17 часов 3:02
Our story: Tibetan nationality | CCTV English
Yuzhen is a Tibetan woman. She said with the reform and opening up, the construction intensity in Tibet is very strong. Shigatse is the home of highland barley. 9 декабря 2018, 10:00
21 час 2:16
Our story: Buyi nationality | CCTV English
Wei Xiuchun is of Buyi nationality. She said when she was married into the village, there was no electricity and tap water. 9 декабря 2018, 6:00
1 день 2:19
Our story: Maonan nationality | CCTV English
Tan Xiuxing lives in the beautiful Huanjiang County, Guangxi. It is the only autonomous county of Maonan nationality. 8 декабря 2018, 10:00
1 день 2:52
Our story: Uygur nationality | CCTV English
Zulipiye Halike is of Uygur nationality. She started her own business of the garment factory. "Thanks to the good policies of the country, I've achieved my dream step by step. 8 декабря 2018, 6:00
2 дня 1:31
Stunt: Chef with iron palm| CCTV English
Li Haiqiang is a chef, but he is more than that. It is just a piece of cake for him to squeeze the sugarcane and crack open a coconut with his bare hands. 7 декабря 2018, 6:19
2 дня 1:14
World's largest snakes gathering| CCTV English
Yikes! What happens when thousands of snakes come out of hibernation? 7 декабря 2018, 6:18
2 дня 3:07
New magic card tricks| CCTV English
Watch the skillful magician play magic card tricks where the cards are moving by shadow hands, as well as a card appears on a photo without being captured. 7 декабря 2018, 6:17
2 дня 3:44
Engraving genealogy collection box| CCTV English
Yu Wanqi, 18th generation successor of his family's woodblock printing craft, spent about a hundred days making a genealogy collection box engraved with his family name for storing precious moments | 7 декабря 2018, 6:16
2 дня 2:36
Sounds of nature from Tibetan Plateau| CCTV English
Sounds of nature from Tibetan Plateau! 7 декабря 2018, 6:00
3 дня 2:39
Our story- Zhuang nationality | CCTV English
Huang Yan'an is a primary school teacher in the township, and people call him "The Principal of Folk Song." He said his biggest wish is to pass the folk song culture of the Zhuang nationality on to | 6 декабря 2018, 6:00
3 дня 0:53
Stunt: Multi-tasking on sports| CCTV English
Juggling while skateboarding and jumping on a basketball? Wow, that sounds really challenging! Watch the stunt performer do challenging multitasking in these sports. Don't try this at home! 6 декабря 2018, 5:55
3 дня 0:40
Motorcyclist rescued by pedestrians| CCTV English
A motorcyclist, who fell to the ground unconscious and convulsed into seizures while riding, was rescued by pedestrians with immediate first aid of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and artificial | 6 декабря 2018, 5:53
3 дня 1:38
Chinese Huotong String Lion Dance| CCTV English
Many people have seen a Lion Dance on TV or in person. However, few people know about the String Lion Dance, which can be only seen in Huotong town, Ningde, south China's Fujian province. 6 декабря 2018, 5:50
3 дня 0:58
Health exercise helps relieve cold feet| CCTV English
In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) thinking, the cold lower limb are mainly caused by blood stasis, which is die to the lower limb being far away from the heart that reduces blood flow. 6 декабря 2018, 5:48
3 дня 1:09
Aerial view of apricot blossom ditch| CCTV English
CCTV English is the official channel for CCTV | 6 декабря 2018, 5:45
4 дня 2:22
Our story- Yao nationality | CCTV English
Liu Nian, is a teacher of Yao nationality. She has been working as a teacher for 26 years in this school. 6 декабря 2018, 2:00
4 дня 0:52
Returned panda meets public in China after quarantine | CCTV English
Returned San Diego Zoo panda meets public in southwest China's Sichuan Province after quarantine. #FLASH #ThisIsChina 【Best of CCTV】selects and collects the most popular videos of all CCTV channels. 5 декабря 2018, 10:00
4 дня 1:17
Xi attends welcome ceremony held by Portuguese president | CCTV English
Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Portugal on Tuesday for a two-day state visit aimed at carrying forward friendship and expanding cooperation between the two countries. 5 декабря 2018, 8:42
4 дня 1:03
Chinese president visits new Panama Canal locks | CCTV English
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday paid a visit to the Panama Canal and witnessed the passage of a fully-loaded Chinese container ship through the waterway's new locks.#FLASH #XiVisit 【Best of | 5 декабря 2018, 8:39
2 176
4 дня 2:09
New magic card tricks| CCTV English
CCTV English is the official channel for CCTV | 5 декабря 2018, 6:12
4 дня 1:12
Aerial view of Dazhou Island| CCTV English
CCTV English is the official channel for CCTV | 5 декабря 2018, 6:08
4 дня 4:39
Chinese oil-paper umbrella: the ancient surviving craft| CCTV English
China's long history of oil-paper umbrella craftsmanship is rich with cultural significance. 5 декабря 2018, 6:06
4 дня 2:44
Thousands of starlings perform aerobatics| CCTV English
Starling aerobatics performance is one of the most mesmerising spectacles of nature. 5 декабря 2018, 6:03
4 дня 1:56
Chinese ballet grannies| CCTV English
CCTV English is the official channel for CCTV | 5 декабря 2018, 6:02
4 дня 2:25
Our story- Jino nationality | CCTV English
Jeibulu, a native Jino nationality. He said the Jino nationality has experienced earth-shattering changes for the past 40 years. 5 декабря 2018, 5:31
4 дня 2:41
Our story- Salar nationality | CCTV English
Friends, haev you ever been to the Qinghai Plateau? Have you ever been to Salar nationality? Han Zhanxiang, 79, is from the Salar nationality. 5 декабря 2018, 5:29
5 дней 2:26
Our story- Hani nationality | CCTV English
My name is Bai Zhehei, Hani nationality. I'm working on the cultural inheritance of Hani nationality. 4 декабря 2018, 8:51
5 дней 2:48
Our story- Khalkhas: guard borderline to protect our own home | CCTV English
My family lives in Sazi Village, Jigen Town. The westernmost town of China. The name of my grandmother is Burumahan Maoleduo. She is a Khalkhas. 4 декабря 2018, 8:43
5 дней 1:49
Our story trailer two | CCTV English
A sacred territory of 9.6 million square kilometers, strong heartbeats of 1.4 billion Chinese sons and daughters, steady footsteps of 56 nationalities, in pursue of the China Dream of being | 4 декабря 2018, 8:31
5 дней 2:00
Our story trailer one | CCTV English
In 1978, China set off the historic journey of reform and opening up. Over the past 40 years, our wills unite like a fortress. Over the past 40 years, we strive forward. We change bit by bit... 4 декабря 2018, 8:25
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