9 часов 8:51
A $400 Thin & Light Notebook - Great Value or Perfect Fail?
Usually high quality thin and light notebooks with aluminum construction demand tons of money. But the Chuwi LapBook Air has that aluminum unibody and a super thin profile but it costs just $400. 22 января 2018, 18:26
35 541
2 дня 12:18
A CUSTOM Ultra Slim Gaming Notebook! - But Is It Any GOOD?
Gaming notebooks are typically one size fits all products that don't allow you to customize many internal components. 20 января 2018, 16:32
59 483
4 дня 8:11
AMD Ryzen 2, Raven Ridge APUs & X470 EXPLAINED!
AMD's upcoming Ryzen 2 architecture and Raven Ridge APUs are almost here! In this video we go hands on with the 2200G and 2400G APUs along with 470x motherboards for Ryzen 2. Let's see what AMD has coming up! 18 января 2018, 16:00
102 005
5 дней 3:59
It took a little longer than expected (too much footage for you guys!) but our CES Coverage has come to an end. We say good by to the show by posting some of the footage that was left on the editing room floor. 17 января 2018, 23:25
32 548
5 дней 3:16
Thermaltake VIEW 37 - WE WANT THIS CASE!
I WANT THIS CASE! The acrylic is not as premium as glass but the curvature makes up for its inferiority. Lets check out the new Thermaltake enclosure, the VIEW 37. 17 января 2018, 15:00
43 650
6 дней 3:47
Sennheiser GSP 600 - The Most Comfortable Gaming Headset Ever?
Sennheiser is impressing the audio community on all fronts at this CES. The HD 820 is on a whole new level of awesome & design innovation while the GSP 600 may be the most anticipated gaming headset of the year so far! 16 января 2018, 23:27
78 502
6 дней 3:54
The THINNEST Notebook in the World - Acer Swift 7
The Swift 7 is an impressive piece of 8.98mm machine. It's currently the thinnest notebook in the world, with powerful yet efficient specs to back it up & should last 10 hours on battery. Should we make the full review? 16 января 2018, 17:15
24 228
7 дней 4:22
Who knew talking about power supplies would be exciting? We were absolutely impressed with Phanteks' new expandable and modular REVOLT X and REVOLX PRO units. 15 января 2018, 23:00
51 164
7 дней 3:45
M.2 RAID Goes EXTREME – ASRock Ultra Quad
ASRock shows off exciting new M.2 card for extreme storage configurations. The Ultra Quad M.2 will let you setup NVMe or SATA based RAID, provided your motherboard supports it. 15 января 2018, 21:00
56 395
7 дней 4:32
NEXT GEN - Gaming Mice & Keyboards from Cooler Master!
New exciting gaming peripherals are on the horizon for 2018: the new keyboard MK800-series with MK850 and MK851; new MM830 gaming mice with OLED display, analog thumb buttons & accurate sensor; plus an RGB MM860 mouse 15 января 2018, 19:00
68 624
7 дней 9:44
Cooler Master are revamping their entire Mastercase lineup with upgrades all around. 15 января 2018, 17:00
95 308
7 дней 3:13
The Coolest Storage Accessories You Never Heard Of!
Storage accessories are something we never cover but Silverstone had some really interesting stuff to show during CES. The from ultra fast PCIe to M.2 drives and hot swap 2.5" adapters, they seem to have it all. 15 января 2018, 15:00
65 665
8 дней 3:47
We Asked, ASRock Delivered! X299 & X399 mATX Motherboards
Many of you have been asking for more mATX solutions and ASRock is delivering in a big way. Their upcoming X399M Taichi and X299M Extreme4 offer awesome performance and overclocking in a compact form factor. 15 января 2018, 0:41
35 316
8 дней 3:31
Enermax SABERAY - The BRIGHTEST Case of CES!
Enermax has been around forever but we've never seen one of their cases in person. This is their Saberay which looks like a super promising new gaming case. It also comes equipped with the awesome looking TB RGB fans. 14 января 2018, 19:38
23 736
8 дней 7:48
The Best Case At CES?? Lian Li PC-O11 Air & Dynamic
This isn't your normal PC-O11 that was launched some time ago. Instead, Lian Li has made a TON of small changes and upgrades to create one of the best cases we saw at CES 2018! Not only that but it is priced right. 14 января 2018, 16:00
93 594
9 дней 3:38
The BUDGET NVMe SSD We’ve Been Waiting For! Toshiba RC100
Toshiba may have budget NVMe SSDs down to a science with their new RC100 series. By using a custom chip that combines the controller and flash memory, performance will demolish SATA drives while cost is kept down. 14 января 2018, 3:22
85 470
10 дней 3:22
A Bitcoin Mining…..Power Supply!?
