15 дней 1:09
Philip Hammond says economy will be 'a little bit smaller' under all Brexit scenarios
Chancellor Philip Hammond has said the UK economy will be worse off under all Brexit scenarios. 28 ноября 2018, 10:39
11 804
15 дней 3:03
'We must never let the NHS free from our grasp': Harry Leslie Smith's powerful 2014 speech
Harry Leslie Smith, the political commentator and defender of social democracy, has died aged 95. 28 ноября 2018, 10:02
13 842
15 дней 4:37
​A day with Mr Stop Brexit: crashing TV interviews and fighting Ukip
Best known for interrupting news broadcasts and shouting: 'Stop Brexit', Steve Bray has become parliament's most persistent protester since the EU referendum result. So what motivates him to stand | 28 ноября 2018, 9:13
34 117
15 дней 0:37
Meet Knickers, the 1,400kg cow from Australia
A 6ft 4in cow named Knickers has become an internet sensation. The 1,400kg (3080lb) animal is technically a steer and he's believed to be the biggest in Australia. 28 ноября 2018, 8:41
678 546
15 дней 1:33
'I won't be intimidated': Kerryn Phelps on high court threat and Peter Dutton
Independent Kerryn Phelps has dismissed Christopher Pyne's threat to refer her to the high court over having received Medicare payments as a doctor if the crossbench pushes to refer Peter Dutton to | 28 ноября 2018, 7:20
1 256
15 дней 2:45
‘You’re not fit to call yourselves men,’ Sarah Hanson-Young tells senators
Queensland LNP senator Barry O’Sullivan made a slur against Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young in the Senate yesterday. 28 ноября 2018, 5:05
78 780
15 дней 1:00
Sydney rain and flooding disrupt morning rush hour
From the beaches to the inner suburbs, Wednesday wasn't a great day to be a commuter in Sydney as an intense weather system engulfed the city and parts of New South Wales, dropping a month’s worth | 28 ноября 2018, 1:21
31 382
15 дней 1:29:55
Sarah Sanders holds press briefing at the White – watch live
The White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, has updated the media in her first press briefing since late October US politics – live updates | 27 ноября 2018, 19:36
51 098
15 дней 1:50:13
Fake news inquiry: MPs question Facebook – watch live
Representatives from nine parliaments question the social media company, who refused to send CEO Mark Zuckerberg | 27 ноября 2018, 15:50
10 742
15 дней 0:30
UK will be able to trade with non-EU countries after Brexit, says May
Prime minister dismisses Donald Trump's assessment of her Brexit agreement that it 'sounds like a great deal for the EU', insisting Britain will have an independent trade policy after it leaves the | 27 ноября 2018, 15:03
13 103
15 дней 1:22
Novice left hanging after glider pilot fails to attach him
A first-time hang-glider has an experience he won't forget in a hurry after the pilot failed to attach him to the glider. 27 ноября 2018, 14:24
134 227
16 дней 0:39
Trump rejects on his own administration’s climate change report
Donald Trump rejected the central conclusion of a government climate report finding by his own administration Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► bit.ly/guardianwiressub Trump says he | 27 ноября 2018, 10:31
38 757
16 дней 1:57
Joy as Nasa probe touches down on Mars
Flight controllers at Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, leap out of their seats and erupt in applause as news comes in that InSight, the spacecraft designed to explore Mars’s | 27 ноября 2018, 8:09
61 106
16 дней 0:40
Trump says UK ‘may not be able to trade with US’ under May’s Brexit deal
Donald Trump said on Monday the agreement allowing the UK to leave the EU may make trade between Britain and the US more difficult. 27 ноября 2018, 8:01
18 975
16 дней 0:29
Lady Trumpington gives V-sign to fellow peer – archive video
Long-serving peer Lady Trumpington has died, aged 96. She retired from the House of Lords last year after 37 years' service. 27 ноября 2018, 7:54
39 590
16 дней 1:27
Paediatricians swallow Lego for science
