9 дней 2:13
Fellow 'Deal or No Deal' Models Excited for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
'Deal or No Deal' was a monster success for NBC 11 years ago and featured a bevy of beautiful women carrying numbered silver suitcases. 18 мая 2017, 21:38
43 544
9 дней 1:17
Pippa Middleton Prepares to Walk Down the Aisle at Her Wedding This Weekend
Preparations are underway for the wedding of the year as Pippa Middleton will marry fiance James Matthews. 18 мая 2017, 21:24
22 710
9 дней 1:03
Meet the Men Trying to Win the Heart of the New 'Bachelorette'
The 31 guys vying for Rachel Lindsay's heart on the new season of 'The Bachelorette' have been announced. 18 мая 2017, 21:20
26 053
9 дней 2:42
Man Gets 'Rude' Woman to Reimburse Him for Movie Ticket After Bad Date
The man who claimed he was going to sue a woman for texting during their first date has opted to call it off. Brandon Vezmar met Crystal Cruz on the dating app Bumble. He took her to see 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 18 мая 2017, 20:50
140 792
9 дней 1:44
Mom Pleads for Return of 5-Year-Old Son Who Disappeared Last Month
A mother is begging for the return of her son. Ana Estevez reported 5-year-old Aramazd Andressian Jr. missing after his father failed to show up to a prearranged meeting site to return him to her. 18 мая 2017, 20:03
29 661
9 дней 0:42
This Mom-To-Be Is 9 Months Pregnant and Still Boxing in the Ring
Mom to-be, Vicky Sim, is near her due date and still has two feet in the boxing ring. The gym owner says it has helped cure her morning sickness. The 39-year-old even had perfect abs until she was seven months in. 18 мая 2017, 19:51
18 926
9 дней 1:01
Mom Freaks Out When She Finds a 2-Foot-Long Iguana in Toilet
It's not every day that someone calls 911 to report something strange in their toilet. 18 мая 2017, 18:35
69 492
9 дней 1:00
See This Retired Racehorse and Giraffe Paint Like Pros
This thoroughbred used to be a high-profile race horse. He's since reinvented himself with a successful career in painting. The retired racehorse's paintings sell for hundreds of dollars. 18 мая 2017, 17:44
24 722
9 дней 1:06
Rock Singer Chris Cornell of Soundgarden Dead at 52
Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell was found dead in a Detroit hotel room following the band's concert at the Fox Theater in the city. He was 52. 18 мая 2017, 17:44
16 600
9 дней 2:14
Trump Blasts Russia Investigation as a 'Witch Hunt' on Twitter
President Trump took to his favorite social media platform to blast a special counsel to investigate his possible ties to Russia. "This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!," he tweeted. 18 мая 2017, 16:57
9 019
9 дней 0:50
CBS Announces 'Big Bang Theory' Prequel for Fall TV Lineup
CBS recently announced that a prequel to the hit sitcom, 'The Big Bang Theory', will be coming to television in the fall. 18 мая 2017, 16:54
15 454
9 дней 1:59
Roger Ailes, Founder and Former Chairman of Fox News, Dead at 77
Roger Ailes, the founder and former chairman of Fox News who guided the network until he was forced out in a sexual harassment scandal, has died. He was 77. 18 мая 2017, 15:50
5 564
9 дней 0:45
Troop Leader Accused Of Stealing 6,000 Boxes Of Girl Scout Cookies
A Girl Scout leader has been charged with stealing thousands of dollars' worth of cookies that were meant to be sold by her troop. 18 мая 2017, 15:32
13 573
9 дней 1:42
Teen Wears Same Dress to Prom Her Late Mother Wore in 1998
A teenager paid tribute to her late mother by going to prom wearing the same dress her mom wore almost 20 years ago. Taylor Branum's mother, Shirra, was killed in a head-on collision two months ago. 18 мая 2017, 14:44
90 536
10 дней 1:08
Woman Kept Money From GoFundMe Account Meant For Funeral of Friend's Child: Cops
A woman who lost her daughter and mother-in-law in a car accident last year also allegedly fell victim to a scam by a woman she called a friend. 18 мая 2017, 0:29
66 828
10 дней 1:00
Family Passes Down Red Prom Suit for 3 Generations: 'Wow, I Look Good'
Even with alterations, it's clear a special red suit in the Howard/Jessie family is well-fitted. Marcus Howard Sr. first donned the formal wear for his prom in 1998, before passing it on to his son Marcus Jr. 17 мая 2017, 22:55
1 534
10 дней 1:40
14-Year-Old Boy Finishes College as University's Youngest Graduate
Carson Huey-You graduated high school at the age of 10, attended Texas Christian University when he was 11, and received his bachelor's degree in physics as a teen. 17 мая 2017, 22:21
193 130
10 дней 2:10
Watch These High Schoolers Get Pepper Sprayed by Their Teacher
A group of Ohio high school students learned the hard way how painful pepper spray can be. The teenagers were heard screaming in agony as the effects of the spray kicked in. 17 мая 2017, 22:04
1 644 671
10 дней 1:33
How This 25-Year-Old Woman and 5 Others Dropped 100 Pounds
A 25-year-old who once tipped the scale at 273 pounds has dropped 103 pounds. Tanisha Washington is featured in "People's" latest issue, "We Lost 100 Pounds," on newsstands Friday. 17 мая 2017, 22:03
97 460
10 дней 2:56
Did President Trump Secretly Record Oval Office Conversation With Comey?
