15 часов 5:02
Windrush mother blames immigration problems for son's death
The mother of a Windrush child has called on Theresa May to reflect on what she is doing to the country after her 58-year-old son was found dead last month. The cause of his death is still to be determined. 18 апреля 2018, 18:28
2 509
18 часов 38:11
Caroline Lucas' Ways to Change the World
Co-leader of the Green Party and MP for Brighton Pavilion Caroline Lucas talks to Krishnan Guru-Murthy about her vision for changing the economy with basic income, the lifestyle changes we could make to live in harmony 18 апреля 2018, 14:54
1 день 7:23
Bangladesh PM refuses to answer questions on human rights record
The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has refused to answer questions about her country's human rights record. She is in the UK as part of the Commonwealth Summit. 17 апреля 2018, 19:32
51 351
1 день 6:07
The Windrush Generation: Why people invited to UK faced deportation
They came here as children, their families invited by the British Government to help rebuild the country. Decades later many have faced deportation because of strict immigration rules. 17 апреля 2018, 18:24
7 255
1 день 6:06
The mental health units being transformed by art
NHS buildings – inside and out – can be uninspiring, even bleak places. But now a charity is transforming secure and locked mental health units by bringing what they call ‘museum quality art’ on to the wards. 17 апреля 2018, 14:29
1 день 6:26
Is there any end in sight to the war in Syria?
We explore the four big possibilities that could finally bring the country’s seven-year conflict to an end. WATCH MORE ON THIS STORY: youtube.com/watch?v=I716l-6ZK0I WHO IS FIGHTING WHOM youtube. 17 апреля 2018, 11:18
7 251
5 дней 5:19
Russian Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko: Douma 'chemical attack' was 'staged'
The Russian Ambassador to London, Alexander Yakovenko, discusses Syria and Salisbury. 13 апреля 2018, 19:00
7 597
6 дней 5:49
Protests banned outside UK abortion clinic: So What?
A council in London has created a safe-zone around an abortion clinic, to stop anti-abortion campaigners from protesting outside. We help you answer the key questions: So what has been decided? 12 апреля 2018, 18:18
4 257
7 дней 17:36
London violent crime: How do we stop the killing?
Violent crime in London is rising rapidly. More than 50 people have been murdered in the capital this year alone - with most victims under the age of 25. 12 апреля 2018, 8:09
6 663
7 дней 6:49
Homelessness: sleeping rough in the countryside
The number of homeless people in the UK who’ve died while sleeping out on the streets or in temporary accommodation has more than doubled over the last five years, according to new figures compiled by the Guardian. 11 апреля 2018, 20:17
2 764
7 дней 47:01
Peter Hitchens' Ways to Change the World
Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens talks to Krishnan Guru-Murthy about his political transition from Bolshevism to conservatism, his fiery writing and what he would do to change the world, if given the chance. 11 апреля 2018, 10:46
27 460
8 дней 5:02
Your Facebook data is out there: So What?
We help you answer the key questions: So what does it mean for you if your data has or hasn't been grabbed? So what could people do with your profile information? So what is Facebook going to do about it? 10 апреля 2018, 19:51
15 038
8 дней 6:33
Cambridge Analytica: New docs reveal it pitched ‘unique’ social data in US campaigns
According to previously unseen documents obtained by Channel 4 News, Cambridge Analytica was pitching its “unique” social media data and “psychographic profiling” to multiple Republican election campaigns in the US 10 апреля 2018, 18:42
20 943
9 дней 5:45
Inside the Gaza border protest camps
Israeli fighter jets struck a target in the Gaza Strip today after it was claimed explosives had been found near the border. 9 апреля 2018, 19:20
2 853
9 дней 4:30
Jamie the drag queen: The gay teenager who wore a dress to prom
‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’ is the real-life tale of a gay teenager who decided one day he wanted to wear a dress to his school prom. 9 апреля 2018, 11:22
2 612
12 дней 5:08
The Faroe Islands' annual whale slaughter
The mass slaughter of pilot whales in the inlets and beaches of the Faroe Islanders has been greeted with widespread outrage. 6 апреля 2018, 19:56
3 252
13 дней 11:11
Searching for Aggregate IQ: What role did it play in Brexit?
