4 часа 7:31
Trump changed the entire psychology of this country: Larry Kudlow
National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow discusses President Trump’s tax law, the booming U.S. economy and the rising national debt. 15 ноября 2018, 4:08
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4 часа 7:59
Criminal justice bill would pass the Senate: Sen. Lee
Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) discusses how President Trump threw his support behind a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill. 15 ноября 2018, 4:07
1 442
4 часа 4:16
Dr. Drew Pinsky on the California wildfires
“Dr. Drew” host Dr. Drew Pinsky discusses how people are being affected by the California wildfires. 15 ноября 2018, 4:07
1 458
4 часа 2:05
Donny Deutsch is playing into Trump’s hands: Kennedy
FBN’s Kennedy discusses MSNBC pundit Donny Deutsch’s comments about President Trump. 15 ноября 2018, 4:07
6 часов 5:23
Democrats are acting like ‘sore losers’ over midterms: RNC chairwoman
RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on the midterm election results and how Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was elected House minority leader. 15 ноября 2018, 2:07
3 301
6 часов 4:06
Florida’s constitution was violated: Rep. Gaetz
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) on the vote counting controversy in Florida. 15 ноября 2018, 2:07
1 619
7 часов 4:27
New York, Northern Virginia citizens will benefit from Amazon: Rep. Duffy
Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) on why he believes that Amazon will ultimately help both New York and Virginia. 15 ноября 2018, 1:07
8 часов 5:46
Morale at Facebook has dropped after years of scandals: Report
“Bulls & Bears” panel on the Wall Street Journal report that employee morale at Facebook is declining and The New York Times report discussing how the social media giant has dealt with recent | 15 ноября 2018, 0:06
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9 часов 3:08
Would a weak economy hurt Trump in 2020?
Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) on the report that one of President Trump’s biggest problems going into the 2020 election would be an economic recession. 14 ноября 2018, 23:09
9 часов 6:06
UK’s Theresa May secures cabinet approval for her Brexit deal
Anthony Gardner, former U.S. ambassador to the EU, discusses how the EU and UK reached a deal on a draft Brexit agreement. 14 ноября 2018, 23:08
4 496
9 часов 3:56
Democrats take aim at acting AG Matthew Whitaker
Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) discusses how some Democrats are taking aim at acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. 14 ноября 2018, 23:07
1 949
10 часов 2:44
Should investors avoid Apple?
Creative Planning President Peter Mallouk gives his outlook on Apple. 14 ноября 2018, 22:07
10 часов 4:58
Brexit deal to blame for US stock market slide?
Seaport Securities Teddy Weisberg, Bankrate.com senior economist Mark Hamrick and Ambrosino Brothers’ Todd Colvin on the current state of the U.S. 14 ноября 2018, 22:07
1 820
10 часов 5:36
Advance Auto Parts beats on earnings despite Trump’s trade war with China
Advance Auto Parts CEO and President Tom Greco discusses how his business has thrived despite President Trump’s trade feud with China. 14 ноября 2018, 22:06
11 часов 6:15
Amazon HQ2 decision drawing backlash over massive tax breaks
Mercatus Center senior fellow Veronique de Rugy, American Action Forum President Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock discusses the backlash mounting over Amazon’s decision to | 14 ноября 2018, 21:08
1 875
11 часов 4:06
US military could lose a war to China or Russia: Report
Former Secretary of the Air Force Rebecca Grant on the report that the United States could lose a war to China or Russia. 14 ноября 2018, 21:07
10 155
11 часов 4:46
EU, UK agree on Brexit deal
Fox News contributor Nigel Farage discusses how the EU and UK reached a deal on a draft Brexit withdrawal agreement. 14 ноября 2018, 21:06
9 267
13 часов 6:38
Bob Wright on the fight against pancreatic cancer
Former General Electric Vice Chairman Bob Wright on his efforts in the fight against pancreatic cancer after the passing of his wife Suzanne Wright. 14 ноября 2018, 19:08
13 часов 5:42
GE is a problem for the markets: Gasparino
FBN's Charlie Gasparino on the banks that may be in Rep. Maxine Waters', (D-Calif.), crosshairs as the potential House Financial Services Committee Chair and the future of General Electric. 14 ноября 2018, 19:08
13 часов 7:15
GE lost its bearing in dealing with the balance sheet: Bob Wright
Former General Electric Vice Chairman Bob Wright on the future of General Electric and the CNN lawsuit against the White House over the revoking of correspondent Jim Acosta's credentials. 14 ноября 2018, 19:08
13 часов 5:13
America's finances have spun out of control again: David Walker
Former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker on America's mounting debt. 14 ноября 2018, 19:07
3 301
14 часов 7:28
Backlash over Amazon HQ2 tax breaks
CapitalistPig Hedge Fund manager Jonathan Hoenig on the markets, the backlash over Amazon HQ2 and his new book. 14 ноября 2018, 18:08
2 022
14 часов 3:41
Marijuana shortage in Canada
Purpose Investments Portfolio Manager Greg Taylor on the marijuana shortage in Canada and the potential legalization of recreational marijuana in the U.S. at a federal level. 14 ноября 2018, 18:06
1 224
14 часов 2:42
John O'Hurley on the rising attendance at movie theaters
Actor John O'Hurley on the National Dog Show, his dogs and his work on Broadway and the rise in attendance at movie theaters. 14 ноября 2018, 18:06
15 часов 2:07
Ford buys electric-scooter startup
Spin President Euwyn Poon on the electric-scooter company's unique business model. 14 ноября 2018, 17:06
1 007
15 часов 3:27
No slowdown ahead for big tech?
Quartz Platform General Manager Ian Myers on NewsPicks teaming up with Quartz, NewsPicks' efforts to provide users with balanced coverage of news and the state of the tech sector. 14 ноября 2018, 17:06
15 часов 3:00
Has Apple run out of tricks?
Harvard Law School Distinguished Fellow Vivek Wadhwa on the outlook for Apple and concerns about Facebook's impact on consumer privacy. 14 ноября 2018, 17:06
16 часов 3:38
NYC payed Amazon heavily, but got a good deal?
Tech:NYC Executive Director Julie Samuels on the potential economic impact of the Amazon HQ2 on New York City. 14 ноября 2018, 16:07
2 073
16 часов 2:46
Vegan investing benefiting the environment?
Beyond Fund Advisors CIO Larry Abele on the vegan ETF that avoids investing in vegan-unfriendly stocks. 14 ноября 2018, 16:07
16 часов 3:13
Where is the bottom for oil prices?
The Schork Report Principal Stephen Schork on the outlook for oil prices. 14 ноября 2018, 16:06
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