15 часов 1:57
Boy writes letter to his parents during school lockdown: "Goodbye"
Ajani Dartiguenave, 12, was filled with fear during a lockdown at his school. He wrote a goodbye letter to his parents thinking he was about to die. CBS News' Nikki Battiste reports. 17 ноября 2018, 3:59
15 часов 2:16
Search for missing in California blaze has become a monumental task
The Camp Fire in California has taken a staggering toll. At least 63 people are dead and more than 630 are unaccounted for. CBS News correspondent DeMarco Morgan has the latest. 17 ноября 2018, 3:58
15 часов 3:05
Trump says he answered written questions from Mueller "very easily"
After nearly a year of negotiations and misgivings, President Trump said Friday that he has answered written questions from special counsel Robert Mueller. He said he hasn't submitted them. 17 ноября 2018, 3:54
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18 часов 2:58
Soldier says a stranger's Christmas card got him through the Vietnam War
When John Metzler served in the Vietnam War, he got a Christmas card from a little girl he didn't know. He said it helped him get through the war. Decades later, he met the sender. 17 ноября 2018, 0:18
19 часов 2:09
Betsy DeVos proposes major overhaul in how colleges handle sex assault claims
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is proposing an overhaul in the way colleges handle sexual assault accusations. It gives more rights to students who are accused. 16 ноября 2018, 23:59
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19 часов 2:08
New York City paralyzed by 6 inches of snow
Heavy, wet snow brought New York City streets to a standstill Thursday. The conditions were caught on camera and posted by frustrated New Yorkers who had a blizzard of complaints. 16 ноября 2018, 23:56
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1 день 1:43
Homeless man and New Jersey couple accused of plotting GoFundMe scam
A New Jersey couple gained headlines for sharing a story about a homeless man coming to their rescue. They set up a GoFundMe campaign for the man, but now prosecutors say it was all a scam. 16 ноября 2018, 3:25
12 733
1 день 1:58
Winter storm turns deadly on the roads, knocks out power to thousands
An early blast of winter weather hit several states Thursday. Road conditions have gotten worse as the storm moves north. CBS News' Nikki Battiste has the latest. 16 ноября 2018, 3:05
1 день 0:21
"Batkid" in California declared cancer-free
Five years ago, a cancer patient named Miles Scott dressed up as Bat Man -- and was treated to a special day in San Francisco. 16 ноября 2018, 1:49
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1 день 1:35
Fallen sergeant killed in the line of duty honored by fellow officers
Law enforcement came out in force Thursday to say goodbye to one of their own. Sheriff's Sgt. 16 ноября 2018, 0:17
1 день 2:14
U.S. slaps sanctions on Saudis accused of taking part in death of journalist
The U.S. slapped economic sanctions on 17 Saudis accused of taking part in the killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. 16 ноября 2018, 0:09
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1 день 2:18
Veterans Affairs under fire for delayed GI Bill payments for veterans
The Department of Veterans Affairs said Thursday it's trying to speed up benefits payments to thousands of veterans who are struggling to cover their education and housing bills. 16 ноября 2018, 0:07
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1 день 2:57
Florida families still sleeping in tents weeks after Hurricane Michael
It's been more than five weeks since Hurricane Michael slammed the Florida Panhandle. But in Panama City, there are still giant piles of debris and families are left sleeping in tents. 16 ноября 2018, 0:04
1 день 0:59
Cindy McCain shares her feelings about President Trump
Sen. John McCain's widow sat down with "CBS This Morning" co-host John Dickerson in her first interview since her husband's death. 16 ноября 2018, 0:04
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1 день 1:01
Tracking the first winter storm of the season
Snow, sleet and rain have been falling across 17 states. WCBS chief weathercaster Lonnie Quinn is tracking the forecast. 15 ноября 2018, 23:52
2 дня 2:06
Search intensifies for more than 200 missing in California's Camp Fire
More than 220 people are still unaccounted for after wildfires hit California. Some of their names have been posted on an official list created by the county. 15 ноября 2018, 3:49
14 985
2 дня 1:22
Tracking the first winter storm of the season
New York is bracing for snow, while California deals with deadly wildfires. WCBS chief weathercaster Lonnie Quinn is tracking the forecast and has the latest. 15 ноября 2018, 3:24
1 528
2 дня 2:08
Michael Avenatti in custody on suspicion of domestic violence
A law enforcement source tells CBS News that Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for adult film star Stormy Daniels, is in custody on suspicion of domestic violence. 15 ноября 2018, 2:57
6 143
2 дня 4:01
Report warns U.S. could lose a war against China or Russia
A new report by a bipartisan commission selected by Congress says the U.S. has lost its military edge and could lose a war against China or Russia. 15 ноября 2018, 1:16
14 378
2 дня 1:53
Southwest Airlines jet in deadly accident had engine with "metal fatigue"
New testimony was just released by the National Transportation Safety Board about the deadly accident involving a Southwest Airlines 737. 15 ноября 2018, 0:32
2 дня 1:55
10-year-old tour guide charms tourists in Japanese garden
Takuto Kawakami speaks English better than some adults in Japan. He even passed a grueling exam that most Japanese adults fail. 15 ноября 2018, 0:22
1 650
2 дня 2:33
First group of migrants from Central American caravan reach U.S.-Mexico border
The first group of migrants from the Central American caravan are at America's doorstep. They split from a larger group of about 5,000 planning to request asylum in the U.S. 15 ноября 2018, 0:20
118 728
2 дня 2:12
Election workers go down to the wire to complete Florida recounts
In Florida, election workers have less than 24 hours to complete recounts in the Senate and governor races. The aging system broke down in at least one county. 15 ноября 2018, 0:07
2 878
2 дня 1:16
Winter storm bringing snow and ice from Arkansas to Maine
The first big winter storm of the season turned deadly when a tour bus overturned on a slick Mississippi highway. The storm could bring snow, ice and rain from Arkansas to Maine. 14 ноября 2018, 23:53
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3 дня 2:28
Amazon picks New York and Virginia for second headquarters
There's a winner in Amazon's nationwide contest for a second headquarters. The online giant picked two locations, New York and Arlington, Virginia. Wired editor in chief Nicholas Thompson reports. 14 ноября 2018, 0:17
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3 дня 2:06
Brothers conquer Ironman triathlons together despite one's cerebral palsy
Kyle Pease has cerebral palsy, but that doesn't stop him from competing in Ironman competitions with his brother Brent. CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann has their story. 14 ноября 2018, 0:17
3 дня 1:55
Juul stops sale of flavored e-cigarettes in stores
Juul, the dominant maker of e-cigarettes, is pulling some of its most popular products from stores. It may have been done as a preemptive strike before the federal government could act. 14 ноября 2018, 0:09
3 дня 2:03
8 dead after deadly Gaza clashes
In the Middle East, eight people are dead after a significant flare-up of violence between Israel and those living in Gaza. While Hamas announced a cease-fire, Israel isn't ready to go that far. 14 ноября 2018, 0:06
4 843
3 дня 1:12
Michelle Obama stands by "when they go low, we go high"
In an interview with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King, Michelle Obama said she is standing by her motto "when they go low, we go high." She also shared her feelings about the current | 14 ноября 2018, 0:03
1 347
3 дня 1:17
New fires erupt in California neighborhood already charred by wildfire
Santa Ana winds kicked up in southern California Tuesday. With that, new fires erupted in areas already burned. CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas reports. 14 ноября 2018, 0:00
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