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The Developer Show (TL;DR 082)
TensorFlow Datasets and Estimators: goo.gl/8sd84S Infinite Deviation: Games: goo.gl/fP6Zyo Cross-platform Firebase Sample App: goo.gl/K6YRMh Open-source tools for GCP security: 22 сентября 2017, 21:00
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1 день 6:51
How to Build a Google Assistant App
Apps for the Google Assistant are the gateway for your users to engage with your services through Google Home, Android phones, iPhones, and in the future, through every experience where the Google Assistant is available. 22 сентября 2017, 19:23
12 210
2 дня 11:36
Artificial Intelligence over Coffee with James McLurkin
In this episode, @lmoroney meets with James McLurkin to talk about AIY -- Artificial Intelligence-it Yourself, a project from Google that is designed to 'build engineers', by giving you hands-on skills in building a 21 сентября 2017, 21:26
8 038
3 дня 2:22
Budapest | Google Developers Launchpad Build, by Design Terminal
The very first Google Developers Launchpad Build in Hungary took place in magical Budapest on June 22nd, 2017. The event was organized by Design Terminal, and the topic was “Grow & Monetize your User Base”. 20 сентября 2017, 17:51
6 400
4 дня 1:05
AdMob Mediation Groups Simplify Mediation - AdMob Quick Tip #2
Have you tried AdMob's Mediation Groups? They're a new feature that can simplify the way you set up and configure mediated ad units -- those that target more than one ad network. 19 сентября 2017, 21:10
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5 дней 1:45
Together with Google Developers - Google Community Program
"Together with Google Developers" is a lightweight, online support channel that Google offers for developer communities. 18 сентября 2017, 16:00
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8 дней 2:54
The Developer Show (TL;DR 081)
Web Share API: goo.gl/JJJBMA Mobile Web Specialist Certification: goo.gl/vzZSn5 Zalando increases installs and revenue: goo.gl/3wFNje Shopping campaigns: goo.gl/fPkPXa TensorBoard API: 15 сентября 2017, 21:11
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9 дней 10:00
Learn about the Google Developers Agency Program over Coffee with Amit Chopra
In this episode of Coffee with a Googler, lmoroney@ meets with Amit Chopra to talk about the Google Developer Community Agency Program ( goo.gl/fQnBau) where your agency will receive dedicated training and 14 сентября 2017, 21:00
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10 дней 9:53
Let’s Write a Decision Tree Classifier from Scratch: Machine Learning Recipes #8
Hey everyone! Glad to be back! Decision Tree classifiers are intuitive, interpretable, and one of my favorite supervised learning algorithms. 13 сентября 2017, 17:21
19 825
11 дней 1:10
AdMob & Analytics FTW - AdMob Quick Tip #1
The only thing better than a getting free usage data about your app from Google analytics for Firebase is getting it with AdMob financial data baked right in. 12 сентября 2017, 21:06
2 987
15 дней 2:21
Google Developers Agency Spotlight Presents: Mutual Mobile
Mutual Mobile is an emerging tech agency that develops breakthrough digital applications for a more connected world. For Mutual Mobile, a great product is an intersection between art, humanities, and technology. 8 сентября 2017, 21:28
1 029
15 дней 1:30
GDD Europe ’17 Highlights
GDD Europe ’17 was packed full of great talks, codelabs, instructor lead courses, networking opportunities, and much more. If you missed the event, check out this recap. 8 сентября 2017, 16:04
10 632
16 дней 21:57
Intro to DeepMind (GDD Europe '17)
In this video, Juan Silveira gives an overview of the work DeepMind's been doing. 8 сентября 2017, 8:47
13 971
16 дней 6:54
Learn about Firebase Events with PM Megan Krilanovich
The Firebase team works hard to put on great developer events and Megan Krilanovich, the brains behind many of them, meets with @lmoroney to chat about it over coffee! 7 сентября 2017, 22:08
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17 дней 37:59
Closing Keynote (GDD Europe '17)
Changing the world, one bit at a time. 6 сентября 2017, 17:36
