5 дней 1:20
FBI reveals new details about shooting at NSA campus
Three people were taken into custody after an SUV slammed into a security barrier outside the National Security Agency's headquarters in Maryland. 14 февраля 2018, 21:56
38 227
5 дней 7:22
Father on "worst nightmare" of daughter trapped in school during shooting
The father of a student trapped in a high school where an active shooter was reported speaks to CBS News' Jeff Glor. 14 февраля 2018, 21:16
2 602 325
5 дней 2:39
Police respond to active shooter at high school in Parkland, Florida
Police are responding to a school shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. At least 20 people are reported to have been injured. 14 февраля 2018, 20:56
457 356
5 дней 1:25
Budget director says Trump's military parade may cost between $10-$30 million
President Trump's requested military parade will likely cost "between $10 million and $30 million," White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney tells lawmakers. 14 февраля 2018, 20:29
11 325
5 дней 7:13
Trump expected to rally for Rick Saccone ahead of PA special election
​President Trump is expected to travel to Pennsylvania next week, ahead of the state's special House election on March 13. 14 февраля 2018, 20:28
1 908
5 дней 1:59
Durbin cites Olympian Chloe Kim in immigration debate
"In 1982, a Korean immigrant came to the United States....And then started to raise a family. In that family was a young girl who showed at a very early age an interest in snowboarding….This is Chloe Kim.” Sen. 14 февраля 2018, 20:26
8 122
5 дней 3:09
Trump: "I am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind"
President Trump made his first public condemnation of domestic violence since staff secretary Rob Porter's resignation last week. 14 февраля 2018, 20:04
6 614
5 дней 1:34
Pence says White House could have handled Rob Porter issue better
The vice president said he still has "confidence" in Chief of Staff John Kelly despite the fallout over Rob Porter's resignation. Porter stepped down after allegations of spousal abuse came to light. 14 февраля 2018, 19:29
1 087
5 дней 1:03
Flynn the bichon frise wins "Best in Show" at 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
This fluffy bichon frise was the top dog at the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show -- a choice that seemed to surprise everyone in the crowd. 14 февраля 2018, 18:58
11 235
5 дней 7:37
Olympic snowboarding makes headlines amid controversies
Team USA is winning gold at the Olympics, but not without a bit of controversy. 14 февраля 2018, 18:03
1 916
5 дней 1:17
Driver captured on Snapchat steering with foot before crash
The driver behind the wheel of a car crash in Santa Clarita, California, was captured on Snapchat with his foot on the wheel moments before the incident, CBS Los Angeles reports. 14 февраля 2018, 17:54
2 244
5 дней 0:57
First-grader dies of flu in Massachusetts
A 6-year-old girl in Haverhill, Massachusetts, is the first child in the state to die of flu this year, health officials say. Louisa Miller of CBS Boston station WBZ reports. 14 февраля 2018, 17:52
3 392
5 дней 9:38
Contradictions in Rob Porter timeline under investigation
The FBI and White House have contradicted each other's accounts of the timeline leading up to Rob Porter's resignation. Porter was a former White House aide accused of abusing his ex-wives. 14 февраля 2018, 17:34
17 008
5 дней 3:51
FBI investigating shooting outside NSA headquarters
The FBI is investigating a shooting outside the NSA in Fort Meade, Maryland. A black SUV crashed outside, and video shows bullet holes in the windshield. 14 февраля 2018, 17:27
2 275
5 дней 5:21
Survey shows many millennials have absolutely no money in savings
A recent GoBankingRates survey found that most younger millennials age 18 to 24 have less than $1,000 in savings, with half having no savings at all. 14 февраля 2018, 17:17
1 162
5 дней 3:19
Man who walks 11 miles to work gets life-changing gift
This single dad walked 11 miles every day to get to his 4 a.m. work shift. Little did the dedicated father and employee know, his coworkers were planning on giving him a life-changing gift. 14 февраля 2018, 16:59
3 237
5 дней 12:28
Sen. Tammy Baldwin calls on Trump to fire John Kelly
Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin is calling on President Trump to fire Chief of Staff John Kelly as fallout escalates over the Rob Porter abuse scandal. 14 февраля 2018, 16:49
16 115
5 дней 7:28
Congress investigating Rob Porter security clearance timeline
House Oversight Committee chairman Trey Gowdy says the committee is now investigating how the White House handled Rob Porter's security clearance. This comes after Porter resigned amid spousal abuse allegations. 14 февраля 2018, 16:37
4 973
5 дней 0:27
Bill Haas involved in deadly car crash
Professional golfer Bill Haas was hospitalized after a deadly car crash in California that also involved actor Luke Wilson, officials say. 14 февраля 2018, 16:30
5 804
5 дней 1:38
Dangerous wind conditions at Winter Olympics
The weather isn't always cooperating at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. A number of events had to be postponed, and some athletes say competing in extremely windy conditions put them at risk. 14 февраля 2018, 16:30
2 353
5 дней 1:26
IRS issues warning on tax fraud schemes
As Americans begin filing their tax returns, the IRS is warning about scammers looking to steal taxpayers' refunds. 14 февраля 2018, 16:18
5 дней 1:40
Shots fired outside NSA when SUV slams into security barrier
Shots were fired outside the headquarters of the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland, when an SUV slammed into a security gate. Authorities say the situation is under control. 14 февраля 2018, 15:52
2 909
5 дней 5:25
Shooting outside Fort Meade NSA headquarters
Shots were fired outside the NSA headquarters as an SUV was stopped at the entrance to the Fort Meade campus. 14 февраля 2018, 14:03
27 921
5 дней 2:50
Chicago mourns slain police commander
Paul Bauer, a 31-year veteran of the force, was shot and killed Tuesday when he tried to capture a suspect fleeing other officers. 14 февраля 2018, 13:51
7 278
5 дней 1:30
Pacifist teacher, city councilman causes furor
City Council members in an L.A. suburb passed a resolution Tuesday night condemning and seeking the resignation of one of their colleagues who, in his work as a school teacher, called members of the U.S. 14 февраля 2018, 13:38
7 849
5 дней 0:30
Teacher charged with child abuse, assault
Karen Smith, a middle school teacher in suburban Denver, has been formally charged with child abuse and assault for allegedly forcing a child to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance earlier this month, CBS Denver reports. 14 февраля 2018, 13:35
6 119
6 дней 1:30
History of the Black Panther
With the upcoming premiere of the "Black Panther" movie, here's a history of the Marvel hero. 14 февраля 2018, 4:34
2 835
6 дней 7:52
Grading Education Secretary Betsy DeVos
It's been a year since Vice President Mike Pence had to break a tie in the Senate to confirm Betsy DeVos as education secretary. 14 февраля 2018, 4:10
2 552
6 дней 7:40
White House, FBI offer different timelines regarding Rob Porter's alleged abuse
The FBI has contradicted the White House's timeline on when it knew about Robert Porter's alleged domestic abuse. 14 февраля 2018, 3:05
1 591
6 дней 5:08
Michigan State faculty votes "no confidence" in Board of Trustees in wake of Nassar scandal
The Michigan State faculty steering committee delivered a "no confidence" vote to the school's Board of Trustees over the hiring of former Michigan Governor John Engler. 14 февраля 2018, 2:56
2 449
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