8 дней 6:47
Trump Lawyer Likely Flipping As His Own Lawyers Quit
Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen has been abandoned by his legal team, which is quitting, and it is now very likely he will flip and cooperate with federal investigators 14 июня 2018, 20:30
21 002
8 дней 53:35
Trump-Kim Summit, AT&T/Time Warner Merger Approved, Trump Claims Greatest Memory, & More!
Support TDPS & get the Full Show Daily! 14 июня 2018, 19:00
2 547
9 дней 4:40
White House Produced Bizarre North Korea Propaganda Video
A video that played before the Trump Kim Jong-un summit that was thought to be North Korean propaganda was actually produced by the White House 14 июня 2018, 4:00
13 832
9 дней 4:17
Trump Claims "One of Great Memories of All Time"
Donald Trump claims "one of the great memories of all time" as the reason why he did not need to take notes nor review a transcript of his hours-long meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un 14 июня 2018, 2:30
17 842
9 дней 7:20
Stunning Trump Idiocy as North Korea Claims All US Sanctions Being Lifted
Fallout from the Trump Kim Jong-un summit continues, with North Korean state media agency KCNA claiming that Donald Trump agreed to lift all sanctions on North Korea, Trump admitting that if it doesn't work out, 14 июня 2018, 1:00
26 762
9 дней 7:09
Trump Publicly Says He Will Punish "the People of Canada"
Donald Trump publicly says that he will punish "the people of Canada" as a result of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying that he will not allow Canada to be pushed around by Donald Trump thestar. 13 июня 2018, 23:30
102 267
9 дней 6:35
Dystopian RED ALERT: Judge Approves AT&T Time Warner Purchase
A real media dystopia continues to develop as a judge approves the purchase of Time Warner by AT&T just says after the net neutrality repeal is enacted 13 июня 2018, 22:00
10 678
9 дней 15:04
What on Earth Happened in Singapore with Trump & Kim Jong-un?
Luke Vargas, Chief Foreign Correspondent for Talk Media News, joins David from Singapore to discuss the fallout and consequences of the Trump Kim Jong-un summit, and the future of US relations with North Korea 13 июня 2018, 20:30
18 707
10 дней 4:46
Florida Didn't Do Gun Background Checks for 1 Year Because Employee Couldn't Log In
It is revealed that Florida did not to NICS firearms background checks for hundreds of concealed carry permits of the course of a year because a staffer was unable to log into the system 13 июня 2018, 4:00
11 661
10 дней 4:34
Trump Suggests Asking Obama About Foreign Policy
When asked about Russia rejoining the G8 despite their invasion and annexation of Crimea, President Donald Trump suggests talking to President Obama about it -Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership 13 июня 2018, 2:30
20 117
10 дней 5:11
Is the DNC Trying to Screw Bernie With New Rule?
The Democratic National Committee enacts a new rule which some claim is meant to prevent a possible Bernie Sanders candidacy in 2020, while others say is a step towards the elimination of superdelegates 13 июня 2018, 1:00
12 019
10 дней 4:59
Staff Taping Together Docs Illegally Destroyed by Trump
A bizarre and disturbing report confirms that White House staffers regularly tape together documents that Donald Trump has ripped up, which legally have to be preserved according to the Presidential Records Act 12 июня 2018, 23:30
19 786
10 дней 6:13
Dennis Rodman Outrageous Interview at Trump Kim Jong-un Summit
Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman arrives in Singapore hours before the Trump Kim Jong-un summit and gives a bizarre interview to CNN's Chris Cuomo -Become a Member: 12 июня 2018, 22:00
12 112
10 дней 10:13
Trump & Kim Jong-Un Sign Vague Deal of No Substance Whatsoever
President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un meet in Singapore and come out of the meeting with a vague, unenforceable un-actionable one page "deal" that is almost identical to prior agreements with 12 июня 2018, 20:30
27 940
11 дней 8:15
ICO Review: Ubanx, "Physical Locations for Crypto"
[ SPONSORED VIDEO ] Learn more about Ubanx and their ICO: ubanx.io This video was produced in partnership with and underwritten by Steemit and Ubanx and constitutes a "paid partnership." All viewers should 12 июня 2018, 5:30
