7 дней 4:22
Pence calls Iran "greatest threat to peace and security in the Middle East"
Vice President Mike Pence called Iran the biggest threat to the Middle East. Pence made the comment at a U.S.-led conference in Warsaw, Poland, on Middle East peace and security. 14 февраля 2019, 13:36
15 999
7 дней 7:44
"Every choice he made was for other people": Gold Star widow speaks about his legacy
Sgt. 1st Class Eric Emond was killed in November in Afghanistan during his seventh combat tour. 14 февраля 2019, 7:21
2 889
7 дней 0:43
Musician Ryan Adams accused of sexual misconduct by several women
The New York Times reported several women have accused singer Ryan Adams of sexual misconduct or emotional abuse. 14 февраля 2019, 5:29
9 443
7 дней 3:00
Dogs go speed dating before Valentine’s Day to find their perfect match
Fifteen dogs met up in the dog-friendly New York City furniture store Burrow House to find their one true puppy love or perhaps a new best friend. 14 февраля 2019, 5:07
2 687
7 дней 6:40
House passes bill limiting U.S. military aid in Saudi-led war in Yemen
The House has passed a bill that would limit U.S. military assistance to Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen. 14 февраля 2019, 3:34
7 637
7 дней 0:28
Powerful "atmospheric river" pummels parts of California
An atmospheric river aimed at California brought a new round of stormy weather to the state. 14 февраля 2019, 2:56
9 071
7 дней 6:40
Pompeo: Iran is "weaker" because of U.S. sanctions
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sat down for an interview with CBS News foreign correspondent Roxana Saberi during an international summit on the Middle East in Warsaw, Poland. 14 февраля 2019, 2:21
6 100
7 дней 3:56
Manafort violated agreement with Mueller's office by lying, judge rules
A federal judge ruled Paul Manafort intentionally lied to investigators from special counsel Robert Mueller's office and violated his plea agreement. 14 февраля 2019, 0:50
11 344
7 дней 5:55
Former U.S. Air Force intelligence specialist charged with spying for Iran
Former U.S. Air Force Intelligence Specialist Monica Witt has been indicted for espionage. Witt is accused of defecting to Iran and providing Iranians with top secret information. 14 февраля 2019, 0:43
58 675
7 дней 12:12
The inspiration behind the Green New Deal
Historian and author Steve Fraser and CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns join "Red and Blue" to discuss the progressive agenda behind the Green New Deal. 14 февраля 2019, 0:29
4 004
7 дней 3:39
Mueller reportedly eyeing 2016 Paul Manafort meeting
Newly unsealed court documents provide insight into a meeting between former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Konstantin Kilimnik, a suspected Russian operative. 13 февраля 2019, 23:31
2 590
7 дней 1:11
NASA bids farewell to Mars rover Opportunity
NASA has declared the mission of the Mars rover Opportunity officially complete, 15 years after its launch. 13 февраля 2019, 21:59
9 744
7 дней 3:45
What are the benefits and risks of conducting the 2020 census online?
The U.S. Census Bureau is doing things a little differently in 2020, and it may lead to new challenges. 13 февраля 2019, 21:44
1 247
7 дней 5:40
One of El Chapo's employees helped lead to his arrest and conviction
A jury in New York found Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman guility on all charges, and he will likely spend the rest of his life in a U.S. prison. 13 февраля 2019, 21:33
14 330
7 дней 1:42
Teacher and boy save dad's life
This 7-year-old found his dad unconscious and needed help – that's when he ran into his first grade teacher, who believes God brought them together to save a life that day. 13 февраля 2019, 21:09
1 355
7 дней 1:25
Eagle with 8-pound ball of ice frozen onto tail gets rescued
An American bald eagle was found with an 8-pound ball of ice frozen onto his tail. After being rescued and nursed back to health, he had an epic send off back into the wild. 13 февраля 2019, 20:32
8 175
7 дней 1:43
Military son surprises mom on her wedding day
A Texas mom thought her enlisted military son was going to miss her wedding. Then, just before she walked down the aisle, she got the surprise of a lifetime. 13 февраля 2019, 20:28
4 466
7 дней 7:58
McConnell to bring Green New Deal to a vote, angering plan's supporters
As Congress negotiates a deal to keep the government from shutting down, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he'll bring the progressive Green New Deal resolution to a vote, angering the | 13 февраля 2019, 20:06
142 772
7 дней 4:30
Pentagon outlines its artificial intelligence strategy
The Pentagon unveiled its plan to increase its use of AI across the military. Zachary Fryer-Biggs, a national security reporter at the Center for Public Integrity, joins CBSN with details. 13 февраля 2019, 20:02
2 976
7 дней 2:52
Millions of Americans are behind on their car payments
Economists are concerned that a record 7 million Americans are at least three months behind on their car loan payments. That's even more than in 2010, at the height of the financial crisis. 13 февраля 2019, 19:50
5 116
7 дней 3:56
Former Air Force Intelligence agent charged with spying for Iran
Monica Witt, a former U.S. Air Force counterintelligence agent who defected to Iran, has been charged with espionage. U.S. prosecutors say she helped Iran target former colleagues. 13 февраля 2019, 19:36
33 277
7 дней 1:02
No victims shot by officers in Pulse massacre, review finds
No officers who responded to the 2016 mass shooting at Orlando's Pulse nightclub struck a victim with gunfire, according to a review by the Osceola-Orange State Attorney's office. 13 февраля 2019, 19:19
7 дней 8:47
Trump talks border deal, Venezuela crisis
President Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that he would be taking a "very serious look" at the border deal reached by congressional negotiators. 13 февраля 2019, 19:17
32 923
7 дней 0:30
National debt hits record high of $22 trillion
The national debt has surpassed $22 trillion for the first time ever, and experts say that could hurt the economy. 13 февраля 2019, 19:13
2 770
7 дней 6:52
"El Chapo" faces life in maximum security U.S. prison
Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman was found guilty on all 10 counts, including international drug trafficking, and now faces life in a maximum security prison with no option for parole. 13 февраля 2019, 17:27
21 483
7 дней 8:22
How will sexism impact the 2020 campaign?
A record number of women are running for president, so how will sexism play out in the 2020 campaign? The New York Times' Maggie Astor breaks it down on CBSN's "Red & Blue." | 13 февраля 2019, 16:55
2 690
7 дней 0:38
Texas sheriff's deputies find children caged in filth
Sheriff's deputies in North Texas found four children caged in filth after responding to a domestic disturbance call. Two adults have been charged with four counts of child endangerment. 13 февраля 2019, 16:48
2 668
7 дней 5:43
Are you falling in love... or for a scam?
Just ahead of Valentine's Day, the Federal Trade Commission is warning that romance scams on dating apps and social media are on the rise. 13 февраля 2019, 15:57
1 601
7 дней 4:58
Last-minute haggling over border security funding bill
President Trump is weighing whether to back a bipartisan spending bill that includes $1.4 billion for fencing along the southern border. 13 февраля 2019, 15:53
6 053
7 дней 5:27
Trump "not happy" with border security deal, still likely to sign
President Trump is expected to sign a border security funding bill that will avert a second government shutdown. 13 февраля 2019, 15:51
15 179
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