A team of doctors who swallowed Lego pieces and timed how long they took to pass through their bowels say the results of their research should reassure concerned parents (although in one case it did | 27 ноября 2018, 5:39
10 600
16 дней 1:00
Scott Morrison tells kids going on climate strike to get back to school
'What we want is more learning in schools and less activism in schools', prime minister Scott Morrison yells after being asked a question about school students participating in a climate change | 27 ноября 2018, 3:18
8 802
16 дней 2:26
Julia Banks quits Liberal party to serve as independent
'The Liberal party has changed,' the member for the Victorian seat of Chisholm tells parliament as she quits to become an independent.  She says the 'reactionary, aggressive right wing' of the party | 27 ноября 2018, 2:37
11 512
16 дней 1:21:43
Nasa probe lands on Mars after six-month journey through space – watch live
Live commentary from Nasa as its first robotic lander dedicated to studying the deep interior of Mars, with instruments to detect planetary seismic tremors never measured anywhere but Earth, is | 26 ноября 2018, 23:29
163 971
16 дней 3:23:58
Theresa May gives statement to parliament after EU summit - watch live
British prime minister Theresa May gives statement to MPs about yesterday’s EU Brexit summit Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► bit.ly/guardianwiressub Today in Focus podcast ► | 26 ноября 2018, 20:31
21 503
16 дней 0:57
Republican Mia Love hits out at Donald Trump in concession speech
Republican Mia Love has conceded the Utah election to Democrat Ben McAdams. In her concession, Love, who Donald Trump criticised by name after the election, slammed the president. 26 ноября 2018, 20:15
31 039
16 дней 0:49
Wife of UK academic jailed by UAE 'elated' by news of pardon
Matthew Hedges, the British academic jailed for life on spying charges by the United Arab Emirates, has been released hours after being given a presidential pardon. 26 ноября 2018, 18:30
9 035
16 дней 1:24
May admits she was wrong to make 'queuing jumping' jibe about EU nationals
The SNP’s Philippa Whitford criticised Theresa May for insulting people like her husband, a German national and doctor who has been in the UK for 30 years. 26 ноября 2018, 17:56
11 967
17 дней 1:15
Over 140 whales die after becoming stranded on New Zealand beach
More than 140 pilot whales have died after they became stranded on a remote beach on Stewart Island. 26 ноября 2018, 11:52
23 731
17 дней 1:00
US officers fire teargas at migrant caravan
American border officers have thrown gas canisters at dozens of people – including women and children – who tried to cross the Mexico-US frontier between Tijuana and San Diego. 26 ноября 2018, 10:49
130 126
17 дней 1:11
'Mr Hedges will be permitted to leave' : UAE pardons UK academic
Matthew Hedges has been released after being jailed for life on charges on espionage in the United Arab Emirates. 26 ноября 2018, 9:56
17 831
17 дней 1:30
Kerryn Phelps gives maiden speech, calls for compassion for asylum seekers
Independent Kerryn Phelps has officially been sworn in as a federal member of parliament, pushing the Coalition into minority government. 26 ноября 2018, 7:59
3 277
17 дней 1:16
Russia seizes Ukrainian naval ships in major escalation of tensions
The Ukrainian president has proposed imposing martial law after Russian forces shot at and seized three Ukrainian navy vessels in the Black Sea. Russia had already blocked passage through the Kerch | 26 ноября 2018, 6:33
116 188
17 дней 0:54
Top EU official draws lipstick under eye for domestic abuse campaign
Antonio Tajani, the president of the European parliament, puts red lipstick under his eye to show his support for an Italian campaign to coincide with International Day for the Elimination of | 26 ноября 2018, 1:57
2 178
17 дней 1:04
Jeremy Hunt calls parliamentary arithmetic for Brexit deal 'challenging'
Speaking on BBC One’s The Andrew Marr Show, Hunt urged his fellow Conservative MPs to back the Brexit deal, saying it was the best that could be expected for now. 25 ноября 2018, 16:36
3 328
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