5 дней 1:17
Which Seat Is the Safest on a Plane?
Where is the safest place to sit on a plane? Some say aisle seats are safer than window seats, and seats in the back of the plane are mostly safer than those in the front. 20 апреля 2018, 21:20
127 085
5 дней 0:55
Man Who Called Cops on Lois Riess Says He Recognized Silver Hair
George Higginbotham said he recognized Lois Riess when on Thursday she walked into Dirty Al’s, the restaurant he manages on South Padre Island, a popular vacation spot in Texas.  Higginbotham first noticed her silver 20 апреля 2018, 21:20
76 853
5 дней 0:58
Woman Takes Off With Massive Package While Riding a Bicycle: Cops
Footage taken by Mark Duenas shows a woman struggling to balance a huge Amazon box on handlebars as she cycles down a street in Stockton, California. 20 апреля 2018, 21:16
169 144
5 дней 1:14
How Would Meghan Markle Look in These Wedding Dress Styles?
Speculation is growing if Meghan Markle may wear white on her wedding day.  Word is she wants to wear something with lace like she did on her TV wedding on the show ‘Suits.’ At the Amsale bridal showroom, we got a look 20 апреля 2018, 21:16
21 114
5 дней 0:43
Will Ferrell Makes First Public Appearance Since Car Crash
It's Will Ferrell's first public appearance since that terrifying accident that ended with his SUV flipping over. 20 апреля 2018, 21:16
48 355
5 дней 0:38
Fan Nails Beyonce’s Coachella Dance Moves
This Beyonce super fan really nails the superstar's dance moves. "If you thought i was about to sit here, learn choreography & dance like I’m one of Beyonce’s backup dancers, you're absolutely right!” she tweeted. 20 апреля 2018, 21:16
104 634
5 дней 0:52
Marine Dad Hides Behind Curtain Before Surprising Sons in School Cafeteria
Marine Sgt. Jarrell Williams stood behind a curtain at his children's school while his sons ate lunch in the cafeteria. It was part of an elaborate plan to surprise them while he was home from a deployment to Kuwait. 20 апреля 2018, 21:01
23 807
5 дней 1:01
Teen Goes to Prom With Michael B. Jordan Cardboard Cutout
Audeva Agyeman scored the best prom date of all with a cardboard cutout of "Black Panther" star Michael B. Jordan. 20 апреля 2018, 20:08
51 206
5 дней 1:03
EDM DJ Avicii Dies at 28
One of the world's most famous DJs has died. Avicii was found dead Friday in the Middle East nation of Oman. 20 апреля 2018, 19:35
238 762
5 дней 0:39
Thieves Smash Stolen Car Into Gun Store Window: Cops
Two alleged thieves rammed a Honda Civic into the front window of a Nevada gun store. 20 апреля 2018, 18:53
26 562
5 дней 1:20
Woman Invites Officer Who Arrested Her to her College Graduation
Five years ago, Tiffany Hall of Long Beach, CA, was using drugs and landing herself in trouble with the law.  But one police officer, she says, showed her empathy and respect. 20 апреля 2018, 17:22
40 453
5 дней 0:42
Cute Orphaned Cubs Get Some Bear Care at Wildlife Center
These bear cubs have spirit! The little orphans are temporary residents of the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Two were rescued by a state trooper after their mother was killed by a car. 20 апреля 2018, 17:17
20 049
5 дней 0:52
Suspected 'Look-Alike Killer' Lois Reiss Arrested After Week-Long Manhunt
Lois Riess, the grandmother suspected of killing a woman who resembled her to steal her identity, has been arrested in Texas. 20 апреля 2018, 15:20
50 685
5 дней 0:58
Reward Doubles in Real-Life 'Three Billboards' Case
The reward has increased in the real-life case that inspired the Oscar-winning film "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri." Officials in Texas, where Kathy Page was found strangled in 1991, are now offering $6,000 20 апреля 2018, 15:19
19 321
5 дней 1:01
Grandma Grabs Baby as She Flees Bear
It's Granny to the rescue! Watch as she grabs her granddaughter from the front porch, just as a bear scurries across the lawn. It was all caught on camera by the doorbell cam. 20 апреля 2018, 15:19
77 552
6 дней 1:35
Woman Abandons Dogs on Street Before Driving Off
This woman is about to abandon four dogs on a dead-end street in Texas. A witness who lives there is outraged by what she sees. She lets her know there's another option. 20 апреля 2018, 15:05
253 914
6 дней 0:52
Florist Predicts Floral Designs for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Wedding
A florist to the royals is offering her prediction on the flowers displayed at the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. 20 апреля 2018, 14:36
8 054
6 дней 1:39
Surf Legend Laird Hamilton Rescues Stranded Families After Hawaii Storm
Torrential rains flooded the Island of Kauai, trapping many people, including the Gwilliam family, in the town of Hanalei. Not even the U.S. Army and Coast Guard could reach them. 20 апреля 2018, 11:25
36 067
6 дней 1:09
New York Yankees Respond to Bullied Girl in Video: 'Got Your Back!'
