2 287
5 дней 27:59
[975] Weekly Round-Up: Wages, Wildfires, and Healthcare
Danielle DiMartino Booth is back as she talks with Bart Chilton and discusses the latest payroll report. Wildfires rage across California as millions of dollars in property is threatened or destroyed. 8 декабря 2017, 23:20
1 572
6 дней 27:56
[974] Eurozone Integration
Nicolette Kost De Sevres joins Bart Chilton as they discuss Eurozone integration; Dr. Mark Thornton is back on the show as we talk about a looming government shutdown in the United States. 7 декабря 2017, 23:29
1 774
6 дней 28:20
[973] Food Wars: Low Prices, Lower Profits
American farmers are feeling the pressure as a food glut drives prices down; Frederick Kaufman joins Bart Chilton to discuss what this means for agricultural economies. 7 декабря 2017, 19:12
1 390
8 дней 27:55
[972] Energy: Oil Cuts and Consumption
Tyson Slocum is back as he sits down with Bart Chilton to discuss the latest OPEC meeting and what to expect from the oil markets in the coming year. 5 декабря 2017, 22:54
1 853
9 дней 27:35
[971] Government: Shutdowns and Tax Reform
The U.S. government has passed the GOP tax bill, but what about an impending government shutdown? Steve Malzberg and Susan Harley discuss on today’s panel. 5 декабря 2017, 0:59
2 692
12 дней 28:38
[970] Examining The US Stock Market
Bart Chilton sits down with special guest Dr. Richard Sandor as we examine the U.S. stock market. The Senate is looking to vote on the latest US tax reform bill, Bart Chilton and Bianca Facchinei discuss the events. 2 декабря 2017, 2:44
3 506
12 дней 8:57
Paris Summit: Trump Gets The Cold Shoulder
Trump is out in the cold as world leaders prep for the next big Paris meeting about climate. 1 декабря 2017, 21:34
12 дней 27:13
[969] Warnings: Mobile Security and Holiday Scammers
Mobile security for the on-the-move world is a huge industry, but biometric security may not be the best line of defense without backup; Todd Shipley joins Bianca Facchinei to explain. 1 декабря 2017, 16:21
1 365
13 дней 8:10
Janet Yellen's Last Testimony
Janet Yellen gave her final testimony as the Chair of the Federal Reserve. Danielle DiMartino Booth analyzes this and Jerome Powell's confirmation. 30 ноября 2017, 18:09
13 дней 6:48
The Cuba Remittance Market
Cuba has a huge reliance on the remittance market but can a blockchain make it even easier? Steve Marshall certainly thinks so. 30 ноября 2017, 16:34
14 дней 28:04
[968] Last Words: Janet Yellen’s Final Testimony
Danielle DiMartino Booth is back as we examine Janet Yellen’s last testimony as the Federal Chairperson and Jay Powell’s confirmation with host Bianca Facchinei. 29 ноября 2017, 22:50
3 166
14 дней 4:43
The Shared Economy
Can the shared economy make our lives easier or just make it harder for companies to get your business? Brian Friedman gives us his take on the shared economy. 29 ноября 2017, 20:00
14 дней 7:22
Examining the U.S. Senate's Tax Bill
Boom Bust takes a closer look at the latest tax bill from the U.S. Senate with Dr. Mark Thornton! 29 ноября 2017, 17:29
15 дней 28:02
[967] The Senate Tax Bill: A Closer Look
The Senate heads towards a vote as early as Nov. 30, 2017 on the latest U.S. tax bill; Steve Malzberg gives us his take on it with host Bianca Facchinei. Bitcoin is up and rising faster every day! 28 ноября 2017, 22:39
2 643
16 дней 28:20
[966] CFPB Showdown: Mulvaney vs. English
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is in a power struggle between Leandra English and Mick Mulvaney. Bart Chilton has the analysis on the situation. 28 ноября 2017, 0:28
3 160
21 день 27:56
[965] Holiday Madness: Travel and Retail
Airlines are looking to sell you a cheaper seat and ticket, but without the benefits of a normal plane ticket. Gary Leff joins us to discuss why the biggest airlines are looking to these basic economy seats. 22 ноября 2017, 23:07
2 802
26 дней 27:37
[964] Middle Class Woes and Luxury Forecasts
The middle class is in a decline, author Devin Fergus explains to us how the world of hidden fees is costing U.S. consumers. 18 ноября 2017, 0:07
3 761
26 дней 7:37
Big Data, Big Business
The new gold is data. It's twice as valuable and companies in the modern age depend on it. Pamela Pecs Cytron joins us as we talk about the world of big data. 17 ноября 2017, 15:42
27 дней 27:58
[963] Big Data, Big Business
Gold is great but data is more valuable. Pamela Pecs Cytron joins Bart Chilton as we discuss this valuable resource. Morgan Wright is back as we tackle the issue of online privacy, your data, and being truly safe online. 17 ноября 2017, 0:19
2 897
27 дней 27:44
[962] Sanctions: The Latest Cuba Update
A new wave of Cuba Sanctions are under way, John Kavulich discusses with Bart Chilton what that means for the island nation and the U.S. 16 ноября 2017, 20:26
1 287
27 дней 7:15
OPEC and the Saudi Shake-Up
A Saudi Palace Purge has got oil on the rise, but will this affect an upcoming OPEC meeting in Vienna? Gerald Celente joins Bart Chilton to discuss! Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/RT_BoomBust twitter. 16 ноября 2017, 16:33
1 811
29 дней 27:56
[961] Climate Change Summit: Trump Left Out In The Cold
A climate change summit is set to take place in Paris, France, but President Trump has been left out. Tyson Slocum joins special guest host Bart Chilton as we discuss energy and politics. 15 ноября 2017, 0:12
3 855
30 дней 28:24
[960] Belt And Road: China's Latest Project
China's last party gathering has ended with President Xi cementing his power; Danielle DiMartino Booth joins us and discusses the future of China. 14 ноября 2017, 0:35
30 286
33 дня 27:50
[959] Weekly Round-up: Bitcoin, Uber, and China
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are taking center stage as special guest Bart Chilton talks to host Lindsay France as we examine the recent ups and downs of bitcoin. Uber has hit another bump in the road in the U.K. 11 ноября 2017, 0:50
3 179
33 дня 5:09
Disrupting Media Platforms
Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/RT_BoomBust twitter.com/LindsayFrance twitter.com/BiancaFacchinei Check us out on Facebook -- and feel free to ask us questions: 10 ноября 2017, 15:43
34 дня 27:57
[958] The Cost of Doing Business: Sexual Harassment Lawsuits
Online media consumption is at an all-time high, so Reilly Smith joins us to talk about a new platform attempt to disrupt the major players. 9 ноября 2017, 23:01
3 518
34 дня 5:10
The Federal Reserve's Next Generation
The Fed has a new Chairman, but Dr. Mark Thornton gives his own thoughts on the Fed, its past Chairmen, and what direction it should take going forward. 9 ноября 2017, 22:12
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