Enermax was showing a full selection of new products at CES 2018 and among them was a power supply that's perfectly suited to miners: the MaxTytan 1250W. There was also a bunch of new AIO coolers and MORE. 13 января 2018, 3:30
48 369
10 дней 7:02
FINALLY Some Great Looking mATX Cases for 2018 !
Everyone asked for them and now they're HERE! Silverstone's new Lucid mATX cases have been revealed at CES 2018 and they're pretty impressive! Our CES coverage is sponsored by PHANTEKS / CORSAIR / COOLER MASTER. 13 января 2018, 2:01
85 621
10 дней 4:53
Create an AFFORDABLE Bezel Free Surround Display!
The ROG Bezel Free kit delivers one seamless display by eliminating side bezels. This is a clever approach to improve the surround display experience but it's not without hiccups. 12 января 2018, 19:20
98 766
11 дней 5:36
Corsair's BRILLIANT Idea: Qi Wireless Charging Peripherals!
Finding unique peripherals isn't easy these days but Corsair's new K63 keyboard and Dark Core SE RGB mouse dare to be different. 11 января 2018, 21:00
34 449
11 дней 6:25
ALMOST HERE - Tesoro GRAM XS The Keyboard of the Future
After a year of refining the design, Tesoro is almost ready to launch their ultra slim low profile gaming keyboard, the GRAM XS. It's been anticipated but now we've finally had time with the final shipping product! 11 января 2018, 19:00
72 696
11 дней 3:01
A Wireless Mouse WITHOUT a Battery!? Meet Razer Hyperflux
*Uploaded again due to an error in publishing. Razer is taking their Mamba gaming mouse to the next level by adding one of the best-implemented wireless charging technologies around. 11 января 2018, 18:00
26 322
11 дней 7:27
The $999 Thermaltake LEVEL 20 Case
Thermaltake's unique Level 20 case was on display and will be officially launching soon. It's going to cost $999 and that might sound like a lot but there's actually a lot of interesting and cool things here. 11 января 2018, 15:41
96 163
12 дней 4:38
HyperX Does RGB RIGHT! SSDs, Keyboards, Mice & MORE!
HyperX has been on the RGB sidelines for a while but that's changing with the new Fury SSD, Alloy Elite mechanical keyboard and Pulsefire Surge mouse. 11 января 2018, 0:30
77 313
12 дней 4:27
The Corsair Obsidian series is getting a MAJOR makeover with the new Obsidian 500D. Our CES coverage is sponsored by PHANTEKS / CORSAIR / COOLER MASTER. 10 января 2018, 22:55
53 509
12 дней 3:52
HyperX Cloud Flight - Their First Wireless Gaming Headset!
HyperX has finally launched their first wireless gaming headset, the Cloud Flight at CES 2018. But can it carry on the tradition of the other Cloud series like the Alpha, Stinger and Revolver? 10 января 2018, 20:43
57 822
12 дней 3:37
The Affordable, Compact E-ATX Case - Phanteks 350X
The Phanteks 350X is one of the most interesting cases we've seen at CES so far! It is no larger than a small ATX chassis but it also supports E-ATX motherboards and a ton of water cooling options. 10 января 2018, 20:17
57 101
12 дней 8:28
Steelseries RIVAL 600 - The Best Gaming Mouse of 2018?
The SteelSeries Rival 600 may be one of the best gaming mice we've ever reviewed. From its clean form to great software and unique sensor layout, it is hard to find anything to really criticize. Subscribe ► bit. 10 января 2018, 17:00
73 991
13 дней 4:56
RAZER PROJECT LINDA – CRAZY Smartphone-Based Gaming Notebook!
Project Linda is another crazy but not so crazy concept from Razer. They used the new Razer Smartphone to power a thin and light notebook chassis while also acting as a trackpad second screen. 9 января 2018, 21:30
38 081
13 дней 6:15
A New SECRET Steelseries Mouse!
Let's check out the new Steelseries gaming mouse the Rival 600 & some interesting VR concepts they are working on, to bring the keyboard into your virtual environment. 9 января 2018, 20:00
59 924
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