3 дня 0:56
Blind Woman Runs on Treadmill for 12 Hours to Break Record
A blind woman has set a world record for the longest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours. With more than 80 miles run, Sinead Kane broke the previous record by just over one mile. 15 марта 2018, 19:53
26 968
3 дня 3:07
Stormy Daniels' Dad Says Scandal With President Trump Has ‘Become a Real Mess’
Long before Stormy Daniels became the adult movie star at the center of a presidential scandal, she was Stephanie Clifford, a dreamy-eyed high school student. 15 марта 2018, 19:51
26 512
3 дня 2:20
‘American Idol’ Contestant on Katy Perry’s Kiss: ‘She Was a Stranger’
The “American Idol” contestant who received his first kiss got from Katy Perry is defending her after the situation struck an uncomfortable chord with some viewers. 15 марта 2018, 19:34
232 636
3 дня 0:52
Toddler Born With White Streak in His Hair Turns Heads Wherever He Goes
Josiah Barnes, 2, has a white patch in the middle of his jet black afro, and his mom said it's always attracting onlookers. 15 марта 2018, 18:52
97 163
3 дня 1:19
Who Was Saint Patrick?
St. Patrick's Day may be a time for parades, green beer and claiming Irish heritage, but who was the man behind the holiday? It's been said that he's responsible for driving the snakes out of Ireland. 15 марта 2018, 18:37
19 398
3 дня 1:11
Family Outraged After United Airlines Mistakenly Sends Their Dog to Japan
A mother and son are worried about their 10-year-old German shepherd that was mistakenly flown to Japan instead of Kansas. The mix-up occurred as United Airlines swapped the dog, Irgo, with another dog in Oregon. 15 марта 2018, 17:03
61 457
3 дня 1:25
Man Who Claims He Was Accomplice in Natalee Holloway's Murder Is Killed: Cops
A man who claims to have been an accomplice in the 2005 murder of 18-year-old Natalee Holloway in Aruba was stabbed to death. 15 марта 2018, 16:48
28 170
3 дня 1:16
Teen Is Only Student at His School to Participate in National Walk Out
Teenagers all across the country walked out of class Wednesday to call for gun control, but at a school in North Carolina, one student walked alone. 15 марта 2018, 13:48
218 436
3 дня 0:57
Man Donates Unused Engagement Ring After Getting Dumped
One man is giving away a diamond engagement ring in hopes of mending his broken heart. It took 23-year-old Steven Crocker almost a year to save up for the $1,700 diamond ring. 15 марта 2018, 13:14
69 670
4 дня 1:04
Wild Peacocks Chase Man Who Allegedly Swiped One Off Street
When an alleged peacock bandit made off with one of the majestic birds, the animal's friends gave chase. Miami police have released surveillance video of the heist. 14 марта 2018, 23:05
63 127
4 дня 1:08
55-Year-Old 'French Spider-Man' Climbs 587-Foot Building in 30 Minutes
A 55-year-old known as the "French Spider-Man" is once again making headlines for scaling a skyscraper in Paris. 14 марта 2018, 22:12
216 881
4 дня 1:13
Donald Trump Jr. Is Headed for Divorce, Report Says
Are Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife calling it quits? 14 марта 2018, 21:46
55 731
4 дня 0:42
Elsa of ‘Frozen’ Helps Cops Push Van Stuck in Snow During Nor’Easter
This Elsa isn't ready to "Let It Go!" A guy dressed as the iconic Disney princess helped out cops after a Boston Police van got stuck in the snow during this week's brutal nor'easter. So who's the hero in costume? 14 марта 2018, 21:43
51 161
4 дня 1:38
Husband Donates Kidney to Wife Ahead of Their 23rd Anniversary
This couple has a lot more in common than they thought. Monica Calle was suffering from kidney disease and had been on dialysis for more than two years. 14 марта 2018, 21:15
23 634
4 дня 2:34
This Is How Dangerous Balconies Can Be During Spring Break
It was bedlam on the beach with binge drinking, raunchy behavior and arrests as Inside Edition’s cameras captured this year's spring break antics. 14 марта 2018, 21:15
360 785
4 дня 3:18
Behind the Scenes of Donald Trump’s Miss Universe Competition in Russia
