2 дня 2:20
A Melenchon or Le Pen victory in France may tear EU apart
The European Union is already struggling to handle issues raised by Brexit, and is also facing a relentless onslaught by extreme-right movements. 22 апреля 2017, 15:02
2 дня 0:52
Shimmering ‘blue tears’ attract tourists to Taiwan's Mazu
Off Taiwan's tropical coast, billions of iridescent lights sparkle in the deep blue sea like an oceanic Milky Way. 22 апреля 2017, 14:29
2 дня 28:44
How can a kid from an ordinary family be the next Tiger Woods? Listen to what his former coach say!
Over the past decade, there has been a clear change of lifestyle for people in China. 22 апреля 2017, 14:22
2 дня 0:36
Russia presses US for new probe into chemical attack in Syria
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Washington has agreed to look into the possibility of a new investigation into the April 4 chemical attack in Syria, after a phone call with US Secretary of State Rex 22 апреля 2017, 14:06
2 дня 1:51
At least 140 Afghan soldiers killed by Taliban gunmen at Mazar-i-Sharif military base
At least 140 Afghan soldiers have been killed and 60 others wounded in a Taliban attack in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif. 22 апреля 2017, 14:03
2 дня 2:50
China courts India for Belt and Road Initiative
Many countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa are jumping on the Belt and Road Initiative bandwagon, but there’s one notable, nearby holdout: India. 22 апреля 2017, 12:40
1 085
2 дня 1:52
The final kiss: Couple sharing a romantic kiss plowed down by speeding drunk driver
True “love you to death” This was the moment a couple sharing a kiss in the middle of the street were plowed by a speeding drunk driver. 22 апреля 2017, 12:30
15 681
2 дня 2:12
Chinese community in France voices concerns ahead of presidential election
The presidential election in France is taking place at a time of unease for the country’s Chinese community. Chinese living in France say they are often victims of racism and violence, but little is done to protect them. 22 апреля 2017, 11:09
2 дня 2:49
China-Germany railway forges important cargo link
In the German city of Duisburg, China’s modern Silk Road is known as a “Silk Rail.” Duisburg is the European terminus for a 14,000-kilometer journey that starts in Chongqing in China's southwest. 22 апреля 2017, 10:32
2 дня 26:49
04/21/2017: Reasons for DPRK tensions & Chinese fantasy novels drawing world attention
At the top of the show, The Point host Liu Xin and her guests discuss DPRK’s latest military parade in Pyongyang a week ago. 22 апреля 2017, 9:49
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2 дня 0:48
US to honor Obama administration refugee deal
US Vice President Mike Pence said Washington will honor a controversial refugee resettlement deal with Australia. 22 апреля 2017, 9:40
2 дня 0:54
At least 135 Afghan soldiers killed by Taliban gunmen on army base
At least 135 Afghan soldiers were killed and over 60 others wounded in an attack on an army base in the northern province of Balkh on Friday and Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. 22 апреля 2017, 9:32
10 415
2 дня 1:15
Xi urges promoting 21st Century Maritime Silk Road
Chinese President Xi Jinping made the remarks during an inspection tour in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Wednesday after vowing to promote the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and pursue more open 22 апреля 2017, 9:27
2 дня 7:08
Chinese fantasy novels draw global attention
World Book Day is on April 23. What do you have on your bookshelf or nightstand? In the past few years, Chinese writers have been gaining acclaim from bookworms around the world. 22 апреля 2017, 8:54
2 дня 2:25
Publishing house puts Chinese books on Middle Eastern shelves
A publishing company based in Yinchuan, the capital of China's northwest Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is working to bridge the language barrier between China and the Arab world. 22 апреля 2017, 8:21
2 дня 11:25
US vs DPRK: Who’s in the wrong?
The DRRK withdrew from the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons treaty signed by 191 countries after the US dropped atomic bombs in Japan in 1945. But Pyongyang is still barred by the treaty from making nuclear weapons. 22 апреля 2017, 8:12
2 дня 1:19
Latest Paris attack won't impact French election, one expert says
The latest shooting in Paris, which killed one police officer on Thursday night, will not have a significant impact on France’s upcoming elections, according to at least one expert. 22 апреля 2017, 8:11
2 дня 3:19
Mandarin Chinese education gains foothold in India
As cooperation and trade increase between China and India, the interest in learning Chinese has been increasing as well. 22 апреля 2017, 7:48
1 155
2 дня 0:37
Mike Pence vows to enhance bilateral ties between US and Australia
US Vice President Mike Pence and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull met in Sydney as part of Pence's four-country trip to the Asia-Pacific region. 22 апреля 2017, 7:41
2 дня 2:02
DPRK may mark its Army Day with nuclear test
Concerns are rising that the DPRK could carry out missile launches or even nuclear tests when it celebrates the 85th anniversary of the Korean People's Army on April 25. 22 апреля 2017, 7:08
2 дня 2:13
Rayong Industrial Zone promotes China-Thailand business ties
Thailand is emerging as a key stop on the modern-day Silk Road, where Chinese companies are enjoying friendly business conditions. A total of 35 new companies are now in the Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone. 22 апреля 2017, 6:35
2 дня 0:29
Dozens of Afghan soldiers killed by Taliban gunmen on army base
Dozens of Afghan soldiers were killed on Friday when Taliban gunmen wearing Afghan military uniforms attacked an army base in northern Afghanistan, Afghan and Western officials said. 22 апреля 2017, 6:16
1 226
2 дня 3:11
Role of Kazakhstan in China’s Belt and Road
Diplomatic ties between Astana and Beijing developed shortly after the collapse of the former Soviet Union, with both countries moving on to co-found the Shanghai Cooperation Council. 22 апреля 2017, 6:04
1 365
2 дня 0:36
'Lane robot' helps traffic management in Shenzhen
The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen is putting to use a reversible lane with a machine-controlled guardrail in hopes of easing road congestion. 22 апреля 2017, 5:34
2 дня 1:44
Tianzhou-1 successfully docks with Tiangong-2 space lab for first time
China’s first cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1 has successfully docked with the Tiangong-2 space lab on Saturday noon, two days after blasting off from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site in south China's Hainan Province. 22 апреля 2017, 5:04
5 207
2 дня 0:46
Evacuations from four besieged towns in Syria end
Evacuations of civilians and fighters from four besieged towns in Syria ended on Friday, as part of a reciprocal deal. 22 апреля 2017, 3:33
2 дня 0:32
Wang Yi: China, Kazakhstan share common interests and destiny
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Kazakhstan had the country’s full support as both nations seek to deepen bilateral ties and improve cooperation in more areas. 22 апреля 2017, 3:25
2 дня 0:40
Japan: PM Abe's Yasukuni offering a personal action
Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said on Friday Prime Minster Shinzo Abe's offering to Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni Shrine was his own "personal behavior”. 22 апреля 2017, 3:24
2 дня 2:51
China &Japan, main drivers of Asia-Pacific economic growth – IMF chief
China and Japan are the main drivers of economic growth in the Asia Pacific, an International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief said, after the IMF projected faster growth in the region in 2017. 22 апреля 2017, 3:09
2 дня 2:05
Phnom Penh Port: A major Cambodia-China collaboration
During President Xi Jinping’s last visit to Cambodia in 2009, as China's Vice President, he announced a major program of loans and aid for the country. 22 апреля 2017, 2:29
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