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Agones with Mark Mandel and Cyril Tovena: GCPPodcast 142
Original post: gcppodcast.com/post/episode-142-agones-with-mark-mandel-and-cyril-tovena Mark Mandel is in the guest seat today as Melanie and our old pal Francesc interview Cyril Tovena of Ubisoft and 15 августа 2018, 17:27
13 часов 16:19
Connecting Africa: Nomanini, GCP, and BigQuery
Join Developer Advocate Felipe Hoffa and the the CTO of Nomanini - Dale Humby - to learn more about how they use App Engine, Kubernetes, BigQuery and other GCP tools. 15 августа 2018, 16:42
1 день 2:55
Manage PostgreSQL and MySQL Databases Easily with Cloud SQL | Google Cloud Labs
Make it easy to set up, maintain, manage, and administer your relational databases with Cloud SQL. Try the Cloud SQL for MySQL: Qwik Start lab here: bit.ly/2P5ZTBS. 14 августа 2018, 23:53
1 день 8:11
Getting Started with Keras
Getting started with Keras has never been easier! Not only is it built into TensorFlow, but when you combine it with Kaggle Kernels you don’t have to install anything! 14 августа 2018, 21:20
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1 день 49:42
VPC Deep Dive and Best Practices (Cloud Next '18)
This session will walk you through GCP VPC unique operational advantages for your enterprise cloud deployments. 14 августа 2018, 19:36
1 день 38:27
eBay ShopBot: An Advanced Multi-channel Bot Running on Google Cloud (Cloud Next '18)
ShopBot is eBay’s AI-based shopping assistant. It’s been powering shopping conversations on Facebook Messenger since 2016 and Google Assistant since 2017. 14 августа 2018, 18:31
5 дней 47:11
Running Hortonworks Data Platform on Google Cloud (Cloud Next '18)
This talk will cover the key considerations and architectural guidance for running Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) on Google Cloud Platform. 10 августа 2018, 21:35
5 дней 34:31
Doing More with Less: Serverless Events (Cloud Next '18)
Event driven computing is changing the way we write applications at every level of the stack. 10 августа 2018, 21:34
5 дней 45:23
Implementing Scalable Storage for Kubernetes on GCP (Cloud Next '18)
As the containerization of traditional apps has become commonplace, persistent container storage has become a non-negotiable requirement. 10 августа 2018, 21:32
5 дней 47:18
Transforming Your Business with Cloud TPUs (Cloud Next '18)
Cloud TPUs are hardware accelerators for machine learning (ML) that enable ML engineers, ML researchers, and data science teams to iterate quickly and affordably as they train, optimize, and deploy cutting-edge ML 10 августа 2018, 21:29
5 дней 5:10
Data Loss Prevention API - Take5
Join Prerna and Stephanie as they walk through how to implement the Data Loss Prevention API and use BigQuery to analyze the results, helping you protect your most sensitive information. 10 августа 2018, 16:00
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5 дней 47:30
Data Freedom in a Complex World (Cloud Next '18)
Data is been more distributed than ever in modern enterprise landscapes. It is getting more complex and more heterogeneous. 10 августа 2018, 15:42
5 дней 40:00
Running H2O: Scalable Machine Learning on KubeFlow (Cloud Next '18)
At H2O.ai, we're working to bring H2O-3 and Driverless AI to Kubeflow, so it can run across open hybrid infrastructure. 10 августа 2018, 15:27
6 дней 28:27
What's New and What's Ahead in Android P (Cloud Next '18)
In this session, we'll unwrap Android P and share insights from industry leaders. And we'll provide a sneak peek of what's coming after P. 10 августа 2018, 0:58
6 дней 44:59
Enhancing the Client Experience: Citigroup Explores ML to Build Conversational UI (Cloud Next '18)
Through the use of Google Cloud Platform, Citigroup foreign exchange combines Dialogflow with core technologies like BigQuery to explore the role of conversational user interfaces. 9 августа 2018, 21:30