It's the small Canadian data firm credited with helping to take Britain out of the EU. 5 апреля 2018, 19:33
10 983
14 дней 5:08
Martin Luther King Jr's death: the aftermath revisited by those who were there
News of Martin Luther King's death triggered an outpouring of sorrow and anger across the US as rioters set buildings on fire, and looted stores. In Washington DC, that violence resulted in a military occupation. 4 апреля 2018, 19:47
2 414
14 дней 47:53
Reni Eddo-Lodge's Ways to Change the World
Acclaimed writer Reni Eddo-Lodge talks to Krishnan Guru-Murthy about not talking to white people about race, BME quotas in the workplace and how she would change the world if given the chance. 4 апреля 2018, 13:31
2 165
15 дней 16:15
Why are black men more likely to suffer psychotic disorders?
Research show that if you're a black adult male you're 10 times more likely to be diagnosed with a psychotic disorder. But why? 3 апреля 2018, 20:36
10 466
16 дней 9:22
Winnie Mandela dies at 81
The anti-apartheid campaigner Winnie Mandela has died after a long illness at the age of 81 surrounded by her family. 2 апреля 2018, 18:55
7 479
19 дней 6:31
Actor Michael Balogun's journey from Brixton prison to the National Theatre
The actor, Michael Balogun is currently starring in Macbeth at the National Theatre in London - but his journey there has been anything but straightforward. 30 марта 2018, 18:58
3 904
19 дней 5:20
One year till Brexit: Three Sheffield artists discuss class and national identity
Brexit has divided people up and down the country and the city of Sheffield is no different. There, the leave camp won narrowly – with 51 per cent of the vote. 30 марта 2018, 12:09
5 290
20 дней 7:25
Cambridge Analytica: The Mexico allegations
From Mexico, our Latin America Correspondent Guillermo Galdos reports on the demise of a deal to harvest data from a million citizens - cancelled after Channel 4 News began investigating. 29 марта 2018, 19:20
73 502
20 дней 5:50
One year till Brexit: The people of Dover on racism, immigration and the future of Europe
Dover is the closest place in the country to mainland Europe, but 62 per cent of the town voted to leave the EU. 29 марта 2018, 16:39
28 687
20 дней 6:27
Mark Zuckerberg interview 2008: "We've learned…just exactly how important privacy is."
Neither Mark Zuckerberg nor anyone from Facebook has appeared on Channel 4 News since our revelations about 50m profiles being harvested. 29 марта 2018, 12:38
33 193
21 день 10:52
Revealed: Cambridge Analytica data on thousands of Facebook users still not deleted
Facebook said it took steps to ensure harvested campaign data had been “destroyed”. 28 марта 2018, 18:48
59 424
21 день 48:21
Lily Cole's Ways to Change the World
Former supermodel turned writer, actor and social entrepreneur Lily Cole speaks to Krishnan Guru-Murthy about why she left the modelling industry, her eco-friendly lifestyle and what she would do to change the world, 28 марта 2018, 15:12
2 293
21 день 53:45
Mark Regev's Ways to Change the World
Israel's ambassador to the United Kingdom Mark Regev speaks to Krishnan Guru-Murthy about his role as a diplomat, whether he thinks there's a problem with antisemitism in the Labour Party and what he would do to change 28 марта 2018, 15:12
2 967
22 дня 11:02
'Prison Island' of the Rohingya: New island for refugees threatened by monsoon
It's been six months since the mass exodus of Rohingya refugees began as the Myanmar military and Buddhist vigilantes turned on the Muslims of Rakhine State. 27 марта 2018, 20:05
4 565
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