11 дней 11:14
Live On Live - IFRI Specialist Dorothée Schmid - Turkey, Erdogan and faltering relations with the EU
"It's a bluff on the Turkish side to say they will suspend the EU agreement on migrants" : RFI's David Coffey speaks to author and academic, Dorothée Schmid, who heads the Turkey & Middle East Department at the French 15 марта 2017, 15:45
12 дней 12:33
Live on LiveDutch Elections and the Rise of Populism in the EUFamke KrumbmüllerOpenCitiz
"What is important is that it doesn't look like any of these populists will come to power in any EU countries": RFI's David Coffey speaks to Famke Krumbmüller, political analyst and Co-Founder of "OpenCitiz" business 14 марта 2017, 15:34
16 дней 11:18
'A million years to reach Trappist 1', astrophysicist Daniel Hestroffer
Astronomers recently discovered 7 new planets orbiting a single star, Trappist 1. Daniel Hestroffer of the Observatoire de Paris tells RFI's Angela Diffley about cool stars, new planets and how we find them. 10 марта 2017, 9:52
25 дней 11:38
Live On Live with Gerald Olivier on Donald Trump's address to US Congress
"The US Democrats need a 'Birth Certificate' issue to bring down the Trump Administration" RFI's David Coffey speaks to Gerald Olivier, author and strategist to take a look at US President Donald Trump's address to 1 марта 2017, 16:05
31 день 10:51
Live on Live with Nick Norbrook, managing editor of The Africa Report
Who runs South Africa? That's the 64 thousand dollar question being asked in this month's Africa Report mag. 23 февраля 2017, 11:17
32 дня 11:12
Amnesty International Annual Report - The State of the World's Human Rights
"Disproportionate response to security threats has absolutely the opposite effect": RFI's Amanda Morrow speaks to Amnesty International senior researcher Anna Neistat on the publication of this year's annual report 22 февраля 2017, 15:33
33 дня 9:49
France 24 chief foreign editor Robert Parsons on phase 2 of the Iraqi offensive on Mosul
"Once they lose their caliphate, the appeal of IS will disintegrate" RFI's Amanda Morrow speaks to France 24 chief foreign editor Robert Parsons on phase 2 of the Iraqi offensive on IS-controlled Mosul 21 февраля 2017, 15:29
34 дня 10:07
Marc Antoine Pérouse de Montclos on the history of Jihad in Sub Saharan Africa
"Just because jihadi groups copy each other, it doesn't mean they're coordinated" : RFI's Amanda Morrow speaks to Chatham House associate fellow, Marc Antoine Pérouse de Montclos, on the history of Jihad in Sub Saharan 20 февраля 2017, 15:27
45 дней 11:02
How African gold gave rise to capitalism
Exchanges within Africa, and outside its borders, began thousands of years ago ... well before colonisation and the arrival of the first Portuguese ships. 9 февраля 2017, 16:25
46 дней 12:01
Under Somali clan politics, money has to change hands - Roland Marchal CENI on Live on Live
RFI's Amanda Morrow delves into of Somalian politics, as the country which has been without a functioning central government for 25 years, holds presidential elections. 8 февраля 2017, 15:23
47 дней 22:31
"Our ultimate aim is full membership of the EU": Georgian Foreign Affairs Minister Mikheil Janelidze
Georgia has taken a step further towards becoming a fully-fledged member of the European Union, though the process is still many years away. 7 февраля 2017, 19:54
48 дней 9:26
"Trump Presidency a gamechanger for Europe" Yves Bertoncini, Director of Jacques Delors Institute
On Paris Live PM, RFI's Amanda Morrow speaks to the man in charge of the Jacques Delors Institute to discuss the problems plaguing Europe ahead of tomorrow's 25th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty. 6 февраля 2017, 15:20
52 дня 10:29
Should we be afraid? Ex US diplomat weighs in on Trump's first fortnight
Following violent protests against the appearance of a far-right commentator at Berkeley University in California, David Coffey asks former US State Department official William Jordan if this is only the beginning of 2 февраля 2017, 15:15
54 дня 1:41
How Aleppo soap is made in France
The Syrian town of Aleppo is famous for its laurel soap. But since the war reduced the city to ruins, the vast majority of its 50 factories have closed. Now the soap is being manufactured 4,000 kms away ... 31 января 2017, 13:19
55 дней 9:21
Are French pollsters getting the figures right? Hamon wins Socialist primaries - Live On Live
RFI's David Coffey is joined by Bruno Jeanbart, the Director of Polling and Political Analysis at Opinion Way in Paris to discuss the surprise victory of Benoit Hamon over former Prime Minister Manuel Valls as the 30 января 2017, 16:02
66 дней 11:35
Live on Live with Nick Norbrook, managing editor of The Africa Report magazine
RFI's David Coffey chats to Nick Norbrook about Brexit for Africa, the next potential leader of the ANC and Kenyan politics, which all feature in the February edition. 19 января 2017, 15:31
72 дня 11:09
Finding romance in Paris, here's how!
