3 часа 10:07
Why Bernie Sanders Shouldn't Buy Into the Democratic Party's Hysteria Over Russia
During CNN's Town Hall with Bernie Sanders, he was asked whether or not he accepts the conclusion of the intelligence community when it comes to their assertion that the Russian government hacked into the emails of the 16 января 2017, 20:52
4 492
18 часов 5:23
Trump Wrongly Believes His Conflicts of Interest Are No Longer an Issue
President-elect Donald Trump wrongly believes that his businesses no longer pose a conflict of interest since he will be ceding control of them over to his sons. That's not how this works, Donald. 16 января 2017, 6:12
4 270
1 день 8:30
Obama Ends Sad Legacy By Giving Bernie Sanders' Supporters the Finger
President Obama recently made his farewell speech to the American people and will soon be ending what Cornel West characterizes as his "sad legacy." In this segment, we share Cornel West's poignant op-ed, and also 15 января 2017, 21:01
30 177
2 дня 12:41
Clinton Surrogate David Brock Apologizes to Bernie Sanders & His Supporters—WTF?
Hillary Clinton's most vicious surrogate, David Brock, issued a public apology to Bernie Sanders and his supporters for the revolting smear campaign he ran against them during the Democratic primaries. 14 января 2017, 20:44
16 580
2 дня 6:51
Don't Be Fooled: Rex Tillerson Doesn't Give a Damn About Climate Change
At his confirmation hearing, Rex Tillerson admitted that greenhouse gases do contribute to climate change. The problem, however, is that his carefully worded rhetoric is nothing more than double speak. 14 января 2017, 19:37
5 611
2 дня 8:43
Jeff Sessions Will Wage War on Marijuana as Attorney General—Let's Stop Him!
During his first confirmation hearing, Senator Jeff Sessions implied he will wage war on state medical and recreational marijuana laws. 14 января 2017, 3:20
10 915
3 дня 6:27
Cory Booker Betrays Americans While Pretending to be Courageous
Senator Cory Booker is a rising star in the Democratic Party, and as of late, he's garnering a lot of attention by testifying against his own colleague, Senator Jeff Sessions, in an effort to stop him from being 13 января 2017, 19:26
25 447
3 дня 1:44:11
Bernie Sanders Takes on Scumbag Republicans | Episode 76
The 115th Congress is now in session and President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn in within days. 13 января 2017, 1:50
5 808
4 дня 10:09
Bernie Sanders Warns Republicans There'll Be Hell to Pay if They Cut Healthcare
In an interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, Bernie Sanders warned Republicans that there will be hell to pay if they cut social safety net programs. 12 января 2017, 20:44
18 387
4 дня 6:31
Democrats Using Same Smear Strategy Against Keith Ellison As They Did On Bernie Sanders
An article published in The Week details how the Democratic Party is utilizing the same smear tactics against Keith Ellison that they used against Bernie Sanders during the primary. 12 января 2017, 4:53
10 497
5 дней 5:50
China to Trump: Shut Your Big Fucking Mouth
President-elect Donald Trump won't stop calling out foreign countries on Twitter. 11 января 2017, 21:12
31 111
5 дней 4:44
Why Obama's Crackdown on "Fake News" is an Attack on the 1st Amendment
President Obama quietly codified the “Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016,” which is buried deep in a defense spending bill. 11 января 2017, 10:12
7 275
6 дней 9:48
Chuck Schumer Following Bernie Sanders' Lead—Did He Grow a Spine?
