2 дня 1:49
Illinois Cop Tackles Teen to Rescue Her From Oncoming Train
A police officer in Illinois tackled a teen moments before she was able to run in front of an oncoming train. 11 декабря 2018, 18:54
68 360
2 дня 3:13
Millionaire Forced to Clean Houses After Falling Victim to Bernie Madoff
Ten years ago this month, New York investor Bernard Madoff was arrested and accused of masterminding a Ponzi scheme which saw him take millions of dollars from wealthy clients. 11 декабря 2018, 17:28
54 024
2 дня 1:34
New York Store Aims to Break Record for World's Largest Cheese Sculpture
When an enormous block of Wisconsin cheddar cheese arrived at a Stew Leonard's grocery store in New York, it weighed 4,000 pounds. 11 декабря 2018, 17:20
14 550
2 дня 1:23
Lip Injection at ‘Botox Party’ Goes Horribly Wrong
A British woman nearly lost her top lip after getting fillers at a Botox party. Doctors say her story should serve as a warning to others. 11 декабря 2018, 14:20
81 078
2 дня 0:48
8-Year-Old Dresses Like ‘80s Michelle Obama for School Project
One 8-year-old wanted to dress up like her hero Michelle Obama and pulled it off so well she got an endorsement from the former first lady. 11 декабря 2018, 14:20
35 214
2 дня 2:02
College Graduate Uses Exoskeleton to Walk Across Stage and Accept His Diploma
A college graduate had a lot more to celebrate than just getting a diploma. 10 декабря 2018, 23:10
46 815
2 дня 2:02
Former Miss Kentucky Allegedly Sent Nude Photos to Teen
A former Miss Kentucky allegedly sent lewd photos of herself to a 15-year-old boy over Snapchat. 10 декабря 2018, 22:49
74 233
2 дня 1:44
Kind Stranger Gives Mom and Ailing Baby His First-Class Plane Seat
A mom couldn't believe it when a stranger offered up his first-class seat to her and her 11-month-old daughter, who was hooked up to an oxygen machine. 10 декабря 2018, 22:35
69 716
2 дня 1:41
Purse Snatcher Nearly Runs Over Elderly Woman Who Chased Him in Florida
A Florida man stole an elderly woman’s purse and nearly ran her over after she tried to chase him, according to cops. The incident was caught on surveillance footage at an Okeechobee McDonald’s. 10 декабря 2018, 22:35
86 354
2 дня 1:46
Family Returns Home a Month After Fire and Finds Their Dog Waiting for Them
A family hadn't seen their dog for nearly a month after fleeing the California wildfires, but when they returned to their home, their pet was right there, guarding what was left of their burnt-out | 10 декабря 2018, 22:24
79 554
2 дня 2:12
Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Insists He Is Not Homophobic
Kevin Hart is brushing off the Oscar uproar by returning to the stage for sold-out shows in Australia. 10 декабря 2018, 21:51
49 657
2 дня 3:02
Single Mom of 3 Gifted With New Car Thanks to Secret Santa
A single mom who works three jobs was surprised with a new car, thanks to a Secret Santa. 10 декабря 2018, 20:20
38 152
3 дня 1:09
Firefighter Dressed as Elf Starts Random Pillow Fights to Spread Holiday Cheer
Brendan Edwards took a break fighting fires in Massachusetts to pillow-fight instead. 10 декабря 2018, 19:21
43 284
3 дня 1:22
Mom Bursts Into Tears as Marine Son Surprises Her After Graduating
When Taylor Rice graduated from the Marine Corps Boot Camp, he couldn’t wait to tell his mom and dad. Becoming a Marine had been a dream of his for years. 10 декабря 2018, 18:24
24 031
3 дня 1:31
Meet 6 Sets of Twins Who Play Basketball Together at Texas High School
These six sets of twins all play basketball at Splendora High School, outside of Houston, Texas. There are three identical set of twins and three sets of fraternal twins. 10 декабря 2018, 16:14
31 677
3 дня 1:20
