17 часов 3:45
Turley: Clinton campaign deserves full probe just like Trump
Constitutional law professor says Russia allegations need to be fully investigated. 16 января 2018, 14:37
4 061
18 часов 2:51
If Manning wins, can she be trusted with classified intel?
Security Studies President Jim Hanson reacts to the convicted leaker announcing a Senate run. 16 января 2018, 13:36
4 866
19 часов 4:10
Assad still using deadly sarin, chlorine gases
Retired US Army Special Forces sergeant Jim Hanson provides insight. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. 16 января 2018, 12:37
4 481
21 час 2:20
Countries to discuss enforcing sanctions against North Korea
Kelly Wright reports from Washington, D.C. 16 января 2018, 10:36
4 803
1 день 4:40
Will Dems shut down the government over DACA deal?
Judge blocks President Trump's move to end the program; insight on 'Fox News @ Night.' 16 января 2018, 5:37
11 115
1 день 6:47
The secularization of Martin Luther King Jr.
Media omit the source of the activist's inspiration; insight on 'The Ingraham Angle.' 16 января 2018, 4:39
6 791
1 день 4:49
What do Californians think of Fox News?
Tomi Lahren takes to the streets to find out for 'Hannity.' 16 января 2018, 4:39
20 088
1 день 6:32
Will Trump call Democrats' bluff over DACA?
The president says Democrats 'don't really want' a deal; Reps. Soto and Duffy debate on 'The Ingraham Angle.' 16 января 2018, 4:37
5 588
1 день 6:52
Levin: Mueller is investigating everything but collusion
Radio talk show host sounds off on 'Hannity.' 16 января 2018, 3:40
12 793
1 день 6:47
Hannity: Time for Weissmann to be fired and investigated
Special Counsel Mueller's top investigator continues to be exposed as partisan in the Russia investigation. 16 января 2018, 3:39
14 497
1 день 8:39
Ingraham: Democrats continue to play the race card
President Trump delivers results for African Americans. 16 января 2018, 3:37
6 272
1 день 12:00
Tucker: Do elites practice what they preach on immigration?
Tucker's Thoughts: Do America's elites believe what they're saying on immigration? Do they really think that all standards are arbitrary and racist, and that everyone from everywhere is exactly the same level of awesome? 16 января 2018, 2:38
11 405
1 день 4:22
Steyn: Potentially dangerous 'duopoly' with Google-Facebook
Two lawsuits against Google and Twitter argue tech companies favor liberal and moderate voices and have a bias against conservatives. #Tucker 16 января 2018, 2:38
9 736
1 день 4:03
Trump: Crude, rude but telling the truth on immigration
Columnist: Nothing scandalizes a leftist like the truth - and liberals choose to ignore facts and cry racism on immigration. #Tucker 16 января 2018, 2:38
14 169
1 день 5:55
Hawaii missile alert scare highlights threat from NKorea
NYT: U.S. military preparing for war with the rogue regime; Amb. John Bolton provides insight on 'The Story.' 16 января 2018, 1:37
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1 день 2:07
How the Coast Guard keeps the Hudson River clear
The USCGC Penobscot Bay carves a path through the thick ice for passenger ferries, commercial fishing vessels and cargo ships carrying supplies like heating oil; Rick Leventhal reports for 'Special Report.' 16 января 2018, 0:39
3 200
1 день 2:13
New concerns Trump will withdraw the US from NAFTA
The administration has dispatched U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to propose that a new trade deal include lower trade deficits amid other proposals; Kevin Corke has the story for 'Special Report.' 16 января 2018, 0:39
8 708
1 день 8:26
DACA deal uncertain amid backlash over Trump's comments
The 'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in. 16 января 2018, 0:38
4 505
1 день 3:07
Jonathan Turley on Democrats snubbing the State of the Union
On 'The Story,' the legal expert says lawmakers should be representing their districts. 16 января 2018, 0:36
2 044
1 день 2:44
Hawaii officials changing protocol after missile alert gaffe
Many are now questioning why the state would send out an alert about a launch that would be detected by multiple military agencies; Will Carr has more for 'Special Report.' 15 января 2018, 23:46
3 269
1 день 4:02
Split over immigration grows wider after Trump's vulgarity
The president insists he never used the reported epithet, as the optimism over a possible DACA deal has all but evaporated; John Roberts has the roundup for 'Special Report.' 15 января 2018, 23:45
3 727
1 день 12:45
Gutfeld on Hawaii's grave mistake
False missile alert sparks panic in Hawaii and President Trump's critics rush to blame their usual villain. 15 января 2018, 23:43
11 214
1 день 3:31
Brit Hume talks DACA dilemma, spending bill battle
Fox News senior political analyst gives his take on 'Special Report.' 15 января 2018, 23:43
2 370
1 день 2:32
Tillerson intensifies efforts to isolate North Korea
The U.S. and the Canadian government are hosting a summit with more than a dozen other countries, devising ways to better enforce sanctions against the rogue regime; Rich Edson explains on 'Special Report.' 15 января 2018, 23:36
4 698
1 день 3:14
Kurtz: Is DACA deal headed for disaster?
'MediaBuzz' host Howard Kurtz weighs in on whether there will be a DACA deal as Trump denies racism, and blames Democrats for derailing Dreamers. 15 января 2018, 22:36
2 754
1 день 5:12
Trump's media battle intensifies with WSJ dispute
President claims he was misquoted on his relationship with Kim Jong Un; the 'Outnumbered' panel debates. 15 января 2018, 18:37
9 602
1 день 1:20
Charlie Hurt: Very good chance of a government shutdown
Fox News contributor says Democrats are under intense pressure to take a stand on DACA. 15 января 2018, 18:37
4 314
1 день 1:04
Philippines Mayon volcano spews lava, causes mass evacuations
One of the world’s most active volcanoes, the Mayon volcano, began spewing lava and plumes of smoke. Residents of the Albay province evacuated while airlines warned pilots not to fly too close to the eruptions. 15 января 2018, 18:36
16 642
1 день 2:08
Koreas move closer to fielding unified Olympic team
Greg Palkot reports on the latest round of talks on North Korea's participation in Pyeongchang. 15 января 2018, 16:37
3 383
1 день 1:28
Indonesia stock exchange collapse believed to be an accident
Officials say no explosives were used when the balcony gave out in Jakarta. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. 15 января 2018, 16:36
8 502
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