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ROK ex-president Lee Myung-bak attends corruption trial
The Republic of Korea's former president Lee Myung-bak has appeared at Seoul's Central District Court for the first hearing in his corruption trial. 23 мая 2018, 6:33
18 часов 2:46
China provides more access to foreign firms in the financial sector
Since Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at April's Boao Forum that the government will further open the financial sector, China has seen a series of new measures on this front. 23 мая 2018, 6:15
18 часов 0:25
DPRK approves ROK reporters to visit nuclear site
A list of reporters from the Republic of Korea (ROK) who will witness the decommissioning of a nuclear testing site has finally been confirmed by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). 23 мая 2018, 5:57
18 часов 0:26
Paris protests: Clashes erupt between police and protesters
Clashes have erupted between police and protesters in Paris. Seventeen people were arrested and two shops' front windows were shattered. 23 мая 2018, 5:51
20 часов 1:16
Epic of Manas: The history of Kirgiz in Xinjiang
"The Epic of Manas," is a poem originating from the Kirgiz ethnic group, which is widely known in the areas inhabited by the Kirgiz, including Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, Aksu, Ili, Kashgar and Hotan of 23 мая 2018, 3:50
20 часов 0:56
Couriers, residents save boy from sixth-story fall in east China
Couriers and local residents saved a boy who fell from his home on the sixth floor of an apartment building in Hangzhou City of east China's Zhejiang Province on Tuesday. According to Liu Chunfeng, a courier who 23 мая 2018, 3:50
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20 часов 1:08:59
Live: Egyptian mummies arrive at the Shanxi Museum不去埃及也能看到真正的木乃伊
The Museo Egizio in Italy has more artefacts from ancient Egypt than any other museum in the world. 23 мая 2018, 3:50
21 час 4:44
Moon Jae-in visits US to lay groundwork for Trump-Kim summit
US President Donald Trump is casting doubt on the potential US-DPRK summit. 23 мая 2018, 3:28
21 час 1:00
ZTE sanction: Trump floats management changes instead of sanctions
US President Donald Trump on Tuesday floated a plan to fine China's ZTE Corp and shake up its management as his administration considered rolling back more severe penalties that have crippled the Chinese 23 мая 2018, 3:13
21 час 1:01
Venezuelan President Maduro orders expulsion of two US diplomats
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the expulsion of two US diplomats to leave the country in 48 hours, in retaliation for a new round of US sanctions over the election. 23 мая 2018, 3:13
21 час 1:02
Rare snub nosed monkey population thrives in northwest China
The latest census results from the Yuhe Nature Reserve in northwest China’s Gansu Province show that the wild golden snub-nosed monkey population has increased by 10 percent since 2014. The golden snub-nosed monkey is 23 мая 2018, 3:11
21 час 0:25
Pompeo confident that Europe will develop common approach on Iran sanction
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the sanctions on Iran are not difficult to implement, and he is confident that Europe will develop a common diplomatic approach with the US. 23 мая 2018, 3:02
21 час 40:04
The future of universities
World Insight host Tian Wei speaks with the presidents of Peking University and Yale University, and the vice-chancellors of Oxford and Cambridge to uncover the future of universities. 23 мая 2018, 2:52
21 час 0:52
Private jet crashes in Honduran capital
A private jet crashed off the end of the runway at Tegucigalpa's airport, Honduras on May 22. The crew and passengers were rescued and reportedly out of danger. Honduras firefighters said there were nine people injured. 23 мая 2018, 2:46
21 час 50:37
Live: What is a buoy laying vessel? 中国航保船舶首次亮相国际舞台
China is attending the 19th International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities Conference this year. Discover China’s first buoy laying vessel with CGTN. 23 мая 2018, 2:42
22 часа 0:53
Two large satellites sent to measure Earth’s water are now in orbit
A SpaceX rocket blasted off two US-German science satellites Tuesday to reveal changes in sea level rise, melting glaciers and droughts from the central California coast. 23 мая 2018, 2:26
22 часа 59:24
Live: How are the Hawaiians after Kilauea's eruption? 夏威夷火山喷发最新进展
The eruption of the Kilauea volcano in the Hawaiian Islands has caused catastrophic damage for local residents, and created hazards such as molten rocks being poured into the ocean and sulfur dioxide gas emitted into 23 мая 2018, 2:19
22 часа 0:37
Construction of world's longest-spanning thrust arch bridge completed
The work of connecting two sections of the Xiangxi Yangtze River Bridge, an arch bridge with the world's longest span in central China's Hubei Province, was successfully completed on Tuesday morning. The 23 мая 2018, 2:19
23 часа 0:59
Zuckerberg apologizes to EU for data scandal
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces a scandal over the improper use of millions of Facebook users’ data, as he will not give evidence in London himself. 23 мая 2018, 1:22
23 часа 0:24
USS Milius guided-missile destroyer arrives in Japan
One of the US Navy's most advanced destroyers arrived in Japan on Tuesday. The USS Milius is armed with missiles that can shoot down warheads in space. 23 мая 2018, 0:52
23 часа 0:35
India protest: Police kill 12 in protest over copper plant
Indian police opened fire on protestors demanding the closure of a copper factory over pollution fears. 12 people were killed as thousands rallied in the state of Tamil Nadu. 23 мая 2018, 0:39
1 день 1:02
CGTN team arrives in St. Petersburg for SPIEF2018
A team from CGTN has arrived in St. Petersburg, Russia for SPIEF2018, a global platform for members of the business community to meet and discuss key economic issues. 23 мая 2018, 0:27
1 день 0:58
Human-piloted "racing mech" shows off skills in California
"Prosthesis" is operated by a human pilot that stands inside the machine. From there, the pilot is able to control the mechs movements with his arms and legs. It weighs about 3,900kg and stands at around 4.5 meters tall. 22 мая 2018, 15:04
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1 день 2:29
Dancing with Tibetan Opera performers
Tibetan Opera is an ancient form of drama that fuses dialogue, dances, chants, songs, acrobatics and religious rituals to tell a story. 22 мая 2018, 14:58
1 день 0:32
The peacock shows its tail to seduce the male panda to no avail
At the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, a peacock showed its tail, hoping to attract the attention of the panda. But the male panda wasn't interested and became very angry, pouncing on the peacock. 22 мая 2018, 14:58
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1 день 0:55
Chinese naval ships return to home port after drills in Indonesia
Chinese naval ships returned to their home port in south China’s Sanya City on Tuesday after participating in the “Komodo 2018” in Indonesia. 22 мая 2018, 14:49
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1 день 1:42
SCO member countries vow to enhance security ties
The 13th meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Security Council Secretaries wrapped up in Beijing on Tuesday. 22 мая 2018, 14:47
1 день 0:52
Cop directs traffic while barefoot in SW China
A traffic cop is working bare-footed in Chengdu, the capital city of southwest China’s Sichuan Province, on May 21. His shoes were soaked due to the heavy rain, so he took them off. 22 мая 2018, 14:37
1 день 2:50
CGTN in DPRK to witness nuclear test site dismantling
Over 20 journalists from China, Russia, the US and Britain have arrived in the DPRK to cover the closure of its nuclear test site. CGTN's reporter Han Peng is among the journalists there to cover the story, and has more. 22 мая 2018, 13:01
1 день 0:25
Chinese FM Wang Yi meets his Australian counterpart Julie Bishop
Australia says it values its relationship with China and sees the development of these ties as an opportunity rather than a threat. 22 мая 2018, 12:53
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