1 день 5:25
Stars arrive at "Star Trek: Discovery" season 2 premiere
The second season of "Star Trek: Discovery" on CBS All Access tells the "untold chapter of Spock," according to the show's co-executive producer and creator. 18 января 2019, 1:10
1 734
1 день 10:42
Rudy Giuliani's shifting collusion defense
President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani is now bracktracking on comments he made about allegations of collusion. 17 января 2019, 23:25
12 439
1 день 4:59
"The End of Ice": Antarctica and humanity in the age of climate disruption
A new study finds that ice in Antarctica is melting six times faster than it was four decades ago. 17 января 2019, 22:57
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1 день 6:56
Accusations of anti-Semitism hang over 2019 Women's March
The Women's March on Washington is this Saturday, and it's surrounded with controversy. 17 января 2019, 22:45
26 499
1 день 3:52
Top North Korean official will reportedly visit Washington
Kim Yong Chol, a top North Korean negotiator, is reportedly on his way to Washington, where he will meet with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. 17 января 2019, 22:30
14 663
1 день 1:45
94-year-old woman still works six days a week, hopes to inspire other seniors
Don't let her cuteness fool you, this great-grandmother is tough. She's 94 years old and still works six days a week – and she's hoping to inspire other seniors to do the same. 17 января 2019, 21:35
4 570
1 день 4:28
Rudy Giuliani denies saying Trump campaign didn't collude with Russia
In a CNN interview, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said he cannot say if Trump campaign officials colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign, but insisted the president himself did not. 17 января 2019, 21:19
3 937
1 день 1:02
3 Chicago cops acquitted of trying to cover up Laquan McDonald shooting
Three Chicago police officers were found not guilty of attempting to cover up a fellow officer's 2014 shooting of 15-year-old Laquan McDonald. The judge issued the verdicts Thursday. 17 января 2019, 21:06
5 008
1 день 1:35
Change your diet to help the planet, experts say
An international panel of experts recommends people eat less meat and dairy to improve their health and the well-being of planet Earth. CBS News' Tina Kraus reports. 17 января 2019, 20:47
1 773
1 день 7:17
Trump cancels Pelosi trip, denies aircraft
President Trump appeared to retaliate against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Thursday after she asked him to postpone his State of the Union address — and hard. In a publicly released letter, Mr. 17 января 2019, 20:35
273 275
1 день 4:52
Trump reacts to ISIS attack that killed 4 Americans in Syria
President Trump offered condolences for the four Americans killed Wednesday in an ISIS-claimed attack in Syria. This comes after Mr. Trump announced the U.S. will pull troops out of the country. 17 января 2019, 20:33
6 553
1 день 4:49
Could AG nominee William Barr set back marijuana legalization?
William Barr, President Trump's nominee for attorney general, said he supports a federal ban on marijuana but wouldn't target businesses in states where cannabis is legal. 17 января 2019, 19:52
2 603
1 день 1:43
Tempe police: Suspect fatally shot by officer was 14
Police in Tempe say a burglary suspect who was fatally shot by an officer was a 14-year-old boy and wasn't in possession of a real handgun, but an airsoft gun. 17 января 2019, 19:42
7 107
1 день 1:27
Thousands more migrant children may have been separated than previously reported
It is unknown how many children have been separated from their families by U.S. 17 января 2019, 19:12
22 415
1 день 0:31
Model Anastasia Vashukevich claims she has recordings of Russian oligarch
A model who claimed that she had proof of Russian involvement in helping Donald Trump become president was jailed for almost a year in Thailand. 17 января 2019, 18:34
17 317
1 день 4:45
Apple CEO Tim Cook: You deserve privacy online
Apple CEO Tim Cook is calling for greater online privacy for consumers and asking Congress to pass legislation to help make it happen. 17 января 2019, 17:47
1 694
1 день 6:50
Michael Cohen confirms he hired a firm to rig polls in Trump's favor
President Trump's former fixer says he hired an I.T. firm during the campaign to help rig online polls in Mr. Trump's favor. CBS News Washington correspondent Paula Reid joins CBSN with more. 17 января 2019, 16:27
99 219
1 день 7:39
Deadly ISIS bombing triggers new worries over U.S. withdrawing troops
A deadly ISIS bombing in northern Syria has sparked new concerns over President Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from the war-torn country. 17 января 2019, 16:07
2 598
1 день 5:56
Intermittent fasting: The good, the bad and the hungry
CBS News medical contributor Dr. David Agus joined CBSN to talk about one of the latest diet crazes, intermittent fasting. Dr. 17 января 2019, 15:50
3 090
2 дня 1:26
Dance team comprised of women in wheelchairs inspires young girls
A dance troupe made up solely of women in wheelchairs is teaching young girls how to dance – and giving them confidence. "Dance is dance, whether you're walking or rolling," the team's founder said. 17 января 2019, 15:28
2 дня 5:45
U.S. projected to fall as world's economic leader
A new report from Standard Chartered Bank says the U.S. will not be the world's economic leader by the year 2030. Instead, China and India will take the top two spots. 17 января 2019, 15:23
13 937
2 дня 4:27
El Chapo trial: DEA agent reveals how alleged kingpin was caught
The prosecution in the El Chapo trial introduced a new witness who was at the scene when Joaquin Guzman was arrested. 17 января 2019, 15:14
22 022
2 дня 7:11
"Star Trek: Discovery" boldly goes into 2nd season on CBS All Access
Season two of "Star Trek: Discovery" debuts Thursday tonight on CBS All Access. The show follows the adventures of the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery before the time of Captain Kirk. 17 января 2019, 14:48
1 411
2 дня 1:05
A murder in El Salvador while shooting an illegal immigration doc for CBSN Originals
While on assignment in El Salvador to investigate the cycle of illegal immigration and deportation of Central Americans from the U.S., Executive Producer and Lead Correspondent Adam Yamaguchi is | 17 января 2019, 14:46
1 501
2 дня 1:09
Illegal immigrant raised in American and deported back to El Salvador struggles to feel at home
An Illegal Immigrant that lived in America for over 30 years and was deported back to his home country of El Salvador still feels like a foreigner, 10 years later. 17 января 2019, 14:43
1 378
2 дня 1:35
Illegal Immigrants Deported back to El Salvador not sure what to do after leaving family in U.S.
CBSN ORIGINALS' Adam Yamaguchi embeds at a deportee-processing center in San Salvador, El Salvador , where up to 3 planeloads of people are brought back from the U.S. every week. 17 января 2019, 14:40
1 208
2 дня 2:27
CBSN Originals Adam Yamaguchi interviews deportee planning to send son to U.S. illegally
Adam Yamaguchi interviews an illegal immigrant, Rafa, who was deported back to El Salvador in 2009. Rafa now has a young son who he plans to smuggle to the U.S. 17 января 2019, 14:34
2 дня 1:39
Bull rider dies after being stomped in Denver competition
A professional bull rider died after a bull stomped on his chest during a competition at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. 17 января 2019, 13:12
108 906
2 дня 0:26
Trump administration plans space-based missile defense system
The Trump administration will roll out a new strategy for a more aggressive space-based missile defense system to protect against existing threats from North Korea and Iran and counter advanced | 17 января 2019, 13:07
7 071
2 дня 7:46
Pelosi asks for State of the Union delay, cites safety concerns
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is asking the President to delay his State of the Union Address. 17 января 2019, 5:23
18 619
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