3 401
17 дней 23:27
Modularizing Your App (GDD Europe '17)
Modularizing your app helps you deliver the smallest APK to your users, which is critical for building instant apps and helpful for attacking emerging markets. Hear from Ben Weiss on how best to achieve this. 6 сентября 2017, 17:16
3 274
17 дней 20:44
App to 60 - Using Firebase on Your Existing App (GDD Europe '17)
So you've built the core of your app. Now how do you know what your users are up to? How can you re-engage them? And how can you keep crashes and jank out of your app, so they don't run away? 6 сентября 2017, 17:12
3 399
17 дней 24:27
Performance Tooling (GDD Europe '17)
Perf matters, and this year Google Play and Android Studio have delivered all-new tools to help diagnose performance issues to keep your apps fast and smooth. 6 сентября 2017, 17:07
3 948
17 дней 24:01
What's Next for the Web (GDD Europe '17)
Whether you work on e-commerce, media, gaming, or some other type of site, you need to know about the future of the web. In this video, you'll learn what's next for APIs, platforms, and technologies. 6 сентября 2017, 16:50
3 183
17 дней 25:25
Developing Conversational Assistant Apps Using Actions on Google (GDD Europe '17)
The Google Assistant is available on both Google Home and Android phones. Actions on Google lets developers extend the Google Assistant to create your own conversational Assistant apps. 6 сентября 2017, 16:46
1 600
17 дней 8:13:51
Google Developer Days Europe 2017 - Day 2 (Auditorium)
Check in to the livestream to watch day 2 of GDD Europe '17! This livestream will cover all sessions taking place on the Auditorium stage of the ICE Congress Center here in Krakow, Poland. 6 сентября 2017, 16:41
17 дней 21:55
Powering Your Apps with Location and Maps (GDD Europe '17)
Google Maps brings the world to everyone's fingertips. In this video, you'll learn how you can leverage our APIs to bring Google Maps to your Android or iOS app. 6 сентября 2017, 15:41
1 264
17 дней 30:42
Frameworks and Tools for Progressive Web Apps (GDD Europe '17)
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are spreading across the web faster than anyone could have predicted. 6 сентября 2017, 15:22
3 623
17 дней 5:19:52
Google Developer Days Europe 2017 - Day 2 (Theatre)
Check in to the livestream to watch day 2 of GDD Europe '17! This livestream will cover all sessions taking place on the Theatre stage of the ICE Congress Center here in Krakow, Poland. 6 сентября 2017, 14:36
17 дней 30:15
Containers, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud (GDD Europe '17)
Creating a single microservice is a well-understood challenge. Creating a cluster of load-balanced microservices that are resilient and self-healing is not so easy. 6 сентября 2017, 14:25
1 291
17 дней 30:59
Panel on Voice UI: What's all the Noise About? (GDD Europe '17)
By definition, conversation is the exchange of ideas by spoken words between two individuals. But what happens when that exchange happens between human and device? Do conversational norms change? If so, how? 6 сентября 2017, 14:21
1 222
17 дней 35:15
Fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform: A Guided Tour (GDD Europe '17)
There's a lot to grok in cloud computing, and trying to understand it all can be daunting. 6 сентября 2017, 12:59
1 313
17 дней 30:18
Boosting Performance Through App Quality Improvements (GDD Europe '17)
In this video, Alexey Kokin explains how to use Material Design and Android Vitals to improve user experience and increase engagement and retention. 6 сентября 2017, 12:45
1 682
18 дней 32:35
Machine Learning with TensorFlow (GDD Europe '17)
TensorFlow is the most popular open-source machine learning framework in the world. In this video, Andrew Gasparovic gives you an introduction to TensorFlow and goes through new things that have been developed. 6 сентября 2017, 11:51
24 159
18 дней 20:22
Architecture Components (GDD Europe '17)
Since the launch of Android Architecture Components in a preview at I/O, many developers have been giving great feedback. 6 сентября 2017, 11:41
8 889
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