13 часов 1:16:47
Japan’s National Defense Strategy
The CSIS Japan Chair is pleased to invite you to a discussion on Japan's national defense strategy with H.E. Takeshi Iwaya, Minister of Defense of Japan. 16 января 2019, 16:47
1 216
1 день 1:53:43
Dawn of the Code War
Please join us for an armchair discussion on responses to national security threats in cyberspace from the Department of Justice, featuring John P. 16 января 2019, 0:19
1 057
1 день 1:23:00
Multilateral Institutions and an Illegitimate Regime in Venezuela
On January 10th, Nicolas Maduro’s first term ended and with it any remnants of legitimacy. 15 января 2019, 21:09
1 день 1:16:29
China's Crisis of Success: Book Talk with Dr. William Overholt
Over the past four decades, China has overcome significant political and economic challenges through reform and opening, but its successes have brought new, increasingly complex challenges. 15 января 2019, 21:00
1 568
5 дней 1:34:49
How to Deal with Venezuela's Mafia State Post-January 10th
Please join CSIS Americas for an armchair discussion about the international community’s policy options in responding to Nicolas Maduro’s lack of legitimacy to continue in office. 11 января 2019, 17:17
1 710
5 дней 1:18:27
MSD: Maritime Priorities for the New Year from the Senior Enlisted Perspective
Please join CSIS and the United States Naval Institute (USNI) for a Maritime Security Dialogue event featuring a discussion with | 11 января 2019, 17:05
5 дней 1:08:08
Can The U.S. Win A Counterinsurgency War?
Developed by the 173rd Airborne Brigade in 2010, the “soft approach” in Afghanistan’s Lowgar and Wardak Provinces was one of America’s most effective counterinsurgency efforts in the War on Terror. 11 января 2019, 16:19
7 дней 2:02:07
2019 U.S.-Japan Security Seminar: Challenges and Opportunities for the Alliance
The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and The Japan Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) cordially invite you to the 25th Annual U.S.-Japan Security Seminar: Challenges and | 9 января 2019, 22:18
1 679
7 дней 2:56:24
The Launch of the Stephenson Ocean Security Project
The Stephenson Ocean Security Project (SOS) is focused on the links between ocean health and global security. 9 января 2019, 18:15
7 дней 1:45
Saving Our Seas from Competition and Climate Change
Resource competition and climate change threaten the future of our oceans. 9 января 2019, 12:40
14 дней 3:33
Subsidies and Trade: A Tricky Combination
When governments mix subsidies and international trade, you’ve got a recipe for tariffs. What are subsidies, how do they impact international trade, and how can governments respond to subsidies? 2 января 2019, 16:33
26 дней 3:20
What's Happening in Yemen
Saudi Arabia’s air campaign against Houthi extremists has caused massive civilian casualties and exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. 21 декабря 2018, 18:40
4 187
28 дней 4:30:38
Innovation, Partnership, and Self-Reliance: Health Policy Lessons from India’s Bihar State
Please join the CSIS Global Health Policy Center for a half-day conference examining the lessons learned from the Bihar Technical Support Program and its implications for U.S. 19 декабря 2018, 19:22
1 042
34 дня 54:25
Book Launch: Small Wars, Big Data
The CSIS Transnational Threats Project cordially invites you to a book launch event for Eli Berman, Joseph H. Felter & Jacob N. 13 декабря 2018, 23:43
1 392
34 дня 51:39
The Humanitarian and National Security Crisis in Yemen: An Update and Path Forward
The escalating conflict is Yemen has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. 13 декабря 2018, 22:08
1 076
34 дня 1:23:01
Extending Federal Cybersecurity to the Endpoint
Please join us for a panel discussion on Thursday, December 13th at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on extending federal cybersecurity to endpoint devices. 13 декабря 2018, 19:36
34 дня 1:29:44
Targeted Sanctions on Human Rights Abusers and Kleptocracies
Please join the Human Rights Initiative for reflections from U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD), the author of the Global Magnitsky Act. 13 декабря 2018, 15:42
35 дней 1:54:45
Leadership in Global Health: Making 2019 the Year of the Woman
With the Time’s Up and Me Too movements, 2018 has been dubbed the “Year of the Woman” – at least in the United States. But what about in global health? 12 декабря 2018, 20:42
36 дней 1:27:43
When the City Does the Feeding: The Role of Local Governance in Urban Food Security
For 25 years, the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte has been an unsung hero in the fight against food insecurity. As Dr. M. 11 декабря 2018, 22:14
37 дней 1:27:41
Future Directions for the Peace Corps
For over 50 years, more than 230,000 Americans have volunteered with the Peace Corps in 141 countries to develop sustainable solutions in the sectors of agriculture, health, community economic | 10 декабря 2018, 19:43
40 дней 2:47
Gray Zones: Responding to the Threats
CSIS explores how the United States can better manage gray zone competition by speaking for American values, working with allies and partners, and ensuring that Americans understand how foreign | 7 декабря 2018, 21:23
1 222
40 дней 3:16
Gray Zone Tools: Use of Ambiguous Forces
CSIS explores Chinese, Russian, Iranian, and other countries’ use of gray zone actions to coerce or compel others using ambiguous forces. 7 декабря 2018, 21:22
2 238
40 дней 2:25
Gray Zone Tools: Economic Coercion
CSIS explores Chinese, Russia, and other countries’ use of economic power to coerce others into positions of disadvantage. 7 декабря 2018, 21:21
40 дней 2:54
Gray Zone Tools: Information Warfare
CSIS explores Russian, Chinese, and other countries’ use of disinformation, election meddling, and social media accounts to spread propaganda and sow division through gray zone tactics. 7 декабря 2018, 21:21
1 203
40 дней 4:18
Understanding Gray Zones
Countries like China and Russia increasingly use non-military means to achieve their objectives. 7 декабря 2018, 21:20
1 581
40 дней 2:30
What's Happening with Brexit
Before voting to leave the European Union, the United Kingdom was the fastest growing economy of the G7 countries. Now, it’s the slowest. 7 декабря 2018, 15:51
37 161
41 день 43:01
China’s Power: Up for Debate (2018) - Afternoon Keynote, Adm. Philip S. Davidson
The challenges and opportunities presented by China’s rise are hotly contested. 6 декабря 2018, 17:43
1 505
41 день 1:03:21
China’s Power: Up for Debate (2018) - Proposition 5, Bryan Clark and Peter Dutton
The challenges and opportunities presented by China’s rise are hotly contested. 6 декабря 2018, 17:43
1 849
41 день 1:01:19
China’s Power: Up for Debate (2018) - Proposition 4, Edward Tse and Samm Sacks
The challenges and opportunities presented by China’s rise are hotly contested. 6 декабря 2018, 17:41
1 172
41 день 1:07:47
China’s Power: Up for Debate (2018) - Proposition 3, Scott Kennedy and Mu Rongping
The challenges and opportunities presented by China’s rise are hotly contested. 6 декабря 2018, 17:41
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