6 дней 40:18
Securing the Software Supply Chain (Cloud Next '18)
Containers have revolutionized how we develop, package, and deploy applications. As enterprises create more containerized workloads, the security of the software supply chain must be top of mind. 9 августа 2018, 19:09
6 дней 44:28
Preventing Data Exfiltration on Google Cloud (GCP) (Cloud Next '18)
Financial Services companies often face more stringent security requirements than fast-growing start-ups in other industries. 9 августа 2018, 19:07
6 дней 40:19
Proactively Restocking Inventory using Machine Learning (Cloud Next '18)
How do you notify store associates when items are out of stock? 9 августа 2018, 19:00
6 дней 41:16
Predictive Maintenance Using Cloud IOT Core and Machine Learning (Cloud Next '18)
Due to the high-risk nature of manufacturing operations, the only solution for never-fail situations has been to over-compensate for uptime with redundant equipment and too many parts on hand. 9 августа 2018, 18:56
6 дней 41:51
Optimizing performance on Cloud SQL for MySQL (Cloud Next '18)
Database performance tuning can be challenging and time-consuming. 9 августа 2018, 18:53
6 дней 32:20
Intro to Kaggle (Cloud Next '18)
This session will introduce you to Kaggle, a platform for doing and sharing data science. You may have heard about some of their competitions, which often have cash prizes. 9 августа 2018, 18:49
6 дней 26:05
Nest Cam Services Migration to Google Cloud (Cloud Next '18)
Learn how Nest migrated their camera recording and perception services to save a lot of money and enable faster global service provisioning. 9 августа 2018, 18:46
6 дней 47:52
Migrating Data Warehouses to GCP (Cloud Next '18)
This lab explores some of the bigger concepts and smaller work required to migrate data from an existing (on-premises) data warehouse solution to GCP. 9 августа 2018, 18:45
6 дней 45:42
Set Up, Run and Update Scalable and Highly Available Deployments (Cloud Next '18)
In this session, you will learn how to reduce manual effort in deploying and maintaining software on groups of VM instances with help of Managed Instance Groups. 9 августа 2018, 18:44
6 дней 46:06
LL Bean: How a 106-year Old Retailer Uses Omnichannel Architecture (Cloud Next '18)
Learn how LL Bean modernized its IT infrastructure by moving capabilities from its on premises systems to Google Cloud Platform, improving customer satisfaction and IT efficiency across multiple sales channels. 9 августа 2018, 18:39
6 дней 51:25
Protecting VM & Container Workloads On Premises & in cloud w/ Palo Alto Networks (Cloud Next '18)
As organizations migrate their enterprise applications and build new cloud-native applications on Google Cloud Platform, security needs to be consistent across the underlying application infrastructure (VMs or 9 августа 2018, 18:38
6 дней 36:59
Moving Shopify's Data Platform to Google Cloud (Cloud Next '18)
Learn how we took our on premises data platform to Google Cloud. Our cluster runs 45k+ jobs and 80k+ queries per day to power our BI and analytic workloads. 9 августа 2018, 18:35
6 дней 40:21
Saving More Money on Google Compute Engine (Cloud Next '18)
In the time since Next '17's ""Saving Money on Compute Engine,"" a lot has changed, but customers like you are still looking to control costs and get the most capability out of every cloud dollar. 9 августа 2018, 18:31
6 дней 42:39
Scientific Computing with Google Cloud Platform: Particle Physics & Earth Sciences (Cloud Next '18)
Atmospheric and oceanographic scientists need to analyze vast quantities of data coming from satellite imagery and supercomputer simulations to better understand our changing climate. 9 августа 2018, 18:26
6 дней 45:02
Embracing Hybrid Cloud (Cloud Next '18)
Hybrid cloud means different things to different people and all of them have a place. 9 августа 2018, 18:22
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