4 дня 3:31
Technology stocks aren’t overvalued: BlackRock’s Rick Rieder
Rick Rieder, BlackRock’s CIO of global fixed income, discusses his outlook on technology stocks and why he owns Tesla. 13 октября 2018, 2:06
4 дня 4:36
Trump’s wall would help stem the flow of fentanyl, says former ICE director
Former ICE director Thomas Homan says that President Trump’s border wall would help stem the flow of fentanyl. 13 октября 2018, 1:08
1 477
4 дня 5:22
US pastor Andrew Brunson released from Turkish custody after two years
Independent Women’s Forum policy director Hadley Heath Manning and Turkish Heritage Organization president Ali Cinar on how a Turkish court ruled to release U.S. pastor Andrew Brunson. 13 октября 2018, 1:07
7 158
4 дня 3:03
US stocks bounce back after two-day drop
FBN’s Charles Payne on how U.S. stocks bounced back after the recent market selloff. 13 октября 2018, 1:06
1 734
4 дня 3:40
Media slams Kanye West over Trump meeting
Wall Street Journal editorial page deputy editor Dan Henninger on rapper Kanye West’s meeting with President Trump. 13 октября 2018, 0:08
46 800
4 дня 3:16
Florida pastor on the destruction left behind from Hurricane Michael
FBN’s Connell McShane interviews pastor John Blount about the destruction left behind from Hurricane Michael. 13 октября 2018, 0:06
2 126
4 дня 4:03
Should Trump stop attacking the Fed?
Kingsview Asset Management CIO Scott Martin and Altium Wealth Management portfolio manager Michael Lee on the recent market volatility and whether President Trump should stop attacking the Federal | 13 октября 2018, 0:06
4 дня 2:48
Jamal Khashoggi’s Apple Watch could give details about his disappearance
Hotspot Shield security analyst Robert Siciliano on how much Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s Apple Watch can tell us about his disappearance. 12 октября 2018, 23:06
32 984
4 дня 2:35
Hurricane Michael: Who will pay for the damages?
Deloitte Services LP’s Howard Mills on the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. 12 октября 2018, 23:06
10 204
4 дня 4:03
Restoring power after Hurricane Michael may take weeks: Gulf Power
Gulf Power communications manager Jeff Rogers on how the utility is trying to help customers who lost power thanks to Hurricane Michael. 12 октября 2018, 22:08
1 051
4 дня 3:00
Market volatility could spell trouble for Republicans during midterms
Former George W. Bush senior staffer Brad Blakeman discusses how market volatility could hurt Republicans during the midterm elections. 12 октября 2018, 22:07
1 443
4 дня 4:05
Federal Reserve isn’t to blame for market selloff: Steve Forbes
Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes on President Trump’s attacks against the Federal Reserve and why the Fed isn’t to blame for the recent market selloff. 12 октября 2018, 22:07
1 451
4 дня 1:46
Why investors should ditch Tesla and buy Visa
Ave Maria Growth Fund portfolio manager Brian Milligan on which stocks investors should buy and sell. 12 октября 2018, 22:06
1 074
4 дня 6:37
Will privacy issues weigh on tech stocks?
Neuberger Berman senior research analyst Daniel Flax and Mobile Nations senior editor Russell Holly discuss the decline in technology stocks and how privacy issues may scare investors away from them. 12 октября 2018, 21:08
4 дня 5:41
Leon Cooperman slams SEC during retirement party: Charlie Gasparino
FBN’s Charlie Gasparino reports on Omega Advisors Chairman Leon Cooperman's retirement party. 12 октября 2018, 21:07
4 дня 1:08
IPOs raised more than $26B in 2018: NYSE president
New York Stock Exchange President Stacey Cunningham discusses “positive signs” in the IPO market, which has already surpassed $26 billion so far this year. 12 октября 2018, 21:06
4 дня 5:47
US debt is growing faster than the economy: Maya MacGuineas
American Action Forum Fiscal director Gordon Gray and Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget President Maya MacGuineas on how President Trump’s tax cuts increased the national debt. 12 октября 2018, 20:08
22 110
4 дня 5:20
Market selloff: Are millennials buying?
TJM Investments' Timothy Anderson, Third AG Marketing's Chris Robinson, Steven Quirk, executive vice president of TD Ameritrade’s trader group, and FBN’s Kristina Partsinevelos on the state of the | 12 октября 2018, 20:08
2 186
4 дня 6:08
Trump criticizes the Fed for aggressive rate hikes
Moody’s chief economist John Lonski and FBN’s Charles Payne on President Trump’s criticism of the Federal Reserve. 12 октября 2018, 20:07
1 595
4 дня 3:59
China is recognizing that Trump is serious about trade: Rep. Reed
Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) discusses why the U.S. and China need to come to the table on trade. 12 октября 2018, 20:06
7 034
4 дня 8:05
Market selloff may have been just another correction
Fairfax Global Markets CEO Paul Dietrich, FBN’s Kristina Partsinevelos and Kingsview Asset Management CIO Scott Martin on the recent market selloff and how President Trump slammed the Federal | 12 октября 2018, 19:08
3 169
4 дня 6:17
Federal Reserve is not above criticism: Ben Stein
Economist Ben Stein President Trump’s criticism of the Federal Reserve and the state of the U.S. economy and markets. 12 октября 2018, 19:07
1 173
4 дня 4:21
The case for sticking with tech stocks
Crowdskout CMO Shana Glenzer on the outlook for the tech sector. 12 октября 2018, 19:07
4 дня 5:46
Protectionism is a threat to the economy, markets: Dan Mitchell
Center for Freedom and Prosperity Chairman Dan Mitchell and Gary Kaltbaum on the state of the markets. 12 октября 2018, 18:07
1 191
4 дня 6:01
Trump’s Fed problem
FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on President Trump’s criticisms of the Federal Reserve. 12 октября 2018, 18:07
3 134
4 дня 2:00
Trump’s potential market crisis test
Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin on the political impact of market crises. 12 октября 2018, 18:07
1 907
4 дня 6:17
Market’s coming to terms with the velocity of the rate change: Scott Shellady
TJM Investments Senior Vice President of Derivatives Scott Shellady and Cresset Wealth Advisors’ Jack Ablin on the markets and the impact of rising interest rates. 12 октября 2018, 17:10
1 612
4 дня 7:38
David Stockman: I haven’t been in stocks for years
Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman and Credit Suisse Chief Equity Strategist Jonathan Golub debate the market outlook. 12 октября 2018, 17:09
6 235
4 дня 3:03
The job opportunities in the construction
S&B Engineers and Constructors COO Tommy Collins on the job opportunities in the construction industry. 12 октября 2018, 17:09
4 дня 2:18
Rising interest rates beginning to hurt housing market?
Real estate broker Ryan Serhant on the impact of rising interest rates on the housing market and increased construction in New York City. 12 октября 2018, 17:08
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