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Fortnite Players Are Selling Their Accounts | CNBC
Fortnite is a free-to-play game, yet some players are spending thousands of dollars on it. The popular battle royale-style game is posting record revenue every month. 23 июня 2018, 15:00
21 050
2 дня 2:36
Cruise Ships With The Most Outrageous Features | CNBC
Cruise ship companies have been building more elaborate ships in a bid to win passengers, adding such features as robotic bartenders, go-kart courses and laser tag arenas. 22 июня 2018, 19:00
1 747
2 дня 5:55
Former Aimmune Therapeutics CEO: Taking Stock in Allergies | Mad Money | CNBC
Roughly 15 million Americans have food allergies, including 5.9 million children under age 18. Jim Cramer talks to the recently retired CEO of Aimmune Therapeutics, a company hoping to help find a solution. 22 июня 2018, 17:17
2 дня 5:47
Zume Inc. CEO: Pizza, Robots and Creating Jobs | Mad Money | CNBC
Zume Pizza’s a chain replacing chefs with robots that can bake 120 pizzas per hour. Can this restaurant on wheels pave the way for the food industry as a whole? Jim Cramer asks the CEO. 22 июня 2018, 17:06
1 871
2 дня 6:07
Okta CEO: Driving Revenue Growth | Mad Money | CNBC
Okta’s stock is up more than 100 percent year-to-date, and it may not even be on your radar. Jim Cramer gets the latest on Okta’s VMware and Facebook partnerships and more with CEO Todd McKinnon. 22 июня 2018, 17:06
1 116
2 дня 4:18
How To Shoot Better Video With Your Phone | CNBC
Your smartphone is a very capable video camera. Learn from a pro video producer on how to take advantage of all it's features and shoot the best video possible. 22 июня 2018, 14:00
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3 дня 3:02
What Is A Supercomputer? | CNBC
China held the lead for the last 5 years, but the United States now has the world's fastest supercomputer. 21 июня 2018, 21:15
18 963
3 дня 6:03
Teladoc CEO: Inevitable Rise of Virtual Care | Mad Money | CNBC
The doctor will see you now – online? This company trying to change the way you visit the clinic. Is the story behind its revolutionary technology in good health? Jim Cramer gets answers from Teladoc’s CEO. 21 июня 2018, 20:06
1 409
3 дня 8:04
Cisco CEO: Partnering with Google | Mad Money | CNBC
Cisco seems to be marking time, but after its remarkable run last year, is there still money to be made? Jim Cramer gets the CEO’s exclusive take. 21 июня 2018, 20:05
3 059
3 дня 7:34
RH CEO: Looking Beyond Today? | Mad Money | CNBC
It’s a brand born in California and now it’s taking the world of design and Wall Street by storm. But should you furnish your portfolio with the stock? Jim Cramer pulls up a chair with the CEO of RH to find out. 21 июня 2018, 20:04
1 366
3 дня 8:00
Adobe CEO: Digital Transformation Agenda | Mad Money | CNBC
Adobe Acrobat and PDF are a quarter-century old. How has the company continued to innovate and grow established technologies? Jim Cramer hears from the CEO after earnings to find out. 21 июня 2018, 20:03
1 425
3 дня 7:38
Thor Industries CEO: Understanding Tariff Effects | Mad Money | CNBC
Does Thor Industries have a flat tire? The company's been an outperformer for years, but is it still king of the road or is its recent downtrend a red flag? Jim Cramer gets answers from CEO Bob Martin. 21 июня 2018, 20:02
1 209
3 дня 6:24
Zuora CEO: Subscription for Success? | Mad Money | CNBC
It’s a key, under-the-radar player in the "subscription economy" started by a Salesforce vet. With shares of Zuora flying high since its April IPO, how long can the rally last? Jim Cramer asks the founder and CEO. 21 июня 2018, 20:01
3 дня 6:39
Manitowoc CEO: Tariff Contingencies | Mad Money | CNBC
Jim Cramer sits down with a Wisconsin-based company that is feeling the reverberations from China's tough tariff talk. Don't miss his exclusive interview with the CEO of Manitowoc. 21 июня 2018, 20:01
3 дня 6:19
Centene CEO: Taking Action in Opioid Crisis | Mad Money | CNBC
Centene's had a monster move in this market. With its acquisition of Fidelis nearly complete, is it too late to buy into the health insurer’s stock or can the company continue to deliver? Jim Cramer asks the CEO. 21 июня 2018, 20:00
3 дня 6:18
