3 дня 0:35
Aerial footage shows California fire continues to burn
The death toll from California's deadliest wildfire has risen to 50, with hundreds of people still missing and thousands displaced. 14 ноября 2018, 7:45
50 103
4 дня 1:51
Trumpy Bear is real and completely irony-free
An ad for a Trump-inspired stuffed animal with an orange coif and bright blue eyes has caused confusion as to whether the product is real or a spoof. 14 ноября 2018, 0:57
9 943
4 дня 0:38
Man 'pushed' into traffic on busy London street
CCTV footage released by City of London police on Tuesday appears to show a 57-year-old man being shoved into the road on New Bridge Street, leading to Blackfriars Bridge. 13 ноября 2018, 18:15
42 676
4 дня 2:24:46
Angela Merkel speaks on the future of Europe in the European Parliament - watch live
German chancellor Angela Merkel addresses European Parliament in Strasbourg in debate on the future of Europe. 13 ноября 2018, 16:45
6 822
4 дня 0:12
Moment rocket hits Hamas-run television building in Gaza strip
Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza have locked themselves into an escalating firefight, launching scores of bombings and reprisal attacks in violence sparked by a botched Israeli special | 13 ноября 2018, 15:11
9 530
4 дня 1:03
California: aerial firefighting crews tackle blaze near Simi Valley highway
A wildfire erupted on Monday along the 118 Freeway in Simi Valley, southern California. 13 ноября 2018, 13:10
53 012
4 дня 1:58
Stan Lee's Marvellous life
The creator of many famous superheroes such as X-Men and Spider-Man, Stan Lee was known for bringing nuance and complexity to his super-human characters. 13 ноября 2018, 8:36
17 700
4 дня 1:12
Arizona has rejected petty political attacks, says Democrat Kyrsten Sinema
Democratic representative Kyrsten Sinema speaks about the importance of rising above personal rivalries after beating Republican Martha McSally to take Arizona's open US Senate seat. 13 ноября 2018, 6:23
11 331
5 дней 0:33
Sinkhole swallows woman in China
A woman is lucky to be alive after being swallowed whole by a sinkhole that opened up beneath her feet. 13 ноября 2018, 2:54
61 226
5 дней 0:53
Trudeau says Canada had been ‘fully briefed on what Turkey had to share on Khashoggi's death
Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has become the first western leader to confirm Turkish claims that an audio recording of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder exists and has been passed to intelligence | 12 ноября 2018, 19:18
16 860
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'If he invited me to a public hanging, I'd be on the front row' says Republican senator
A video posted on social media showed Cindy Hyde-Smith, the white sitting US senator from Mississippi who is locked in a fight for the seat with a black Democrat, Mike Espy saying, 'If he invited me | 12 ноября 2018, 17:59
26 552
5 дней 1:05
Climate activist daubs graffiti on UK government building in London protest
Environmental protesters have daubed the windows of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy  in London in an attempt to provoke their arrests. 12 ноября 2018, 16:43
8 527
5 дней 0:50
'It wasn't rain, it was bullets': Justin Trudeau's tribute to war dead – archive video
Amid the furore over the cancellation of Donald Trump's trip to the American military cemetery in Belleau, France, due to wet weather, a clip has resurfaced of the Canadian prime minister in | 12 ноября 2018, 14:59
83 533
5 дней 0:19
Moment 'fire whirl' forms during California Camp Fire
The ABC reporter Laura Anthony has captured the moment a fire whirl formed during the Camp Fire near the town of Paradise, northern California. 12 ноября 2018, 10:54
51 555
5 дней 0:55
California wildfires: rescuers search for victims as winds fuel flames
Wildfires continue to wreak havoc across California. In the north on Sunday, investigators searching for human remains scoured wreckage left by the most destructive fire in state records. 12 ноября 2018, 10:34
23 507
6 дней 1:01
Donald Trump jokes about ‘getting drenched’ during Armistice speech