12 847
11 дней 25:18
Legal Expert: Trump Probably CAN'T Be Indicted and CAN Pardon Himself
Andrew Torrez, attorney and co-host of the Opening Arguments podcast, joins David to discuss the actual limits, of any, of Donald Trump's pardon power, and much more -Become a Member: 12 июня 2018, 4:00
22 663
11 дней 5:33
BREAKING: Trump Threatening Total Destruction of American Economy
Donald Trump threatens the total destruction of the American economy by suggesting ending all trade with American allies around the world 12 июня 2018, 2:30
32 497
11 дней 5:37
Trump Cucked & Embarrassed at G7 Summit
President Donald Trump is totally embarrassed on the world stage at the G7 summit in Canada over the weekend, including insulting our allies making a confusing combination of threats -Become a Member: 12 июня 2018, 1:00
43 982
11 дней 10:18
Anthony Bourdain Dead at 61 in Midst of Massive Suicide Epidemic
★ Watch lectures from top universities → class-central.com/pakman --Famed chef, television host, and writer Anthony Bourdain is found dead by suicide in the midst of a horrific suicide epidemic impacting the 11 июня 2018, 23:30
17 926
11 дней 4:04
Fox Host Slips, Calls Trump "Dictator"
Fox News host Abby Huntsman slips and refers to President Donald Trump as a "dictator," later apologizing -Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership -Support Our Patreon: 11 июня 2018, 22:00
23 641
11 дней 4:44
Kim Jong-Un Has Already "Won" the Trump Summit
Regardless of the specific outcomes of this week's US-North Korea summit in Singapore, Kim Jong-un has already won merely by getting President Trump to agree to meet with him -Become a Member: davidpakman. 11 июня 2018, 20:30
21 913
12 дней 3:10
OOPS: Dana Loesch Didn't Plagiarize "Hatriot Mail"
Eggman and other believe that David has outed "Hatriot Mail guy" as "Pete" -Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership -Support Our Patreon: patreon.com/davidpakmanshow -Donate via 11 июня 2018, 2:30
6 782
12 дней 3:50
What Does David Admire About Conservatives?
Audience Question: What is something you admire or find redeeming about conservatives? 11 июня 2018, 1:00
7 448
12 дней 3:09
Trump's Tax Returns Would Expose Why He's So Successful
Caller wonders how Trump supporters defend the president's unwillingness to release his tax returns -Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership -Support Our Patreon: 10 июня 2018, 23:30
22 708
12 дней 2:29
Hatriot Mail: David's Jordan Peterson Ad Hom of Him
This week's Hatriot Mail coins a phrase that is genius in its idiocy -Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership -Support Our Patreon: patreon.com/davidpakmanshow -Donate via Bitcoin: 10 июня 2018, 22:00
7 586
12 дней 2:06
Have Democrats Forgotten About Winning in the South?
Caller questions whether Democrats have a shot at winning in the South -Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership -Support Our Patreon: patreon.com/davidpakmanshow -Donate via Bitcoin: 10 июня 2018, 20:30
4 327
12 дней 3:50
Is Convincing Someone to Have Sex "Coercion?"
Caller talks about the #metoo movement and whether convincing someone into sex is the same thing as coercing someone into sex -Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership -Support Our Patreon: 10 июня 2018, 19:00
184 006
13 дней 2:50
Is America A Plutocracy or Kakistocracy?
Caller wonders whether the United States government is actually a plutocracy or kakistocracy -Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership -Support Our Patreon: patreon.com/davidpakmanshow 10 июня 2018, 4:00
7 181
13 дней 4:01
Major Mixed Feelings About Jill Stein Segment
Voicemail callers don't agree in their reaction to our recent segment about 2016 Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein -Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership -Support Our Patreon: 10 июня 2018, 2:30
11 697
13 дней 3:42
Planned Parenthood is Using the NLRB to BREAK UNIONS
Audience Question: How do you feel about Planned Parenthood using the Trump NLRB to break up a potential union of some of their support staff in Colorado? 10 июня 2018, 1:00
5 827
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