4 дня 4:52
Michael Chertoff: We need a set of rules to help people protect their privacy
Former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff on the difficulty of protecting people’s privacy in the digital age. 12 января 2019, 3:08
4 дня 4:58
US begins troop withdrawal from Syria
Former U.S. Navy SEAL Erik Prince discusses President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. 12 января 2019, 2:07
5 988
4 дня 6:29
Trump urges Congress to pass bill to end crisis at southern border
Republican strategist Amy Tarkanian and Former Trump Campaign aide David Bossie on how CBS may hire former Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and President Trump’s push for border wall funding. 12 января 2019, 1:08
4 938
4 дня 6:23
Democrats are more focused on stopping Trump than helping the country: Rep. Jordan
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on President Trump’s decision not to declare a national emergency and the importance of building the president’s border wall. 12 января 2019, 1:07
2 571
4 дня 4:34
Cellphone carriers under fire over selling location data
“Bulls & Bears” panel discuss whether more government regulations are needed to keep cellphone companies from selling location data. 12 января 2019, 0:06
1 957
4 дня 2:45
Arkansas attorney general argues in favor of Trump’s wall
Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge makes the case for President Trump’s border wall amid the partial government shutdown. 11 января 2019, 23:07
3 657
4 дня 3:55
Brexit vote next week amid global growth concerns
David O’Sullivan, European Union ambassador to the U.S., discusses British Parliament’s upcoming vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan. 11 января 2019, 23:06
3 267
4 дня 2:53
College professor to students: Drop the class if you’re offended by free speech
University of Wisconsin professor Dr. Duke Pesta on why he told students to drop his course if they’re offended by free speech. 11 января 2019, 23:06
3 640
4 дня 2:59
Trump floats possible path to citizenship for H1B visa holders
Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes discusses how President Trump tweeted that he will make changes to the H-1B visa program and will also offer visa holders a potential path to citizenship. 11 января 2019, 22:07
37 696
4 дня 3:55
Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon will appear on earnings call: Charlie Gasparino
FBN’s Charlie Gasparino reports that Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon will appear on the company’s earnings call. 11 января 2019, 22:07
4 дня 2:00
Wilmington Trust chief economist: We’re not expecting a rate cut from the Fed
Wilmington Trust chief economist Luke Tilley on the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes and why he isn’t currently concerned about inflation. 11 января 2019, 22:06
4 дня 4:30
China trade war is a much bigger deal for US economy than the shutdown: Harvard professor
Harvard economics professor Ken Rogoff discusses whether the Federal Reserve should continue to raise interest rates and why the China trade war is a much bigger threat to the U.S. 11 января 2019, 21:08
14 988
4 дня 2:57
Trump: If Congress can’t do it, I will declare a national emergency
President Trump said that he will declare a national emergency if Congress doesn’t fund his border wall. 11 января 2019, 21:07
4 370
4 дня 3:21
Trump edging closer to declaring a national emergency to fund wall
Dobson Policy Center director Jenna Ellis discusses how President Trump may declare a national emergency to build his wall. 11 января 2019, 21:07
1 579
4 дня 4:57
Apple may debut three new iPhones in 2019: Report
Loup Ventures managing partner Gene Munster and Wireless Fund portfolio manager Paul Meeks on how Apple may release three new iPhones this year and whether investors will dive back into the company. 11 января 2019, 21:07
5 088
4 дня 4:27
2019 may be a good year for big banks: Key Advisors Group co-owner
Key Advisors Group co-owner Eddie Ghabour on how the “wisdom of crowds” affects the markets and why 2019 may be a good year for banks stocks. 11 января 2019, 21:06
4 дня 3:51
Trump White House thinks shutdown impact will show up in jobs numbers next week: Gasparino
FBN's Charlie Gasparino on Trump administration concerns that the partial government shutdown could begin to impact U.S. 11 января 2019, 20:07
8 304
4 дня 7:16
The rising deficit adding to concerns of increasing pressure to hike taxes
American Enterprise Institute Adjunct Fellow Ed Conard and FBN's Deirdre Bolton on mounting concerns over government spending. 11 января 2019, 19:09
2 026
4 дня 4:51
There is no need for an emergency declaration: Rep. Garamendi
Rep. John Garamendi, (D-Calif.), on the partial government shutdown over funding for a border wall. 11 января 2019, 19:08
1 793
4 дня 4:39
Trump White House concerned over potential economic impact of an extended partial government...
Charlie Gasparino on concerns within the Trump White House that if the partial government shutdown continues it could begin to impact U.S. economic growth. 11 января 2019, 19:07
3 847
4 дня 5:17
GM CEO Mary Barra: Working hard to rebuild Cadillac in US
General Motors CEO Mary Barra on raising the automaker's guidance, the plant closings due to the company's transition, efforts to rebuild the Cadillac brand, competing against Tesla, the growth | 11 января 2019, 19:07
1 478
4 дня 4:12
GOP bill proposes use of confiscated Mexican drug cartel money to pay for border wall
Rep. Jody Hice, (R-GA.), on the partial government funding over funding for a border wall along the U.S. border with Mexico. 11 января 2019, 18:08
29 495
4 дня 4:42
I don't believe Theresa May and her cabinet really believe in Brexit: Nigel Farage
Former UKIP Leader Nigel Farage on concerns over the future of Brexit. 11 января 2019, 18:08
5 494
4 дня 3:11
Department stores are in a tough spot: National Retail Federation President
National Retail Federation President Matt Shay on the outlook for the retail sector. 11 января 2019, 18:07
4 дня 2:45
Army veteran-owned Kettlebell Kitchen helping consumers eat healthier with personalized meal plans
Kettlebell Kitchen co-founders Greg Grossman and Joe Lopez-Gallego on the company's personalized meal plan service that helps consumers eat healthier. 11 января 2019, 18:07
4 дня 4:20
Macy's will be the winner from the Sears liquidation that will come inevitably: Retail analyst
Strategic Resource Group Managing Director Burt Flickinger on the data from the holiday shopping season and the outlook for the retail sector. 11 января 2019, 17:07
1 793
4 дня 4:46
High cost of iPhones making Apple vulnerable to competition in China, India?
Transpire Ventures General Partner John Meyer on concerns over the potential impact of high cost of Aple iPhones and why Netflix could be the big tech stock to watch. 11 января 2019, 17:07
23 501
4 дня 3:50
Amazon reportedly developing video game streaming service
Gamer World News host Brian Hanford on the growing competition in video game streaming. 11 января 2019, 17:06
1 209
4 дня 3:31
China is very hungry for a deal: Former Trump campaign trade adviser
Former Trump campaign trade and jobs adviser Curtis Ellis on the U.S. trade negotiations with China. 11 января 2019, 16:06
3 384
4 дня 2:11
For the sake of $5B Schumer and Pelosi won't negotiate, where is the honor in that: Varney
FBN's Stuart Varney on President Trump's claims that China is easier to negotiate with than Sen. Chuck Schumer, (D-N.Y.), and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, (D-Calif.). 11 января 2019, 16:06
19 246
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