Ohio Deputy Stops Man Who Tried to Jump Off Overpass
A deputy fought to save a man who tried to jump onto a highway. The rescue was caught on a patrol car's dashcam. 9 декабря 2018, 23:57
102 655
3 дня 1:33
Sheriff's Sergeant Killed by Friendly Fire in California Bar Shooting: Officials
The sheriff's sergeant, who died while responding to a mass shooting at a California bar on November 7, was killed by friendly fire. 9 декабря 2018, 22:51
57 575
3 дня 1:19
Santas Around the World Celebrate Giving to Charity
Santas across the globe either dressed up or dressed down as Kris Kringle, all for a good cause. 9 декабря 2018, 20:37
39 475
4 дня 4:02
Blind Dog in Wheelchair Teaches Kids About Anti-Bullying
Noah the cockapoo was born without eyes and with deformed hind legs, but it doesn't slow him down in his mission to educate kids on anti-bullying and acceptance. 8 декабря 2018, 19:43
75 962
5 дней 3:35
All the Trends You Needed to Know in 2018
2018 was the year of the dance challenges. From the Shiggy Challenge to “DotheLilo,” many people on social media showed off their moves. 8 декабря 2018, 16:20
171 181
5 дней 2:00
Stranger Tries Breaking Into Home Using Doggy Door
A man was filmed on security cameras allegedly breaking into a home via the doggy door. Homeowner Lexie Linberg was in her bedroom checking emails at 8 a.m. 8 декабря 2018, 13:04
182 584
5 дней 2:03
How Cities Across the World Are Getting in the Christmas Spirit
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go! Like in London, where a pub festooned itself with 95 festive firs. 7 декабря 2018, 23:54
68 950
5 дней 1:51
Haunting Sounds From Mars Sent Back by NASA Craft
NASA's InSight Lander sent back sounds of an otherworldly wind from Mars. InSight's seismometer and air pressure sensor detected the vibrations from the Martian wind earlier this month. 7 декабря 2018, 23:34
111 603
5 дней 1:27
Was Killer Seen Shaking Uncontrollably in Court Faking It?
A convicted killer in Virginia was trembling and twitching as he was wheeled into court to be sentenced for murdering his ex. 7 декабря 2018, 22:59
336 154
5 дней 1:11
Cardi B Finds Out About Grammy Nominations Outside Court
As Cardi B was facing the music in court Friday, her name was being announced during the Grammy nominations. 7 декабря 2018, 22:52
74 413
5 дней 1:11
Florida Trooper Jokes He Didn’t Land ‘a 10’ After He Went Airborne
Mithil Patel was investigating an accident scene in Florida earlier this month when a black Audi came out of nowhere and spun out of control. 7 декабря 2018, 22:22
168 238
5 дней 2:16
Shanann Watts' Parents Say Chris Was ‘Cold’ Weeks Leading Up to Her Death
The parents of Shanann Watts say her husband was cold and distant in the weeks leading up to the murders. 7 декабря 2018, 22:22
47 300
5 дней 1:32
Teacher Who Cut Student’s Hair While Singing National Anthem Is Arrested
California chemistry teacher Margaret Gieszinger surprised her class when she took scissors to a male student’s hair earlier this month. As she cut his hair, the 52-year-old sang the national anthem. 7 декабря 2018, 22:22
466 492
5 дней 1:34
Daughter of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ Composer: ‘It’s Not a Date Rape Song’
“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is coming under fire 74 years after the song’s creation. 7 декабря 2018, 21:39
63 226
5 дней 1:18
Indiana Mom Finds Bullet Hole in Toddler's Crib: 'She Would Have Died'
Bethany Grundy was putting her daughter down in her crib when she found a bullet that had been fired from outside. "To think about that is tragic, it would have been tragic," the mother says. 7 декабря 2018, 20:54
156 104
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