2 дня 1:35
Wuzhen summit eyes future trends of AI
Leading artificial intelligence (AI) experts from China, Europe and the US are in China's Wuzhen for the five-day “Future of Go Summit.” Subscribe to us on YouTube: goo.gl/lP12gA Watch CGTN Live: 24 мая 2017, 10:03
2 дня 1:49
Trump's first budget met with 'fantasy math' claims
With US President Donald Trump on his first overseas trip, his staff in Washington are presenting the administration's first budget to lawmakers for approval. 24 мая 2017, 9:57
2 дня 1:27
Better quality of life as Tibet celebrates 66th anniversary of peaceful liberation
Tuesday marked the 66-year anniversary of the peaceful liberation of the Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China. 24 мая 2017, 8:56
2 дня 1:09
Duterte declares martial law in southern Philippines
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law Tuesday across the southern third of the country, after deadly clashes between security forces and ISIL-linked militants in a major city. 24 мая 2017, 8:52
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2 дня 0:37
Victoria Station remains closed in wake of Manchester Arena attack
Victoria Station in the British city of Manchester remained closed on Wednesday, two days after a deadly bomb attack at the nearby Manchester Arena. 24 мая 2017, 8:50
2 дня 0:57
Europe on high alert in wake of recent terror attacks
The whole of Europe is on high alert in the wake of several recent terror attacks, with many countries raising their threat levels. 24 мая 2017, 7:17
2 дня 2:52
Montenegro to be accepted into NATO amid controversy
The meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), scheduled for Thursday in Brussels, is set to see a formal acceptance of Montenegro as a member. 24 мая 2017, 7:15
2 дня 2:27
Highlights of Trump's first foreign visit since taking office
US President Donald Trump's visit to the Middle East was part of his first overseas trip since taking office. What did the he achieve during his time there? 24 мая 2017, 7:15
2 дня 0:34
Trump arrives in Italy for third leg of his first foreign trip
US President Donald Trump arrived in Italy on Tuesday for the third leg of his first overseas trip since taking office. 24 мая 2017, 7:14
2 дня 0:33
Trump retains private attorney over Russia probe
US President Donald Trump has tapped longtime legal adviser Marc Kasowitz to serve as his private attorney. 24 мая 2017, 7:03
2 дня 11:26
How likely is a Trump impeachment?
US President Donald Trump seems unable to shake allegations his campaign colluded with Russia during the election. Now there are Democratic and even Republican congressmen who are calling for his impeachment. 24 мая 2017, 7:00
2 дня 10:46
World No. 1 Go player vs. AlphaGo: Who will win?
The world’s best Go player, Ke Jie, is competing with the artificial intelligence program AlphaGo in a three-round game from Tuesday to Saturday. 24 мая 2017, 6:59
2 дня 27:00
05/23/2017:Possibility of Trump impeachment; human intelligence vs. AI
President Trump's alleged collusion with Russia has led some congressmen, even from his own party, to call for his impeachment. 24 мая 2017, 6:55
2 дня 0:26
China Eastern jet skids off runway at Hong Kong airport
A China Eastern aircraft skidded off a runway earlier on Wednesday while attempting to land at a sodden Hong Kong International Airport. The plane took off from Nanjing, with no one injured in the accident. 24 мая 2017, 6:52
2 дня 1:05
UN Security Council condemns Manchester attack
The United Nations Security Council has issued a statement condemning Monday night's terrorist attack in Manchester and expressing its condolences. 24 мая 2017, 6:52
2 дня 0:41
Boy stuck on power tower after being struck by electricity
A Chinese teenager who was stuck some 30 meters up in the air after being electrocuted while on a transmission tower miraculously survived, living to tell his painful story. 24 мая 2017, 5:52
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2 дня 0:28
21 killed as bus plunges into river in north India
At least 21 people were killed after a bus carrying Hindu pilgrims fell into the Bhagirathi River in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand on Tuesday night, Xinhua reported. 24 мая 2017, 5:43
2 дня 34:02
CGTN live: Terminator or Initiator? AI on dissection table
AlphaGo’s winning streak against human Weiqi players continued on Tuesday with Chinese master Ke Jie suffering defeat, albeit with a small margin. 24 мая 2017, 5:27
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2 дня 1:02
Duterte asks Putin for 'soft loan' for arms
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday and asked him to supply weapons for the Philippines to fight terrorism. 24 мая 2017, 3:39
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2 дня 2:17
Football tournament in Brazil helps refugee integration
A multicultural football tournament in Sao Paulo last weekend was not just about which team scored the most goals. It was an opportunity for refugees to better integrate into a society facing its own challenges. 24 мая 2017, 3:30
2 дня 2:31
Former CIA chief confirms Russian contact with Trump campaign
Former CIA director John Brennan told a congressional hearing on Tuesday that he believed Russia tried to interfere in the US elections, but he couldn’t confirm whether there was a conspiracy between the Trump campaign 24 мая 2017, 3:21
2 дня 0:30
'China stands firmly with Britain at this hard time,' says President Xi
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday extended condolences to British Queen Elizabeth II over the deadly Manchester Arena blast. 24 мая 2017, 3:06
2 дня 0:42
Ethiopia's former FM elected new head of WHO
Ethiopia's former Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was elected as the new Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday. 24 мая 2017, 3:02
2 дня 1:27
Can Trump bin the Iran nuclear deal?
Iran’s reformist President Hassan Rouhani scored a landslide victory in the country’s presidential election, fending off a challenge by conservative hardliner Ebrahim Raisi. 24 мая 2017, 2:54
2 дня 0:49
Britain raises threat level to 'critical' after Manchester attack
Britain has raised its terrorism threat level to its highest in the wake of the Manchester attack as police made an arrest in connection with the suspected suicide bomber Salman Abedi. 24 мая 2017, 2:49
2 дня 3:15
Documentary spotlights first licensed Chinese-American female pilot
She made history more than 80 years ago, becoming the first licensed Chinese-American female pilot, but the story of late Katherine Sui Fun Cheung is still relatively unknown. 24 мая 2017, 1:56
2 дня 2:58
Venezuela pushing ahead with new congress despite unrest
Venezuela’s National Electoral Council has begun the process of electing a new congress to rewrite the constitution amid near-daily demonstrations that have resulted in dozens of deaths. 24 мая 2017, 0:53
2 дня 2:14
World leaders condemn Manchester concert attack
Leaders in the UK and from around the world have united in condemning the Manchester attack on Tuesday as campaigning for the General Election has been suspended. 24 мая 2017, 0:32
2 дня 1:00
ISIL claims responsibility for Manchester bomb attack
ISIL on Tuesday claimed responsibility for the Manchester bomb attack, Reuters reported. 24 мая 2017, 0:05
2 дня 0:52
Outgoing WHO chief responds to criticism, targets disease eradication
After 10 years of service, Margaret Chan gave her final address as director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) at the UN health agency's annual assembly in Geneva on Tuesday. 24 мая 2017, 0:02
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