Did the president actually record a private conversation he had with former FBI Director James Comey in the Oval Office? 17 мая 2017, 21:29
10 905
10 дней 3:13
'Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort Still Living a Lavish Lifestyle
Jordan Belfort was immortalized in the blockbuster movie, "The Wolf of Wall Street". He claims he's a changed man and nothing like the greedy, corrupt character played by Leonardo DiCaprio. 17 мая 2017, 21:28
20 796
10 дней 0:49
Rescue Crews Free 25-Year-Old Horse Stuck in Thick Mud
Thanks to a Florida fire department, one horse will live to gallop another day. . Hillsborough County Fire Rescue received a call about a horse stuck deep in the mud on Monday. 17 мая 2017, 21:28
23 017
10 дней 1:58
31-Year-Old Daughter Accused of Killing Her Father After Being Evicted: Cops
A South Carolina woman has been jailed without bond after cops alleged last week that she killed her father when her parents decided to evict her from their home. 17 мая 2017, 21:27
177 304
10 дней 1:11
8-Year-Old Girl Faces Felony Charges for Allegedly Breaking Into Car
An 8-year-old girl in Florida has been charged with a very grown-up crime, breaking into a car. John Badillos says it was his car the child was seen on surveillance video breaking into from the driver's side. 17 мая 2017, 21:26
45 642
10 дней 0:37
Man, Mom and Her 2 Kids Missing After Plane Is Lost in Bermuda Triangle
The search continues for four people, including two kids, in the Bermuda Triangle after their aircraft was reported missing. 17 мая 2017, 19:32
41 942
10 дней 1:07
Driver Hits 6 Mailboxes With Pet Lizard in Bra After Driving Drunk: Cops
An accused DUI driver allegedly crashed through six mailboxes before coming to an abrupt stop in a grove of trees, all while carrying a pet lizard in her bra, police in Massachusetts said. 17 мая 2017, 18:27
51 736
10 дней 0:56
Prince William Follows in Mother's Footsteps, Bringing Smiles to Cancer Patients
Prince William brought smiles to a U.K. cancer hospital Tuesday, much in the spirit of his mother, Princess Diana. William has assumed his mom's role at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Europe's largest cancer hospital. 17 мая 2017, 17:50
17 256
10 дней 2:56
Donald Trump's Turmoil Leads to Stock Market's Largest Daily Decline in Months
President Trump may be facing a crisis of historic proportions as the American stock market recently took a tumble. 17 мая 2017, 17:19
8 042
10 дней 1:05
Wife Writes Book to Help Husband Remember Their Love While Battling Alzheimer's
A wife found her own way to combat her husband's worsening Alzheimer's by writing a book of all her favorite memories with him. 17 мая 2017, 17:18
8 598
10 дней 1:23
Brad Pitt and Stephen Colbert Get Philosophical In Hilarious Late-Night Sketch
Brad Pitt made his return to late night TV on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Tuesday in an appearance where he and the host got philosophical. 17 мая 2017, 17:17
6 442
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