2 дня 27:39
EU vs. Amazon: The Anti-Trust Showdown
Amazon faces more problems as the EU takes aim at their use of merchant data; is it illegal to be both a host and competitor? Andre Barlow and Peter Oliver give us their thoughts. 21 сентября 2018, 22:42
3 дня 28:13
Tariff Tensions And Market Reactions
Markets are recovering slightly from trade tensions, but we asked what Melissa Armo had to say about the situation. Sara Montes de Oca is back as we talk catastrophe bonds. 20 сентября 2018, 21:20
3 дня 2:54
Burberry's Burning Dilemma
Burberry burns it's leftover clothes, but is this right when they could go to those in need? Trinity Chavez has the story. 20 сентября 2018, 15:01
4 дня 28:34
Energy Challenges: The Coal Conundrum
Coal is seeing strong gains, but will it last? We’re talking to Jim Thompson to find out! Hilary Fordwich returns as we learn more about how companies in the UK are trying to avoid paying their taxes. 19 сентября 2018, 21:55
5 дней 27:56
Crypto: Will It Rise Or Fall?
Nick Spanos and Jeffrey Tucker are back as they and Bart discuss the future of cryptocurrency. Melissa Armo is back as well as she and Bart take a look at the small-stocks market! 18 сентября 2018, 22:45
1 441
6 дней 27:53
Oil Rising And Agriculture Woes
Iran sanctions are incoming, but oil seems strong dispute a supply concerns. Raghee Horner is back to discuss what we’re seeing. 17 сентября 2018, 23:47
1 386
6 дней 2:46
The Fall Of Lehman Brothers
Lehman Brothers collapsed amidst the 2008 financial crisis. Ashlee Banks breaks down how it all happened. 17 сентября 2018, 16:24
9 дней 28:11
The Financial Crash of 2008
The crash of 2008 turned the whole US and global economy upside down. 14 сентября 2018, 23:15
1 294
10 дней 28:13
Disaster: Markets vs. Hurricanes
Hurricane Florence is almost upon us; to give us perspective on what this will do to markets we talked to Debbie Bloyd and Hilary Fordwich! 13 сентября 2018, 21:52
10 дней 2:17
Sand And The Shale Industry
Shale is a growing industry in the US, but it's facing some bumps in the road! Manila Chan brings us a special report! 13 сентября 2018, 16:13
10 дней 3:09
Sand As A Commodity?
Sand is everywhere, but have you ever thought of it as a commodity? 13 сентября 2018, 15:40
11 дней 28:14
Market Round-Up: Hurricane Damage And Fintech!
Hurricane Florence is bearing down, so Mollye Barrows gives us the scoop and what kind of damage we should expect! 12 сентября 2018, 21:53
11 дней 2:43
What Is The French CAC?
It's time for some economics 101! What is the CAC 40? Charlotte Dubenskij gives us some insight into the French market index! 12 сентября 2018, 16:36
12 дней 28:12
Putting An Eye On Emerging Markets
Emerging markets are a tricky area especially when they’re being hit by currency problems; John Grace joins us to discuss! 11 сентября 2018, 21:44
1 138
12 дней 5:38
The Les Moonves Problem
Bart sat down with Margot Susca as they discussed the future of CBS as Les Moonves stares down the barrel of sexual misconduct allegations. 11 сентября 2018, 15:16
13 дней 28:15
CBS: The Les Moonves Problem
Can CBS survive the Les Moonves scandal? We talked to Margot Susca and got her thoughts on the situation and if CBS can survive amidst a sea of media acquisitions. 10 сентября 2018, 23:37
1 700
16 дней 28:00
2008 Financial Crisis: A Look Back
It’s been 10 years since the financial crisis so we’re taking a look back with Public Citizen’s Bartlett Naylor is back to discuss. 7 сентября 2018, 22:23
1 773
16 дней 4:38
Nike Bets On Millennials
Is Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad a smart bet or a fool's gambit? Mollye Barrows has an answer. 7 сентября 2018, 17:21
17 дней 28:17
Government And The Age Of Retirement
Everyone would like to be able to retire and collect their pensions, but with governments increasing the age of retirement around the world, where does that leave us? 6 сентября 2018, 21:17
1 141
18 дней 28:23
Power Houses: Examining Chinese Stocks
Chinese companies like Baidu and Alibaba are becoming bigger and bigger, but Melissa Armo says not so fast. 5 сентября 2018, 21:43
1 009
18 дней 3:18
The EPA And Secret Science
Sara Montes de Oca tackles the EPA as the Trump administration looks to potentially discredit certain scientific studies. 5 сентября 2018, 16:59
19 дней 28:27
A Global Look At Crypto And Blockchain
Cryptocurrency is poised to make its mark, but are global conditions ready? We Jeffrey Tucker his thoughts on the manner. 4 сентября 2018, 22:02
1 364
23 дня 28:16
New Deal: Canada Vs. The US
Canada and the US are still at the negotiating table trying to reach a new deal; I.H.S. Markit expert Scott Bedard gives us insight into what’s going on . 31 августа 2018, 23:23
1 493
24 дня 28:32
Market Round-Up: EPA, Housing, & Hospitals!
Clean coal and a new head of the EPA? Tyson Slocum is back as he and Bart tackle the latest in an environmental news. 30 августа 2018, 22:49
1 049
24 дня 10:07
The Student Debt Problem
Student is crippling millions and the US government doesn't seem to want to help. We talked to Remington A. Gregg and Joseline Garcia to get some perspective on this important issue. 30 августа 2018, 21:47
25 дней 28:15
The Student Loan Problem
Student debt has gone over $1 trillion dollars and the man in charge of student loans has resigned citing the unwillingness of the Trump administration to actively protect and aid borrowers. 29 августа 2018, 21:21
1 958
26 дней 28:02
Finance Round-Up: Cryptocurrency and Foreign Investment
US markets may have gotten a boost, but we’re talking to Naeem Aslam to see if investors need to be looking outside the country for a better chance with their investments. 28 августа 2018, 21:26
1 256
26 дней 3:38
Will The EU Leave SWIFT?
What is SWIFT and will the EU find an alternative? That's why we asked Naeem Aslam? 28 августа 2018, 21:12
26 дней 5:10
Analyzing Global Oil Markets
Global oil markets are make or break for some countries so David Greenberg is back as he and Bart dissect the current movements on the market! 28 августа 2018, 15:29
27 дней 11:35
The New US/Mexico Trade Agreement
The US government has reached a preliminary agreement with Mexico with a new trade deal. We've got a whole block dedicated to examining this announcement and who wins and who lives. 27 августа 2018, 21:12
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