17 часов 2:56
German youth soccer teams thrive on cultural diversity | DW English
Many of the youth soccer teams in Germany have players with immigration backgrounds. 24 сентября 2018, 18:30
18 часов 3:50
Turkish Red Crescent aids desperate refugees in Idlib | DW English
Turkey has taken in more Syrian refugees than any other country. Now it has built a wall to keep any more from crossing the border, and is trying to help them on the Syrian side instead. 24 сентября 2018, 17:12
1 день 4:44
Russia: Tatars try to save their language | DW English
Many of Russia's Tatars believe their culture is endangered, as their language is no longer a compulsory subject alongside Russian in Tatarstan's schools. Moscow did away with the requirement. 23 сентября 2018, 13:22
2 714
2 дня 3:19
Once affordable Berlin plagued with skyrocketing rents | DW English
Cheap housing once drew people to Berlin from across the globe. Now the city is facing the fastest growing property prices in the world and renters search in vain for affordable housing. 23 сентября 2018, 10:00
3 141
2 дня 3:35
Turkey: Soccer team trades players for goats | DW English
In Turkey, the cash-strapped soccer team Gülspor in the southwestern city of Isparta has sold 18 youth players to pro teams. With the income, they bought 10 goats. 22 сентября 2018, 13:00
1 457
3 дня 3:13
Zimbabwe's young hope for a brighter future | DW English
Zimbabwe’s economy has suffered from years of decay and international isolation. Young people are among the worst affected. 22 сентября 2018, 10:00
1 385
3 дня 2:59
German charity helps refugees in Lebanon learn online | DW English
According to the UN, Lebanon is hosting more than a million Syrian refugees. Many are young people who fled the war before finishing their education. 21 сентября 2018, 14:41
4 дня 26:01
Germany: Is Merkel's government mired in Conflict? | DW English
Angela Merkel is once again struggling to keep her coalition government together just a year after last September's election. What does it mean for Germany, and for Europe? 21 сентября 2018, 10:40
1 750
5 дней 26:08
Austrian Foreign Minister: 'I see Russia as a partner' | DW English
Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl told DW, "I see Russia as a partner." In an exclusive interview, Kneissl discussed migrants, the rule of law in Europe and, of course, Vienna's relationship | 20 сентября 2018, 10:44
3 088
5 дней 3:27
Nigerian megachurches draw in the faithful, and their cash | DW English
At Nigeria's Pentecostal megachurches, prosperity gospel is preached to adoring tens of thousands, who obligingly empty their pockets afterwards. 20 сентября 2018, 5:00
1 470
5 дней 3:02
Venezuela starves while Maduro eats steak | DW English
While Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro dines on celebrity steak, Venezuelans continue fleeing political and economic turmoil at home. 19 сентября 2018, 14:07
8 046
6 дней 2:49
Brexit: NHS faces uncertainty as health workers leave UK | DW English
With Brexit looming, the UK is facing a shortage of health workers. 19 сентября 2018, 11:21
1 315
6 дней 2:58
Everything you need to know about German beer culture | DW English
There's a lot more to the German beer culture than donning a Dirndl and downing a Maß at Oktoberfest. 19 сентября 2018, 6:00
24 236
6 дней 1:20
London football team's anti-fascist shirt goes viral | DW English
A local team in London has gained admirers around the world because of its new away shirt. 18 сентября 2018, 17:10
1 240
6 дней 3:03
India: Citizens' list update sparks fear in Assam state | DW English
About 4 million out of 30 million people in the Indian state of Assam have been left off a draft list of citizens, sparking anxiety over their fate. 18 сентября 2018, 16:06
1 638
7 дней 2:23
Chinese university pitches tents for parents of enrollees | DW English
In China, when your only child leaves school and goes to university, the family goes too. 17 сентября 2018, 16:50
1 307
8 дней 2:28
Wave of evictions in Lagos exacerbates poverty | DW English
The urban poor in Lagos grapple with loss of livelihoods and evictions. The Justice and Empowerment Initiative is trying to improve conditions for residents. 17 сентября 2018, 9:09
9 дней 12:05
Sarah's Music - Patricia Kopatchinskaja in Bonn | DW English
The violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja is performing in Bonn at the annual Beethovenfest with the Camerata Bern. 15 сентября 2018, 11:53
9 дней 6:54
Uganda's southern white rhinos | DW English
There were none left in Uganda until the Rhino Fund imported a few and started a breeding program. Now there are 24 at its sanctuary in Ziwa, protected by a large team of rangers. 15 сентября 2018, 11:52
10 дней 7:39
Let's talk about "integration" in Germany | DW English
Germany is more non-German than ever, and "integration" has become a buzz word. But what does integration really mean? DW asked six newcomers in Berlin what the term means to them - and doesn't. 15 сентября 2018, 10:00
2 498
10 дней 5:44
Peter Saunders: Church leaders are basically morally corrupt | DW English
A report by the Catholic Church detailing child abuse committed by clergy in Germany has been leaked to the media. Investigators documented more than 3,700 cases of abuse since World War II. 14 сентября 2018, 15:37
1 301
11 дней 26:01
Battle for Idlib: Endgame in Syria? | DW English
Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad and his allies are getting ready for a final assault on the last rebel stronghold in the country, Idlib. 14 сентября 2018, 11:04
6 697
11 дней 3:37
Crossing borders on the way to school in Donbas | DW English
Every day, schoolchildren in Hranitne, a front-line village in eastern Ukraine, must cross no-man's land and pass border checkpoints. For more news, go to: dw.com/en/top-stories/s-9097 | 13 сентября 2018, 16:07
1 626
11 дней 2:52
Brazil's Lula bows out of race, but will voters support his successor? | DW English
Read more: dw.com/en/brazil-former-president-lula-bows-out-of-presidential-bid/a-45450046 Former Sao Paulo Mayor Fernando Haddad was due to run as Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's deputy in | 13 сентября 2018, 15:16
12 дней 2:08
Chancellor Angela Merkel condemns xenophobic attacks | DW English
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has told lawmakers there's "no excuse" for inciting hostility toward people who look different. 12 сентября 2018, 13:50
3 782
12 дней 26:02
Is China threatening Hong Kong's freedoms? | DW English
Pro-democracy activists say China is trying to silence dissent in Hong Kong. 12 сентября 2018, 13:08
2 460
13 дней 1:38
European Parliament debate over Orbán and democracy | DW English
The European Parliament is debating whether to punish Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for allegedly undercutting democracy, a motion that could cost Hungary its EU voting rights. 11 сентября 2018, 16:20
2 144
13 дней 2:43
How Bob Woodward's book "Fear" is seen in Trumpland | DW English
"Fear", the book that has caused a stir among concerned Americans on the left and center, is making barely a ripple among Trump supporters. 11 сентября 2018, 14:41
49 581
14 дней 3:11
Report says China operates Uighur 'detention camps' | DW English
China is reportedly targeting Muslim Uighurs and Kazakhs in the northwestern Xinjiang region. Under the guise of combating terrorism, it has put an estimated one million people in reeducation camps. 10 сентября 2018, 15:56
3 818
14 дней 3:16
Russia's anti-extremism legislation in action | DW English
Russia is using a controversial anti-extremism law to silence unwelcome critics and opposition groups. Valentin Sokolov spent seven months in jail because of something he published on the internet. 10 сентября 2018, 11:36
2 820
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