‘You look so comfortable up there, under shelter,’ Donald Trump said while addressing second world war veterans at his armistice ceremony speech in Paris. 12 ноября 2018, 3:43
62 086
6 дней 2:10
Witness footage captures Melbourne attack as it unfolds
One person has been killed and at least two others injured after a man went on a rampage on Bourke St in Melbourne's city centre. Witnesses say the man drove a car into the Target centre about 4.20pm. 12 ноября 2018, 1:01
27 836
6 дней 1:03
Victoria premier pays tribute to cafe owner killed in Melbourne terrorist attack
The Victoria premier, Daniel Andrews, has paid tribute to the owner of Pellegrini's cafe, Sisto Malaspina, who was fatally stabbed in a terrorist attack on Bourke Street, Melbourne.  Days after the | 11 ноября 2018, 23:26
3 595
6 дней 0:45
Royal family and UK leaders mark armistice centenary
Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn join the royal family on Sunday in London to commemorate the armistice that ended the first world war Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► | 11 ноября 2018, 13:14
19 570
6 дней 34:39
World leaders attend WW1 commemoration ceremony in Paris - watch live
Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► bit.ly/guardianwiressub Today in Focus podcast ► theguardian.com/news/series/todayinfocus Support the Guardian ► | 11 ноября 2018, 12:37
5 590
6 дней 0:54
Wildfires rage in California: 'a massive wall of fire'
The death toll has risen to 25 after California wildfires have burned out of control. 11 ноября 2018, 12:17
167 850
6 дней 0:35
World leaders attend WW1 commemoration ceremony in Paris - watch live
Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► bit.ly/guardianwiressub Today in Focus podcast ► theguardian.com/news/series/todayinfocus Support the Guardian ► | 11 ноября 2018, 11:05
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7 дней 0:59
Trump and Macron try to defuse tension: 'We want a strong Europe'
Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron sought to defuse tensions on Saturday after comments made by both leaders threatened to cast a shadow over a weekend celebration marking 100 years since the end of | 10 ноября 2018, 18:52
47 782
7 дней 2:52
Beto 2020? Why some think Beto O'Rourke has what it takes to become president
O'Rourke's bid to unseat Ted Cruz in the US midterms narrowly failed – but his audacious grassroots campaign sprinkled seeds of Democratic rebirth and has drawn whispers of a presidential run. 10 ноября 2018, 10:20
38 771
8 дней 1:30
Trump attacks press as he defends new acting attorney general: 'What a stupid question'
Donald Trump has continued his attack on journalists, telling CNN reporter Abby Phillip her question on the Trump-Russia investigation is 'stupid'. 9 ноября 2018, 22:56
81 651
8 дней 3:19
Huge shark nursery found in Irish waters
The largest shark nursery to have been found in Irish waters has been discovered among cold-water coral reefs 200 miles west of Ireland. 9 ноября 2018, 21:23
25 194
8 дней 0:38
Mother of California shooting victim: 'I don't want prayers … I want gun control'
The mother of one of the 12 people killed at a country music bar in southern California makes a desperate plea for gun control. 9 ноября 2018, 17:30
30 338
8 дней 0:56
Jo Johnson announces resignation over May's Brexit plan
Jo Johnson has resigned from the government, saying he cannot support Theresa May's Brexit deal. 9 ноября 2018, 17:13
31 272
8 дней 0:56
Family drive through flames escaping California wildfire
A family film as they drive through a fast-moving wildfire in Paradise, California, which has called for the evacuation of tens of thousands of people. 9 ноября 2018, 16:33
369 172
8 дней 0:30
World's first AI presenter unveiled in China
China’s Xinhua state news agency has introduced the newest members of its newsroom: AI anchors who will report 'tirelessly' all day, every day, from anywhere in the country World's first AI news | 9 ноября 2018, 11:01
190 198
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