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Endowment Effect: Trying To Buy People's Lottery Tickets | Why Are We All So Stupid?
Endowment Effect is our tendency to overvalue something simply because we own it. We tried to buy people’s lottery tickets for much more than they paid. 13 ноября 2018, 16:00
7 636
3 дня 2:13
Why People Spent $25 Billion On A Fake Holiday Called 'Singles' Day'
25 Billion Dollars. That’s how much Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, made in just 24 hours on November 11, 2017. 10 ноября 2018, 16:00
51 909
5 дней 1:31
How This Watch Company Combines Craftsmanship And A Love Of Bourbon
Sponsor Content created by Insider Studios with Elijah Craig. Oak & Oscar, a Chicago-based watch company, takes over a year to produce its watches. 8 ноября 2018, 16:05
8 836
7 дней 5:53
Availability Bias: Discussing Who's Most Likely To Cheat On Their Spouse | Why Are We All So Stupid?
Availability bias means believing something is more likely because it's easier to remember. Here’s why the news has broken our brains. 6 ноября 2018, 16:00
13 740
8 дней 6:23
Meet The Only Black Woman In Cable News With A Daily Show
Fox News Channel anchor Harris Faulkner is the only African-American woman that hosts a daily news show on one of the three major cable news networks. 5 ноября 2018, 21:00
13 403
12 дней 5:08
Craig Jackson Gives A Tour Of His Multimillion-Dollar Garage
Craig Jackson, CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, takes us on a tour of his private garage. 2 ноября 2018, 15:00
30 207
15 дней 4:53
Pricing Effect: Why A Higher Price Tag Makes Wine Taste Better | Why Are We All So Stupid?
Pricing effect means using price as a signal for value or quality. Turns out, a higher price tag actually makes wine taste better — here's why. 30 октября 2018, 15:00
24 883
16 дней 2:22
How The Obamas Make And Spend Their Millions
Barack and Michelle Obama are worth $40 million. 29 октября 2018, 15:00
154 008
19 дней 4:45
How WWE Wrestlers Learn To Fight
Before making it as a WWE superstar, aspiring professional wrestlers first have to learn the fundamentals of working in the ring. 26 октября 2018, 15:00
19 984
20 дней 3:08
Navy SEALs Explain Why Overplanning Can Be Dangerous
Navy SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin explain why it's important to plan, but not overplan. 25 октября 2018, 15:00
350 727
21 день 5:04
Why This ‘Flying Surfboard' Costs $12,000
Lift Foils builds its $12,000 eFoil in Puerto Rico. We visited the shop to see how it's made and try the board out ourselves. 24 октября 2018, 15:00
13 436
22 дня 5:42
Anchoring Effect: Guessing How Many Jelly Beans Are In A Jar | Why Are We All So Stupid?
Anchoring effect is our tendency to rely too much on the first piece of information. Knowing about the anchoring effect may help you better negotiate a pay raise — here's what it is. 23 октября 2018, 15:00
46 596
22 дня 4:16
Navy SEALs Reveal Misconceptions About The Military
Movies and TV shows often portray military leaders as harsh and demanding all the time, but Navy SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin say this is a misrepresentation. 22 октября 2018, 20:00
45 127
29 дней 5:12
Overconfidence Bias: Asking Couples About Their Relationships | Why Are We All So Stupid?
Overconfidence bias is our tendency to be more confident in our abilities than is objectively justified. Do you really think your marriage will last forever? 16 октября 2018, 15:00
13 936
29 дней 17:10
75 703
30 дней 4:05
How Employees Kept A Puerto Rican Cheese Factory Running After Hurricane Maria
Headquartered in San Juan, Indulac employees continued production of queso blanco and UHT milk through the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. 15 октября 2018, 15:00
34 097
31 день 3:08
Why People Are Obsessed With This Lamborghini-Powered Batmobile
The Team Galag Batmobile built for the Gumball 3000. It was based on the design from the Arkham Knights video game and built on the drivetrain of a Lamborghini Gallardo. 14 октября 2018, 15:00
106 021
32 дня 3:59
Why These Are The Most Popular E-Bikes On Instagram
Jarrett Carter is a master technician at BMW, but in his free time he builds elaborate custom e-bikes. They're a hit on Instagram and even more fun to ride. 13 октября 2018, 15:00
73 319
33 дня 4:05
Sneaky Ways Target Gets You To Spend More Money
If you've ever walked out of Target with more things than you intended on buying, you're not alone. It's an experience so common, the internet has coined the term "the Target Effect" to describe it. 12 октября 2018, 15:00
180 349
34 дня 10:20
Consumers Are Driving A Food Revolution, According To Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber
The world is undergoing a "food revolution," according to Emmanuel Faber, the CEO of the $48 billion food company Danone. 10 октября 2018, 20:07
8 568
35 дней 3:13
Take A Look At This 'Vision Of 2035' Concept Sports Car With Passenger Cocoons & A Coffee Machine
The DS X E-TENSE is a new concept car created by DS Automobiles and it’s an imagining of what a sports car could look like in 2035.  The car is completely electric and self-driving. 10 октября 2018, 15:00
65 695
35 дней 3:12
Why Scorpion Venom Is So Expensive
The deathstalker is one of the most dangerous scorpions on the planet, and what makes it so dangerous also happens to be the most expensive liquid in the world. Why? 9 октября 2018, 20:00
731 109
40 дней 3:22
Why This Watch Costs Over $450,000
Mr. Pascal Raffy is the current owner of BOVET, a legacy watchmaking company based in Switzerland. BOVET is famous for creating intricate and complex timepieces. 5 октября 2018, 15:00
1 110 426
40 дней 3:18
BMW’s New 3 Series Is Loaded With Futuristic Tech
BMW unveiled the new 3 series at the Paris Motor Show 2018. The M Sport model even includes a new intelligent assistant. This assistant can recognize your voice and respond to commands. 5 октября 2018, 14:00
42 394
41 день 3:28
Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Explains Why Trump Is Very Talented And Dangerous
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales thinks there is going to be an "enormous backlash" against Donald Trump's lies. 4 октября 2018, 15:00
15 048
41 день 10:46
We Got Our Beanie Babies Valued
Beanie Babies were huge in the 90's. Collectors of all ages raced to snatch up as many as possible. Some expected them to be worth thousands by now, so are they? 3 октября 2018, 20:00
1 420 796
42 дня 3:18
Renault’s EZ-Ultimo Concept Car Is A Luxury Self-Driving Lounge For The Rich
Renault unveiled its new autonomous concept car at the Paris Motor Show 2018 and it gives us a look at what future transport might look like. 3 октября 2018, 15:00
131 263
42 дня 3:07
Take A Look At The New $5.7 Million Bugatti Divo
The Divo isn't quite as fast as the Chiron but it's been designed to be more agile. It's 35 kilos lighter and can do 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds. 2 октября 2018, 20:00
542 012
43 дня 3:48
Legendary Economist Gary Shilling Says The US Will Win The Trade War
Legendary economist and investor Dr. Gary Shilling says that when it comes to trade, if there is plenty of supply in the world, the buyer has the upper hand. 2 октября 2018, 15:00
78 666
46 дней 3:14
Inside The Freemasons' Oldest Grand Lodge
Freemasonry is a fraternal order that was born out of the medieval stonemasons' guilds. What's spoken about in its meetings is shrouded in mystery and only Freemasons can attend their ceremonies. 28 сентября 2018, 20:00
70 086
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