2 дня 0:55
Beautiful drone footage of ducks crowding around small break in frozen lake
Stunning aerial footage has emerged from Balaton, Hungary of hundreds of ducks on a frozen lake. Filmed from a drone this week, the clip captures the birds as they crowd around a small break in the vast expanse of ice. 15 января 2017, 15:38
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2 дня 0:44
Chinese President Xi welcomes deeper cooperation with Switzerland
Chinese President Xi Jinping was welcomed at Zurich airport by his Swiss counterpart Doris Leuthard. 15 января 2017, 14:15
2 дня 1:23
Footage: Injured Chinese woman helicoptered to safety from South Korean ship
Chinese authorities deployed a helicopter to rescue an injured 67-year-old Chinese woman from a South Korean passenger ship on Saturday. 15 января 2017, 14:14
3 дня 0:31
Chinese Foreign Ministry urges US to respect one-China principle
The Chinese Foreign Ministry has reiterated that the one-China principle is the political foundation of China-US relations, and urged the US to approach Taiwan-related issues with prudence. 15 января 2017, 14:07
3 дня 1:10
[V观] World Health Organization: here's what it actually looks like inside
Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Zurich on Sunday for a state visit to Switzerland, his first trip to the country as head of state. 15 января 2017, 13:56
3 дня 0:46
Major powers warn Trump over Middle East peace
Major powers gathering for talks in Paris are preparing to send a message to US President-elect Donald Trump that a two-state solution between Israel and Palestine is the only way forward, and warn that his plan to 15 января 2017, 13:44
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3 дня 0:28
Japan’s mini-rocket launch fails
Japan's space agency tried to launch one of the world's smallest mini-rockets on Sunday. But it says the launch failed due to a loss of communication. 15 января 2017, 13:43
3 дня 0:41
[V观] President Xi arrives in Zurich for a four-day state visit to Switzerland
Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Zurich on Sunday to start a four-day state visit to Switzerland at the invitation of the Swiss Federal Council led by President Doris Leuthard. 15 января 2017, 13:38
3 дня 0:39
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas reiterates opposition to US embassy move
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has warned it will hurt the peace process if US President-elect Donald Trump transfers Washington's embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. 15 января 2017, 13:34
3 дня 2:59
Domestic violence an ongoing problem in India
A 2014 study by the United Nations Population Fund and International Center indicated that six out of 10 men in India justified violence against women. 15 января 2017, 13:33
3 дня 0:28
Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Zurich for a four-day state visit to Switzerland
Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Zurich on Sunday to start a four-day state visit to Switzerland at the invitation of the Swiss Federal Council led by President Doris Leuthard. 15 января 2017, 12:36
3 дня 0:44
Former UN chief says S.Korea’s THAAD deployment appropriate
Former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said it is appropriate for South Korea to be the site of a US anti-missile system that is due to be deployed later this year. 15 января 2017, 11:11
3 дня 1:36
Rare Chairman Mao letter restored by Chinese calligraphists
Chinese calligraphists have used both traditional methods and new scientific techniques to restore a 75-year-old condolence message written by former Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong. 15 января 2017, 10:53
3 дня 2:48
Davos attracts tourists, sport enthusiasts and world leaders
Davos is one of the highest Alpine resorts in Europe. Every January, the relaxed town turns into a busy meeting place, where the richest and most influential people in the world gather to discuss pressing global issues. 15 января 2017, 9:34
3 дня 3:54
Sino-Swiss industrial park: High-end, innovative, green technology welcomed in China
Bilateral cooperation between China and Switzerland has development positively in recent years. Two Sino-Swiss industrial parks have been established, with another under construction. 15 января 2017, 9:27
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3 дня 3:36
South Sudan, the youngest African country to revamp oil production
South Sudan assumed control of three-quarters of the former country's oil fields when it gained independence from Sudan in 2011. The oil fields are the government's primary source of revenue. 15 января 2017, 9:26
3 дня 2:33
China and Switzerland strengthen innovation cooperation
China and Switzerland established an innovative strategic partnership in 2016. 15 января 2017, 9:14
3 дня 0:34
Two Chinese citizens arrested in relation to Istanbul nightclub attack
Turkish authorities have arrested two Chinese citizens over alleged links to the New Year's Day nightclub terrorist attack in Istanbul. 15 января 2017, 6:57
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3 дня 2:22
China hosts World Electronic Sports Games
eSports are becoming a multi-billion dollar business in China. 15 января 2017, 6:54
3 дня 2:02
Davos 2017: China's role in the world to be a main focus
The World Economic Forum has served as a weather vane for the world economy. 15 января 2017, 6:53
3 дня 4:52
'What is China?’: A closer look at China’s army
There is no peace without strength. China's goal is a leaner and more efficient military. But can a smaller force meet the challenges of the world today? 15 января 2017, 6:52
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3 дня 29:11
LIVE:World eSports Games Grand Final
Join us live on the last day of the WESG Grand Final. You will be treated a great eSports show today as each discipline gets a new champion! 15 января 2017, 6:43
3 дня 2:35
SpaceX launches 10 commercial satellites into orbit
The private space exploration company SpaceX launched 10 commercial satellites into orbit on Saturday in California. This has eased concerns about SpaceX due to last year's disastrous launch in Florida. 15 января 2017, 5:27
3 дня 1:06
At least six people killed after a 19-vehicle pile-up
At least six people were killed and 16 others were injured after a 19-vehicle pile-up on a highway near Qingyuan city in Guangdong Province on Saturday morning. Seven cars caught fire after the crash. 15 января 2017, 4:37
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3 дня 0:41
Poland welcomes deployment of US troops
The Polish authorities welcomed thousands of US troops in a ceremony on Saturday, under a NATO deployment aiming to beef up and train Eastern European allies. 15 января 2017, 3:48
3 дня 0:30
Russia to deploy more S-400 to Crimea
Russia will deploy more S-400 Triumf missile systems to Crimea after the Obama administration extended sanctions against Russia for its actions in Crimea and Ukraine. 15 января 2017, 3:45
3 дня 0:53
Swiss media and international organizations look forward to President Xi's visit
Swiss media are busy preparing for the upcoming visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping, while international organizations are eager to see how his attendance and keynote speech at the World Economic Forum will affect 15 января 2017, 3:40
3 дня 2:53
Davos 2017: Annual World Economic Forum to open in Switzerland
The annual gathering for the World Economic Forum is set to begin on Tuesday in Davos. 15 января 2017, 3:24
3 дня 0:47
President Xi departs for state visit to Switzerland
Chinese President Xi Jinping left Beijing on Sunday for a state visit to Switzerland, marking his first trip to the country as head of state. 15 января 2017, 3:22
3 дня 0:30
New bout of heavy smog to hit northern China
A new bout of heavy smog is expected to blanket northern China in the coming days, with Tuesday and Wednesday predicted to face the worst of the pollution. 15 января 2017, 2:31
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