3 дня 5:45
U.S. projected to fall as world's economic leader
A new report from Standard Chartered Bank says the U.S. will not be the world's economic leader by the year 2030. Instead, China and India will take the top two spots. 17 января 2019, 15:23
19 596
3 дня 4:27
El Chapo trial: DEA agent reveals how alleged kingpin was caught
The prosecution in the El Chapo trial introduced a new witness who was at the scene when Joaquin Guzman was arrested. 17 января 2019, 15:14
30 457
3 дня 7:11
"Star Trek: Discovery" boldly goes into 2nd season on CBS All Access
Season two of "Star Trek: Discovery" debuts Thursday tonight on CBS All Access. The show follows the adventures of the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery before the time of Captain Kirk. 17 января 2019, 14:48
1 787
3 дня 1:05
A murder in El Salvador while shooting an illegal immigration doc for CBSN Originals
While on assignment in El Salvador to investigate the cycle of illegal immigration and deportation of Central Americans from the U.S., Executive Producer and Lead Correspondent Adam Yamaguchi is | 17 января 2019, 14:46
1 979
3 дня 1:09
Illegal immigrant raised in American and deported back to El Salvador struggles to feel at home
An Illegal Immigrant that lived in America for over 30 years and was deported back to his home country of El Salvador still feels like a foreigner, 10 years later. 17 января 2019, 14:43
1 583
3 дня 1:35
Illegal Immigrants Deported back to El Salvador not sure what to do after leaving family in U.S.
CBSN ORIGINALS' Adam Yamaguchi embeds at a deportee-processing center in San Salvador, El Salvador , where up to 3 planeloads of people are brought back from the U.S. every week. 17 января 2019, 14:40
1 426
3 дня 2:27
CBSN Originals Adam Yamaguchi interviews deportee planning to send son to U.S. illegally
Adam Yamaguchi interviews an illegal immigrant, Rafa, who was deported back to El Salvador in 2009. Rafa now has a young son who he plans to smuggle to the U.S. 17 января 2019, 14:34
3 дня 1:39
Bull rider dies after being stomped in Denver competition
A professional bull rider died after a bull stomped on his chest during a competition at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. 17 января 2019, 13:12
199 402
3 дня 0:26
Trump administration plans space-based missile defense system
The Trump administration will roll out a new strategy for a more aggressive space-based missile defense system to protect against existing threats from North Korea and Iran and counter advanced | 17 января 2019, 13:07
7 852
4 дня 7:46
Pelosi asks for State of the Union delay, cites safety concerns
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is asking the President to delay his State of the Union Address. 17 января 2019, 5:23
18 674
4 дня 7:02
Gillibrand enters 2020 race, joins growing list of contenders
Democratic New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand formally announced her entrance into the 2020 presidential race Wednesday. 17 января 2019, 2:43
4 344
4 дня 1:03
This fashion model poses with her ostomy bags to inspire other cancer survivors
Jearlean Taylor learned to embrace her ostomy bags — and now wants to inspire others to do the same Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: youtube.com/cbsnews Watch CBSN live HERE | 17 января 2019, 2:36
2 330
4 дня 5:26
As Brexit deadline looms, Americans begin to realize potential repercussions
British Prime Minister Theresa May survived another no-confidence vote Wednesday by 19 votes, after lawmakers rejected her Brexit deal. 17 января 2019, 2:33
9 579
4 дня 1:37
Theresa May survives no-confidence vote following humiliating deal defeat
British Prime Minister, Theresa May, must now establish a new deal for Brexit. The U.K. is set to leave the European Union on March 29. 17 января 2019, 1:42
1 373
4 дня 0:31
Netflix releases promo for upcoming series "Space Force" starring Steve Carell
Steve Carell and "The Office" creator Greg Daniels are teaming up for a new Netflix series based on President Trump's idea for a sixth branch of the military, dubbed "Space Force." | 17 января 2019, 1:30
4 471
4 дня 1:32
YouTube cracks down on dangerous prank videos
YouTube is banning certain content following a blindfold challenge inspired by hit Netflix movie "Bird Box." The Google-owned company previously had a policy barring harmful or dangerous content | 17 января 2019, 1:17
3 451
4 дня 6:50
Pelosi targets Trump's State of the Union in fight over government shutdown
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has asked President Trump to postpone his State of the Union speech, citing security concerns caused by the government shutdown. 17 января 2019, 0:49
24 967
4 дня 1:17
Paralyzed veteran gets robotic legs
This veteran from Michigan hasn't walked in almost 30 years, until he received a life-changing gift: robotic legs. 16 января 2019, 23:33
1 527
4 дня 4:06
Shutdown causes cancellation of thousands of immigration hearings
The longest shutdown in government history has led to thousands of immigration hearings being canceled. The total number of hearings could reach 100,000 this month. 16 января 2019, 23:07
9 160
4 дня 9:36
Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand announces 2020 presidential bid
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, announced she will run for president, joining a growing list of Democrats who hope to take the White House in 2020. CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns has more. 16 января 2019, 22:12
3 077
4 дня 7:31
Pelosi asks Trump to delay State of the Union over shutdown
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to President Trump on Wednesday asking that he delay his upcoming State of the Union address because of the government shutdown. She cited security concerns. 16 января 2019, 21:58
7 974
4 дня 3:00
U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May survives no-confidence vote
U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has survived a no-confidence vote in Parliament. The vote comes a day after lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected her Brexit plan. 16 января 2019, 20:00
4 242
4 дня 7:19
William Barr, attorney general nominee, responds to questions on recusal
William Barr, President Trump's nominee for attorney general, said he would allow Robert Mueller's Russia probe to continue. 16 января 2019, 19:34
6 318
4 дня 6:50
Did CIA Director Gina Haspel run a "black site" at Guantanamo Bay?
In a newly declassified court transcript, a lawyer for an al-Qaeda defendant suggests CIA Director Gina Haspel ran a secret "black site" at Guantanamo Bay after the attacks on September 11, 2001. 16 января 2019, 19:29
6 106
4 дня 2:49
Los Angeles teachers strike for third day
Los Angeles teachers are striking Wednesday for the third straight day. Tens of thousands of educators are demanding higher wages and more staff members. CBS News' Tony Dokoupil reports from LA. 16 января 2019, 19:22
54 978
4 дня 1:04
Dad builds wheelchair-accessible igloo for disabled daughter
A father from Ohio built a wheelchair-accessible igloo for his daughter with disabilities. Now, all nine of his adopted children can play in the snow together. 16 января 2019, 19:07
1 512
4 дня 4:26
Pelosi asks Trump to delay State of the Union address
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is asking President Trump to postpone his State of the Union address until the government shutdown is over, citing "security concerns." The address is currently scheduled | 16 января 2019, 18:27
93 652
4 дня 9:27
44 460
4 дня 3:42
Brexit chaos: Prime Minister Theresa May faces no-confidence vote
Political turmoil has escalated in the U.K. where the future of Brexit is unclear. 16 января 2019, 17:51
17 722
4 дня 11:24
New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand joins 2020 presidential race
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is the latest to jump into the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. 16 января 2019, 17:35
9 614
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