5 часов 3:47
Alan Colmes Dead at 66
Radio broadcaster and talk show host Alan Colmes dies at 66 --On the Bonus Show: TDPS website poll results, Maryland shop covering up racist tattoos for free, the Icelandic President's pineapple pizza views and much 24 февраля 2017, 5:00
2 410
6 часов 5:36
Trump Lies Again, Revokes Obama Transgender Bathrooms Guidelines
The Trump administration revoked a landmark initiative for public schools to let transgender students use the bathrooms of their choice, reversing a signature measure taken by President Obama 24 февраля 2017, 3:30
6 569
8 часов 3:51
Trump Staff Admits to Planting Fake News to Counter Twitter Meltdowns
During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump's communication team would scramble to place positive stories in conservative-friendly media outlets like Fox News, the Washington Examiner, the Daily Caller, and 24 февраля 2017, 2:00
16 392
9 часов 4:28
To Avoid Sounding Dumb, Interpreters Modify Trump's Language
Interpreters like Japan's Chikako Tsuruta are not translating President Trump's statements verbatim because they are worried it will make them look stupid 24 февраля 2017, 1:00
45 190
10 часов 47:19
LIVE: Tech Train Wreck, Can Trump Keep It Together?
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12 970
11 часов 4:15
Trouble: Americans Increasingly Think Trump is Incompetent
Quinnipiac finds that not only is Donald Trump's approval rating dismally low 38% but also only 42% of Americans consider the President to be a good leader 23 февраля 2017, 23:00
69 048
12 часов 5:26
CNN Host Abruptly Ends Show When Panelist Calls It "Fake News"
CNN's Don Lemon abruptly ends a panel segment after one guest, Paris Dennard, tells Lemon that his coverage of President Trump's excessive travel is "fake news" and "not a news story" 23 февраля 2017, 22:00
24 720
14 часов 3:58
"Can Trump Read" Story Goes Viral in France
A TDPS clip that puts Donald Trump's reading ability into question goes viral in France 23 февраля 2017, 20:00
70 640
1 день 6:00
ANOTHER Suspicious Russian Death
On Election Day, Sergei Krivov, an employee of the Russian consulate in New York City was found dead at his office with blunt trauma head injuries; the incident is only now being revealed to the public 23 февраля 2017, 5:00
23 953
1 день 22:06
Gerrymandering: It's Pretty F#@&!@g Bad
Bill Oglesby, Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University's Robertson School of Media and Culture, joins David to discuss the documentary film he produced and directed "GerryRIGGED: Turning Democracy On 23 февраля 2017, 3:30
18 959
1 день 3:27
We're Giving Away Coffee
The David Pakman Show is giving away free bags of coffee when viewers sign up for membership at davidpakman.com/freebeans davidpakman.com/freebeans 23 февраля 2017, 2:00
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1 день 7:48
Trump Spends in 1 Month What Obama Spent on Travel in 1 Year
President Trump's Mar-a-Lago visits and family travel expenses have cost the American taxpayer $11.3 million in just one month, nearly as much as President Obama's grand total for his first year in office 23 февраля 2017, 0:30
72 416
1 день 6:31
Trump Pandering to Black People Completely Implodes
During Donald Trump's recent rally in Florida, supporters held up signs behind the President advertising "blacksfortrump2020.com," a page that redirects to an extremist website 22 февраля 2017, 23:00
60 692
1 день 6:39
Russian Officials Confirm Contact with Trump During Campaign
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov confirms that the Russian government had been in touch with Donald Trump's advisers during the campaign 22 февраля 2017, 21:30
129 754
1 день 11:26
Trump's Mexico Plan Could Be Epic Backfire
Luke Vargas, United Bureau Chief for Talk Media News, joins David to discuss trade, immigration, and counter-terror cooperation between the United States and Mexico --On the Bonus Show: Trump supporters need not 22 февраля 2017, 20:00
31 325
1 день 0:41
Taking Your Calls in 15 Minutes! 617-830-4750
Call us LIVE starting at 1:15pm eastern today at 617-830-4750. 22 февраля 2017, 18:00
2 дня 5:52
SHOCK: Trump Lawyer Handed Michael Flynn Plan to Lift Russian Sanctions
Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's personal lawyer, hand-delivered a "peace" plan for Russia and Ukraine that included the removal of sanctions to former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, which ultimately led to 22 февраля 2017, 5:00
45 862
2 дня 6:07
Donald Trump is the Perfect Strawman
The media circus around President Trump's antics is distracting from Congressional Republicans passing legislation to reverse Obama-era regulations and set the country back a generation 22 февраля 2017, 3:30
38 296
2 дня 3:27
CRIME: Trump Security Advisor Lied to FBI About Russian Sanctions
Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn committed a crime by lying to FBI agents about his discussions of sanctions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak 22 февраля 2017, 2:00
25 885
2 дня 5:56
SHOCK: Republicans & Fox News SLAM Trump Over Media Attacks
Even conservatives like Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Fox News anchors Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace are criticizing Donald Trump for berating the media in his most recent press conference 22 февраля 2017, 0:30
139 939
2 дня 46:37
LIVE: Milo, Donny Boy, Sweden, Questions!
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19 706
2 дня 4:34
Trump Makes Up Terrorist Attack, Says He Got it From FOX News
President Trump implies that a terrorist attack took place in Sweden Friday night after he watched a Fox News report on general immigration issues facing the country 21 февраля 2017, 23:00
28 747
2 дня 9:59
Milo Yiannopoulos Caught Defending Pedophilia, Career Implodes
Breitbart News Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos is facing career troubles after clips of him inartfully talking about underaged consent and pedophilia from The Drunken Peasants Podcast go viral 21 февраля 2017, 21:30
113 669
3 дня 4:05
Are You Still Friends with People from Your Youth?
Audience Question: Have you reconnected or remained in touch with old classmates? 21 февраля 2017, 3:30
7 574
3 дня 2:20
Caller: Trump Sailed Through College Because His Uncle Taught There
Voicemail suggests that Donald Trump has a learning disability --On the Bonus Show: KKK leader murdered by his own family, mental health professionals say Trump is incapable of being President, Russia Today tweets 21 февраля 2017, 2:00
19 522
3 дня 3:05
Mike Pence Clearly Knows About Trump Russia Connections
Caller questions if Mike Pence was privy to the Trump campaign's Russia connections during the campaign --On the Bonus Show: Union dispute at Boeing in South Carolina, pollution in the Mariana trench, plans for the 21 февраля 2017, 0:30
75 957
3 дня 2:39
David Dominates the Empanadas
This week's top images from David's Instagram account instagram.com/david.pakman --On the Bonus Show: KKK leader murdered by his own family, mental health professionals say Trump is incapable of being 20 февраля 2017, 23:00
5 302
3 дня 1:49
Will Space Tourism Be Possible in 50 Years?
Audience Question: Do you think space tourism will be possible in the next fifty years? 20 февраля 2017, 21:30
3 419
4 дня 1:23
Where's Trump When You Need Him?
Voicemail criticizes President Trump's economic policies after more jobs continue to be outsourced --On the Bonus Show: Iowa trying to save the bee population, intelligence community might go after Trump, David goes 20 февраля 2017, 3:30
24 579
4 дня 3:25
Caller Points Out America Isn't Really a Democracy
Caller doesn't believe the United States is a representative democracy because a minority of people can elect a president --On the Bonus Show: Union dispute at Boeing in South Carolina, pollution in the Mariana 20 февраля 2017, 2:00
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