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Flash floods wash away cars after torrential rains in Lanzhou, China
Dozens of cars get washed away in floods triggered by severe rainstorms in Lanzhou, China. 21 июля 2018, 20:30
5 часов 2:40
On Xi's Senegal visit: The Dakar Impression
Xinhua senior correspondent Chen Zhi covers Chinese President Xi Jinping’s overseas trips. This time he is in Dakar, Senegal to get the locals’ take on the Sino-Senegalese story and Xi’s state visit. #Xiplomacy 21 июля 2018, 20:13
6 часов 0:13
Jubilant Senegalese welcome Xi Jinping
Feel the heat on the streets of Dakar when the Senegalese welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping to the country for a state visit. #Xiplomacy 21 июля 2018, 19:07
11 часов 0:51
Spider-man delivery man aims for the stars
Spider-man delivery man: Make money and stay happy! 21 июля 2018, 13:35
13 часов 2:25
Chinese dancers radiating in an Egyptian belly dance festival
Every year from June to July, a number of belly dance festivals are held in Egypt's capital Cairo, attracting thousands of amateur belly dancers from all over the world to communicate, making Egypt a studying center 21 июля 2018, 12:01
13 часов 0:49
Chinese-built wind farm in Ethiopia: Africa's second largest
Aerial view of Africa's second largest wind farm, built by Chinese firms. #ChinaInAfrica 21 июля 2018, 11:58
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13 часов 1:12
Hot to trot! Staying cool in the zoo
What's the best way to stay cool in the summer? Let's see what these zoo animals have to say... 21 июля 2018, 11:45
14 часов 2:21
CNC talk: US counterclaim on steel, aluminum tariffs a gangster logic
As ironic as it can be, the United States filed challenges against China, the EU, Canada, Mexico and Turkey at the WTO on Monday, for retaliating against American tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. 21 июля 2018, 10:59
15 часов 1:13
Boy cut off by raging floodwaters, rescued after 5 hours
A 9-year-old boy cut off by raging floodwaters was rescued after firefighters created a 15-meter-long makeshift bridge. 21 июля 2018, 9:47
15 часов 1:03
China to host contests of International Army Games 2018
A test of strength and endurance! 17 teams from 10 countries will compete in International Army Games 2018 to be held in China's Xinjiang. 21 июля 2018, 9:47
16 часов 1:16
It can read your mind! Chinese researchers unveil brain-controlled robot
Getting robots to do what we want would be a lot easier if they could read our minds. Chinese researchers have unveiled a new personal assistance robot controlled with brain waves. Find out what it can do. 21 июля 2018, 8:31
16 часов 1:03
Largest in Africa! Chinese-built wrestling stadium helps Senegal promote national sport
Wresting is a national sport in Senegal and the country is about to have the largest wrestling stadium in Africa with the help of Chinese. And it's not just about sports. Find out. 21 июля 2018, 8:28
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Heroic moment! Off-duty policeman rescues drowning child from river
A child is struggling for life in a turbulent river in southwest China! Luckily, the kid is saved by an off-duty policeman who happens to take a stroll nearby along with his family. 21 июля 2018, 8:27
16 часов 1:08
5 years on! 1,200+ direct freight trains run between central China and Europe
The China-Europe "Silk Road" rail network is growing fast! The central Chinese city of Zhengzhou has become an international transport hub with regular freight train services to 126 cities in Europe and Central Asia. 21 июля 2018, 8:26
16 часов 2:00
Pakistani American entrepreneur hopeful about China's aviation market
Many business people in the U.S. are worried about the Trump administration's tariff policy. Zaheer Faruqi, founder and president of aviation parts supplier Aventure, is one of them. 21 июля 2018, 8:22
18 часов 1:35
Cristiano Ronaldo shows up in Beijing 4 days after Russian World Cup final
Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo greeted fans as he attended a promotion event in Beijing, China, on July 19, 2018. What did he say to Chinese fans after the World Cup? 21 июля 2018, 6:27
1 день 1:47
Delta Air Lines’ Inaugural Flight from Atlanta to Shanghai takes off amid trade disputes
Delta Air Lines relaunched its daily non-stop service between Atlanta and Shanghai on Friday. 20 июля 2018, 20:19
1 день 0:35
U.N.Secretary General Antonio Guterres meets U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
U.N.Secretary General Antonio Guterres met U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday at UN Headquarters in New York. 20 июля 2018, 16:40
1 день 0:34
Exclusive video: UAE holds grand welcome ceremony for President Xi’s state visit
Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping attended a grand welcome ceremony held in Abu Dhabi on Friday, which features a UAE Air Force aerobatic display. 20 июля 2018, 15:09
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1 день 1:18
4 still missing after Missouri duck boat sinks, killing 13
Four people are still missing after a duck boat packed with tourists capsized in choppy waters on Missouri lake, killing at least 13 people. 20 июля 2018, 14:34
1 день 0:32
Elderly man salutes to driver twice at intersection in E China
Elderly man salutes to driver twice after bus stops to allow him to pass at a crossroads in Qingdao, China. 20 июля 2018, 14:19
1 день 3:41
CNC Talk: China-Africa friendship in full bloom
2018 marks a new stage in China-Africa ties, with top-level visits becoming more and more frequent. With a combined population of 2.4 billion people, the potential for Chinese-African cooperation is huge. 20 июля 2018, 11:05
1 день 1:59
Leaders of media organizations from BRICS countries met here on Wednesday, seeking closer cooperation to make their voice heard on major international issues. 20 июля 2018, 10:57
1 день 1:13
The second edition of BRICS Media Joint Photo Exhibition opened in South Africa's Cape Town on Wednesday to shed light on the cultures, lives, development and cooperation of BRICS countris. 20 июля 2018, 10:55
1 день 0:55
Media leaders from BRICS countries held a presidium meeting of the 3rd BRICS Media Forum in Cape Town, South Africa, on Wednesday to explore ways for further cooperation. 20 июля 2018, 10:55
1 день 0:53
Robot wars at the ROBOTAC contest
Iron fist vs. steel armor! Watch these robots go head-to-head in the ROBOTAC ring in Anhui, east China. May the best machine win! 20 июля 2018, 9:53
1 день 23:23
Feed lovely river dolphins in Anhui
Have you ever heard of river dolphins? Did you know they are even rarer than the giant panda? Join us at a nature reserve in E China's Anhui to find out more... 20 июля 2018, 9:20
1 день 0:46
Thrilling! New glass suspension bridge opens in E China
A must-see! The longest glass suspension bridge in China's Zhejiang offers tourists thrilling new experience! 20 июля 2018, 8:55
1 день 0:57
Senegal's National Grand Theater: symbol of Sino-Senegal friendship
The National Grand Theater in Senegal, funded and built by China, has become a symbol of friendly relations between the two countries. 20 июля 2018, 7:11
1 день 1:33
Off we go! China's icebreaker sets sail for 9th Arctic expedition
China's icebreaker Xuelong sets sail on Friday for the country's ninth Arctic expedition. The ship will travel 123,000 nautical miles and return to Shanghai late September. 20 июля 2018, 7:09
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