A girl got a special shout-out from the New York Yankees after sharing her experience of bullying in a heartbreaking video. "There's 4 of them and only 1 of me," Cassidy wrote as she described the torment. 20 апреля 2018, 11:24
60 337
6 дней 2:16
Legendary Magician David Copperfield Reveals His Secrets in Court
Legendary magician David Copperfield took the stand in a Las Vegas courtroom, where he's being sued by a fan who says he suffered traumatic brain injuries during a performance at the MGM Grand. 19 апреля 2018, 21:25
109 197
6 дней 0:35
‘Dance Moms’ Star Abby Lee Miller Has Cancer
Dance Moms’ star Abby Lee Miller has cancer. The 51-year-old TV personality has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer that afflicts the immune system. It was discovered during emergency surgery on Tuesday. 19 апреля 2018, 21:24
87 938
6 дней 0:39
See Meghan Markle in a Wedding Gown on ‘Suits’ Finale
Art is imitating real life for Meghan Markle, who is also getting married on her TV show, ‘Suits.’ It's her second wedding on the show. She was stood up at the altar on her first. 19 апреля 2018, 21:24
25 445
6 дней 1:03
Cops Who Narrowly Escaped House Explosion Glad They Didn’t Get There Faster
The policeman who narrowly escaped death when a house exploded is speaking out. Officer Travis Hiser says he's lucky to be alive. 19 апреля 2018, 21:24
59 446
6 дней 0:38
Pilot Who Landed Southwest Plane: ‘We Were Simply Doing Our Jobs’
It's heart-stopping new video from the crippled Southwest Airlines flight. 19 апреля 2018, 21:23
31 763
6 дней 2:29
Men Arrested at Starbucks Say They Weren’t Told Why They Were Being Handcuffed
The two black men at the center of the controversial Starbucks arrest have spoken out. Two minutes into their visit to Starbucks, the manager called 911. 19 апреля 2018, 21:19
67 548
6 дней 1:46
Suspected ‘Look-Alike Killer’ Seen in Victim’s Hat 200 Miles Away: Cops
Surveillance video shows Lois Riess wearing a white hat with a black ribbon as she checked into a Florida hotel. 19 апреля 2018, 21:17
32 531
6 дней 1:17
Baby on Board! Senate Will Allow Tammy Duckworth to Breastfeed on Floor
Sen. Tammy Duckworth has made history as the first sitting senator to give birth while in office. 19 апреля 2018, 19:28
21 687
6 дней 0:39
Did This Woman Steal a Rare Blue Butterfly While Dressed Like One?
Bug thieves. They exist apparently, and cops in Cincinnati say there's one on the loose in the Buckeye State. 19 апреля 2018, 18:25
139 049
6 дней 0:38
Newborn Hog With Sweet Human-Like Eyes Loves Being the Only Baby in Town
Here's a newborn red river hog making his debut at the Houston Zoo in the cutest way possible! From moves to looks, this baby has it all…except a name! He's just an adorable hoglet just living his best life! 19 апреля 2018, 15:55
27 909
6 дней 0:44
Watch as Firefighters Rescue Man from Burning Home
It may look like a scene from a movie, but this is real life. Firefighters entered a burning home in Virginia to rescue a man who couldn't escape. 19 апреля 2018, 15:54
23 418
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