9 дней 2:54:07
Full Show - Mueller Aims To Destroy America With Flynn Charge - 12/01/2017
Former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn has been charged with “willfully and knowingly” lying to the FBI about his conversations with Russia’s ambassador. 2 декабря 2017, 3:57
26 824
9 дней 12:42
Robert Mueller Is The Grinch That Stole Christmas
Mike Cernovich joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to lay out how Robert Mueller is behaving like the Grinch, stealing American patriots' Christmas, through his investigation into Trump. 2 декабря 2017, 3:30
15 642
9 дней 12:43
Robert Mueller Is Trying To Destroy America
Robert Mueller is hellbent on not only taking down Donald Trump but also doing his best to destroy America for his globalists masters. 2 декабря 2017, 1:30
15 383
9 дней 11:40
Mueller’s Attack On Trump Timed To Tank The Stock Market And Ruin Christmas Sales
Robert Mueller is doing everything he can to destroy not only Donald Trump but to also destroy America. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 2 декабря 2017, 1:00
17 355
9 дней 12:48
Mueller Plans To Indict Trump By Christmas
Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer break down how Robert Mueller is apparently planning to try and indict Trump by Christmas. 1 декабря 2017, 23:50
71 854
9 дней 5:35
Black Lives Matter Calls For Boycott Of White Businesses
Owen Shroyer exposes how Black Lives Matter, the supposed anti-racism organization, has called for the boycott of white businesses based on the fact that the owners are of a certain racial background. 1 декабря 2017, 23:49
15 656
9 дней 13:55
Latest Project Veritas Video Buries The Washington Post
Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 1 декабря 2017, 23:13
17 572
9 дней 7:30
Trump's New Tax Plan Explained In Five Minutes
This is what the mainstream media doesn't want you to know about Donald Trump's tax plan. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 1 декабря 2017, 23:07
47 410
9 дней 16:15
EXCLUSIVE: Infowars Talked To The Flynn Family And Found Out What Is Really Happening
Roger Stone joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to spill details from his exclusive conversation with characters surrounding General Michael Flynn to reveal what exactly is going on with this story. 1 декабря 2017, 22:49
59 248
9 дней 11:39
Roger Stone On Flynn Flip: They Broke A Good Man By Targeting His Family
Roger Stone joins Owen Shroyer and Alex Jones live via Skype to explain why he believes Michael Flynn ultimately flipped his testimony and is now cooperating with the Mueller-Russia probe. 1 декабря 2017, 21:42
23 978
9 дней 15:17
Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, Rand Paul, And Donald Trump Are All Russian Agents According To Mueller
Owen Shroyer joins Alex Jones live in studio to name the traitors to the United States who have been secretly working for the Russia, at least according to Robert Mueller, who is on the Russian payroll. 1 декабря 2017, 21:11
20 102
9 дней 4:13
BREAKING: Former NSA Head: Obama Was Involved In Trump Surveillance
Alex Jones and David Knight talk with former NSA head William Binney who breaks down just how far the deep state and surveillance state go. 1 декабря 2017, 20:44
21 034
9 дней 7:59
All Out War: Deep State Using Flynn Against Trump
The Deep State Globalist agenda is pulling no punches as they attempt to destroy Trump, his allies, and the will of the American people by attempting to turn Flynn against the President. 1 декабря 2017, 20:32
14 018
9 дней 10:48
Global Economic Recovery In Grave Danger As Crazed Leftists Attempt To Remove Trump
Alex Jones breaks down the grave danger facing the global economic recovery, ushered in by President Trump, and attempts to expose the leftists behind this worldwide financial thwarting. 1 декабря 2017, 20:24
6 618
9 дней 15:01
Flynn Charged With Lying To FBI, Clapper Still Free After Committing Clear Perjury
Michael Flynn has been charged with lying to the FBI about his conversations with Russia’s ambassador, charges that James Clapper has been able to avoid after committing perjury. 1 декабря 2017, 19:53
