25 мин 5:49
Tillerson warns of military action against North Korea
KFI radio host Bryan Suits on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s warning that the North Korean crisis could reach a “tenuous stage.” 18 января 2018, 3:05
1 час 6:15
Sen. Flake compares Trump to Stalin
Republican National Committee chairman Ronna McDaniel discusses Sen. Jeff Flake’s (R-Ariz.) insults toward President Trump on the Senate floor. 18 января 2018, 2:13
1 час 7:07
Democrats care more about illegal immigrants than military: Rep. DeSantis
Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) on why Democrats need to stop focusing on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and keep the government running. 18 января 2018, 2:11
1 час 2:28
Fight over immigration, defense threatens government shutdown
House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) discusses how immigration reform may derail coming to an agreement on a spending bill. 18 января 2018, 2:11
1 час 5:29
Media reaction to Trump’s health was like an SNL skit: Sebastian Gorka
Former Trump strategist Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Deputy Assistant Attorney General Ed O’Callaghan’s plea for immigration reform and the media’s response to President Trump’s health. 18 января 2018, 2:10
1 час 3:50
Liberals are killing California: Antonio Sabato Jr.
Donald J. Trump for President Advisory Board member Gina Loudon and California congressional candidate Antonio Sabato Jr. discuss the “new California” campaign, which seeks to divide the state in two. 18 января 2018, 2:10
1 час 7:42
Will Trump get credit for markets, economic growth?
Trump for President Advisory Board member Gina Loudon, CivicForumPAC chairman Ford O’Connell, TheFiscalTimes.com's Liz Peek and Fox News political contributor Tammy Bruce discuss whether President Trump will receive 18 января 2018, 2:08
1 час 4:56
Senate is ‘major failure,’ derailing spending bill: Rep. Brat
House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) discusses how the Senate is hindering the GOP agenda and derailing a spending bill. 18 января 2018, 2:07
1 час 1:28
Paul Ryan should be kicked out of Congress: Kennedy
FBN’s Kennedy on House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) delaying passing a spending bill which may trigger a government shutdown. 18 января 2018, 2:04
2 часа 4:51
Will other companies follow Apple’s lead?
Former Dallas Fed adviser Danielle DiMartino Booth on Apple reinvesting in the U.S. and how it will impact the economy. 18 января 2018, 1:08
2 часа 5:31
Bipartisan support to avoid government shutdown: Rep. Boyle
House Budget Committee member Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Pa.) discusses what it will take for Democrats to support a GOP-proposed spending bill. 18 января 2018, 1:08
2 часа 1:56
Dow reaches quickest 1,000-pt milestone
Market experts weigh in on what has been driving the markets and the Dow closing above 26,000 for the first time. 18 января 2018, 1:07
2 часа 4:52
Cryptocurrencies are here to stay: Fmr. UBS Americas CEO
Former UBS Americas CEO and Chairman Robert Wolf discusses where he sees the price of bitcoin heading in the future. 18 января 2018, 1:07
2 часа 5:05
Media targets Trump’s mental, physical health
London Center for Policy Research fellow Monica Crowley on the media’s concerns over President Trump’s health. 18 января 2018, 1:06
2 часа 2:48
Spellex CEO gives employees $1,000 bonus checks
Spellex CEO Sheldon Wolf credits President Trump’s tax plan as the reason his company gave employees $1,000 bonuses. 18 января 2018, 1:05
2 часа 3:18
Why Democrats shouldn’t force a government shutdown
Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.) on why Democrats shouldn’t hold the government hostage over DACA reform. 18 января 2018, 1:05
3 часа 4:34
Democrats are holding the government hostage: Dr. Kelli Ward
Dr. Kelli Ward, Arizona Senate candidate, discusses Sen. 18 января 2018, 0:07
3 часа 6:25
Government can’t solve the middle-class problem, but it can eliminate it: Andy Puzder
Former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder discusses how the latest tax reductions will incentivise businesses to grow and invest in the U.S. economy. 18 января 2018, 0:07
3 часа 5:42
US needs to let North Korea know it’s serious: Gen. Jack Keane
Fox News strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane discusses what the U.S. should do to put pressure on North Korea. 18 января 2018, 0:06
3 часа 5:38
White House blaming government shutdown on Dems
White House strategic communications senior advisor Mercedes Schlapp discusses why the Democrats are derailing GOP attempts to reach an agreement for a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. 18 января 2018, 0:06
3 часа 2:41
Apple to create 20K new US jobs
Surevest Wealth Management discusses Apple’s announcement to contribute $350 billion to the U.S. economy, a move that follows the new tax overhaul. 18 января 2018, 0:05
5 часов 6:06
AutoNation CEO ‘honored’ to become chairman of Atlanta Fed
AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson, who will be the new chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, discusses his new role, which he called an “honor.” 17 января 2018, 22:06
7 часов 5:48
Republicans not worried about backlash from possible shutdown
Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.), a House Budget Committee member, weighs in on why Republicans will likely escape from the looming government shutdown predicament unscathed, thanks in part to the booming economy. 17 января 2018, 20:06
7 часов 3:22
White House looks to blame Dems for possible government shutdown
Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov and GOP pollster Chris Wilson discuss the impending government shutdown and whether Republicans, if they can’t pass a short-term spending bill, will be blamed for the problem. 17 января 2018, 20:05
8 часов 3:24
Apple to create 20K new jobs, citing Trump’s tax reform
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget Senior Vice President Marc Goldwein explains why, although the economy is reacting positively to tax cuts, the national debt that was exponentially increased by the bill could 17 января 2018, 19:08
1 078
8 часов 4:21
1 183
8 часов 4:08
Republicans eye solutions to avoid impending government shutdown
Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) discusses what Congress needs to do in order to ensure a government shutdown, suggesting that a short-term spending fix could be the answer as the January 19 deadline looms. 17 января 2018, 19:07
8 часов 5:30
Polarizing discourse in DC increasing the risk of a government shutdown?
Conservative commentator Erich Reimer and former International Religious Freedom Ambassador-at-Large Suzan Johnson Cook on mounting concerns of a potential government shutdown. 17 января 2018, 19:06
8 часов 5:26
Markets rise: Where to invest your money
Rosecliff Capital Founder and managing partner Mike Murphy, “Retired Inspired” author Chris Hogan and FBN’s Deirdre Bolton explain where people should invest their money as markets continue to climb, despite threats of 17 января 2018, 19:05
8 часов 1:26
Bitcoin’s big plunge: Here’s what happened
The cyrptocurrency Bitcoin took a massive hit, trading below $10,000; losing more than $30 billion in value in just 24 hours. Here’s why. 17 января 2018, 19:05
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