1 день 0:52
A vicitm of the League of Lol speaks
France t is toughening its online abuse laws after an outcry over young media executives who ran a macho "boys' club" that hounded female colleagues. 16 февраля 2019, 14:43
1 день 2:04
Are horses sensitive to music
Are horses sensitive to music? French musician and composer Jean-Luc Thomas talks to #worldmusicmatters about co-writing the score Ex Anima, equestrian show by #Bartabas. 16 февраля 2019, 11:56
2 дня 3:12
Salon Parapsy 2019 Paris
The yearly Salon de Parapsy in Paris gathers soothsayers, healers, numerologists, magnetizers, aura photographers and a group of shamans from Siberia. 15 февраля 2019, 17:13
5 дней 2:42
Chinese taste wine in France
Paris is holding a massive fair this week, showcasing one of France’s most famous products: wine. 12 февраля 2019, 20:11
9 дней 12:05
Dagmara Bojenko at the You and Me Wedding Fair Paris 2019
Dagmara Bojenko was born in Poland, brought up in Canada and now lives in Paris. Her personal experience of immigration has given her a unique perspective on tradition, language and family values. 8 февраля 2019, 17:02
12 дней 0:28
Year of the Pig in Paris
It's the year of the pig! Paris started Chinese New Year celerbrations on February 5 at Rue Royale. 5 февраля 2019, 17:35
19 дней 1:58
South Sudan editor flees after gag order
Michael Christopher, the editor-in-chief of South Sudan’s Arabic newspaper Al Watan has fled the country after being warned about his coverage of protests in neighbouring Sudan. 29 января 2019, 13:35
20 дней 1:27
World Music Matters Leyla McCalla
For her third album The Capitalist Blues, Haitian American singer and multi-instrumentalist Leyla McCalla questions the race to get ahead, and sings for the people left behind. 28 января 2019, 10:56
21 день 1:23
Red Scarves spokesman, Philippe Lhoste
The Red Scarves counter movement staged its first march in the streets of Paris, with more than 10,000 people turning out on Sunday 27 January to condemn the violence and disruption of the Yellow | 27 января 2019, 18:31
1 205
22 дня 1:05
Meet the Yellow Vests' co-founder, Priscillia Ludosky
When Priscillia Ludosky published an online petition calling for a fuel tax to be scrapped in November 2018, she had no idea it would morph into one of the biggest protest movements in France this | 26 января 2019, 17:35
23 дня 9:58
Paris Live Guest Nick Norbrook
Nick Norbrook, Managing editor of The Africa Report discusses the rise of China as a major investor in Africa, the challenges faced by Nigeria as it gears up for elections in February, and he | 25 января 2019, 12:19
25 дней 2:54
African design at Maison et Objet fair 2019, Paris.
Two African exhibitors stand out in this year's Maison et Objet fair in Paris, where buyers come from around the world to select interior design and gift items for their shops: From Mopti, central | 23 января 2019, 11:58
25 дней 15:14
Paris-based Comedian Paul Taylor on Paris Live 22/01/2019
RFI's David Coffey speaks to comedian Paul Taylor, who for the past few years has been trying to make sense of France's idiosyncracies for foreign ex-pats here in Paris through stand-up comedy and | 23 января 2019, 8:04
27 дней 18:19
Gare St Lazare Players, Conor and Judy Lovett
Gare St.Lazare Ireland is a theatre group with a repertoire of 17 titles by the Irish playwright and Paris resident for 52 years, Samuel Beckett. 21 января 2019, 18:15
27 дней 11:44
Kavita Brahmbhatt - co-founder Action Emploi Réfugiés
Most businesses don’t know that refugees have the right to work in their adoptive countries. 21 января 2019, 11:38
28 дней 2:18
Yellow Vests' Tenth Protest
On 19 January, the Yellow Vests held their tenth Saturday of demonstrations across France to show continuing discontent with the policies of President Emmanuel Macron. 20 января 2019, 14:28
2 322
32 дня 18:07
Paris Live guest Colin Hay
RFI's David Coffey speaks to Colin Hay, UK political specialist with Paris' Sciences-Po University about what happens next for Britain as a motion of no-confidence has been tabled against Prime | 16 января 2019, 14:51
37 дней 11:28
Paris Live guest Elizabeth Milovidov
Products incorporating artificial intelligence and virtual reality are increasingly being marketed to children, which raises questions about ethics. 11 января 2019, 16:12
38 дней 15:08
Paris Live guest Alain Richard
The US pullout of its troops from Syria will leave France as the only Western power with an army presence in that country. 10 января 2019, 17:42
47 дней 4:17
Jewellery from waste bones and scrap metal
Residents of Kibra, Kenya use waste bones and scrap metal to craft jewellery for a global market. 1 января 2019, 11:57
51 день 2:46
A message for migrants from Guinea's Cirque Mandingue
RFI spent Christmas with Cirque Mandingue, a circus troupe from Guinea, during rehearsals for their opening night at the Cabaret Sauvage in Paris. 28 декабря 2018, 16:55
59 дней 14:28
Gemma King, Lecturer in French Studies, The Australian National University, Canberra
France has witnessed weeks of protests known as the Yellow Vest movement in which angry citizens have taken to the streets. 20 декабря 2018, 16:08
60 дней 8:39
Arancha Gonzales, Executive Director of the International Trade Centre in Geneva.
A biennial World Trade Organisation forum got underway in Geneva this week, as US trade policies came under the spotlight with the European Union (along with other members) stating that "the | 19 декабря 2018, 17:54
61 день 2:42
Migration: France's Portuguese community
The Portuguese in France, most of whom came to in the 1960s and 70s, are one of the country’s longest-established communities. 18 декабря 2018, 15:31
63 дня 0:41
Sir David Attenborough Addresses UN climate summit in Poland , December 2015.
As the world's nations agreed in Poland on measures to uphold the 2015 Paris climate deal, President Macron emphasised France's role in the process.After a fraught conference, at which even Sir | 16 декабря 2018, 13:40
64 дня 0:30
French Yellow Vest Protest to impact economy
Earlier this week, the French finance minister explained that the protests would have a consierable impact on the French economy. You can read more about the December 15th protests here. 15 декабря 2018, 17:11
66 дней 8:38
Wassim Nasr, France 24's specialist in Middle East politics and jihadist movements
On this day 15 years ago, Operation Red Dawn was launched in the Iraqi town of ad-Dawr that led to the capture of dictator Saddam Hussein. 13 декабря 2018, 18:19
68 дней 2:27
Dilemmas in the Budryk coal mine
Europe's largest coke coal producer, the Budryk Coal Mine near Katowice, is facing pressure to clean up its act. 11 декабря 2018, 16:43
68 дней 0:47
Johnny Hallyday fans pay homage to their hero
A year after the death of French rock legend Johnny Hallyday, more than a thousand fans flocked to the Eglise de la Madeleine for a final mass and musical tribute | 11 декабря 2018, 12:01
71 день 0:16
March for the Climate in Paris2
Decmber 8, 2018 Climate Change march in Paris. Thousands turned up to demand changes in politics to support climate change. 8 декабря 2018, 15:53
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