5 часов 1:46
Australia welcomes wave of Chinese travelers seeking new experiences
Australian tourism officials say a new wave of Chinese visitors is boosting tourism revenues, amid a rise in younger, more independent travelers who are seeking new experiences and spending more. 29 мая 2017, 15:09
5 часов 2:30
Packaging costs shrink profits of Zongzi in China
Zongzi, the sticky rice dumplings that everyone likes to gobble during the Dragon Boat Festival are a tad pricier in 2017. 29 мая 2017, 15:09
5 часов 0:45
Chinese government's poverty alleviation achievements earn global acclaim
One of the most notable results of China's meteoric economic rise is the unprecedented number of people that have been lifted out of poverty in the country in the last three decades. 29 мая 2017, 15:07
5 часов 2:04
Philippines vows to defeat militants in Marawi by Thursday
The Philippine government has set a deadline to defeat ISIL-related militants in Marawi by Thursday this week, according to the country's Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana. 29 мая 2017, 15:06
5 часов 1:20
More and more Chinese tourists choose Malaysia as a holiday destination
Malaysia is one of the favorite destinations of Chinese tourists this year, with 2017 set to see the number of Chinese visitors to the country rise by about 15 percent. 29 мая 2017, 15:05
5 часов 0:38
Putin-Macron meeting: War on terror expected to top agenda
Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Monday in Versailles, near Paris.This is the first meeting between the two leaders since Macron took office on May 14. 29 мая 2017, 15:02
5 часов 1:58
UN pays tribute to those who lost their lives for the sake of peace
May 29 is the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. At a ceremony in New York, the UN posthumously recognized the men and women killed in 2016 while serving in some of the most dangerous places in the world. 29 мая 2017, 14:58
6 часов 2:50
Hong Kong Port to benefit from Belt and Road Initiative
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is looking to seize opportunities brought by the Belt and Road Initiative. 29 мая 2017, 14:49
6 часов 0:30
Chinese among peacekeepers commemorated at UN memorial ceremony
China lost three peacekeepers last year: Sergeant Shen Liangliang, Sergeant Yang Shupeng and Corporal Li Lei were killed in 2016 during peacekeeping missions in Mali and South Sudan.Two other UN staff from China were 29 мая 2017, 14:39
6 часов 1:49
DPRK missile test worsens situation on Korean Peninsula
South Korea's new President Moon Jae-in responded to the launch of a ballistic missile by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) by calling for an emergency National Security Council meeting on Monday. 29 мая 2017, 14:38
6 часов 0:33
Peace in Myanmar yet to be guaranteed
Leaders attending Myanmar's 21st Century Panglong Peace Conference in the capital Nay Pyi Taw incorporated 37 principles into the union agreement on Monday. 29 мая 2017, 14:37
6 часов 0:44
China urges all sides to remain calm over DPRK’s latest missile test
The Chinese Foreign Ministry has urged all sides to remain calm and exercise restraint, after the Democratic People's Republic of Korea conducted its latest missile launch. 29 мая 2017, 14:27
6 часов 27:43
Former Italian PM D'Alema: Aim of politics is to do what the economy wants in the future
Providing a deep analysis of the future of relations and cooperation between China and the EU, Dialogue spoke with Massimo D'Alema, the former prime minister of Italy, who shared his abundant experience in politics and 29 мая 2017, 14:22
7 часов 29:32
Sri Lanka never a ‘proxy battlefield for India and China,’ says Sri Lankan minister
This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Sri Lanka. 29 мая 2017, 13:53
7 часов 0:55
Cholera outbreak kills 480 in Yemen, one third of victims are children
The World Health Organization has called on the international community to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to Yemen, as the nation struggles to contain another deadly outbreak of cholera. 29 мая 2017, 13:42
7 часов 0:28
Two more men linked to Manchester attack arrested on Monday
Two more suspects have been arrested over the suicide attack that targeted a concert in Manchester last week killing 22 people, including children, and injuring scores more. 29 мая 2017, 13:04
8 часов 0:45
Offshore yuan continues to strengthen
Yuan traded in offshore markets continued to strengthen on Monday, hitting its highest level since February. The US dollar/yuan exchange rate dipped below the strategically important 6.81 level. 29 мая 2017, 12:48
9 часов 3:26
New reproductive services grow in China’s healthcare market
The Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services, from May 28 to June 1, aims to put together business deals in finance, tech, education and healthcare, in the hope of helping Chinese couples who are struggling to 29 мая 2017, 11:01
10 часов 0:34
Former Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis dies at 98
Former Greek Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis died on Monday at the age of 98. 29 мая 2017, 10:54
10 часов 2:22
Chinese banks’ wealth-management products face slowest growth in three years
Chinese banks' wealth-management products (WMP) have reported their slowest growth in three years, as financial regulators step up measures to rein in the ballooning sector. 29 мая 2017, 10:32
10 часов 3:45
'Road to Prosperity' episode 8: Protecting nature along the Mombasa-Nairobi Short Guage Railway
Tsavo National Park is Kenya’s biggest wildlife reserve and the world’s biggest elephant habitat. When it was established in 1948, the British-built meter gauge railway already ran through the area. 29 мая 2017, 10:29
10 часов 2:29
Indian farm loan waivers could do more harm than good
The Indian government has said it wants to double agricultural income by 2022, through the transformation of Indian farming. 29 мая 2017, 10:26
10 часов 3:45
'Road to Prosperity' episode 7: Mombasa-Nairobi SGR facilitates connection while promoting education
A Massai village of about 30 families lies 500 meters away from Nairobi South station. 29 мая 2017, 10:25
10 часов 0:21
China’s industrial profit growth slows in April after falling prices
China's industrial profit figures released on Monday showed growth of 14 percent in April, down almost ten percentage points compared with growth in March. That equals a profit decline of over 8.6 billion US dollars. 29 мая 2017, 10:03
10 часов 0:29
China's securities regulator tightens rules for major share sell-downs
China's securities regulator China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) is tightening the rules for major stock sell-downs by large shareholders. 29 мая 2017, 9:59
12 часов 2:37
Ethiopian PM's special envoy discusses capacity building in Africa
Leaders of six African nations — Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, Nigeria, Niger and Tunisia — were invited to participate in last week's Group of Seven Summit in Sicily, Italy. 29 мая 2017, 8:16
13 часов 0:32
Ousted President Park Geun-hye attends third hearing
South Korea's ousted president Park Geun-hye attended on Monday her third trial in Seoul over a corruption scandal that has taken her out of the Blue House and into a detention center. 29 мая 2017, 7:34
13 часов 1:05
Relief finally reaches refugees from south Philippines fighting
Filipinos in a refugee center outside the southern city Marawi received relief goods on Sunday, as fighting between the government forces and ISIL-linked militants entered a sixth consecutive day. 29 мая 2017, 6:57
14 часов 0:33
Kenya to launch new railway service on May 31
A new railway service between Kenya’s capital Nairobi and coastal city Mombasa is set to be launched on May 31. 29 мая 2017, 6:54
14 часов 0:44
Scottish leader Sturgeon pressures PM May to allow second independence referendum
Scotland's First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) Nicola Sturgeon has said UK Prime Minister Theresa May will have to allow a second referendum on Scottish independence if the SNP win a majority 29 мая 2017, 6:53
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