5 дней 2:47
Rolls-Royce Cullinan: Off road in the world's most expensive SUV
The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the 114-year-old brand's first SUV and it will start at $325k. See the Cullinan drive up Snow King Mountain in Wyoming. 8 ноября 2018, 15:04
11 441
8 дней 3:29
A tale of two minimum wages
CNN’s Jon Sarlin takes a look into the widening gulf between the 39% of the U.S. that has a $7.25 minimum wage, and the 61% with a higher one. 5 ноября 2018, 16:30
17 740
8 дней 3:58
Priyanka Chopra: Technology gives us freedom
Priyanka Chopra may be known for acting, but now she's investing in tech companies. In an exclusive interview with CNN, Chopra tells Laurie Segall why she's investing in Bumble. 5 ноября 2018, 15:32
17 443
14 дней 4:47
The rise and fall and rise again of Segway
Back in 2001, Segway had big goals to change the world. That didn't happen. But almost two decades later, Segway may still change how we move. 30 октября 2018, 14:58
7 137
15 дней 6:51
Social media's role in spreading hate
This week illustrates how people can become radicalized by "living in the fever swamps of the internet," Brian Stelter says. 29 октября 2018, 15:24
2 127
21 день 2:20
How a Zillow exec found her lakeside home
See the one feature that convinced Zillow COO Amy Bohutinsky to purchase her Seattle house and turn it into her dream home. 23 октября 2018, 16:52
9 526
25 дней 3:18
Inside Facebook's election 'war room'
How is Facebook fighting election interference? CNN's Laurie Segall gets a look inside the company's war room, a hub that aims to prevent interference ahead of the midterms. 19 октября 2018, 14:07
4 630
26 дней 5:04
Bugatti's unbelievable story of beauty and bad business
Bugatti makes the world's most expensive cars, and, arguably, the most beautiful. But to truly understand the brand you must know its history. 18 октября 2018, 13:21
344 264
27 дней 2:11
Take a ride in an electric Corvette
Love the environment and sports cars? Engineers at Genovation have taken a Corvette and made it into a 220 mph, manual transmission, electric supercar. 17 октября 2018, 14:25
97 102
28 дней 2:41
Jimmy Kimmel on how Trump changed late night comedy
Late night host Jimmy Kimmel sits down with CNN's Frank Pallotta to discuss how politics influences his show and his own intentions for 2020. 16 октября 2018, 12:09
5 455
29 дней 13:46
Priscilla Chan is trying to change the fate of an entire generation
Priscilla Chan and her husband, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, have pledged 99% of their wealth to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, or CZI, which aims "to advance human potential and | 15 октября 2018, 11:03
566 090
32 дня 1:17
Why rising bond yields are spooking stocks
Rising yields make borrowing more expensive for companies and consumers, and they make risky stocks less attractive to investors. Christine Romans explains. 12 октября 2018, 15:02
3 603
34 дня 3:08
How Instagram can make or break a restaurant
One viral menu item can make a restaurant famous on Instagram -- and massively boost business. Here's how the app is changing the way we eat out. 10 октября 2018, 13:54
9 705
36 дней 2:32
This beach house is designed to survive a hurricane
After Hurricane Sandy's devastating floods in 2012, homeowners Valari and R.C. Staab wanted their beach-front home designed with rising sea levels in mind. 8 октября 2018, 20:05
108 099
36 дней 2:42
Can Amazon afford to get into the ad business?
CNN's Jon Sarlin looks into Amazon's booming ad business. Could Amazon's move into Google and Facebook's space alienate its customers and vendors? 8 октября 2018, 16:18
6 249
39 дней 1:10
This Renault concept car is a lounge on wheels
See the Renault EZ-Ultimo, an autonomous concept car designed to shuttle occupants around in luxury. 5 октября 2018, 19:12
9 878
39 дней 4:25
This is what happens when Amazon comes for your business
CNN's Jon Sarlin explains why companies panic when Amazon enters their markets and what unexpected opportunities that can bring. 5 октября 2018, 19:08
61 684
39 дней 3:01
Rosé Mansion: Selfie playground or future of retail?
Experiential pop-ups like Rosé Mansion and the Museum of Ice Cream are springing up all over the country. 5 октября 2018, 18:54
1 635
39 дней 1:56
Marc Benioff: I want Time magazine to be unshackled
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff tells CNN's Laurie Segall why he purchased Time Magazine, and what he envisions for the publication's future. 5 октября 2018, 18:45
1 235
39 дней 2:48
This tiny home was designed by a world renowned architect
Danish architect Bjarke Ingels collaborated with new company Klein to bring luxury to the tiny house movement. Go inside to see every high-end detail on the smallest scale. 5 октября 2018, 18:31
209 780
39 дней 1:43
What kills a bull market?
The current bull market is the longest in history, but bull markets don't die of old age. So what could end this record run? Christine Romans breaks down the possible culprits. 5 октября 2018, 17:01
2 970
39 дней 3:56
These shows are vying to be the next 'Game of Thrones'
With HBO's mega hit "Game of Thrones" coming to an end soon, CNN's Frank Pallotta explains how much time and money every media company is putting into finding its replacement. 5 октября 2018, 16:56
2 970
39 дней 2:25
Lamborghini's new Urus SUV is badass
The Italian automaker has nailed its first SUV. The Urus drives like a supercar with the utility of an SUV. 5 октября 2018, 16:08
32 185
39 дней 4:28
Amazon is using AI in almost everything it does
CNN's Rachel Crane goes inside Amazon HQ to see how Amazon uses AI to improve customer experiences, from cashier-less stores to Alexa's new tricks. 5 октября 2018, 16:03
101 891
49 дней 0:59
This is how much money Apple makes on iPhones
Since the iPhone's launch in 2007, Apple has sold more than a billion phones. Here's just how much the iPhone makes for the trillion-dollar company. 25 сентября 2018, 13:19
32 657
54 дня 7:30
John Carreyrou: Theranos scandal is a cautionary tale
John Carreyrou broke the Theranos story in the Wall Street Journal and wrote "Bad Blood," a book about the scandal. He talks with CNN's Julia Chatterley about the rise and fall of the biotech startup. 20 сентября 2018, 15:21
3 610
54 дня 3:10
Apple's iPhone XS and XS Max: First impressions
CNN's Samantha Kelly tests out some new features of the iPhone XS and XS Max. 20 сентября 2018, 15:00
17 675
54 дня 2:27
Watch: We test the new GoPro Hero7 Black
GoPro has had some major struggles in recent years. It's hoping a new camera, the Hero7 Black, can help it recover. 20 сентября 2018, 13:56
5 016
56 дней 1:41
Yusaku Maezawa: Meet SpaceX's first moon tourist
Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will be the first passenger in a SpaceX trip around the moon. 18 сентября 2018, 15:41
13 076
56 дней 2:13
Billionaires love buying newspapers
From Warren Buffett to Jeff Bezos, these billionaires are snapping up newspapers despite the fact the industry is struggling. 18 сентября 2018, 15:08
6 624
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