8 дней 1:22
Mom Praises Ex-Boyfriend's Parenting To Show Realities Of Co-Parenting
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC "Selfless," "generous" and "accomplished" aren't the words many would use to describe their ex. 17 марта 2017, 0:00
89 698
8 дней 1:08
Sick Dog Desperately Needs Home So He Doesn't Have To Die at Shelter
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC This poor dog is dying, which is why animal rescuers are hoping he can live out his last days in the comfort of a new home and not in a shelter. 16 марта 2017, 22:55
41 356
8 дней 2:11
7-Year-Old Boy Dances For First Time Since Being Paralyzed in Car Accident
A car accident may have taken a 7-year-old's ability to walk, but it hasn't taken his spirit. Doctors told Bruce Mansy's parents he had complete paralysis after the incident in September. 16 марта 2017, 21:52
2 239
8 дней 3:02
Did Husband Die After Being Shot Because Ambulance Took Too Long to Arrive?
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC Was a New Jersey parking garage entrance too low for an ambulance to get to one woman's dying husband after a fatal carjacking? 16 марта 2017, 21:51
44 166
8 дней 1:20
Why So Many Wild Moose Are Acting Aggressive Towards People
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC As revelers hit the ski slopes around the country, some are encountering more moose on the trails as the animals defend their territory. 16 марта 2017, 21:51
26 477
8 дней 2:05
How To Escape Being Trapped Inside The Trunk of a Car
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC A 25-year-old escaped from the trunk of her car after a kidnapper allegedly forced her inside and now many are calling her a hero. 16 марта 2017, 21:50
75 752
8 дней 1:39
Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried Are Latest Victims of Intimate Photo Hack
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC Intimate photos of Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson have been published on a notorious website and the actress is fighting back. 16 марта 2017, 21:50
45 743
8 дней 2:33
Bette Davis' 69-Year-Old Daughter Claims Her Mom Practiced Witchcraft
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC Bette Davis' daughter, B.D Hyman, is making shocking claims about her mom following the release of the new miniseries, Feud: Bette and Joan, which recreates Davis' 16 марта 2017, 21:35
60 311
8 дней 1:49
Grandma Hopes To Become 'Voluptuous Babe' After Having 140-Pound Tumor Removed
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC Mary Clancey thought the weight she was putting on around her waist was the result of eating too many fudge samples from the candy counter where she worked. 16 марта 2017, 21:34
22 240
8 дней 1:50
Former Sister-In-Law of Janet Jackson Apologizes For Secret Child Claims
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC Janet Jackson's ex-sister-in-law revealed that she does not believe a woman claiming to be the singer's daughter is related to her. 16 марта 2017, 21:34
34 719
8 дней 1:21
5-Year-Old Girl Recalls Being Attacked By Dog That Killed Friend
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC Not only are the bandages on this little girl's head helping the healing but so is her laughter. After 9 surgeries Syrai Sanders is home from the hospital. 16 марта 2017, 21:20
73 530
8 дней 1:39
4-Year-Old Girl Feared Missing When Day Care Gives Child To Wrong Person: Cops
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC A Florida mother's worst nightmare appeared to come true when she arrived at her children's day care at pick-up time and found that one of her daughters was mistakenly 16 марта 2017, 19:31
186 726
8 дней 0:48
Watch These Officers Let Loose And Have A Snowball Fight With Kids During Storm
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC There's nothing better than a snowball fight in the middle of a storm with police officers. The cops in this New Jersey town even went sledding with kids too. 16 марта 2017, 17:55
26 419
8 дней 2:19
Widow Relives The Heartbreaking Moment Her Husband Was Shot in Mall Parking Lot
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC A widow gave a heartbreaking testimony about the night her beloved husband was shot dead in the parking garage at a mall in December 2013. 16 марта 2017, 17:10