15 872
9 дней 22:11
RED ALERT: Removal Of Trump Will Trigger A Massive Civil War And The Globalists Will Lose
In light of Robert Mueller's recent move against General Flynn, Alex Jones issues a warning to President Trump that he's the next target for the deep state, and his removal would end with civil war. 1 декабря 2017, 19:20
137 551
9 дней 15:40
Stock Market Plunges As Mueller Makes His Move Against Trump / America
Alex Jones dissects Robert Mueller's move against General Flynn, President Trump, and the American Recovery as new accusations from his investigation cause the stock market to plunge dramatically. 1 декабря 2017, 18:25
37 974
9 дней 10:27
INSANITY: Media Claims Trump Directing Flynn To Talk To Russia Is Treason
Alex Jones breaks down the most recent chapters of the Russian Collusion delusion as the mainstream media claims Michael Flynn is a traitor for reaching out to foreign leaders under his job title. 1 декабря 2017, 17:47
20 754
9 дней 12:00
The Biggest Lie About The Trump Dossier
Jon Rappoport reveals the biggest lie about the phony President Trump dossier, AKA, Pee-Pee Gate. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 1 декабря 2017, 6:30
21 063
10 дней 11:28
Congressional Blackmail And Extortion Of The Deep State
Jon Rappoport exposes the blackmailing of Congress by the deep state and their purposes for keeping Congress in their pocket. 1 декабря 2017, 5:30
17 622
10 дней 2:52:34
Full Show - Trump Tweets Violent Muslim Videos / Leftist Media Covers For Islamic Slave Traders
We're witnessing the rebirth of humanity as it sheds light on the phantoms of the past who were pegging people down under a predatory system. 1 декабря 2017, 5:11
16 113
10 дней 11:13
MSM Sells Out Its Own To Attack Trump
Jon Rappoport joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down why the mainstream media is throwing so many of its own loyal lackeys overboard in an attempt to attack the President. 1 декабря 2017, 2:30
18 395
10 дней 28:30
Europe Is Being Destroyed By Illegal Immigration
Europe slides deeper and deeper towards a seemingly inescapable fate as they continually refuse to address the problem of mass migration. 1 декабря 2017, 2:02
16 533
10 дней 6:08
Organ Harvesting And Mutilation Of Libyan Slaves
A former Nigerian Minister made shocking claims that refugees aren't just being sold into slavery in Libya, but that they are being burned alive like shish kabobs and having their organs harvested. 1 декабря 2017, 1:39
14 674
10 дней 12:22
Black Army Veteran Calls Out Alex Jones
Alex Jones discusses Christianity, Islam, and US intervention in the middle east with a caller, also a former army veteran, who has spent years overseas and understands the situation clearly. 1 декабря 2017, 1:29
24 013
10 дней 11:01
The Globalist Chemical Warfare Operation On Planet Earth
Jon Rappoport dissects the mass-scale, chemical warfare being exercised across the planet by Globalist forces that wish to poison the tree of life. 1 декабря 2017, 1:22
7 980
10 дней 14:51
VIDEO: Reporter Assaulted For Questioning White Genocide
Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer was mobbed by rabid leftists after he dared to question an article which claimed the DNA of white people, is an abomination. 1 декабря 2017, 1:00
31 181
10 дней 12:55
Globalists Are Working With North Korea Behind The Scenes To Embarrass Trump
Alex Jones exposes how Globalists worldwide are working to embarrass President Trump by using North Korea, and its unhinged leaded, to provoke a foreign policy flub and goad the US into war. 1 декабря 2017, 0:41
17 751
10 дней 22:44
Man Arrested For Defending Himself Against A Thief
Alex Jones talks with Lucian Wintrich about his experience being arrested after trying to retrieve his stolen property from a thief. 1 декабря 2017, 0:30
37 993
10 дней 12:41
Learn The Secret Of Why The Left Hates Christians More Than Any Other Group
Alex Jones talks with a caller on why the left hates Christians for its debated past yet forgives Islam for its contemporary sins. 1 декабря 2017, 0:09
14 980
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