6 дней 28:26
RED ALERT! Evidence Mounts Florida Attacks Is A Giant False Flag
Jalen Martin, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, calls into the show to give Alex Jones exclusive details to the tragic events that unfolded yesterday. 15 февраля 2018, 20:44
174 467
6 дней 20:17
Last Friday This Terrorism Expert Predicted The Florida Attack
Alex Jones presents a video clip of Matt Bracken from Infowars Live's broadcast from last Friday where the terrorism expert predicted some sort of domestic terror attack in the coming weeks. 15 февраля 2018, 19:59
43 827
6 дней 11:27
Probability Florida Attack False Flag For Civil War - 90%
Alex Jones calculates the probability of the Florida school shooting being a false flag of the deep state to create resentment toward conservatives, gun owners, and sow the seeds of civil war. 15 февраля 2018, 19:14
41 352
6 дней 12:55
VIDEO: Trump’s Statement To The Nation Concerning The Florida Massacre
Alex Jones presents President Trump's statement addressing the Florida school shooting that unfolded Valentines Day afternoon. 15 февраля 2018, 18:47
22 120
7 дней 14:49
“There Were Definitely Two Shooters”, Florida Eyewitness Of Mass Killing Reports
Alex Jones breaks down how the school shooting in Parkland, Florida is currently having new details suppressed by the media, in particular, the claim that there were more than one shooter involved. 15 февраля 2018, 18:17
66 491
7 дней 8:41
Second Shooter Eyewitness Testimony CENSORED
Eyewitness Alexa Miednik, who believes there was a second shooter, said she was WALKING with accused suspect Nikolas Cruz after she heard shots being fired – and told Cruz she was glad “it wasn’t him” who was doing the 15 февраля 2018, 17:47
50 425
7 дней 11:45
CNN Caught Paying To Be Aired At Airports
CNN has been caught purchasing viewers by paying airports to play their Fake News. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 15 февраля 2018, 3:27
23 915
7 дней 2:50:49
Full Show - DISTURBING: ESPN Admits They Spy On Viewers As They Watch - 02/14/2018
Roger Stone and Alex Jones host today's worldwide transmission, and they reveal ESPN's startling admission, during the Super Bowl, that they can watch their audience through their personal TV. 15 февраля 2018, 1:30
21 106
7 дней 17:22
EMPLOYEES: Jeff Bezos Is Ruining Whole Food's Quality
Roger Stone and Alex Jones tear Jeff Bezos apart, focusing on how he has smeared the reputation of Whole Food's exceptional quality with the organic produce and naturally processed products. 15 февраля 2018, 1:15
31 934
7 дней 17:07
ESPN Admits That The Television Is Watching You
Just as the information from Wikileaks Vault 7 release indicated, its now mainstream knowledge that your electronic appliances spy on you. 15 февраля 2018, 0:58
15 464
7 дней 13:22
Roger Stone Disappointed With Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Written By Goldman Sachs
Roger Stone joins Alex Jones live in studio to dissect President Trump's infrastructure plan and demonstrate how it was essentially written by Goldman Sachs. 15 февраля 2018, 0:07
13 932
7 дней 15:35
Roger Stone Reveals Possible Replacements For President's WH Chief Of Staff
Roger Stone joins Alex Jones live in studio to reveal possible replacements that President Trump has been pondering for his new White House Chief of Staff as General John Kelly clears his desk. 14 февраля 2018, 23:34
12 601
7 дней 14:27
Bill Murray Comes Out Against Political Correctness
Alex Jones and Roger Stone discuss a video clip of Bill Murray speaking out against the political correctness culture that has divided and conquered the people of our United States. 14 февраля 2018, 23:02
58 357
7 дней 10:16
BREAKING: School Shooting Underway In South Florida
Alex Jones and Roger Stone cover the developing story of yet another tragic school shooting, this time at a South Florida high school Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us 14 февраля 2018, 22:39
63 301
7 дней 12:31
Why Is Jeff Sessions Violating Donald Trump’s Marijuana Position