Five years after Moscow hosted the Miss Universe pageant, the world is getting a complete understanding of what was going on behind the scenes with Donald Trump, according to a bombshell new book. 14 марта 2018, 21:14
11 850
4 дня 1:17
Brazen Burglars Break Into Home as 12-Year-Old Plays Video Games
Surveillance cameras caught 3 hooded, gun-toting thieves breaking into a Milwaukee home Saturday night. The 5 cameras were recording as they barged into the home and got away with several electronic items. 14 марта 2018, 21:14
95 912
4 дня 1:06
Fans Disgusted With Kylie Jenner’s Makeup Line With X-Rated Names
Kylie Jenner is facing outrage over her blush line that comes with sexual names like ‘Virginity,’ ‘Barely Legal,’ ‘X-Rated,’ and ‘Hot and Bothered.’ The 20-year-old reality star’s audience is mostly young girls, which 14 марта 2018, 21:14
44 090
4 дня 3:00
11-Year-Old on Death of Dog Aboard United Flight: ‘He Can’t Breathe Up There’
There is growing outrage today over the tragic death of Kikito, a French bulldog who died after a flight attendant allegedly ordered him stowed in the overhead bin on a three hour flight. 14 марта 2018, 21:13
170 693
4 дня 0:50
Students Arrange Backpacks in the Shape of a Heart During Walkouts
Across the USA, students walked out of their classrooms to demand stricter gun laws. More than 3,000 schools participated in the protests. 14 марта 2018, 21:13
31 122
4 дня 0:48
Brother of Florida Shooting Suspect Nikolas Cruz Cries During Court Hearing
Accused Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz made his way into court shackled and with his head down. As he took a seat, he avoided all eye contact. Broward County deputies kept a close watch during the whole proceeding. 14 марта 2018, 21:13
146 543
4 дня 1:32
19-Year-Old Finds 'Self Love' After Her Idol Asks for Selfie Re-Do
A self-conscious teen says she has embraced a body-positive outlook after an encounter with her idol. 14 марта 2018, 18:25
54 887
4 дня 0:45
'Pup View' Adds Dog's Perspective to Google Street View
It's like Google Street View, but from your dog's point of view! "What better way to start off the Year of the Dog," writes Google Street View program manager Yukiko Naganuma. 14 марта 2018, 18:15
20 625
4 дня 1:40
Watch Daredevil Dog Jump Off Cliff With Adrenaline Junkie Owner
Chase Reinford says his dog Paco is a thrill-seeker, just like him. Check out the daredevil duo as they jump off cliffs! 14 марта 2018, 17:43
80 094
4 дня 0:59
United Accepts Responsibility for Death of Dog on Airplane
A 10-month-old puppy died aboard a United Airlines plane after a flight attendant said the dog had to be placed in an overhead bin. 14 марта 2018, 16:12
58 839
4 дня 2:27
Woman Survives Harrowing Otter Attack
A woman survived a vicious attack but escaped with her ear nearly sliced off and her hand savagely bitten. The culprit behind Sue Spector’s attack was an otter! 14 марта 2018, 15:00
41 785
4 дня 1:09
Famed Physicist Stephen Hawking Dies at 76
Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has died. 14 марта 2018, 14:45
112 475
5 дней 1:10
7,000 Pairs of Unfilled Shoes Honor Children Lost to Gun Violence Since 2012
7,000 pairs of shoes had no feet to fill them because of gun violence. Activist group Avaaz placed the shoes outside the Capitol building in Washington Monday. 14 марта 2018, 0:56
65 598
5 дней 0:39
Watch Tornado Approach Italian City Before Causing Extensive Damage
A tornado had people in Italy wondering if they were in Kansas. The twister hit the suburbs of Caserta and took down trees and signs, including a Burger King sign that crushed some cars. 13 марта 2018, 23:31
67 192
5 дней 1:22
Woman Wears Late Mother's Wedding Dress in Touching Photo Shoot
In a tribute to her late mother, a bride surprised everyone after secretly participating in a photo shoot while wearing her mom's wedding dress. 13 марта 2018, 22:11
33 646
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