10 752
8 дней 0:44
Police Officer Catches Real-Life Cat And Mouse Chase On Dash Cam
A police officer caught two perps red-handed when he was casually driving around Minnesota. It happened when the officer spotted something darting back and forth in the middle of the road. 16 марта 2017, 17:07
26 751
8 дней 1:25
Mom: My Baby Died Because 911 Didn't Answer When Babysitter Called
A baby died over the weekend and officials are saying it's possibly due to glitches in a 911 system. 16 марта 2017, 16:38
185 027
8 дней 0:47
Watch Suspect Steal $100 Bill From Kid's Hand: Cops
Investigators believe the other two men who watched the crime go down may be his associates. It happened at a Walmart in Oklahoma. Police say a woman put the bill on the counter when her son started playing with it. 16 марта 2017, 16:35
19 704
8 дней 1:28
Watch Amtrak Train Create Crazy Wave of Snow While Pulling Into Station
Passengers waiting on an Amtrak platform in New York were hit with snow as a train pulled into the station and created massive waves of slush. 16 марта 2017, 16:04
67 440
8 дней 1:20
Secret Service Investigates Agents Taking Photo of Trump's Grandson: Report
Two Secret Service agents are facing an internal probe after allegedly taking selfies with the president's sleeping grandson, Donald Trump Ill. It's unclear as to when the alleged incident occurred. 16 марта 2017, 16:04
23 146
8 дней 0:48
Rachel Maddow Defends Hyping Up Donald Trump's Tax Return Scoop
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is defending herself after a storm of criticism over how she hyped her exclusive on the president's 2005 tax returns. 16 марта 2017, 16:03
5 958
9 дней 1:01
Bus Driver Saves 5-Year-Old Boy Found at Midnight with No Shoes In Cold
A Milwaukee bus driver was in the right place at the right time to help a child in need. Denise Wilson says she was about to take a break from her route around midnight when she heard crying. 16 марта 2017, 13:44
141 936
9 дней 0:52
Man Brutally Attacked By Group After Offering To Buy Them Food: Cops
Police say a man was brutally attacked by people after offering to buy them food. 16 марта 2017, 1:48
45 655
9 дней 1:00
Brave Victim of Kidnapping Escapes By Jumping Out of Car Trunk
A woman who says she was forced into the trunk of her car at gun point, made a brave escape. Cops in Birmingham, Alabama say the woman told them she was approached by a man carrying a gun who demanded money. 16 марта 2017, 0:29
62 618
9 дней 1:07
Police Officer Fulfills Dying Woman’s Wish to Walk On Beach One Last Time
Patricia Kelly, 78, was diagnosed with AML Leukemia and soon after, her family began planning a last weekend getaway at Long Beach Island, a place Kelly has visited for years. 15 марта 2017, 22:55
76 389
9 дней 1:31
Video Emerges of 'Dynasty' Star Linda Evans Getting Arrested for DUI
Video has surfaced of actress Linda Evans being pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence. The former Dynasty star is told by a traffic cop in Washington state that she should not be behind the wheel. 15 марта 2017, 21:56
136 255
9 дней 1:31
YouTube Star Reveals How She Survived Being Shot While On Vacation
YouTube star, Jo Franco, shocked fans when she revealed she was shot while on vacation in Brazil. 15 марта 2017, 21:55
197 610
9 дней 1:55
Why Weather Officials Reportedly Kept Updated Snowstorm Estimates a Secret
Did The National Weather Service conceal the fact that Tuesday's storm was not going to be as bad as everyone feared in some parts of the country? 15 марта 2017, 21:54
24 712
9 дней 2:39
Mischa Barton Breaks Down In Tears: I'm a Victim of Revenge Porn
Mischa Barton burst into tears as The O.C. actress revealed she's a victim of revenge porn at the hands of an ex-boyfriend. 15 марта 2017, 21:53
88 750
9 дней 1:32
McDonald’s Employee Saves Off-Duty Cop with Medical Emergency at Drive-Thru
A quick-thinking McDonald's drive-thru employee springs into action when he sees a customer having a medical emergency in her car. 15 марта 2017, 21:53
194 355
9 дней 1:51
'High Lining' Trend Has Daredevils Showing Off Balancing Skills At Scary Heights
A video of a bare chested man falling from a slackline 100 feet above the ground is raising concerns. 15 марта 2017, 21:52
22 052
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