Why does Jeff Sessions intend to crack down on state legalized marijuana against the beliefs of the President? Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 14 февраля 2018, 22:39
19 552
7 дней 9:36
Suppressing Conservative Voices Is Backfiring For Globalists
Alex Jones and Roger Stone break down how the leftist media is experiencing the "Streisand effect" trying to censor conservative voices Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help 14 февраля 2018, 22:38
15 105
7 дней 12:25
INFOWARS Is Doomsday For The Globalists
Alex Jones breaks down how the globalists are deathly afraid of Infowars, their audience, and the general public waking up to their malicious plan to enslave humanity; We are their doomsday. 14 февраля 2018, 22:28
5 091
7 дней 11:59
Roger Stone Provides A Rundown Of Who Will Be The President’s Next Chief Of Staff
Roger Stone weighs in on potential Chief of Staff picks. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 14 февраля 2018, 22:01
10 074
7 дней 12:48
FLASHBACK: Democrats Call For Crackdown On Illegal Immigrants And Strengthening The Border
Alex Jones presents an assortment of footage that demonstrates democrats calling for a crackdown on illegal immigration and a strengthening of America's southern border just a decade ago. 14 февраля 2018, 22:00
5 773
7 дней 13:21
The New Genesis: How To Save Humanity
Alex Jones reveals the new Genesis of our times, and explains how, if we all work together through our individual actions, humanity can be saved from collectivism and maintain our God-given liberty. 14 февраля 2018, 21:13
11 838
7 дней 14:06
Researchers Have Discovered The Profile Of People Globalists Are Hiring To Man The World Government
Alex Jones exposes the profile of individuals globalists are looking for to hire into their corrupt system of control when ushering the globe into an authoritarian one world government system. 14 февраля 2018, 20:26
11 055
7 дней 13:50
SEE THE VIDEO: ESPN Admits To Watching You Through Your TV
“One of the great new technologies we have here at ESPN is that we can look at YOU in your house through your TV!” This was said by ESPN announcer Bill Walton as the network spied on the family of Arizona Wildcats 14 февраля 2018, 19:33
21 122
7 дней 21:11
Government Set To Announce That All New T.V. Screens Are Watching And Recording Your Every Move
Alex Jones lays out how the government is set to announce that all new television screens are designed to discreetly watch you through the monitor without your direct knowledge. 14 февраля 2018, 19:14
32 566
8 дней 12:39
BREAKING: CNN Pays Viewers To Watch, How Much Would You Need To Be Paid?
Alex Jones presents a video clip from Fox's Tucker Carlson program where he calls out CNN for paying airports, bus stations, and other public places to air their news above any other source. 14 февраля 2018, 18:30
17 206
8 дней 8:30
Democrats Label Chain Migration Racist
Why is it that the Democrats think Americans are dying to listen to them turn any term they can get their grubby little paws on into a weapon of racism? 14 февраля 2018, 18:27
7 064
8 дней 8:11
The Blaze’s Allie Is Wrong, It Is Not Radical To Defend Masculinity
Alex Jones breaks down how one of the Blaze's reporters Allie Stuckey is on the right track but wrong about the notion of defending masculinity as a radical action: it's completely normal. 14 февраля 2018, 17:58
5 943
8 дней 28:57
Liberal Media Praises NK And Hates America
The leftist Fake News media habitually sides with 3rd world dictators rather than their own country. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 14 февраля 2018, 2:46
11 620
8 дней 6:17
33 625
8 дней 6:48
Antifa Picks A Fight, Loses, Cries
Antifa Picks a Fight, Loses and Cries about it Being Unfair! Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. 14 февраля 2018, 1:07
47 764
8 дней 2:51:20
Full Show - World Government Summit Declares Humanity Obsolete - 02/13/2018
Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer host today's broadcast and are joined by Roger Stone and media commentator Gavin McInnes. 14 февраля 2018, 1:02
20 705
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