It's very clear that Chuck Schumer is taking a lot of cues from Bernie Sanders. 10 января 2017, 21:18
20 186
6 дней 8:27
DNC Hires Clinton Staffers For "War Room" to Lead Trump Resistance Effort
The DNC has shown once again that they have no idea what they're doing. Rather than reaching out to the American people, they're employing an anti-Trump strategy to combat his agenda. 10 января 2017, 1:35
10 116
7 дней 10:35
Here's What's at Stake if Republicans Repeal Obamacare Without Replacing It
The Republicans have reiterated to the American public that they weren't bluffing when they said they would repeal the Affordable Care Act. 9 января 2017, 20:49
11 089
8 дней 7:09
Trump & Rupert Murdoch Team Up to Kill the Internet
Donald Trump is reportedly seeking recommendations as to who should be the next FCC Chair from right-wing billionaire Rupert Murdoch. 8 января 2017, 22:03
17 983
8 дней 4:52
Keith Ellison Will Stop Lobbyist Donations to DNC—Tom Perez Will Not
Keith Ellison raised the stakes in the DNC Chair race and pledged to reinstate the DNC's ban on lobbyist contributions. 8 января 2017, 4:03
8 972
9 дней 10:34
Bernie Sanders is on FIRE: Goes on EPIC Rant on Senate Floor Destroying Republicans
Bernie Sanders went on a fantastic rant against Republicans in a speech on the Senate floor. 7 января 2017, 20:51
143 507
9 дней 7:36
Republicans in Damage Control Mode After Their Assault on Ethics Watchdog
Republicans are now in full damage control mode after they attempted to shamelessly gut the Office of Congressional Ethics. 7 января 2017, 5:11
14 498
10 дней 8:39
THIS is Accountability: Bernie Sanders Uses Trump's Own Tweet Against Him
Bernie Sanders gave the world a lesson in accountability this week when he reminded President-elect Donald Trump of the campaign promises he made to protect medicare, medicaid, and social security insurance. 6 января 2017, 20:55
17 011
10 дней 4:16
New York Adopts Bernie Sanders' Tuition-Free College Plan, But Hillary Wants Credit Too!
In a monumental victory for progressives, New York will be adopting Bernie Sanders' tuition-free college plan. 6 января 2017, 6:01
20 763
12 дней 2:00
"Boo Boo" - A Song by Newt Gingrich (Music Video)
Download Newt Gingrich's Debut Single Here: mediafire.com/file/vc09422tk54a3lt/Newt_Gingrich_-_Boo_Boo.wav Download the Instrumental Version: 4 января 2017, 21:22
4 795
12 дней 1:22:09
Democrats Are Lost, Bernie Sanders Can Save Them | Episode 75
In this episode—the last one of 2016—we discuss how the Democratic Party has lost their way. 4 января 2017, 21:21
7 566
12 дней 6:13
Harry Reid Slams "Worthless" DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Harry Reid might be retiring, but he's going out with a bang. He slammed the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and said the organization is "worthless." This is all great, Harry, but you should have said this months ago. 4 января 2017, 21:19
21 198
12 дней 10:45
Loathsome Republicans' First Act of 115th Congress: Gut Corruption Watchdog
Today marks the beginning of the 115th Congress, with Republicans in control of both houses. 4 января 2017, 6:04
11 870
13 дней 3:33
There's Still a Lot of People That Want Hillary Clinton to Run Again in 2020
Thankfully, a new poll shows that 62 percent of Democrats and independents don't want Hillary Clinton to run for president again in 2020. 3 января 2017, 21:01
13 516
13 дней 4:09
No, Hillary Clinton is Not Involved in a Child Sex Ring
A new poll finds that 46% of Donald Trump's supporters believes the absurd #PizzaGate conspiracy which purports that Hillary Clinton is involved in a child sex ring that's being run out of a pizza vendor in Washington, 3 января 2017, 21:01
7 833
14 дней 4:53
Newt Gingrich Completely Embarrasses Himself Again.
Donald Trump instructed Newt Gingrich to stop using the "Drain the Swamp" rhetoric since Trump now wants to be as corrupt as everyone else in the swamp, but didn't expect Newt to go blabbing about not being allowed to 2 января 2017, 21:01
8 169
14 дней 8:31
Netanyahu Throws Tantrum Over U.N. Resolution Against Illegal Israeli Settlements
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threw a tantrum over the U.N.'s resolution against Israel's illegal settlements on sovereign Palestinian territory. 2 января 2017, 20:59
10 531
15 дней 4:57
Democrats Getting Behind New De Facto Party Leader: Bernie Sanders
Democrats are getting behind Bernie Sanders—the new de facto leader of the Party—because he's the only one that's gearing up for a fight to stop Donald Trump and the Republicans from repealing the Affordable Care Act 1 января 2017, 21:53
66 769
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