MedMen CEO: Forget “Stoner?” | Mad Money | CNBC
It's a company that's trying to replicate the Apple Store model… with weed. As U.S. states slowly legalize marijuana, Jim Cramer sits down with MedMen's CEO to hear how it’s positioning itself at the forefront. 21 июня 2018, 19:59
3 дня 6:35
Olo CEO: Same-Hour Delivery | Mad Money | CNBC
It’s a private player that counts Shake Shack's Danny Meyer as an investor. Jim Cramer gets an exclusive take with the CEO of Olo to find out what makes his company so compelling. 21 июня 2018, 19:59
3 дня 6:39
Carrizo Oil & Gas CEO: China Still Needs Oil | Mad Money | CNBC
Carrizo Oil & Gas has been drilling into some of the country's biggest finds for over a decade and owning its shares has given you a nice energy boost. Can it continue to power higher? Jim Cramer asks the CEO. 21 июня 2018, 19:59
3 дня 5:53
Optinose CEO: Building Awareness | Mad Money | CNBC
Jim Cramer’s always sniffing around for new investing ideas and he’s caught the scent of an interesting new story in the medical device space. Don’t miss his exclusive interview with the CEO of Optinose. 21 июня 2018, 19:58
3 дня 4:36
NBA COO: Fans Tend To Be More Engaged When They Bet Legally | CNBC
Mark Tatum, NBA deputy commissioner, speaks to "Squawk Alley" about the legalization of sports betting as the league gets set to hold the NBA Draft. 21 июня 2018, 19:47
3 дня 1:01
This Robot Stocks Grocery Store Shelves | CNBC
Bossa Nova robots are becoming a familiar sight in grocery stores across the U.S. Walmart uses them in dozens of its stores, from Florida to California, for example. 21 июня 2018, 19:00
1 955
3 дня 20:01
CNBC's Interview With Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross | CNBC
U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross speaks with CNBC's "Squawk Box" about how the trade war is affecting U.S. 21 июня 2018, 16:46
11 120
3 дня 2:49
Is The Amazon Fire TV Cube A Must-Buy? | CNBC
The Amazon Fire TV Cube lets you control your TV, speakers and cable box by voice. You can change the channel, adjust the volume, shop on Amazon and check the weather without ever touching a remote. 21 июня 2018, 15:28
6 833
4 дня 1:00
This Reinvented Wheel Completely Collapses | CNBC
The wheel has been rebooted with this collapsible design. Revolve's aluminum frame and airless tire allow it to fit easily when traveling. 20 июня 2018, 21:45
3 994
4 дня 15:50
CNBC's Interview With Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson | CNBC
Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson speaks with CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" about the company's growth plans and recent slowdown. 20 июня 2018, 19:55
7 420
4 дня 20:55
The tech to kick your career into high gear live from CNBC @Work Summit | Fortt Knox
» Check out the Fortt Knox podcast: forttknox.com/apple » Subscribe to Fortt Knox: youtube.com/forttknox Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: cnbc.com Find CNBC News on 20 июня 2018, 18:01
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4 дня 2:47
Why The Dow Doesn't Really Matter | CNBC
The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the most widely followed U.S. stock index, but it may not be the best barometer of the equity markets. 20 июня 2018, 16:01
3 012
4 дня 1:38
This Bill Gates-Backed Start-Up Keeps Avocados Ripe | CNBC
Apeel Sciences, whose VC backers include Andreessen Horowitz and Bill Gates, has patented an all-natural, virtually invisible coating that fortifies the peel of fruits and veggies to keep them fresher and can double 20 июня 2018, 13:53
7 250
5 дней 6:57
Hulu CEO Randy Freer On The Disney And Comcast Battle For Fox | CNBC
CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin sits down with Hulu CEO Randy Freer to discuss Hulu's place in the market, Disney and Comcast's effort to acquire Fox, the business of content and the future of streaming. 19 июня 2018, 22:11
6 316
5 дней 5:17
Slack Hacks To Make You A Messaging Guru | CNBC
Slack has grown to more than 8 million daily active users since the start-up launched four years ago. The messaging platform is used by more than 500,000 companies worldwide. 19 июня 2018, 20:25
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