4 дня 6:44
What is net neutrality? | CNBC Explains
The Trump administration is planning to repeal net neutrality which could change the internet for millions of Americans. CNBC'S Tom Chitty explains. Disclosure: Comcast owns CNBC parent NBCUniversal. 13 декабря 2017, 22:00
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6 дней 3:56
This food delivery startup is putting refugees back to work | CNBC Reports
A food delivery startup working with refugees from Myanmar and Syria sold more than 40,000 meals in 18 months. CNBC's Xin En Lee finds out how they managed to grow and make a profit from tiny home kitchens. 11 декабря 2017, 22:00
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7 дней 2:24
As India goes big on renewables, bright minds develop innovative tech | Sustainable Energy
India has big plans when it comes to renewable energy. 10 декабря 2017, 22:00
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8 дней 1:06
How Gwen Stefani keeps her music career going | CNBC International
Singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani has transformed her career time and time again, so how did she do it? 9 декабря 2017, 22:00
10 дней 4:59
What is Tencent? | CNBC Explains
Tencent is the first company in Asia to pass $500 billion market cap mark. CNBC's Uptin Saiidi explains what's behind the massive conglomerate. 8 декабря 2017, 2:54
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11 дней 4:41
He gets paid to race cars - but it's not easy | CNBC Profiles
CNBC's Uptin Saiidi follows Yuey Tan, an international race driver, as the Under Armour and Porsche-sponsored driver prepares for a weekend of races and parties. 6 декабря 2017, 22:00
1 501
13 дней 2:13
6 tips for putting together a great elevator pitch | CNBC Reports
For a startup, there are 60 seconds that can make or break you. Here’s how to sell your idea in the perfect elevator pitch. CNBC’s Elizabeth Schulze reports. 4 декабря 2017, 22:00
1 260
15 дней 3:18
This gun pierces through planes and puts out fires | CNBC Reports
The PyroLance can pierce through the side of a plane in under 10 seconds, revolutionising the way airport fire fighters tackle a burning plane. CNBC's Tom Chitty reports. 2 декабря 2017, 22:00
1 939
17 дней 1:30
Bali's volcano is threatening its tourism industry | CNBC Reports
As fears of a massive volcano eruption in Bali increase, CNBC's Uptin Saiidi visits the surrounding area of the tourist hotspot. 30 ноября 2017, 11:31
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20 дней 4:00
Inside the world's only flying eye hospital | CNBC Reports
Global charity Orbis have converted a Boeing MD-10 into an eye hospital complete with an operating room. CNBC's Tom Chitty reports. 27 ноября 2017, 22:00
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23 дня 2:24
Electric planes and how they could transform aviation | Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Energy finds out about how innovation could transform aviation. 24 ноября 2017, 22:00
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24 дня 5:18
Did the Fed do the right thing? | CNBC Explains
Nine years ago, the Federal Reserve took unprecedented steps to stimulate the American economy during the financial crisis. So did it do the right thing? CNBC's Elizabeth Schulze explains. 23 ноября 2017, 22:00
1 997
26 дней 2:24
Coal mines could have a role to play in the transition to renewables | Sustainable Energy
In Germany, a soon to be closed coal mine could have a new lease of life. 21 ноября 2017, 22:00
1 894
27 дней 2:15
How to prepare for the hardest maneuvers in aviation | CNBC International
Whether it’s eating before they fly or going through every detail with air traffic controllers, these pilots leave nothing to chance at the Dubai Airshow. CNBC's Tom Chitty reports. 20 ноября 2017, 22:00
1 568
28 дней 11:23
The innovations transforming the way we use electricity, part two | Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Energy looks at why electricity makes the world go round. 19 ноября 2017, 22:00
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29 дней 15:06
The innovations transforming the way we use electricity, part one | Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Energy looks at why electricity makes the world go round. 18 ноября 2017, 22:00
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30 дней 3:50
Changi Airport: How to get through Terminal 4 without talking to anyone | CNBC International
When the world's best airport opens a new terminal, expectations are pretty high. CNBC's Uptin Saiidi travels through Changi's Terminal 4 where automation is everywhere. 17 ноября 2017, 22:00
14 362
31 день 5:12
Who's doing business with North Korea? | CNBC Explains
It may be under international sanctions but the North Korean economy is growing. CNBC’s Xin En Lee explores the business dealings of the reclusive state. 16 ноября 2017, 22:00
7 291
33 дня 2:04
Inside Embraer’s Lineage 1000E jet: Built for business not celebrities | CNBC International
The Lineage 1000E is designed for business with five separate cabins and increased air pressure to keep you alert while you work on board. CNBC's Tom Chitty reports. 14 ноября 2017, 23:31
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34 дня 4:19
An app could change this little boy's life | CNBC Reports
Mobile health apps are opening new doors for people around the globe. Here's how one could give two-year-old Emerson a new lease on life. CNBC's Elizabeth Schulze reports. 14 ноября 2017, 0:00
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34 дня 26:04
Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin | The Brave Ones
The Braves Ones – In collaboration with Credit Suisse: Richard Branson was given a choice - stay in school or run his first business. The rest is history. 13 ноября 2017, 13:58
95 443
35 дней 3:32
Inside Emirates Airlines' new First Class Suites | CNBC International
Order food via video phone and admire the view through your virtual window in Emirates' new First Class Suite. CNBC's Tom Chitty reports. 12 ноября 2017, 21:57
38 325
37 дней 3:27
Who's in charge in Saudi Arabia? | CNBC Explains
A power struggle is engulfing Saudi Arabia's royal family with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman at the center. So who is now in charge of Saudi Arabia? Tom Chitty explains. 10 ноября 2017, 17:05
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38 дней 4:08
Surviving in one of the world's most expensive cities | CNBC Profiles
Zack Schwartz shares seven tips on how to make it in Hong Kong as an entrepreneur with little cash flow. 9 ноября 2017, 15:38
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41 день 5:01
Japan made bitcoin a legal currency - now it's more popular than ever | CNBC Reports
Bitcoin trade in Japan accounts for about half of the global trade volume. That number has surged since the government passed a new law earlier this year, recognizing bitcoin as a legal form of currency. 6 ноября 2017, 22:00
229 677
43 дня 2:24
Photosynthesis is inspiring cutting edge research | Sustainable Energy
At one university in California, researchers are looking to develop "artificial photosynthesis." ----- Subscribe to CNBC International: cnb.cx/2gft82z Like our Facebook page 4 ноября 2017, 22:00
1 202
44 дня 4:46
Singapore Airlines' new suites are hotel rooms in the sky | CNBC
Singapore Airlines unveiled it's first major cabin overhaul in a decade. CNBC's Uptin Saiidi tests out features of its suites and business class cabins. 3 ноября 2017, 14:14
20 745
45 дней 4:27
What makes art so expensive? | CNBC Explains
Wealthy buyers will shell out hundreds of millions of dollars for a work of art. So what makes some art so valuable? CNBC’s Elizabeth Schulze explains. 2 ноября 2017, 22:00
2 619
47 дней 2:24
Zero emission hydrogen boilers could transform the way we heat our homes | Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Energy looks at the development of a hydrogen boiler. 31 октября 2017, 22:00
1 149
48 дней 2:37
The tattoo artist inking the world's most famous faces | CNBC Profiles
Los Angeles-based tattooist Mark Mahoney has inked some of the world's most famous faces. 30 октября 2017, 22:00
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