3 дня 4:54
How climate change is leading to a longer Calif. wildfire season
Jeff Berardelli, lead meteorologist at CBS affiliate WPEC, explains how climate change has caused California to have wildfires so late in the year. 9 декабря 2017, 4:37
1 706
3 дня 3:49
Arizona officer acquitted of murder
A man was shot and killed by a police officer responding to report he was waving a rifle out his hotel room window. The officer has now been acquitted of murder. 9 декабря 2017, 4:34
3 086
3 дня 6:46
Congress roiled by sexual misconduct allegations
Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota and Republican Rep. 9 декабря 2017, 4:33
1 484
3 дня 5:41
Trump takes credit for strong job report
Employers added 228,000 jobs in November, and the White House was quick to take credit for the numbers, which was more than expected. Seth Harris, former deputy U.S. 9 декабря 2017, 1:51
1 239
3 дня 7:10
What to expect in 2018, according to The Economist
With only three weeks left in 2017, The Economist is looking ahead. The magazine's Executive Editor, Daniel Franklin joins CBSN to discuss what to expect in 2018 from Pyongyang to Silicon Valley. 9 декабря 2017, 1:46
2 797
3 дня 1:20
84-year-old Pennsylvania man fatally shoots suspected burglar
One home invasion suspect is dead and a second suspect is on the run after breaking into a man’s home overnight in Pennsylvania. CBS Pittsburgh's Meghan Schiller reports. 9 декабря 2017, 0:24
7 632
3 дня 6:09
Ed Sheeran tops Spotify's most-streamed list
Ed Sheeran is Spotify's most-streamed artist of the year. Spotify trends spokeswoman Shanon Cook joined CBSN with a look back on 2017's biggest hits. 8 декабря 2017, 22:29
3 дня 4:18
Disturbing video shows unarmed man begging before fatal police shooting
In disturbing 2016 body-cam video released by Mesa Police, unarmed man Daniel Shaver is seen crawling and begging before former officer Philip Brailsford fatally shoots him in a Mesa hotel. 8 декабря 2017, 22:14
43 802
3 дня 4:38
How what you eat is changing the climate
Food systems account for as much as one-third of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. The Natural Resources Defense Council's Sujatha Jahagirdar joins CBSN to explain how to lessen your diet's impact on the planet. 8 декабря 2017, 22:00
3 дня 1:52
"It's not out of this world": We tried Starbucks' Christmas Tree Frappuccino
"Before this started melting, it kind of looked like a Christmas tree." We tried the new Christmas Tree Frappuccino from Starbucks -- here are our honest reviews. 8 декабря 2017, 21:54
1 965
3 дня 3:39
Massive wildfires causing significant damage across Southern California
Massive wildfires are spreading in Southern California. The fires have destroyed over 500 structures, and thousands have been evacuated. CBS News' Kenneth Craig joins CBSN from Ventura County with the latest. 8 декабря 2017, 21:47
2 005
3 дня 1:40
Wintry weather sweeps across the U.S.
Snowfall is expected this weekend from Mexico to Canada's border. CBS New York's Lonnie Quinn reports. 8 декабря 2017, 21:18
1 140
3 дня 7:32
What to stream: "The Crown," "The Grand Tour"
TV Guide's Mickey O'Connor breaks down the top shows and movies to stream at home this weekend. 8 декабря 2017, 18:56
3 дня 0:56
Anheuser-Busch orders 40 Tesla Semis
Your beer could soon be delivered in a Tesla. 8 декабря 2017, 18:50
2 415
3 дня 6:44
"Vote Roy Moore!" Trump tweets ahead of Alabama election
President Trump has tweeted his full-throated support for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore ahead of next week's special election. He also blasted Moore's Democratic opponent, Doug Jones. 8 декабря 2017, 18:30
1 708
3 дня 9:53
Breaking down sexism vs. misogyny
In the book "Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny," Cornell philosophy professor Kate Manne examines why people with misogynistic traits are often forgiven and the victims, instead, suffer the consequences. 8 декабря 2017, 18:16
1 132
4 дня 7:56
New DNA technology changed fate of rape case
CBS' "48 Hours" looked at a 1989 rape case in Indiana that put two men in jail. The men have always maintained their innocence. 8 декабря 2017, 16:46
1 809
4 дня 0:55
Rare snowfall hits southeast Texas
A winter storm has delivered a rare blanket of snow in places like Houston, San Antonio and Corpus Christi, Texas. 8 декабря 2017, 15:59
1 813
4 дня 5:41
What Franken's resignation means for the Democratic party
Democratic Sen. Al Franken had been eyed as a potential candidate for the 2020 presidential election. But after he announced his resignation Thursday, what does this mean for the party? 8 декабря 2017, 3:52
1 876
4 дня 4:57
Looking to 2018's digital dangers
2017 saw some high profile hacks, exposing the private data of millions. Some of the attacks were launched by individuals, while others were launched by state actors. 8 декабря 2017, 3:48
1 086
4 дня 4:00
Thomas fire in Ventura County threatens homes
The Thomas Fire in Ventura County is the largest fire burning in Southern California. David Begnaud joins CBSN from Ojai, Calif. 8 декабря 2017, 2:22
8 906
4 дня 2:02
Wildfires continue to spread in Southern California
The first death has been reported in Ventura County as wildfires force massive evacuations in Southern California. CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor joins CBSN to discuss. 8 декабря 2017, 1:59
1 511
4 дня 5:16
Hours after Franken, GOP Rep. Trent Franks says he will resign too
Democratic Sen. Al Franken announced Thursday that he would resign, and hours later, Republican Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona said he would resign. 8 декабря 2017, 1:58
1 299
4 дня 1:04
Shooter, 2 students dead in shooting at New Mexico high school
State police said three people, including the suspected shooter, were killed Thursday at Aztec High School in New Mexico. 8 декабря 2017, 1:39
3 565
4 дня 1:34
How climate change is affecting your coffee
Climate change is having impacts on food production, including on one of the world's most popular beverages. 8 декабря 2017, 1:37
4 дня 24:36
Officials give update after deadly N.M. school shooting
New Mexico governor Susana Martinez and Aztec Police Chief Mike Heal were among the officials that spoke at a press conference Thursday following a shooting at Aztec High School that left two students and the suspect 8 декабря 2017, 0:37
5 496
4 дня 0:26
House passes two-week spending bill to avert government shutdown
The House on Thursday approved a two-week spending measure to keep the government funded past the Friday deadline and through Dec. 22. Lawmakers passed it in a 235-193 vote. 7 декабря 2017, 22:26
4 дня 4:45
FBI Director Christopher Wray strongly defends the agency
FBI Director Christopher Wray strongly defended the agency at a congressional hearing Thursday. 7 декабря 2017, 22:03
1 150
4 дня 2:18
Why whistleblower spoke out on Russia doping scandal
The former head of Russia's drug testing lab, Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, became a whistleblower who helped expose the Russian sports doping scandal. 7 декабря 2017, 21:55
4 дня 7:47
Strong reactions to Trump's Jerusalem decision
President Trump's announcement that the U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel sparked widespread protests in the region but was greeted with praise by Israeli leaders. 7 декабря 2017, 21:54
3 850
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