Canadian writer Lily Heise, author of 'Je t'aime... maybe' adopted Paris 15 years ago and she's often stumbled into romantic misadventure. 13 января 2017, 10:11
73 дня 9:59
Live on Live with Manuel Lafont Rapnouil, Head of ECFR Paris
RFI's Amanda Morrow speaks to Manuel Lafont Rapnouil, head of the European Council on Foreign Relations' Paris office, about France's renewed effort to revive the Middle East peace process on Sunday 15th January, which 12 января 2017, 15:22
73 дня 15:52
Live on Live with Adele Humbert from the Medill Justice Programme
RFI's David Coffey is joined by Adele Humbert from the Medill Justice Programme, an initiative that reviews the legal cases of "Shaken Baby Syndrome" and uncovers potential failures within both the legal and medical 12 января 2017, 11:35
73 дня 11:09
Finding romance in Paris, here's how!
Canadian writer Lily Heise, author of 'Je t'aime... maybe' adopted Paris 15 years ago and she's often stumbled into romantic misadventure. 12 января 2017, 9:53
78 дней 11:57
South Sudan Peace Agreement Day - Live on Live with William Jordan
RFI's David Coffey meets William Jordan, former US State Department official, to discuss the background to America's stake in the foundation of an independent South Sudan which commemorates "Peace Agreement Day" on 7 января 2017, 14:56
83 дня 10:32
French anti-pollution NGO suing the State for 'not doing its job'
Air pollution kills. A survey carried out last year by France's National health agency found it was behind the deaths of 48,000 people in France each year, just behind alcohol and tobacco-related diseases. 2 января 2017, 16:06
16.12.16 1:01
Eritrea's Ghebreslassie, youngest world marathon winner
On 6 November 2016, Eritrean Ghirmay Ghebreslassie won the New York City Marathon. He became the youngest athlete ever to win the race. Find out more about this promising long distance runner. 16 декабря 2016, 12:57
15.12.16 10:34
'Turkey is using Syria to show its strength - it's all about image'
Turkey is looking to revive a fragile ceasefire in Aleppo, and the planned evacuation of civilians, which it brokered with Russia. 15 декабря 2016, 12:33
14.12.16 3:16
African food on wheels
This month marks three years of business for a Parisian 'food truck' that specialises in west African dishes. 14 декабря 2016, 14:50
09.12.16 10:13
RFI & France 24 Ukraine correspondent Gulliver Cragg - Live on Live
RFI's David Coffey talks to France 24's Ukraine correspondent Gulliver Cragg about the current situation in the country, relations with Russia and NATO... and the on-going separatist war in the east. 9 декабря 2016, 15:31
09.12.16 10:48
Cathy Ho - Taiwanese food critic & Founder of HaoKouFu
RFI's David Coffey speaks to Cathy Ho, Taiwanese food critic and founder of the HaoKuoFu epicurean blog and website, to discuss the highs and lows of reviewing Michelin Star restaurants and the cuisine of Taiwan that 9 декабря 2016, 10:19
07.12.16 9:49
Tête-à-tête with Madrid correspondent Sarah Morris
RFI's David Coffey speaks to RFI and France 24 Madrid correspondent Sarah Morris, about the political situation in Spain and the challenges of economic recovery. 7 декабря 2016, 15:27
24.11.16 10:18
'Putin needs an enemy abroad to appear strong at home'
In Live on Live, Amanda Morrow chats with Elena Servettaz, from RFI's Russian service, about how President Vladmir Putin stands to extend his influence as Moscow-friendly political figures rise to powerful positions in 24 ноября 2016, 15:47
23.11.16 14:38
The 'Trump effect' on the Syria war - Political analyst Oleg Koptzeff
RFI's David Coffey speaks to Paris-based historian, author and political analyst Oleg Koptzeff about the "Trump Effect" on the current situation with the war in Syria and the fading potential for a negotiated end to 23 ноября 2016, 14:04
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