1 день 1:37
Brazil's Temer deploys army as protesters set ministry building ablaze
Protesters demanding the resignation of Brazilian President Michel Temer staged running battles with police and set fire to a ministry building in Brasilia on Wednesday, prompting the scandal-hit leader to order the 25 мая 2017, 3:14
1 день 41:49
Manchester concert explosion and what it takes to become a high-tech country
The blast at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester killed 22 people and injured over 60 others on Monday night. 25 мая 2017, 2:42
1 день 1:00
3 dead, 10 injured in Jakarta twin blasts
At least three police officers were killed and ten people, also including law enforcers, injured in twin blasts at a bus station on Wednesday night in Indonesia's capital Jakarta. 25 мая 2017, 2:41
1 день 18:32
Can the Manchester attack become a recurrent news headline?
The blast at a concert in Manchester on Monday night killed 22 people and injured nearly 60 others. 25 мая 2017, 2:39
1 день 17:10
How can a country become a tech giant?
Yossi Vardi is an Israeli entrepreneur and investor who is regarded as the godfather of Israel's high-tech industry. He began his entrepreneurial career at the age of 26. 25 мая 2017, 2:37
1 день 1:13
Manchester attack: Polish couple among those killed
Authorities in Warsaw have confirmed that a Polish couple were among the victims of Monday night's suicide bombing in Manchester, in which 22 people were killed. 25 мая 2017, 2:22
1 день 0:40
Iraqis march in support of Shiite cleric targeted by Bahrain police
Over 1,000 Iraqi Shiites marched in front of Bahrain's embassy in Baghdad on Wednesday to condemn a raid by police in Bahrain on the home town of a prominent Shiite cleric, which left at least five dead and 286 people 25 мая 2017, 1:36
1 день 2:02
Chinese, German FMs discuss trade and security
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with the Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany Sigmar Gabriel on Wednesday in Beijing. 24 мая 2017, 23:47
2 дня 1:50
Made in China 2025 - China to continue technological innovation drive
It's been two years since China initiated its "Made in China 2025" plan, aimed at improving the country's production efficiency. 24 мая 2017, 15:12
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2 дня 1:15
Security at maximum level in Brussels for NATO summit
NATO leaders are set to hold a meeting on Thursday in the Belgian capital Brussels. The talks are expected to focus on fighting terrorism and sharing the burden on defense. 24 мая 2017, 15:08
2 дня 2:39
Chinese student’s speech at Maryland University sparks controversy
Outrage continues online over a speech given at the University of Maryland's commencement ceremony. 24 мая 2017, 15:04
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2 дня 2:01
Leveraging AI: Big names debate AI future trends and applications
Leading artificial intelligence (AI) experts from China, Europe and the US are gathering in the Chinese water town of Wuzhen for a five-day forum titled “Future of Go Summit.” Aptly so after Chinese Go player Ke Jie 24 мая 2017, 15:04
2 дня 2:01
Geely to buy 49.9 percent stake of ailing Malaysian carmaker Proton
Chinese automaker Geely has won the race to take a major stake in Malaysia’s ailing national carmaker Proton. 24 мая 2017, 15:02
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2 дня 0:37
Chinese premier and German vice-chancellor stress value of bilateral ties
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met German Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel in Beijing on Wednesday. 24 мая 2017, 14:56
2 дня 0:30
Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for 'strong, modern' navy
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday called for efforts to build the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy into a strong and modern force to lend support for the realization of the Chinese dream of national 24 мая 2017, 14:53
2 дня 1:52
Exclusive with Ke Jie's parents:Weiqi star prefers playing with humans
The world’s top Weiqi player Ke Jie may never again play against a machine. 24 мая 2017, 14:10
2 дня 14:38
AI and You:  Can AI affect our lives besides defeating us at board games?
Google’s AI AlphaGo has done it again: it has defeated Ke Jie, the world’s number one Go player, in the first game of a three-part match. Once again, AI demonstrated its ability to learn and to adapt quickly. 24 мая 2017, 14:00
2 дня 21:19
DPRK's latest ballistic missile test: Any hope for peace?
Tensions flared again on the Korean Peninsula after the DPRK conducted its eighth ballistic missile test this year on Sunday, the second since South Korean President Moon Jae-in took office. 24 мая 2017, 13:37
2 дня 41:09
05/23/2017: Korean Peninsula tensions & artificial intelligence
Tensions flared again on the Korean Peninsula after the DPRK conducted its latest ballistic missile test on Sunday. This has caused a new round of international condemnation. 24 мая 2017, 13:26
2 дня 0:40
Latest on Manchester bomb attack: Three more arrests
Three men were arrested in south Manchester on Wednesday in connection with the bombing attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England on Monday, bringing the total number of men in custody to four. 24 мая 2017, 13:24
2 дня 2:22
Scientists try to minimize impact of tourism on Antarctica
A key issue at this year's Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting is Antarctica's booming tourism industry. 24 мая 2017, 13:22
2 дня 0:39
Two Chinese nationals kidnapped in Pakistan
Two Chinese nationals working in Pakistan were kidnapped on Wednesday in the city of Quetta, a provincial government spokesman said. The two were both Chinese language teachers. 24 мая 2017, 13:13
2 дня 0:34
Japanese company brings interactive art installations to Beijing
Art lovers in Beijing can now explore a "digital garden" featuring floating flowers and forest animals, as well as a "crystal universe" of interactive light sculptures. 24 мая 2017, 13:11
2 дня 0:36
Pakistani, Indian forces trade fire in Kashmir
The Pakistani army says it has shelled Indian military posts and caused major damage in the restive region of Kashmir. The attack is said to be in response to an Indian mortar strike on areas controlled by Pakistan. 24 мая 2017, 12:38
2 дня 0:31
Taiwan rules in favor of same-sex marriage
A top Taiwan court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage on Wednesday, a landmark ruling that paves the way for Taiwan to become the first place in Asia to legalize same-sex unions. 24 мая 2017, 12:08
2 дня 2:20
Duterte pledges 'harsh' martial law in southern Philippines
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned on Wednesday he would deal harshly with militants, after declaring martial law on Mindanao island following a failed raid on a hideout of ISIL-linked rebels. 24 мая 2017, 12:00
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2 дня 0:53
UK home secretary says Manchester bomber likely did not act alone, criticizes US leaks
UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said it’s likely the suicide bomber who killed 22 people and wounded 64 after a pop concert in Manchester did not act alone. 24 мая 2017, 11:32
2 дня 0:33
Chinese manned submersible Jiaolong completes dive at world’s deepest point
China’s manned submersible Jiaolong has completed a dive at Challenger Deep, the deepest known point in the world’s oceans. The journey deep into the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean lasted around nine hours. 24 мая 2017, 11:31
2 дня 0:47
Myanmar pardons 259 prisoners as peace talks with rebels begin
Myanmar pardoned 259 prisoners ahead of peace talks with ethnic rebel groups on Wednesday. 24 мая 2017, 10:52
2 дня 0:51
China's LeEco slashes 325 US jobs
LeEco, a Chinese technology company, acknowledged Tuesday that it faces "challenges with raising new capital" and is planning to lay off 325 employees in the United States, amounting to almost three-quarters of its US 24 мая 2017, 10:05
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