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Missing: What Happened To Marine Addis? (Ep 2) | Forces TV
Royal Marine Alan Addis went missing in the Falkland Islands nearly 38 years ago, never to be seen or heard from again. What happened to him? 20 июня 2018, 13:41
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2 дня 5:27
How British And US Army Medics Treat Casualties | Forces TV
A specialist reservist unit based in York have been proving their medical expertise in NATO’s Exercise Sabre Strike in Poland. Warning: contains graphic reconstructions of battlefield injuries. MORE: forces. 18 июня 2018, 18:21
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The Biggest 'War Games' Yet | Forces TV
NATO's Exercise Sabre Strike is two weeks of complex training involving 19 countries and 18,000 troops. 15 июня 2018, 12:30
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Missing: What Happened To Marine Addis? (Ep 1) | Forces TV
Royal Marine Alan Addis went missing in the Falkland Islands nearly 38 years ago, never to be seen or heard from again. What happened to him? 13 июня 2018, 12:45
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9 дней 2:59
Who Has The Best Tankies In Europe? | Forces TV
It’s the first year that the British Army was invited to compete against seven other NATO and partner nations, with Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine and the US. 11 июня 2018, 12:45
18 929
13 дней 4:53
Welcome Home: First British F-35Bs Arrive At Their New Base | Forces TV
The first British F-35B aircraft have arrived at their new home at RAF Marham, following a 4,000-mile journey from the United States. Four of the fifth generation stealth fighters made the journey across the Atlantic. 7 июня 2018, 16:36
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When Gurkhas See The Sea For The First Time | Forces TV
What could be better than trying the Great British dish of fish 'n' chips for the very first time? 3 июня 2018, 14:19
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19 дней 4:59
Britain's F-35B: A Complex Creation | Forces TV
Britain's F-35B aircraft will be ready to use its weapons system to its best effect by the end of this year, say manufacturer Lockheed Martin. 1 июня 2018, 11:41
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20 дней 13:11
Rapid Response: Defending Against A Desert Attack | Forces TV
In 2016, British soldiers participated in Exercise Shamal Storm - a large multi-national exercise which tested how effectively nations could deploy a 30,000-strong force anywhere in the world. 31 мая 2018, 17:03
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28 дней 3:49
How The Military Stole The Show At Harry And Meghan's Royal Wedding | Forces TV
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now officially married and the military played a major part in the getting them both down the aisle at Windsor Castle on Saturday. 23 мая 2018, 16:02
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30 дней 3:33
How To Win A Tank Competition | Forces TV
British soldiers in Germany have started preparations ahead of their first-ever appearance at a NATO competition next month. 21 мая 2018, 12:45
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Prince Harry's Life With The Military | Forces TV
We have taken a look at Prince Harry life with the military from being deployed to Afghanistan and setting up the Invictus Games. 18 мая 2018, 15:42
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Could The Army Persuade You To Jump Out Of A Plane? | Forces TV
The Tigers are made up of troops from the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (PWRR) and have been jumping at Kingsfield near Dhekelia. 17 мая 2018, 12:45
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The Household Cavalry Gets Ready For The Royal Wedding | Forces TV
Soldiers from Prince Harry's former regiment, the Household Cavalry, have said they are proud to be playing a pivotal role in his wedding to Meghan Markle. 11 мая 2018, 14:13
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41 день 3:08
Prince Harry's Army Air Corps Comrades Prepare For Royal Wedding | Forces TV
Prince Harry, known in the Army as Captain Wales, served with 662 Squadron, 3 Regiment Army Air Corps as an Apache helicopter pilot in Helmand Province in late 2012. 10 мая 2018, 19:26
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Finding A Home For The Harrier That Crossed The Atlantic | Forces TV
The Hawker Harrier was one of Britain's greatest innovations - a jump jet attack aircraft that could land without a runway and hover like a helicopter. 9 мая 2018, 15:28
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43 дня 1:43
The TRUE Story About The Girl Who Stole Prince Harry's Popcorn | Forces TV
This is the true story about the girl who was caught "stealing" Prince Harry's popcorn. Dave Henson spoke to Claire Sadler about his memory of the incident at the Invictus Games in Toronto. 8 мая 2018, 16:09
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47 дней 12:51
How A US Aircraft Carrier Fights Islamic State | Forces TV
In 2017 we joined the US military on board the USS George HW Bush in the Gulf as they continued to fight Islamic State. 4 мая 2018, 12:45
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48 дней 4:21
Earning The Kukri: Learning To Use The Iconic Gurkha Weapon | Forces TV
For the past 11 weeks, Gurkha training riflemen in Catterick have been confined to the barracks (bar for their one culture lesson beyond the wire) but this week the class of 2018 successfully ‘passed off the square’. 3 мая 2018, 12:48
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49 дней 3:59
The Fundamentals Of Soldiering: Attacking A Mock Enemy | Forces TV
Reservist soldiers from 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment have been assaulting a mock enemy stronghold in Cyprus. It was the culmination of two weeks exercise on Lion Star. 2 мая 2018, 12:45
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50 дней 4:29
How The Typhoon Is Replacing The Tornado | Forces TV
The Typhoon is the RAF’s frontline jet with pilots flying missions over Iraq and Syria. The fighter jet is now being enhanced to attack targets on the ground with brimstone missiles. 1 мая 2018, 12:45
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51 день 5:47
The Women Fixing Front Line Fighter Jets | Forces TV
Even though around 30% of Britain's armed forces are engineers and technicians, a recent report revealed that all three services have an increasing shortfall of engineering skills. 30 апреля 2018, 12:45
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54 дня 5:03
Gunshot Wound To The Head... But Still Laughing | Forces TV
Shot on a battlefield in Iraq but now healing, thanks to comedy - that's the story of ex-US Army soldier Thom Tran who's also hosted a podcast where he speaks to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. 27 апреля 2018, 14:19
251 774
55 дней 3:54
The Cold War Legend That Delivered SAUSAGES To Tanks | Forces TV
To British troops based in north Germany in the last two decades of the Cold War, he was a legend. But this was no commando or member of the special forces. 26 апреля 2018, 12:45
14 762
57 дней 5:08
Gurkha Recruits Take Their First Steps Into British Society | Forces TV
More than 10,000 applied but only 270 were chosen to be the latest Gurkha recruits to join the British Army from Nepal this year. 24 апреля 2018, 13:15
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63 дня 22:45
How To Do A Royal Gun Salute For The Queen | Forces TV
Members of the Honourable Artillery Company fired a 62 round gun salute to mark the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne in London. 18 апреля 2018, 13:30
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66 дней 2:44
Syria Strikes: How The Military Action Unfolded | Forces TV
A series of missile strikes were launched against Syria by the US, UK and France in response to the suspected chemical weapons attack in Douma a week ago. 15 апреля 2018, 15:36
11 436
68 дней 10:32
How British Forces Are Tackling Russian Aggression In Poland | Forces TV
While the British government decides on its response to the alleged poisoning of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal, in Eastern Europe operations continue to deter increased Russian aggression. 13 апреля 2018, 16:36
164 776
69 дней 5:49
Royal Navy Pilots 'Become The Enemy' In The Skies Over Europe | Forces TV
It was a huge multinational military exercise that took place in 2016 in the skies and on sea across the Adriatic and Gulf. 12 апреля 2018, 14:57
34 018
72 дня 3:33
The Elite Military Force Protecting VIPs Around The World | Forces TV
Clearing the enemy from an Ambassador’s residence, protecting Government ministers from assassination. It's all in a day’s work for the Royal Military Police, Close Protection Unit. 9 апреля 2018, 13:00
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