2 дня 9:39
President Trump condemns Barcelona terror attack
President Trump condemned Thursday's terror attack in Barcelona and tweeted, "The U.S. will do whatever is necessary to help." He also continued to weigh in on the Confederate statue debate. 17 августа 2017, 22:42
17 033
2 дня 1:31
Suspect killed, others arrested in Barcelona terror attack
Warning: This video contains graphic footage. Officials say at least 12 people were killed and more than 80 injured when a van ran down pedestrians for seven blocks in Barcelona, Spain. 17 августа 2017, 20:42
3 008
2 дня 7:16
Barcelona becomes latest city hit with vehicle attack
Multiple people were killed after a van plowed into a crowd in Barcelona, Spain. Since 2014, 14 attacks have been carried out where vehicles were used as weapons. 17 августа 2017, 20:02
3 574
2 дня 1:01
Malala Yousafzai announces on Twitter she will be attending Oxford
Malala Yousafzai made a big announcement on Twitter. The advocate for girls' education, who was shot in the head by the Taliban in 2012, wrote she will be attending Oxford University. 17 августа 2017, 18:31
2 420
2 дня 6:53
How one community plans to cash in on the solar eclipse
One community in Missouri is getting ready to sell solar merchandise during the highly-anticipated solar eclipse. CBS News Correspondent Adriana Diaz has the story. 17 августа 2017, 18:28
2 524
2 дня 0:42
What are your odds of winning the $510 million Powerball?
The Powerball jackpot is now at $510 million dollars. CBSN's Anne-Marie Green and Vladimir Duthiers have the story and your odds of winning. 17 августа 2017, 17:58
1 696
2 дня 10:37
Steve Bannon gives rare interview
In a rare, wide-ranging interview, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon contradicted the president on a number of issues. 17 августа 2017, 16:44
8 953
2 дня 9:47
Teen allegedly groped on United flight
A 16-year-old who says she was sexually assaulted on a United Airlines flight is upset by the way the airline handled the situation. The lawyers for the teen join CBSN with more. 17 августа 2017, 16:28
3 026
2 дня 2:15
Van plows into crowd in Barcelona
Police say several people were injured Thursday when a driver plowed his van into a crowd of people in a popular tourist area of Barcelona, Spain. 17 августа 2017, 16:18
22 680
2 дня 11:02
White House faces continued fallout over Trump's Charlottesville response
The White House is struggling to deal with the fallout following President Trump's response to Charlottesville. CBS News White House and senior foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Brennan joins CBSN with the latest. 17 августа 2017, 14:35
42 513
2 дня 1:53
How to prepare kids for the solar eclipse
The director of Twin Oaks Day Camp in New York is taking precautions to protect her campers' eyes during next week's solar eclipse. 17 августа 2017, 14:29
29 599
2 дня 1:24
Naked crane climber tumbles to his death
A driver who led police on a wild pursuit on California's 110 Freeway to the Port of Los Angeles is dead. The man climbed a crane and stripped naked before jumping, or falling, 160 feet to his death. 17 августа 2017, 13:40
26 108
2 дня 0:21
Powerball jackpot grows to $510 million after no winners Wednesday
There were no Powerball jackpot winners in Wednesday's drawing. The jackpot is now estimated at $510 million ahead of Saturday's next Powerball drawing. 17 августа 2017, 13:36
2 дня 1:28
Hundreds held a candlelight vigil in Charlottesville
Hundreds peacefully marched Wednesday night at UVA in Charlottesville on the same route that violent, torch-wielding white nationalists had marched on Friday. CBS affiliate WCAV reports from the vigil. 17 августа 2017, 11:14
1 213
3 дня 8:06
Confederate monuments coming down across the U.S.
Although President Trump compared taking down statues of Confederate generals to taking down monuments of some of the country's Founding Fathers, some cities are doing it anyway. 17 августа 2017, 2:50
10 957
3 дня 3:06
The Takeout preview: William Cohen
This week on "The Takeout," CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett and CBS News political director Steve Chaggaris speak with former Defense Secretary William Cohen about President Trump's comments on 17 августа 2017, 2:48
3 дня 1:19
Hundreds dead and missing in Sierra Leone mudslides
More than 300 people are dead and 600 more missing after heavy flooding caused massive mudslides in Sierra Leone. 17 августа 2017, 2:44
2 971
3 дня 7:54
Trump deals with the blowback from his comments on Charlottesville
Between dissolving his business councils and continued condemnation for his equivocation of white supremacy, President Trump is dealing with several new scandals. 17 августа 2017, 2:39
24 687
3 дня 4:49
Public memorial held for Heather Heyer
A public memorial service was held in Charlottesville, Virginia on Wednesday for Heather Heyer, the young woman killed when a car appeared to deliberately plow into protesters. 17 августа 2017, 2:39
1 026
3 дня 1:05
Hero pit bulls stop venomous snake from striking children
Two pit bulls are being praised for preventing a copperhead snake from biting two young children in a Florida family's yard. 16 августа 2017, 23:30
3 439
3 дня 1:25
7 fun facts about the "Great American Eclipse"
For the first time in 99 years, a coast-to-coast total solar eclipse will enshroud parts of the U.S. in complete darkness. What you need to know if you make it into the path of totality on Aug. 21. 16 августа 2017, 22:17
1 947
3 дня 3:47
Remembering Elvis Presley 40 years after his death
Elvis Presley died 40 years ago. Thousands of fans came to Graceland to honor the singer's life and career. CBS News correspondent Mola Lenghi was in Memphis, Tennessee, and spoke to CBSN about the event. 16 августа 2017, 21:00
6 429
3 дня 1:00
Photo of boy and cow taking nap together becomes internet sensation
A boy and his cow didn't snag the top prize at the Iowa State Fair last weekend, but a photo of them taking a nap together is winning over the internet. 16 августа 2017, 20:47
3 770
3 дня 3:31
Trump disbands White House manufacturing council
After numerous top executives resigned from President Trump's manufacturing council, he decided to disband it. CBS News White House and senior foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Brennan joined CBSN to discuss. 16 августа 2017, 20:42
16 042
3 дня 4:36
Trump promises to rework NAFTA
President Trump is meeting with the leaders of Canada and Mexico this week in hopes of renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. Mr. Trump has been a longtime critic of the trade deal. 16 августа 2017, 20:34
2 300
3 дня 7:44
Trump continues to experience backlash from Charlottesville comments
President Trump's comments on the violence in Charlottesville continues to create backlash for the White House. 16 августа 2017, 20:32
22 516
3 дня 1:43
NASA flightsuits found in thrift shop worth big bucks
Two students nabbed an out-of-this-world bargain find, buying authentic NASA astronaut flightsuits for pennies at a local thrift shop. 16 августа 2017, 19:25
1 490
3 дня 9:10
Outrage after Trump continues to blame "both sides" for Charlottesville violence
Both Republicans and Democrats denounced President Trump's remarks on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. McClatchy White House correspondent Anita Kumar joins CBSN with the latest. 16 августа 2017, 17:38
10 136
3 дня 1:11
Johnny Depp surprises kids at hospital dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow
Johnny Depp -- Captain Jack Sparrow himself -- paid children at the BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver a surprise visit on Monday, dressed dread to toe as his character from "The Pirates of the Caribbean" movie 16 августа 2017, 16:30
5 767
3 дня 4:21
Charlottesville remembers Heather Heyer
Mourners are remembering Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer after she was tragically killed in an attack following a white supremacist rally. 16 августа 2017, 16:08
2 406
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